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Tues, 2 Jun 09 – Episode # 4867

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Geoff Versus Claudia “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues, 2 Jun 09 – Episode # 4867 ]


Gardy now had Trey, along with his mum, bound & gagged.


Nicole [still under trey’s bed] phones her dad [who is in kitchen of diner]. She tells his bout the robbery. He tells her tat he will call police etc.


Charlie answers the phone – its Roman telling her bout the robbery.


Roman runs as fast as he can.


Nicole tries to slowly get out form under the bed, but she accidentally knocks something over when she emerges form under bed. Grady hears this – but when he temporarily removes that tape over Trey’s mouth, try says that no one else is her.


Roman continues to sprit to where Nicole is.


Grady enters Trey’s room. He looks under the bed – but no one is there. Nicole is in the cupboards and Grady is about to open it when Roman arrives and stoops him. Nicole comments on how great it is the her dad is there, and that distraction is enough for Grady to bail.


Belle, Annie & Geoff assure Claudia that she can stay at beach house for the time being.

Annie goes onto back patio. Belle follows her – and Annie tells her that Annie just wishes that she could talk to, and hug, Irene right now. Belle tells Annie that she is going to the prison morrow – and will try to get Irene to see Annie and co again.


Irene looks at pics of the likes of Belle, Annie etc before loking at a pic of herself & Lou. She then drinks the last of another bottle of alcohol.


Charlie asks Nicole, Trey, his mum & Roman bout the robbery. They all say that they didn’t recognise the attacker’s voice, but Trey insists that the revolver that he used was standard issue of members of the SAS.

Roman is kinda embarrassed when Charlie suggest that he deserves a bravery award.

Nicole is hoping tat she can REALLY go home again – but Roman suggests that it’s best for her to stay at Leah’s for time being.


Roman enters. He seems pretty furious – but Gardy isn’t there.


Next day, Belle is on the hhe phone with Rachel =- Belle sounds worried bout Irene. When she gets of the phone, Belle tells Geoff, Annie & Claudia that she is heading off to the prison. Geoff “suggest” tat Belle shouldn’t tell Irene bout the pregnancy as yet.

After Belle bails and Geoff head for the shower, Annie can’t believe it when Claudia ayes that [without consulting with Geoff] that she is seriously thinking of having an abortion.


Although Irene tries to deny its, Belle just know that she is still drinking, eg Belle comments tat she knows all the signs of someone trying to hide an addiction.


Claudia & Geoff enter and after she heads upstairs, Annie wonders to Geoff if Claudia talked to him bout her plans for the baby. When Geoff doesn’t know what she is talking bout, Annie tells her bro bout Claudia’s suggestions of a termination. Geoff isn’t impressed.


Charlie talks to Angelo bout the robbery at trey’s place. She thinks that it’s linked to the recent bottle shop robbery.


Roman confronts Grady bout the robbery – and Gardy insist tat he didn’t know that Nic was there. Indeed, Grady suggest that Roman should talk to Nic bout being in a boys bedroom like that.

When Roman wonders why Grady was at trey’s place, he tells roman that trey’s mum is a bank manager and he was going to “convince” her to give his the access codes etc. Grady adds tight he had to buy some time from his creditors because of roman’s reluctance to do they warehouse robbery. Roman says tat he will do the robbery – but he NEVER wants top se Gardy again after that. Roman bails – and Grady has the stupidest grin on his face.


Geoff confronts Claudia bout her suggestion to Annie. He insist tat this is his baby too – but when he says tat its wrong to have an abortion because of their faith, she reminds him that so is having sex out of wedlock.


Charlie approaches angelo who tells her the he is going to go over Lou’s boat one last time – just in case they’ve missed something. Charlie’s phone rings – and when she is of tehphone, she wishes Angelo luck before she bails.


Martian offers Geoff some help with his situation.


Charlie talks to roman bout Grady – incl news that he was in trouble with police about 10 years ago for some robberies. When she asks bout the break in at trey’s place, roman says tat it wasn't Grady, as he would have recognised his voice.

After Charlie bails, Gardy descends the stairs – and compliments Roman for his ward wining acting.


Belle, Annie & Claudia enter and Belle can tell that something is going on with Claudia – so she wonders what happeing is. Claudia says tat she will tell Belle after dinner.

Annie sees on note on the table – its form Geoff, seeing tat he will be back in a few days!!!!!



Aden & Belle visit Irene

Aden is keen to be more that “just friends” with Belle

Ruby thinks that Martha has fallen for Hugo

Martha is angry at Tony for forgiving Angelo for what’s happened to Jack

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: black [red “Norton”] t/dark long pants


Claudia: off white [pink floral?] low cut v neck thin strap top


Annie: baby pink [red lining, and a single strawberry motif] singlet top/white [red hearts] PJ long pants


Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants/dark blue police cap

Annie: dark [orange & blue floral] wide strap top/red shorts

Annie: purple wide strap knee dress [with a 2 tone red t beneath]

Belle: dark singlet top/denim knee length skirt

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/dark blue police cap

Claudia: olive green t/denim jeans

Claudia: white singlet top/denim jeans

Colleen: green jungle motifs blouse/dark aqua top

Gardy: dark t/dark jacket

Geoff: white [black “special blend”] t

Geoff: white singlet/blue [white check] shorts

Geoff: grey t/khaki long pants

Irene: green prison t

Martin: olive green long sleeve button up shirt

Nicole: blue thin strap top/denim jeans

Roman: grey t/dark long pants

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah” logo] t/denim jeans

Trey: white [silhouette of long haired girl] t/dark long pants

Trey’s mum: tan short sleeve blouse

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