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The Return

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry i havent replied i actually forgot about the fic i put here lol

so here it is.. its a part 1 or 2

so here ya go.. i hope its ok

Chapter 3 PART 1of 2 (Beach house)


As the sun was setting on a not so glorious day which was filled with problems..Ric and Mattie accompanied Belle back to Irene’s place. No one was home at the time. With Irene being at work, and Annie most likely being at Jai’s. It gave all 3 of them a chance to speak about the day’s events that had occurred earlier on in the afternoon.. Belle’s day had being ruined by what has happened earlier. She was still trying to overcome the shock.

“So would you guys like Coffee or Tea” Belle had asked

“Um..no we are both right thanks Belle” Mattie Replied

“Just come sit down alright!!”

Belle sat on the lounge and ric and mattie sat at the dining room table. They began to speak about what had happened that afternoon..

“I still can’t believe it guys. I really can’t. I really want to know why Aden is suddenly returning to the bay and with whom.” Belle Questioned

“Don’t you think you should be more worried about Geoff right now belle?” Ric asked

Belle nodded

“Yeah your right Ric.” Belle Replied

Ric mumbled under his breath saying he knew he was right. Both girls heard it and gave him a death stare.

“Not the time nor place Ric” Mattie said angrily

“Sorry” Ric said

“Look! The last thing I want to do is hurt Geoff. I really do love him you know? Even if you guys don’t believe me I seriously do.” Belle said

“Yes we know” Ric and Mattie replied

“I’ll just leave Geoff alone for now and let him calm down. I’m sure he will be ok, I will go over to Roman’s in the morning and talk to him about it. I still have to get my head around it all first” Belle said

“Anyway. Let’s change the subject. Would you like to stay for dinner at all? Belle asked

“Sure. That sounds Great” Ric and Mattie both replied

“Good” Belle answered back with a smile

“I can go pick up something from the diner. What do you guys want?” Ric asked?

“Can you please get a hamburger with the works and some chips with seasoned salt, 1.25L coke” Belle answered with a smile on her face

“Mattie?” Ric asked

“Um could you please get me the same but with a salad with the burger and chips”

“Alright. I’ll be back soon”

“Oh! We forgot about dessert” Belle Exclaimed

“Do you want chocolate cake Mattie?” Belle has asked

“Oh yes! I’ll send Ric a text message to get a whole chocolate cake” Mattie Grinned

Ric was just about to head inside the diner when he Received a text message from Mattie saying:

Hey Babe! Can you also pick up a whole chocolate cake while you’re at the diner?

Mattie xxoo

Ric rolled his eyes and laughed knowing why the girls wanted the cake.

“G’day love. What can I get for you” Irene asked

“Hey! Could i please get 3 burgers to go, chips with chicken salt and a bottle of coke 1.25L please” Ric replied

“Anything else Love?” Irene asked

“Oh yeah could I please 1 whole chocolate cake to go as well.. Nearly forgot about that” Ric laughed”

“Coming right up love.”

“So how was your day?” Irene asked as she gave the Order to Roman

“O boy you don’t want to know” Ric laughed”

“That bad huh?”

“Yeah i guess you could say that. Belle got some news earlier today and she has been a wreck most of the afternoon.”

“Oh god! Is she alright? Irene asked worried

“Yeah im sure she will be fine. I’m sure she will fill you in about it all in a few days time. Mattie and I are looking after her at the moment. We are staying at your place for a few hours. Is that ok? Ric asked

“Yeah love that’s alright with me. I’m very happy she has got you guys” Irene smilied

“Ahh here ya go love. Everything is in there including the cake. I will see you guys most likely when i get home at around 9pm hopefully. It’s a bit busy tonight.

“Thanks Irene.” Ric replied

As Ric was walking back from the diner the girls had decided to talk about Ric and Matties up and coming wedding!!

“So have you guys made any plans for the wedding”? Belle asked excitedly

Mattie Sighed

‘No we haven’t really. With Uni coming to a end for the year and with exams just ending. Also with Ric starting up his own Mechanic business. It has been totally crazy..

I think once Christmas is over and done with and also the new year..I will drag Ric away from the business for a little while and start planning it and I’m sure it will be smooth sailing from there on” Mattie had said

“Well if you need any sort of help with the wedding, Preparations extra. I will be happy to help you guys out and sort everything you need”

Ric walked in the door at that point with dinner

“Sort what out?” Ric had quizzed

“Oh well just girl stuff! You know YOUR WEDDING! “ Belle laughed

“i was just explaining to Belle that we can start sorting everything out just after Christmas and new years.” Mattie Smlied

“Yep sounds terrrrrrific.” Ric said sarcastically with a grin on his face.

“I hope you got the chocolate cake!!!!!” Belle asked with a bit of anger in her voice

Ric rolled his eyes

“Yes belle i got the chocolate cake”

“GOOD” both girls said with smiles on both of their faces

All 3 of them were eating dinner they were talking about the wedding and laughing. Forgetting about the day’s events, It was nice of them to be enjoying each other’s company.

“BURRRRRRRRRRRP!! Ric let out a massive burp

Both girls punched him...

“EXCUSE YOU!!” they both yelled”

“Sorry yes.. Excuse me.” Ric replied with a pout

Both girls started laughing... They were all so full from dinner but were happy...as time rolled on they were just talking, watching T.V they were just happy.. Ric as usual was just being a pain in the butt.. But it made the girls smile.. that’s what they needed especially belle.. She hadn’t had a good laugh all day with what went on earlier...


“Anyway. We better go Belle.. Tony will be wondering where we are” Mattie said

“Yep that’s alright. I’m Quite Tired anyway, I’m going to get a early night” Belle replied

“If you need anything during the night just text me ok” Mattie smilied”

“I will” Belle smiled back

Belle hugged Ric and Mattie goodbye.

Belle Retreated to her bedroom and waited for Irene to come home.. She sat in her room staring at her bedroom window. Tears rolled down her face. She remembered how Aden always used to climb through her window at night for “Sleepovers”. He did that for 3 years of their relationship.. Everyone knew he climbed through her window for laughs instead of using the door.. It was more fun that way... Belle had always got a kick out of it...It was even more funnier when he fell into her room there was a loud thump but she always knew who it was.. Thinking all that had just made her best into tears and she huddled into a ball. When she noticed her Photo album sticking out from under her bed.

Tell me what u think :)

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Glad you've updated again.Liked the whole conversation between the three friends and Ric winding the girls up.Could have done with some Gelle though.At least she said she loved him and she's going to talk.So is Geoff living with Roman in this fic?

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  • 3 months later...

I'm sorry to the people who actually read a bit of my fic... but i have actually stopped writing cause i've lost interest in the writing of this fic and no ideas were coming to my head anymore... if i feel like i want to write again ill let you all know

So this can be moved to the vault now.. if a kind mod would like to do that.. thanks :)

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Oh no, I just found this and read it, and then read that post, and you've ended it :(

You really should think about picking this fic sometime in the future, or re-reading to get more ideas. Or you should ignore me, because I ramble :lol:

Well, I loved this story.. and thanks for writing it :D

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Oh no, I just found this and read it, and then read that post, and you've ended it :(

You really should think about picking this fic sometime in the future, or re-reading to get more ideas. Or you should ignore me, because I ramble :lol:

Well, I loved this story.. and thanks for writing it :D

Thanks... but my brain has just gone to mush with ideas.. and couldnt work out what to do next etc... ill come back to it sometime i think im going to have to re read it all over again lol

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