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The Return

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Story Tittle: The Return

Type of Story: Short/Long (Undecided)

Main Characters: Belle, Aden, Mattie, Ric, Roman and many more

BTTB Rating: G,T,A

Genre: General

Does the story include spoilers: No

Any Warnings: Mild Language, sexual References, Mild Violence (and possible others but will warn before hand)

Summary: Belle and Aden were together for 3 years, But once Aden got his modeling career off the ground he left for the US to continue, leaving a heart broken Belle behind which 9 months later got together with Geoff. How are everyone going to react including belle when her ex love returns back to the bay after 2 years away and with a fiancee in tow.

Chapter One (Beach House)

December 2nd 2008 - Sunday

“IRENE!!!!!!!!! Belle yelled from her room. (It was almost like she was screaming)

Irene came rushing in to see what on earth had happened. She thought Belle had hurt herself... The look on Irene’s face was priceless.

“Um Irene. Are you alright? You look like you are about to have a heart attack. Belle smirked while she was giggling quietly”

“God save us girly... The way you were yelling you almost did give me a heart attack so stop with your smirking you got that? She replied”

“Sorry Irene.”(The way her tone was Belle couldn’t help but laugh)

“Now what is it that you want me for?? Irene Asked”

“Oh yeah. Have you seen my book where I keep all my Photography Appointment’s its Black...? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. She replied”

“You mean to tell me you screamed for my name just so you could ask where your damn photography appointment book was? You should really make your room more Tidy Belle” (Irene was rather annoyed at this point. She heard her named being screamed, Rushed down stairs into Belle’s Bedroom only to be asked where belle’s stupid little appointment book was.. And in the mean time she lost the damn thing so many times)

“First of All it’s not my Stupid appointment book it helps me run my BUSINESS IRENE!!!!!! Belle yelled back. And Second of all I do not have time to tidy my room. Unless you would like to clean it for me. Belle Smirked”

Annie heard all of the commotion to what was happening in Belle’s Room. She thought she should get in there since she actually found Belle’s Appointment book in her Room and didn’t want any more arguments between Irene and Belle.

“Belle here. I found this in my room I’m not sure how it got in here. Must have gotten mixed up in a few things when I took stuff up to my room last night Annie said”

“Oh. Thanks Annie” Belle was feeling slightly Embarrassed to what had just happened between her and Irene

Irene just rolled her Eyes and left for work at the Diner where she works with Roman

“So how are things going between you and my brother” Annie Asked”

Annie was never really happy with the Relationship between her brother and Belle. They always seemed to get into arguments over it. But Annie realised she couldn’t do anything to stop the relationship. So she let them be seeing as Belle was finally happy after what happened with Aden. Aden’s Departure left Belle reeling and she was a huge wreck for weeks. And that’s how the relationship began between Geoff and Belle, but she didn’t jump into it straight away... It was about 9months before anything happened since Geoff and her Became quite close over the time.

“Geoff and I are going really great. Belle Smiled”

“I’m surprised we are still going strong even though it’s only been 6 months. Your brother is the most amazing guy ever. She Grinned”

“Yeah I already know that since he IS my brother and all” Annie said sarcastically

“I never thought I would see you both together ever. But I guess things change right? Annie asked”

“Yep. They sure do Annie. Belle Replied”

“Anyway. I better get going, I’m planning on meeting Geoff, Mattie, and Ric at the Surf club for lunch and I don’t want to be late”

“Will you be right on your own? Belle asked

“Yup sure I will”

While she was on her way to the surf club to meet up with Geoff, Mattie and Ric. Belle received a phone call from her Assistant (Who was Ruby Buckton.) She rang up to tell Belle she had made another appointment for her.

I just rang to tell you that this Agent in America has rang and booked for a client of his. Since he’s coming to summer bay and he knows you are a professional photographer and all he’s returning with his Fiancé of 2 years.

Belle was fine with it all until she asked for the name of the person. Then it hit her and she regretted asking for the name.

The Client’s name is Aden, Aden Jefferies. He is a well known Model over in the states and he is quite famous. There was Silence on the other end of the phone. She was thinking... How could this be? Why is he suddenly returning to the bay? WHY? And also who is he returning with?

Belle!! BELLE? Hello?? Are you their? Belle!! (Her Assistant was screaming at this point). BELLE!!!!!

Oh my god. I’m sorry Ruby I got sidetracked.

Thank god. Are you alright? Seeing as what has happened and all? Are you fine with the dates he wants to be photographed and all?

You didn’t tell me the dates you idiot!

O didn’t I. Well the dates he wants to be shot will be over a week and a half.

The dates will be from December 10th to December 19th 2008

Thank you she said. Still quite shocked that within a week and a half’s times her ex, the love of her life will be back within Summer Bay.

She hung up the phone... And Burst into tears.

I hope you guys like it.. I put it on another forum I'm on and i thought i would have a go here.. tell me if u like it and i will continue, this is my first fic

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Chapter 2: (Diner)


Warning: Mild Language

As Geoff, Mattie and Ric were waiting for Belle to Arrive to have lunch with them. Belle was not game to go inside fearing she might break down again right in front of Geoff, Mattie and Ric. So she decided to Text Mattie to meet her outside to tell her what has just happened.

“I wonder where Belle is.” Geoff had asked”

“Don’t worry Mate. I’m sure she will be here soon... She is most likely putting on her face and making herself look all pretty for you. Ric said as he put on this girly voice”

“Shut up! Mattie said as Geoff was also laughing”

“She will be here soon don’t worry. Mattie Replied”

Mattie’s Phone went off. She saw she had a text from Belle. She smiled.

The text read.

I’m outside of the Diner right now. Don’t tell the other 2 I’m here already. I need to speak to you urgently.

Belle xx

As she got the message Mattie excused herself from the Table where they had been sitting at and went outside.

“Hmmm I wonder what that was about” Geoff Asked looking a bit confused”

“Who knows mate. But I’m sure she will be back soon. Maybe she went to find Belle” Ric Answered”

(Outside the Diner)

Belle was quite upset at this point as Mattie approached her. She saw Belle and gave her Best friend a hug...

“They don’t know I’m here do they” Belle asked as she sobbed

“No” Mattie Replied

“Belle! What’s going on? Why do you need to talk to me so urgently and outside the Diner” She asked.

“He... he’s coming back” Belle said quietly not trying to break down again”

“Wait. Who’s coming back” Mattie was confused on who she was talking about.

“ADEN IS COMING BACK TO SUMMER BAY DAMMIT!” Belle yelled and then took off down the beach. Dropped into the sand and started crying profusely

“Belle! Wait!” Mattie took off after Belle down to the beach. And sat beside her

“How do you know Aden is returning back to the bay? When did you find out? Mattie asked with a look of confusion on her face.

There was silence from Belle for about 2 mins. She was still crying and had not been able to control herself. Her Emotions were all over the place. She didn’t know whether to be happy, sad, or downright angry. Mattie comforted Belle as she finally spoke.

“I only just found out 10mins ago, and I couldn’t bring myself to come into the Diner because I was still in shock and quite upset so that’s why I texted you. (She paused for a brief moment to collect her thoughts) Ruby rang to tell me that a Agent in America was booking for a client of his who was coming to Summer Bay and they knew I was a professional photographer so they had made some bookings for this month” Belle Explained

“And that’s how you found out about......”

Mattie was about to ask her when belle finished her sentence

“That’s when I found out it was Aden was returning back to the bay with his Fiancée of 2 years.” Belle was almost in tears again but remained calm

“He has a fiancée???” Mattie was shocked

Belle Nodded.

“So....When does he arrive back in Summer Bay?” Mattie asked

Belle took a deep breath

“Next Saturday the 8th... I start shooting him on the 10th of December right through till the 19th of December. What the hell am I going to do Mattie??? Belle asked

Mattie was in shock with what Belle had just told her. She was thinking... How could he do this? Why is he suddenly returning to summer bay after all this time? And who is his Fiancée? She was in total shock while she was comforting her friend... She just couldn’t believe it. Mattie knew what had happened when Aden decided to leave the bay... She was hoping for good. But she was proved wrong.

“Oh my God. I...I can’t believe it.” Mattie was in utter shock. Shaking her head

“I kn...Know neither can I. He was the love of my life Mattie... We were together for 3 years and then he just suddenly decides to go off to his stupid modeling career. I thought I was over him Mattie I really did. And now he decides to come back...” Belle was almost screaming.

“Wait! You are happy with Geoff right?”

Belle went silent for a few Minutes

“BELLE!” Mattie raised her voice

“YES of course I’m happy with Geoff... we have been together for 6 months... I..I love him. The shock of Aden returning has scared me to death.. I just can’t believe it still...”

“Yes I know it has. But you are going to have to tell Geoff about Aden returning to the bay. You do realise this right? Because if you don’t tell him he will be pretty upset with you, and I’m sure if you told Irene she would be there to support you. Since she knew what happened and all”

“I don’t know if I can do it Mattie” Belle Sighed

“Yes you can Belle.. I will be there to support you as well as Ric when i tell him what’s going on” Mattie Smiled.

“Where would I be without you Mattie... You are the greatest friend ever” Belle Sighed

‘Of course I am.. I’m the BEST” Mattie Grinned with Delight. That made Belle Laugh which is what she needed.

C’mon lets go back to the Diner. The Boys will be wondering where we are I’m absolutely starving!. Everything will be fine alright.”


“Well, well, well. Looked what the cat dragged in. It’s about bloody time you both showed up” Ric boasted with a cheeky grin on his face

“SHUT UP” Both girls shouted back. Realising they had both said it at the same time which they had a bit of a laugh..

“Is everything ok belle?” Geoff enquired

“Yes it is for now. But once we finish lunch. I would like to take a walk and talk to you down on the beach. But for now don’t you worry your pretty little head about it and let’s enjoy our time. “She kissed Geoff...

“ Ewww get a room you two...” Ric said while raising his eyebrows and having a nice smirk on his face

“SHUT UP!” All 3 of them told him

Mattie Elbowed ric

“Owwww.. what was that for” Ric asked while pretending to be hurt

“Your being a real sh*t today. You know what right?” Mattie told him with a smile

“Of course I know that.. Its funnnnn” Ric had a big grin on his face

Mattie playfully slapped him in the face to really shut him up

“Ok ok ok. Sorry.. You win” Ric gave up put his hands up in the air

“GOOD!” they all said

They all started to laugh. It was good for them to be laughing at Ric’s Idiotic behaviour.

During that time at lunch, they talked, laughed everything was good. Belle was obviously still in shock and trying to Digest the news about Aden returning to the bay. She also couldn’t stop thinking about Mattie’s Question it played over and over in her mind several times.. She was quiet at times. But a nudge under the table several times from Mattie took her out of her thinking. Mattie wanted Belle to enjoy herself during lunch.. Which she did most of the time..

As they finished Belle decided it was now or never to tell Geoff what is going on.. She was scared but she knew she had the Support of Mattie.. (She was going to Inform him about what’s going on)

“Well I guess we should go for that walk now Geoff so that i can tell you what is really going on” Belle said to Geoff..

As they got up from the Table. Mattie Whispered in Belle’s ear..

“Everything is going to be alright. You can do this”

Belle Smiled

Whist Belle and Geoff were heading towards the Beach to tell him the real story of what’s going on and in her head. Ric asked what was going on with Belle so Mattie decided to inform him of what’s going on

“So what’s going on with Belle? She looked pretty sad and off in her own little world before” Ric Questioned

Mattie was also feeling a little bit nervous to tell Ric.. But she didn’t know why. Maybe she was scared for belle’s sake.

“Belle got a phone call before from Ruby saying that..... Aden is returning to summer bay. He is also apparently Engaged to some chick he met over there in the US..”

“You’re kidding me!!!” ric was shocked his hands went over his mouth..

“Did she find out about this today? And is that why you left the table before and took ages to come back?”

Mattie Nodded

“Belle didn’t take it well at all.. She is so worried about how Geoff is going to react to all of this.. Aden apparently will be back in Summer bay on the 8th of this month, his agent booked a photography session from the 10th to the 19th of December and he booked him into see Belle..”

“sh*t! That doesn’t really give her enough time to prepare does it? Well we will be there to support her when he does return to summer bay so I’m sure she will be ok” Ric hugged Mattie..They were still in shock..

They were both wondering how it was going down on the beach between Belle and Geoff.

“Ok i can’t keep this in any longer.. it’s been killing me most of the afternoon” Belle said

“Ok” Geoff was confused.

“What’s the problem?”

“ I got a call from Ruby before saying that a agent in America had booked a photography session for his client who was coming to summer bay...”

“Yeah and?” Geoff cut her off

“Geoff.....Its Aden. He’s returning to summer bay to do a photography session with me whilst he’s back in the bay.”

Geoff was so angry. He couldn’t even look belle in the eye when she told him. He couldn’t believe that she told him


Belle started to cry

“I’ve only known since this afternoon when I was coming to meet you guys for lunch...i got a call and that’s why it took me so long to come to the Diner..”

“And Are you planning on getting back together with him” Geoff inquired whilst he was still furious

Belle was shocked she couldn’t believe Geoff had just asked that question.

“BELLE” Geoff yelled

Before she could even say anything Geoff took off.. Belle did not go after him because she knew how angry he was so she let him be.. she would go look for him later on.

Mattie and Ric rushed down onto the beach where Belle was and comforted her.

“Belle what happened??” They both asked

(Sobbing) “He asked me if I was planning on getting back together with him. And before i had the chance to say I wasn’t planning on getting back together since he’s engaged but he took off.. I have no idea where he is going.. “

Belle had just fallen apart.. She was on the beach with her best friends who were looking after her...

What’s going to happen now between Geoff and Belle? What will the week be like for them all.. Especially for belle.

Stay tuned

Hope it was alright.. Tell me what you think

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