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You should have just punched me in the face. It would have hurt less than that finale.

That hasn't aired yet on tv I know it aired in Americia on Tuesday I can't believe New Directions won Nationails

most of them they graduate in the Season Finale.But what will Season 4 be like?

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Apart from two scenes that made me want to claw my eyes out I really liked that finale.

Season 4 should be interesting so long as my bb stays and isn't with her.That's all I ask and it's really easy so please pay attention RIB!

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Glee Season 3 has just started on Foxtel I recorded it and watched the first ep earlier I like to re-watch the ep's I've seen and some I missed the ending because the t-box cut it off or I don't remember watching it or I missed it all together.Goodbye airs this Thursday here on Channel 10.

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