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1. Kurt. Brilliant character!

2. Rachel. A bit like me too :lol:

3. Artie. Great voice.

4. Mercedes. Great voice too, seems so knowing yet so innocent e.g. when she thought Kurt fancied her.

5. Puck/Finn. Can't decide between them :lol:

Top hates:

1. Teri [?] Schuester's wife. Whiny, selfish, how much time have you got?

2. Sue Sylvester. Smelly.

3. Emma, Schu's fangirl. Too girly.

4. Schuester himself. He is too nicey nicey, he needs to man up, [is that what people say?]

5. All the horrible footballers. Yawn.

Funny that I like all the students and dislike the staff!

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Puck and Rachel are tied at the top. I love them both equally. Kurt would be next and then Sue. I don't know if I can pick a fifth one - it would be out of Artie, Mercedes or Tina, though.

I don't like that they made Terri out to the bad one in the relationship (I'm not saying that what she was doing was anywhere near alright) but it felt like they did it just so they could make Will and Emma happen.

Quinn's just nasty. She built Finn's hopes up so much just because she didn't have the guts to tell him. I've really tried to like her but I just can't do it. I think that her and Puck is completely toxic and they were never going to be together before she got pregnant, anyway.

I agree with Miranda. Emma's way too much like the Glee club and Will's personal fangirl. She annoys me.

YAY! It's on now! :D

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I found a livestreaming of the new episode and watched it and ... AND ... It was awesome!

No spoilers here, but favourite quotes include;

Brittany: Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?

Brittany: Sometimes I forget my middle name.

Sue: Rachel, you need to become more narcissistic and self-centred than you already are.


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I don't know wether people consider the songs spoilers but I'm pretty sure that this is the song list for The Power of Madonna episode (I'll put it in spoiler tags just incase). This episode should be amazing.

What It Feels Like For A Girl - Puck, Artie, and Finn.

Borderline/Open Your Heart – Rachel, and Finn.

Vogue - Sue, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany.

Burning Up – Rachel and Jesse.

4 Minutes – Kurt, Mercedes, and USC marching band.

Express Yourself – All the girls.

Like A Prayer – New Directions/Choir Number.+ Jesse.

Like a Virgin - Will, Emma, Rachel, Finn, Jesse and Santana.

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I've already seen the

Vogue video

and it is absolutely incredible. Seriously. Amazing.

I'm really looking forward to

4 minutes


because I've heard a sample and Oh. My. Kurt.


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