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:wub: I can't wait for April 19. Its only been gone a week and am getting withdrawals. Cant imagine how you guys survived nearly 5 months was it? Damn!

So Zetti, explain to an aging person: does this mean we will be getting 9 more episodes in Britain starting on April 19th? I am rapidly declining into senility, I got my first pair of reading glasses yesterday :(

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And April 29th is going on my calender, with little stars and hearts :wub:

So glad it's coming back. YAYYYYY, this just made my day :D :D :D

Are the gold stars a metaphor? Because metaphors are important :P.

Also, more videos with preview of first episode of back 9: "Hell-O". Warning: CONTAINS SPOILERS!

Ready to Say Hell-O?

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To get in the spirit of things,who are your top five favourite characters?

1.Puck.Because I said so.He has a heart of gold but you have to work to find it.He's also insanely hot.

2.Rachel.She and my precious Puck are adorable together.

3.Artie.Who doesn't love him!He and Puck could be good friends.

4.Quinn.She's not your typical cheerleader though she makes out she is.Just leave Puck and Rachel alone.

5.Kurt.He's hilarious.

You may have noticed i'm a Puck fangirl lol.

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