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Healing The Wounds

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By Bec

Story Title: Healing the wounds

Type of story: Short fic

Main Characters: Belle, Aden, Nicole, Roman

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: violence, sexual references, drug references, swearing.

Summary: Set before Aden and Belle were together. Aden still attends school. The story uncovers Belle Taylor's hidden family secret.



"You're stupid! Stupid!" Belle hit the doll forcefully on against her bed. "You must be punished! Bad girl! bad girl!" Belle hit the doll again and again. "Sweetie?" Belle's mother opened her bedroom door. It was 6:30 and Belle had already eaten dinner, she had half an hour of playtime before bedtime.

"What are you doing?" Her mother questioned her. "Oh nothing mummy, just playing with my toys" Belle smiled holding the doll in her hand, almost crushing it. "Okay darling, not too late" Belle's mother didn't see anything usual about her that night. "Okay mummy" Her mother closed the door. "Belle...?" Her mother opened the door again, "What!" Belle hissed. "The light isn't on, do you want me to turn it on?" Belle shook her head smiling. "Ok, night!" Belle's mother assumed she would fall asleep at any moment.



"Belle? Belle?" Irene knocked on the door. "It's time to get up!" Irene knocked hardly. "Mmmm" Belle moaned. "Girlie, if you don't get up this instant I'm comin in!" Irene threatened. "Okay, okay...it wasn't like I was having a pleasant dream anyway..." Belle rolled her eyes getting up. "That's it! I'm comin in" Irene opened the door. "IRENE" Belle panicked. "What are you doing in here" Belle covered herself with her blanket, she was wearing a singlet, which had very thin straps. "Love, I told you I was comin' in, now get dressed!" Irene demanded closing the door.

"Belle. How many times have I told you to tell us if we have no milk left!" Irene said in a cross voice. "I'm sorry" Belle sat down at the table. "Great now what are we gonna have with our cereal water?" Annie complained. "Good one Belle, you're so stupid. Now everyone will think I'm an idiot..." Belle thought to herself taking a bite out of her toast acting like nothing was wrong. "Well you're not even going to apologize" Annie continued. "I'm sorry" Belle moaned with her head down. "Yeah real sorry"

"That's enough" Irene snapped. "I've got to go" Belle got up and headed back to her room. Belle Taylor was 19 years old and worked at the Pier Diner along with Leah, Roman, Irene and Aden.

To be continued.....

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Oh yay... :D

I loved the start...

"IRENE" Belle panicked. "What are you doing in here" Belle covered herself with her blanket, she was wearing a singlet, which had very thin straps. "Love, I told you I was comin' in, now get dressed!" Irene demanded closing the door.

This bit has me interested^^^^

I wonder why belle flipped out when Irene walked in, I have alot of thoughts as to why she would flip but I cant be 100% sure <_<

anyway update soon

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Chapter one

“Nice of you to show up on time” Belle directed her anger at Aden. Five hours of sleep obviously wasn’t enough. “Thanks gorgeous I’m glad you noticed” Aden winked, slipping off his school t-shirt and sliding on his black t-shirt. “Take these to table 4” Belle said in a bossy tone. “What’s the magic word?” Aden smirked holding the plates. “Abracadabra!” Belle rolled her eyes returning back to her meal preparation. “Hm, I always thought it was please. Oh well..” Aden walked out pleased with himself.

“Hey gorgeous can you pass me the knife?” Aden loved teasing Belle; Aden found her responses to be the most entertaining thing at the Pier Diner.

“Get yourself otherwise I might stab you” Belle warned Aden. Of course Belle wouldn’t have the nerve to hurt a person that way she wasn’t in the mood. “Aww that wouldn’t be very nice, I had no idea you were an uncover serial killer”.

“Aden! Just work!” Belle finally snapped at him. This finally shut Aden up.

“Umm can I get a hamburger with chips and a decaf skinny latté” A young teenager listed his order. “Is that all?” Belle asked still grumpy after being teased by Aden. “Ah, actually maybe later we could you know” The guy laughed eyeing his friend. “Excuse me?” Belle asked in a professional tone “Go down to the beach and...” The teenager’s smirk said it all, he wanted Belle for sex. “Your meal will be ready in ten minutes” Belle changed the subject. Walking away Belle let a deep breath out. “I can’t believe that slag rejected me” Despite the guy speaking in a low voice to his friend Belle could still hear him.

“Hey you alright?” Aden got a glimpse of Belle as she entered the kitchen. “Yeah I’m fine...” Walking into the back storeroom Belle was close to breaking point, she wanted to cry, scream, she wanted to release the anger building up inside of her. “He knew....just looking at me he could tell....” Belle had lacked self confidence. Belle often visited the gym to keep in shape hoping her body shape would be the meet society’s “standards”.

“Oh Belle, I forgot to tell you. There’s some left over chocolate slice if you would like to take some home” Leah offered as she refilled the cake’s fridge. “Ahh nah, I’ll be right thanks..” Belle had spent long hours in the gym eating a chocolate slice would surely undo her hard work. “Are you sure...I’m just gonna throw it out..” Leah insisted finding it strange Belle refused a sugary treat. “Yeah I’m sure, cya tomorrow” Belle pulled a fake smile reassuring Leah it was no big deal she refused her offer.

Belle rubbed her eyes opening her bedroom door to see Annie looking through her belongings. “What are you doing in here, get out” Belle snapped.

“I’m sorry Belle, I was just looking for your USB” Annie said innocently when she really should have asked to borrow Belle’s things. “Well don’t just walk into my room and take my belongings”

“I’m sorry Belle...” Annie felt guilty. “You look really tired” Annie noticed Belle’s eyes had dark circles around them. “I’m fine....can you leave now” Belle said in an inpatient tone. “Yeah sorry..” Annie quickly left her room. Belle had had a tiring day at work, with Aden in her ear constantly and her lack of sleep weighed down on Belle’s shoulders. She was irritable and exhausted. “Belle love. dinner’s ready” Irene entered her room only to find Belle fast asleep. “Night” Irene whispered closing the door quietly.

“Ouch, oww” Belle was on the toilet urinating. “Ow” Belle said helplessly in pain. Standing up to flush the toilet Belle noticed a small drop of blood mixed with her urine. “Great..” Belle knew it she was probably experiencing a urinary tract infection. Every now and then Belle would experience the symptoms of an infection, but it was easily treatable. “Yuck..!” Belle screwed her face up nearly gagging after drinking effervescent power. “God Ural is disgusting..” Belle said to herself leaning over the kitchen sink. Fortunately Belle kept it down.

“Say cheese!” Annie and Geoff were sitting on the couch. Annie had saved up enough money to purchase a digital camera. “Oh yeah! Work it!” Geoff teased Annie taking photos of her posing. “Ha-ha, Belle! Come here, let’s try and take one of all of us” Annie looked at Belle with desperate eyes. “Ah maybe later..” Belle was on her way to her room. “Aww come on!” Geoff insisted, pressing the shutter button. “Geoff!” Belle shouted, “Stop it” Belle sounded paranoid.

“Come Belle, it’s just harmless fun no one will see the picture I promise”

“Geoff I’ve just gotten up, I don’t look my best okay. So please don’t take anymore” Geoff ignored her, pressing the button again. “Geoff!” Belle hissed snatching the camera and throwing it. “Belle!” Annie screamed, “I just bought that, you could have broken it” Annie picked it up luckily there was no damage.

“Blah, blah, blah” Belle rolled her eyes walking back into her room. “She’s such a brat sometimes..” Annie frowned. “Yeah she’s a girl Annie” Geoff smirked.

“What does that make me..” Annie sounded offended. “I’m not quite sure yet, still working it out. But when I find out I’ll let you know” Geoff teased his sister.

“Oh shut up..” Annie threw a cushion at him.

Breathing deeply, Belle stared at herself in the mirror. The lack of sleep was evident on her face, swallowing Belle looked sad she never smiled at herself in the mirror; there was nothing to smile about. Belle found herself the most hideous girl in Summer Bay. Make up eased her pain but still Belle felt ugly, never had she felt beautiful.

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