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Over My Head

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Story Title: Over My Head

Type of Story: Long

Main Characters: Aden/Nicole

BTTB Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Drama.

Spoilers: Yes For UK and possibly Aussie viewers.

Warnings: Mild/implied sexual content, Mild language.

Summary: My version of events after Roman got out of the hospital. What if it was more than just a physical thing between Aden and Nicole? What if it was an obsession, an addiction that neither one of them could quit?

Hey everyone, I had an urge to do and Aden/Nicole Story as

1) there are hardly any out there and 2) I wasnt that pleased with how the storyline played out on the show 3) I absolutely love both characters.

Any questions please ask, I will continue based on the response

I receive.

Chapter 1

They say good things come to those who wait. My question is how long you gotta wait though?

Nicole let out a relieved sigh as she walked through the front door of her house, thankful that no one was home. Throwing herself down on to the couch she struggled to remember when exactly her life got so complicated. Not so long ago her biggest worry was keeping up to date with the latest designer handbag but as she sat alone in her empty house worrying about her blind fathers depression, her ex boyfriend replacing within a blink of an eye and the unshakable feeling of loneliness that manifested itself in her stomach, she realised that those times where long gone. Her phone vibrated on the coffee table, glancing towards it she saw her dads name flashing on the screen. She guiltily sent the call to voicemail and turned her mobile off. Curling up in a ball on the couch she closed her eyes doing the best she could to block out the thoughts running through her head.

When he returned that night, Aden was surprised to find the house in darkness. He stumbled towards the table lamp switching it on grabbing the table for support. Only as the dim light spread through the room did he realise Nicoles sleeping form curled up on the couch. Stirring she turned onto her back, rubbing her eyes she attempted to block out the light.

What are you doing down here. Its late He asked concerned. Removing his bag he walked round the couch lifting her feet off the cushion making room for himself he sat down and placed them back on his lap. She felt his eyes on her waiting on a response.

She shrugged her shoulders unable to form an answer, her face pained.

You look about as good as I feel He said rubbing his hand across his tired eyes. His head lulled back leaning on the edge of the couch. Although he would never admit it to anyone he wasnt coping well. Today was the third day in a row he had gone to the rehab centre. The third day in a row he had made it as far as the gate and then reached some invisible wall. His heart told him he should be there for her but he was self defence mode. After everything they had been through he still couldnt bring himself to be vulnerable with belle again. Hed been hurt by an addict before and nothing or nobody would put him back in that position.

Why does it have to be so hard?

What? He asked leaning his head on the side to look at his friend. She didnt look like herself. She was clearly exhausted but it was more than that. Aden realised that for first time ever she was scared.

Life. EverythingI dont know if I can do this Aden, everything thing with dad its just so heavy I think Im in over my head She admitted ashamed that she had let him see her weakness. She closed her eyes as a tear escaped her eye.

Hey come on. Youre doing great He reassured her stroking her feet subconsciously.

It doesnt feel like it. Hes so angry She said hopelessly.

We just have to be patient. Im here you know. I know Ive been a bit distant recently with all this Belle stuff. But I am here; you dont have to do this alone he said squeezing her calf running circle patterns over her skin.

Thank you; I dont know what Id do without you she said feeling a huge weight lift off her shoulders. Their eyes locked as they exchanged smiles.

The door opened interrupting them. They instinctively shuffled away from each other suddenly realising that they where interlaced in a somewhat intimately position, even though it didnt matter too much as the person in question couldnt see the scene in the front room.

Hey dad, your home Nicole said getting up from the couch walking towards Roman.

Nic? Aden? What are you two still doing up its almost one? Where you waiting up for me..? Roman asked coldly.

No dad

Roman Aden intercepted

I am still the parent Nicole I dont need a baby sitter and Id appreciate it if you remembered that. Now get to bed both of you Roman said gruffly as he clumsily stamped upstairs.

Shaking her head she glanced across at Aden, the sadness that he was becoming used to seeing evident in her eyes. She turned abruptly following her dad upstairs, seconds later he heard the slamming of her bedroom door.

Oh well tomorrow was another day right?

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First things first, thanks for the words of encouragment. Its always great to get reviews. So i hope you guys like this chapter the tension is building :wink:

Chapter 2

Why is it that the things you want the most are always the things you can’t have? And knowing that doesn’t deter you, it just makes you want them that much more.

Sadly it turned out that the next day was much like the day before, as was the one after that. Roman continued to be impossible to live with and Nicole tried her best to put on a brave face but failed miserably. The sun had yet to rise when Aden got out of bed gathering his stuff ready for work. Walking past Roman’s room he looked through crack in the door to see Roman’s twitching form muttering as he slept restlessly. He pulled the door too and walked towards the stairs, pausing finding himself outside of Nicole’s room. He hadn’t seen her since yesterday morning and even then it was just to have his head bitten off before watching her storm out the house to school. Pushing the door open a little he was confronted with an empty made bed. He frowned; it wasn’t even 6am why would she be awake at this time? Checking his watch he quickly grabbed a piece of toast from the kitchen baking making his way to the pier.

“Nic? What are you doing here?” There at the side of the pier sat the blonde haired girl, her legs swinging as she propped her chin on the wooden bar.

“I thought I’d join exciting the world of the prawn trawler” She answered dryly not looking up from her stare into the ocean.

“Righto” Aden said sarcastically, knowing full well there was nothing Nicole would like to do less.

She dipped her chin smiling to herself at his response. Turning her head to the side she saw the confusion on his face.

“I got tired of the screaming” She answered his original question, turning her head back to the water. He merely nodded. Romans sleepless nights were affecting them all, but what with Nicole’s room being just next door Aden realised that she must get the brunt of it. He wondered how long she had been sitting out here.

“Don’t look at me like that” she snapped suddenly.

“Like what?” He asked reacting to her icy tone.

“Like you feel sorry for me” she said bitterly, clearly disgusted by the thought of it.

“Is that such a bad thing?”

“I don’t need your pity Aden” she said standing up to meet him eye to eye.

“Good because you don’t have it” he snapped back annoyed by her sudden change in temperament. She was so difficult to be around sometimes. Her mood changed like the weather, these past couple of weeks she had been particularly volatile. He turned and walked down the pier towards his boat that was due to leave any minute, not up for any kind of confrontation this early in the day.

However Nicole had other ideas, angered by the sympathetic look on his face she hit back in the way she knew best.

“Have you made it passed the gate yet?” Nicole goaded him, communicating in the only way she felt confident.

“What are you whining on about now Nic?” Aden asked playing dumb, unwilling to participate in the direction the conversation had taken.

“Belle” she said with a cruel smile. He stopped at the sound of her name

“Stay out of it Nicole, I mean it” Aden turned lifting his hand to emphasise his point.

“I’ll take that as a no. Guess you don’t love her as much as you said you did” She called after him.

“Yeah right that’ll be it” He said squinting his eyes shaking his head with a sneer.

“You really are a spiteful cow you know that?” he called over his shoulder.

“That’s what I hear” she answered a satisfied look plastered across her face.

It seemed that a sunrise fight with Aden didn’t make for the best start to the day. Nicole had gone on to be late for school even though she had been awake for hours, forget her English assignment and somehow manage to offend Ruby by snapping at her over lunch.

As if her day couldn’t get any worse she had heard it through the grape vine that Geoff had undergone a personality transplant since they split. It seemed that those pesky Christian beliefs that had him staying pure throughout their relationship had fallen straight out of his head the minute this farm girl appeared on the scene. All that time Nicole had tried her hardest to respect his religion and was made to feel like she was a sinner just because she wasn’t a virgin.

What was so great about this Claudia? What was it that she had that Nicole didn’t? It certainly wasn’t her virtue. She’d have to talk to him about it; the least he owed her was an explanation. Just another failure to add to the list she sighed.

All in a day’s work, she thought to herself as she flung open the front door.

“Dad I’m home” She called out throwing her school bag to the floor.

“In the kitchen” Came Roman’s abrupt answer, Nicole stopped in the doorway shocked by the sight before her.

“Dad, what happened?” she asked as her eyes scanned over the bombsight in front over her. Plates lay smashed on the floor, food everywhere and Roman stood hunched over the sink washing a gushing cut on his hand.

“Oh my god you’re bleeding! Dad take it out of the water, it just makes bleed more. We need to get you to Rachel…” She rambled as she rushed towards him her hands reaching out for him.

“Nicole I’m fine. Stop treating me like a baby!” Roman insisted feeling around for the tea towel to wrap around his hand. Nicole felt a wave of panic course through her as absorbed the scene in the kitchen.

“You’re bleeding out! In my book that is not fine. Now come on we have to get you to the hospital…” She disagreed grabbing her keys and her phone and ushering him towards the door, silently cursing Aden for working late and leaving her to deal with this.

“Enough! This has to stop!” Roman erupted his voice filling the small house.

“All this worrying and mollycoddling, I can’t handle it anymore! I don’t know how else to say it Nicole. I’ve tried to ask you nicely but you won’t listen! I can’t live my life like this any longer. If this carries on I’ll have no choice but to send you to live your mother for a while…” Roman boomed losing his temper completely.

“Dad…”Nicole stammered entirely crushed by his words. There was no denying she was finding it difficult to adjust but who wouldn’t? How could he even consider sending her back to that place, that woman, did he not remember what that woman was capable of?

“I need some air, this house is suffocating me…” without another word he was out the door leaving a devastated Nicole behind him. She sunk to the floor amongst the blood and chaos of the room her brave façade shattering instantaneously.

That’s where Aden found her 2 hours later.

“What the hell happened here?” he asked surveying the damage to the room. She continued to stare into space.

“Uhh hello… Nicole I’m talking to you”

“Okaaay…Where’s Roman?” He asked stepping over some broken glass to get closer to the mute girl before him.

“Scratch that, Is that blood? Damn it Nicole! Stop acting like a selfish child for once and answer me!” Aden shouted frustrated by her lack of response.

She didn’t answer but using the side board to help herself up, she pulled herself to her feet shakily and walked out of the room. Aden followed her becoming angrier by the second. This was strange. This wasn’t her usual style. When Nicole wanted an argument she provoked him, goaded him into it. But her behaviour right now it was infinitely more irritating. She continued to ignore him till he could take it no longer. This was serious. There had been an accident and she was going to tell him what had happened whether she liked it or not.

He caught up to her at the bottom of the stairs, grabbing her arm he spun her around to face him.

“Don’t walk away from me” He threatened her, using just enough force to keep her still but not enough to hurt her.

“Get your hands off of me jerk” She spat, her eyes blazing as she attempted to shake his hand off unsuccessfully.

“Not until you tell me what happened Today” he said showing no signs of relaxing his grip.

“You wanna know what happened today? Fine I’ll tell you. I woke up at 4am to the sounds of my Father screaming for the third night in a row. There’s nothing like hearing the one person you love and respect most in the world balling like a baby and knowing you can do jack about it…” She began growing angrier with each word.


“Shut up I haven’t finished. I then end up getting in some pointless argument with the only other important person in my life and I can’t for the life of me work out why, as soon as someone shows any kind of genuine emotion towards me, I act like a first class ***** doing everything in my power to stuff everything up. My day consists of a few other failures like upsetting and alienating my only real girlfriend and discovering that Geoff is now screwing the hillbilly ho, realising that it wasn’t his beliefs that stood between us but me. That revelation brings back that dull ache in my chest that I had almost buried. And as if that wasn’t enough I arrive home to find my father having a breakdown in the kitchen bleeding all over tonight’s dinner and when I try to resolve the situation he tells me he can’t stand to be in the same room as me and threatened to send me to live with my sociopath mother. So forgive me if I don’t really feel like talking” She said snatching her arm back, but stood still in front of him confrontationally waiting for his response.

“Where is he now?” He asked calmly.

“How should I know? Did you not hear what I said? He hates me.” She scowled at him in disbelief, annoyed that was all he could come up with.

“That’s bull and you know it”

“Oh here we go the world according to Aden. You gonna preach to me the error of my ways? We can’t all have a guardian angel like Belle to swoop in and save us...” Aden’s eyes flashed with anger, growing darker as she spoke.

“Don’t go there Nicole…” he warned backing her towards the wall.

“Why not? What you gonna do? The truth is Aden you’re just as messed up as me. In love with a junkie after everything you’ve been through kind of ironic don’t you think?” She asked a sadistic smile crossed her face as she saw him flinch in front of her.

“It’s almost as though you like the pain, the drama. What do they call that again, oh yeah- masochistic.” She finished annunciating each word like poison dripping off her tongue.

Her ankle collided with the skirting board and before she knew it he lunged at her closing the small gap between them forcing her arm above her head pining her to the wall. She let out a sharp intact of breath. Shocked at his firm grip on her arm, and sudden close proximity. She could feel his hot breath on her neck making her own breathing quicken and chest heave slightly.

“The act doesn’t work with me. Cause underneath the attitude and the fancy clothes and the sex, I know your just a scared little girl” He whispered into her neck. She could feel his hips on hers locking her in place and she couldn’t resist the urge to lift hers a little creating the slightest of friction between them.

She heard him chuckle slightly.

“What are you doing?” He asked in light tone almost scolding tone.

“Shouldn’t you ask yourself that question, you’re the one pinning me to the wall” She repeated her previous action this time receiving a groan in response.

“Nic” he chastised.

“You said I wasn’t alone, you said you where here. Well we both are. I need this. I need you” she panted breathlessly. He raised his head to look into to her clear blue eyes for a split second before crashing his lips down on hers surrendering to closeness that his body craved.


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