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(Banner created by Bec)

Title:: Unexpected

Type of fic:: Short/Medium Fiction

Characters:: Aden, Belle, Liam

Genre: Romance/Drama

Rating:: G/T

Warnings: Sexual references, Death, Language, Adult Themes.

Does story contain spoilers: Not sure.

Is story being proof read: no

Summary:: Belle unexpectedly goes into labour a little after being released from rehab, what complications will being a former drug addict have on her child? Will Aden be able to accept he is now a father and help Belle raise it.

Chapter 1

"It's so great to be home! Ouch" Belle held her stomach.

"Hey you okay?" Liam asked protectively of his new friend.

"Yeah I'm fine, stomach pains they come and go" Belle chuckled nervously, the pains grew stronger. Over the past few months Belle had been experiencing stomach pains, cramping and diarrhoea as well as vomiting occasionally. She assumed withdrawal symptoms or stress was to blame.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" Belle screamed in pain, collapsing to the floor. "What? What?" Liam rushed over panicking. "It hurts! Ouch, help me, help me!" Belle screamed in agony holding her stomach. "I'll call an ambulance" Liam quickly headed for the phone. "Yeah I need an ambulance straight away" Liam said in a panicked voice. "Liam...Liam....please help me" Belle pleaded. "It's okay Belle, I'm here" Liam rubbed her back. "Ohh....my......god.....I think I wet my pants"

Belle looked to the floor, a large patch of water had soaked the carpet. "Okay this is seriously weird" Liam said in a amazed voice. "Will you shut up! I'm in pain here" Belle snapped. "Belle....are you pregnant?" Liam said carefully looking at her. "Does it look like I'm pregnant you jerk!" she snapped at him. "Well no, but think about it. You're having stomach pains and there's a large patch on the floor, I think you're having a baby" Liam said in a calm voice. "Look, buddy! There's no way in hell I'm pregnant I'm not having a freakin' baby, I'm dying here!" Belle shouted. "Okay, take off your pants and spread your legs" This didn't sit well with Belle, causing Belle's hand to slap him across the face, hard. "Ouch what did you do that for, I'm trying to help you here!" Liam demanded.

"You're trying to see what's underneath my clothes! That's what you're trying to do!" Belle shouted only to scream in pain again. "OWWWWWW, mother f**ker!" Belle shrieked again. "Okay Belle do you trust me?" Liam said in a reassuring voice. "I guess so...." Belle said in an uncertain voice, preparing for the worst there was no way she was pregnant. It was absurd. Belle did what Liam asked take off her pants, opening her legs. "Happy now?" Belle said in a sarcastic tone flashing a sarcastic expression. "Okay push!" Belle began to squeeze his hand. "I can't....I can't!" Belle closed her legs, "You can!" Liam separated her legs with his hands, "Hey! Not too close" Belle flinched.

"Oh god....when's this gonna end....." Belle's face was covered in sweat, she squeezed Liam's hand as hard as she could. "Ow, I think you're breaking my hand" Belle rolled her eyes, she couldn't care less if Liam was feeling pain. "I think I'm gonna pass out, where the f**kin ambulance suppose to arrive, I need drugs!" Belle shouted at the top of her lungs. "Now Belle you've just come out of rehab, you're supposed to say no to drugs, and quit yelling if people yell you yelling I need drugs. They'll think you're psychotic"

"God just kill me now!" Belle closed her eyes, pushing as hard as she could. "Okay come on keeping pushing...." Liam could see something coming out.

"Belle.....I think I see a head.....yeah....I can see it!" He said excitedly. "Oh good, so I can get whatever it is out of me!"

"You know I was there for the birth of Ash...." Liam went on to say proudly. "I don't care if you witness a woman giving birth, just give me something to stop the pain, please, please!!!"

"Come on plenty of woman have done this the old fashion way"

"Liam, I swear if you don't shut the hell up I'll smash your face!" Belle eyed him threateningly.

"And to think we were starting to become good mates..." Liam rolled his eyes, preparing to deliver the screaming baby.

"One more push, Belle!" Belle pushed with all her mite. "Oh my.....god......" The baby came out screaming and crying, "Okay ladies you've deafened me quite enough today" Liam held the baby in his arms smiling at her. "Belle Taylor, you have a baby girl" He laughed. "I'm a mother...." Belle's eyes rolled back, her head collapsing to the floor. "Belle?" Liam said shocked she finally passed out. "Hello?" Two ambulance officers burst through the door. "Thank god..." Liam exhaled.

2 days later.....

"Oh just think Belle as a mother, I knew one day that girl would become a mother, I just can't believe it happened two days ago" Colleen sobbed. "Oh for goodness sake woman pull yourself together" Alf said hoping it would calm her down. "I'm sorry, but I think it's great to see Belle coming out of rehab healthy and strong and then giving birth to a young baby...." Aden walked into the diner and overheard the last piece of conversation, "Belle's what?" Aden said shocked.

I know I'm still writing my other fic, I'll finish it. It's nearly finished. I hope you like this fic... :(

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Chapter 2

“Look she’s so beautiful” Annie giggled touching her forehead lightly, “Yeah she’s gorgeous” Belle said quietly smiling, looking at her daughter proudly. It took a while for it to sink in but Belle eventually accepted that she was now a mother. “She’s gonna be just like her mummy” Liam teased. “Maybe” Belle smiled.

“Oh…she’s so cute, I want one” Annie giggled again, not being able to take her eyes off the baby. “So what are you going to call her?” Annie asked. “Umm…I haven’t really thought about it….” Belle thought to herself, why hadn’t she thought of a name. As the three of them stared at the tiny baby wrapped in a blanket, Aden peeked through the door and then walked in the room slowly, his eyes trailing down to the basket containing the baby. “Aden….” Belle turned around, Aden couldn’t force any words to come out, and instead he ran out of the room scared. Jogging down the beach Aden stopped gasping for breath,

“this isn’t real….this isn’t happening…” Aden shook his head, sweating pouring down his face.

“Is Aden the father?” Annie asked Belle. “Well I got pregnant 9months ago; I was with Aden 9 months ago. Obviously he’s the father”

“Then why did he rush out of the room so quickly?” Annie asked concernedly.

“Probably just in shock I guess, I didn’t even know I was pregnant Annie. He might think I’ve known this whole time” Belle pulled a sad face, hoping Aden wasn’t doubting her.

“Hey!” Nicole called out to Aden as she walked over to him on the beach. “Yeah hi…” Aden said in his own world. “What’s wrong?” Nicole knew when something was bothering Aden. “Belle had a baby….Belle was pregnant…..I think I’m a father…..I….Belle had a baby!” Aden said sounding like a crazy person. “Aden calm down..”

“I saw her with…..I saw the baby…..Liam and Annie….were there” Aden said breathlessly.

“Maybe you should go and see Belle..”

“What if she knew this whole time, that she was pregnant. Scared to tell me because she thought I wouldn’t support her….” Aden pondered.

“Belle…” Aden opened her bedroom door. “Aden…” Belle was lying on the bed with her daughter wrapped in a pink blanket, far asleep. “WoW!” Aden sighed,

he couldn’t help but smile. “She’s…..so….” Aden was stuck for words. “Pretty?” Belle said smiling back at him. “Pretty damn cute I reckon” Aden hoped on the bed, their daughter lying in between the two of them. “She’s so little” Aden picked up her fingers with index finger. “Yeah…”

“So have….have you named her yet?” Aden bit his lips. “Ah not yet, I…I wanted to wait for you….”

“Do you have any ideas?” Aden said in a soft tone, almost whispering. “Um…..I like Phoebe….Lily…” Belle said waiting for Aden’s reaction. “Yeah they’re pretty names….”

“We need a name that we both like…..” Aden thought. “Well we could always call her Belle” Belle joked. “Or Aden…” Aden teased. “Or…just combine both names!” Aden laughed. “That’s not a bad…..idea….” Belle thought about it for a moment.

“So if you put our names together what do you get?” Aden asked with a stupid but cute look on his face. “Ad….ell…..dell….Adelle?”

“Adelle is that a girl’s name?” Aden asked.

“Of course, it’s a girl’s name. It’s French I think”

“Adelle is cute….I like it……Adelle’s perfect” Aden smiled, leaning over his daughter to kiss her gently on the forehead.

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Chapter 3


(created by Jen)

"Aden..." Belle said staring at him memorised by his daughter. "Yeah..." he smiled at adelle. "We need a middle name..."

"You said before you liked the name lily, we should use it for a middle name" Aden smiled whispering his delicate words.

"Hmm....Adelle...Lily...Taylor..." Belle thought to herself quietly. "Sounds good, I like it..." Belle directed her words at Aden. "Yeah...I love it too" Aden smiled still out of it. Realising he was talking like someone who was high Aden gave his head a small shake, pausing for a minute he began to remember wanting to know if Belle knew she was pregnant, was this another lie? "Belle, did you know you were pregnant?" Belle's smile faded slowly, "No of course not, how could you even ask me that, it wasn't like I was gaining any weight" Aden's tone raised , "Yeah and how could you be pregnant without knowing it, you must have seen the signs"

"No Aden, I didn't. I didn't have morning sickness, yeah I skipped a couple of periods but I thought that was because of stress" Belle said innocently. "Oh come on Belle, you couldn't have not known! You should have taken a test, at least given me a heads up"

"Look Aden I didn't know, this wasn't planned. What you're not ready for a child, is that it?" Belle said getting frustrated.

"That's not what I'm saying..." Aden sighed.

"Well it sounds like it, for your information Aden I didn't plan this, I don't even know if I'm capable at this point in time to be a mother, and not to mention I've just gotten out of rehab! I didn't want this!" Belle snapped, realising her very last words, Belle began to feel guilty inside.

"What - - so you're saying you don't want a child, that you're not thankful for having her? You're not even gonna give her a chance? You hate being a mother already? Wow, I never realised you were that kind of person. Well I hope you don't turn your back on your daughter- because I know I could never do that.." Aden said in a soft threatening tone, sliding off the bed. "Aden wait that's not what I meant..."

"Just forget it"

Looking back at her baby, Belle feel tears stinging her eyes, "I'm sorry Adelle....sweetie I didn't mean that..." Belle whispered kissing her daughter's forehead, Adelle just squirmed "You hate me already....I get it" Belle said as the tears began to fall. "I'm just really scared, I don't deserve you....and you certainly don't deserve me as a mother" Belle choked on her words crying with snot running out of her nose.

Around lunch time.......

"Wahhhhhhhhhhhh, Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Adelle cried in a high pitched tone, deafening Belle, "Shhhh, shhhh" Belle rocked the baby in her arms.

"WAHHHHHHHH" The baby's screams grew louder, "Oh my god....how am I suppose to raise a baby...." Belle's heart raced. "That's it..." Belle phoned Rachel , "Belle, hi" Rachel answered in that professional tone doctors use. "Hi Rach....um, Adelle my....daughter she's crying heaps and I think there's something wrong with her"

"Belle it's normal for babies to cry occasionally" Rachel chuckled. But then as Rachel heard the high pitched tone it made her rethink "Um actually you know what why don't you come and see me now" Belle agreed, driving down to the hospital.

"Hi Rach, thanks for seeing me" Rachel looked at Adelle, "Awww, she's sooo beautiful" Rachel held her closely, Rachel was already expecting a baby but holding such a precious creature was the most amazing feeling. "Rachel I don't know what to do, she's been crying constantly for the past hour, she's irritable, and she won't sleep properly" Rachel scanned the baby, "Yeah and she's faily underweight for a normal baby" Belle's heart began to race while the guilt set in, "I'm such a horrible person, what have I done to my daughter, I'm the worst mother in the history of mankind, who does this to a child?" Rachel swaged the baby calming her down, "You know Belle you shouldn't be so hard on yourself, you weren't aware that you were pregnant"

"Yeah but I should have been Rach, oh god what have I done. I should have seen the signs, I hate myself"

"Sweetie, just calm down, Adelle was it?" Belle nodded. "Adelle is going to be fine with proper management, love and care, there's no reason she can't be a perfectly normal healthy baby. At the moment the baby is experiencing withdrawals"

"I don't understand..." Belle understood but she couldn't process the information being given. "But you need to tell me if her behaviour gets worse, one of the risks of drug withdrawal is seizures"


Later that day.....

"Hey chicky babe" Liam walked into the longue room at Irene's.

"Hey..." Adelle had finally fallen asleep. "Awww, isn't she gorgeous, peaceful, at last" Liam laughed. Belle on the other hand seemed down, "Hey you okay?"

Liam put his hand on her back rubbing it, "Yeah...." Belle said quietly looking at Adelle. "Aden was here earlier, seeing his daughter for the first time" Belle sighed, "You do realise all you ever talk about – to me is Aden. Aden this....Aden that..." Belle giggled, "Sorry" she smiled at him. "Thank you for coming over, I really needed you here" Belle eyed him with a smile in her eyes. "No problem...." Belle turned away looking at the kitchen, "Belle...." Liam called they were both sitting on the couch, turning her head back to look at him her lips got a hold of his.

"Okay Belle.... we can do this together, I'm not going anywhere....." Aden rehearsed what he was going to say before he saw Belle, "I'll support you..." Aden stood in the doorway watching Liam and Belle kiss. Belle couldn't help but return the kiss, she felt she needed to show Liam her gratitude and if that meant kissing him then that was okay with her. In her mind there was no way Aden would get back with her.

Thank you Taniya, Red Ranger, Zetti, Julie, amz89, Bec, Jen appreciate all your comments :)

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Chapter 4

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Liam!” Belle pulled away, as the guilt reached its peeked. “What, I thought you were enjoying it?” Liam said in a confused and angry tone. “I’m sorry, I can’t do this”

“Look, if this is about Aden. You’re over him, aren’t you? He wasn’t there for you when you needed him, we make a great couple Belle. You know you want to do this”

“Liam, I’ve just given birth to a baby for goodness sake, and believe me if my daughter wasn’t in the room I probably would not be speaking to you so politely.

How dare you insult the memory of Aden”

“So you’re still in love with a man who abandoned you”

“Aden didn’t abandon me! He just couldn’t be there; it would have been too hard for him to go through withdrawals with me because of what he went through with his father”

“Well if I was you I would be pretty pissed off that my boyfriend didn’t come and visit me because of the way it made him feel. He’s thinking about his feelings, not yours Belle. I care about you, why can’t we be together!”

“Liam....” Belle insisted but Liam’s lips met her again, Belle feel guilt, sadness, anger. She had lost the love of her life, she could have lost her daughter, and her emotions were too strong unable to fight the weakness she was feeling. Slowly engaging in the kiss, regretting it but somehow it offered her comfort.

“Waaaaaaa” Adelle squirmed, “Hey...hey....what’s wrong sweetheart.....” Belle hushed her daughter rocking Adelle in her arms. “There, your safe now” Belle smiled at her daughter whose eyes couldn’t decide whether to stay open or closed.

Come stop your crying, it will be all right

Just take my hand, hold it tight

I will protect you from all around you

I will be here don’t you cry

For one so small, you seem so strong

My arms will hold you keep you safe and warm

This bond between us can’t be broken

I will be here don’t you cry

“Hi thanks for coming…” Belle smiled guilty. Belle had called Aden over to discuss what Rachel had told Belle. “Mhm” Aden said avoiding her eye contact, gazing at Adelle smiling. It killed Aden he couldn’t spend as much time as he wanted with his daughter, due to living arrangements and Aden and Belle’s relationship status. But it was no secret Aden had a special bond between his daughter.

Why can’t they understand the way we feel

they just don’t trust what they can’t explain

I know were different but deep inside us

were not that different at all

“Aden there’s something I….I have to tell you…..about Adelle….” Belle shifted her eyes scared to look Aden in the eyes. “What about her?” Aden asked worriedly. “Aden…..I’m so sorry….I didn’t know I was pregnant…I didn’t want anything for Adelle…..I just want her to be healthy….safe…..”

“Belle, what are you talking about?” Aden looked at her confused.

“Adelle is experiencing drug withdrawals”

“What! How the….how would our baby suffer drug withdrawals she didn’t even take….drugs….oh….”

“Aden…I…I don’t know how….but…I’m so sorry Aden…..this is why Adelle has been crying, trembling, not sleeping….I saw Rachel……” Belle’s lips shook as well as her hands, fighting back the tears.

“I can’t believe this…” Aden shook his head in disappointment and anger. Staring at his daughter he felt fear, angry and sadness.

I may not be with you, but you gotta hold on

“I never wanted this to happen” Belle continued.

“What so you didn’t want Adelle to happen! You didn’t want to have a baby and you still don’t! Even when you look into those innocent young brown eyes you still don’t want her!” Aden shouted.

“That’s not what I said Aden!” Belle wiped away her tears.

“Yes it is, it’s exactly what you’re saying, well you know what even though I didn’t plan this either. I love Adelle, I want to be a father, I want to care for her, be there for her”

“Oh like you were there for me…” Belle said sarcastically.

“I was there for you Belle, when you lost your job, when you were having a bad day”

“But you weren’t there for me when I wanted you, you never once saw me in rehab. I hate you, Aden. I hate you, I don’t even know if I love you anymore…”

This struck a chord with Aden, “What….oh well now you can move on with that rock star, I hope the two of you are happy together”

“Are happy?”

“I saw the two of you together yesterday on the couch kissing, don’t deny it” Aden warned.

“I won’t….but you know what I will be with Liam, whether you like it or not”

“Well that’s fine but I don’t want him anywhere near my daughter, you got that!” Aden and Belle shouted at each other.

Squirming and now beginning to cry, “Hey Shhhh, sorry baby we didn’t mean to yell” Aden quickly went to his daughter’s side.

You'll be in my heart

I believe, you’ll be in my heart

I’ll be there from this day on

Now and forever more

“There, there, it’s okay. You’re okay” Aden held her in his arms, swaying her gently, smiling at her. It eventually caught on; giggling at Aden kissed her on the forehead Aden’s smile widened. “You hear that?” Aden smiled at Belle, “She’s never done that before” Belle said about to burst into tears. “And I’m sure they’ll be plenty of more giggles to come” Aden continued to smile at Belle looking back at Adelle.

Two days later…..

“See I told you we were perfect together” Liam squeezed Belle on the couch as they laid together watching a DVD. “Yeah…” Adelle was lying on a mattress placed on the floor, covered with a pink and purple blanket. She occasionally kicked the blanket in the air with her feet, trying to kick the blanket off her. “Ha-ha” Belle laughed watching her “Cute”.

Glancing back at the screen Belle watched for a couple of moment, then looked down at Adelle, “LIAM!” Belle screamed with fear, Adelle head was shaking her body out of control. ‘NO, QUICK LIAM CALL FOR HELP!” Belle knew what was happening, she was having a seizure.

At hospital….

“What happened!” Aden rushed to Belle.

“She had a seizure, I don’t….I don’t…know….Aden this can’t be happening Aden….I such a crappy mother” Belle burst into tears, feeling sympathy for her Aden wanted to hold her close, after all he still loved her, “Hey, it’s okay” Aden whispered, “Belle!” Liam called as Aden was about to hug her, “Hey how you doing” Liam wrapped his arms around Belle. “You know what Belle, this never would have happened if you didn’t take drugs!” Aden’s temper got the better of him again. “Aden” Belle pushed Liam away, “No Belle, this is it, if anything happens to Adelle it will be all your fault”

“Hey just calm down, this is hardly her fault she didn’t know she was pregnant”

“Oh will you just shut the hell up!” Aden shoved Liam. “Aden” Belle cried.

“I’ll never ever forgive you Belle…never”

“That’s it…” Liam said as he shoved Aden, “Liam stop” Belle cried. But Aden decided to shove him back. “Hey, break it up” Liam and Aden were on the ground wrestling, “Aden, stop it!” Belle shouted. Finally a doctor broke them up then Aden stormed off. He was angry at Belle, angry that his little girl was sick, angry that Liam had his hands all over his girl.

Thank you so much for the previous posts. :)

Lyrics: Phil Collins "You'll be in my heart"

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Chapter 5

“Oh you’re back” Belle rolled her eyes, as Belle sat next to Liam who had a bloodied lip.

“Yeah I gotta make sure that creep keeps his hands off you” Aden eyed Liam threateningly. Sitting next to Belle, sitting in between of two guys fighting over her was not at all awkward, not! Shuffling in her chair Belle wasn’t able to get comfortable. Finally Rachel came out of Adelle’s room, with a depressing look on her face. “Belle, Aden may I have a word” Rachel led them into a room. “There’s no easy way to say this but I’m afraid your daughter has developed Epilepsy” Aden shook his head looking at Belle, walking out of the room to clear his mind. Aden was scared he might say something he’d regret. “I am so sorry Belle, there’s something else the drug withdrawals can last up to 4-6 months” Belle was speechless, nodding at Rachel Belle quietly left the room with a look of death on her face. “Hey what happened” Liam quickly went over to comfort Belle. “Nothing....just leave me” Belle said quietly.

“Belle, I know something’s up, talk to me” Liam asked gently as he waited for her reply.

“No” Belle mumbled looking down at the floor.

“Come on, stop being so stubborn” Liam joked.

“I’m not! Just get lost will you” Belle hissed. “Come on Belle...it’s me you’re talking to...” Belle knew Liam wouldn’t give up, in a guilty tone Belle responded, “I found out Adelle has Epilepsy thanks to me..”

“Oh Belle...”

“Just don’t say anything; nothing you can say will make me feel better”

“Okay, I’ll shut up”

Belle stared over the crib which contained her precious daughter; her glistening brown eyes were hid from the outside world. “Adelle, I’m sorry. Will you forgive mummy? Of course you won’t. Look what I’ve done to you” Slowly opening her eyes Adelle looked back at her mummy, Belle could see in her eyes “What have you done to me” She tried not to cry but it was no use the tears escaped and wet her smooth cheeks. Running her finger down her forehead Belle flinched with a fright as Adelle squirmed. She was afraid of doing more harm to her child. Aden who was still outside the room decided to open the door, very quietly and slowly, so he could watch over Belle and Adelle. “How your father could ever forgive me for what I’ve done, I don’t know” Belle squeezed her eyes closed, opening them back up her tears continue to fall. This was one mistake that couldn’t be undone, what’s done was done. Nothing Belle could ever do or say would change the fact that her daughter was now epileptic.

Now wide awake Adelle kept watching her mother, who’s eyes were red raw, as she whimpered Belle immediately picked her up in attempt to comfort her. “Shhh.... there ..there. I know you hate me right now, but if you give me a chance I’ll try and be the mother you deserve” Another tear fell as Belle wiped it away quickly, laughing at herself she kissed Adelle very softly, hoping Adelle would forgive her. Moving her finger down to her daughters, Belle sighed with a smile as the baby held onto Belle’s index finger, “That’s a good girl” Belle smiled swaying her tenderly. Aden still watching Belle smiled and let out a small breath. “Adelle....do you like that name?” Belle knew her daughter probably wouldn’t have been able to understand what she was saying, but talking to her felt comforting. “You know how you got that name? Adelle? It’s Aden, which is your incredibly handsome, smart, funny, cheekily father and Belle that’s your mummy” Whimpering again, Belle giggled “I thought you would have liked the name Adelle, missy” pulling her closer Belle knew every time she saw her daughter she felt extreme happiness but at the same time extreme guiltiness. “Lily is your middle name, do you like that name? Lily is my favourite flower you know, daddy bought mummy a bunch of lily’s on our first date. That was one of the best nights of my life”

“Mine too” Aden entered the room, flashing a small smile. “Aden...what are you.....”

Aden cut in, “I heard you talking and the little one whimpering, obviously communicating in baby lingo” Aden laughed, sitting on the side of the bed.

“Yeah...we kinda understand each other”

“I have no doubt she understand you” Aden smiled.

“How long have you been listening?” Belle said sounding curious.

“Oh only for a few minutes, enough to hear that you find me incredibly irresistible and..”

“Okay, smart pants....see Adelle this is what I have to put on with....daddy is....” Giving Belle a gentle shove, in a playful way Belle smirked, “Stop it...” Belle said trying to sound serious and keep a straight face. “Anyway what I was saying is your daddy thinks he’s totally irresistible that’s so not true...he’s....”

Laughing as Aden tried to tickle her ribs “Aden! I’m holding a baby here”

“Then put her down”

“No! Stop bugging me” But to be on the safe side Belle put Adelle down. “Belle.....I’m sorry.....I’m sorry for going off at you before. You didn’t deserve that. I forgive you....I know if you could change the fact that Adelle has Epilepsy you would, but you can’t. We can’t. But I want to be there for you and Adelle.

Whever you need I’ll be there to support you”

“Thank you Aden, it means a lot hearing you say that. About Liam....” Belle was preparing to tell Aden that their relationship status is uncertain. But Aden could see already that Liam was taking an interest in Belle and didn’t want to hear it. “Belle...forget it, you don’t need to explain yourself to me...”

“Yes I do...”

“No you don’t, we’re not together anymore. You’re allowed to see whoever you want”

“Yeah but...”

“Anyway, I should go. I have to get back to work”

“Aden wait - ”

“Bye baby, see you tonight” Aden leaned down and kissed her goodbye. “Bye Belle” Aden whispered. It killed Aden seeing Belle with another man; it killed him knowing she was happy with another man. But he knew he was to blame, he was the one who had broken up with her. He wasn’t there but Liam was.

As promised a few days ago Adelle spent the night with Aden. “Rock a bye baby, the cradle will fall and down will come baby cradle and all”

“Are you sure that’s the right words” Nicole stared at him trying to withhold laughter.

“Of course it is”

“And are you sure that’s the best song to sing to her before she’s going to sleep, I mean it’s talking about a baby falling for goodness sakes”

“Nic, two word shut-up”

“Fine...” Nicole rolled her eyes.

“It’s my baby I can sing whatever I like” Aden said trying to keep a serious voice.

“Oh yeah sing Barbie Girl while she’s trying to get to sleep” Nicole complained.

“Nicole!” Aden snapped.

Back at Irene’s.

“Isn’t this great...peace and quiet. Just the two of us, and what better way to celebrate then with a bottle of champagne”

“Ohh I really shouldn’t”

“Come on Belle, you need to relax” Liam unscrewed the bottle.

“Okay...” Belle answered hesitantly.

“Hahahahahahaah! You’re so funny”

“What’s so funny?”

“Your jokes, aren’t they just the best. You should ‘ave become a comedy guy..”


“Yeah that! You would have been so great” Belle giggled uncontrollably.

“Okay I think you’ve had enough”

“You know what I have had enough, enough of guys telling me what to do. Liam do I look like a girl who wants to beeee told wh-hat to do, no! I’m my own

person, Liam. I can do what I wa-aaaa-nt”

“And what do you wa-aaaa-nt” Liam mocked.

“You, right now...” Belle swayed from side to side, “Um okay...” Belle began to pash Liam intensely. Before they knew it they were naked in bed.

“Owwww, my head” Belle woke up.

“What do you expect woman you drank practically the whole bottle” Liam laughed. Belle on the other hand was laughing realising she had slept with Liam the

guilty hit her instantly. “Liam, I’ve got to go” Belle quickly left the room. After power walking down the beach, Belle stopped breathlessly “Belle you’re such an idiot!” Belle kicked the sand. Feeling dizziness now Belle lost consciousness. “Love, Belle, Love. Can you hear me?” Alf shook her. Lying on the sand, Alf called for help.

Hope it's okay xx

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Warning: References to suicide.

Thank you again to those who have been reading this story. I hope this chapter describes the characters personalities accurately. I'm not too sure about this chapter, but we'll see how it goes....

Chapter 6

“Oh” Belle sat up from the sand, “Are you okay love, I think we should take you to the hospital”

“No! I mean no, I’m fine...I’ll be....whoa” Belle stood up still feeling dizzy. “Maybe you should get checked out love, just to be on the safe side” Alf said in a soft tone. “No...nah...I’ll be fine...just dehydrated that’s all...had a big night last night” Belle said trying to sound cool, but she was really kicking herself inside wishing she hadn’t had such a big night last night.

“Well just as long as you’re okay” Belle nodded with a fake smile. “Bye” Belle said in a high pitch tone hoping it would convey happiness. Rolling her eyes as Alf walked away Belle continued to walk up the beach, “What am I going to tell Aden....what? What are you saying Belle, you don’t need to explain yourself to him....after all you two are over, over...” Every time Belle heard the words we’re over sadden Belle.

Tears began to form, “Belle Taylor, get a grip!” Belle told herself, wiping away a tear with a frown on her face. “Aden is not with you anymore just deal with it. You shouldn’t feel guilty for sleeping with a rock star...or maybe I should...ah well....who am I kidding...” Belle told herself, when she was alone that was when the longest conversations would take place, even if it was non-verbal and only with one person.

Walking alone the beach, the last person she expected to see was Aden.

“Hey, you alright” Aden noticed Belle was looking a little pale.

Taking a few deep breaths and regaining her focus Belle looked at Aden with a look of disgrace, “Aden there’s something I need to tell you” Belle said in a desperate tone.

“Yeah, ok?” Aden said in a casual voice.

“Actually I'm not....Aden....I....last night....last night....I slept with Liam.....and I feel terrible....”

What! You know what why the hell would I care anyway, oh right....we have a baby together therefore we are a couple emotionally but just not physically.

"What....no....Aden, I just really need your advice... "

My advice...! How about you stop seeing that stupid junkie rock star. There’s my advice!

“Aden...will you....hey, stop that!” A photographer circled around Belle taking photos as Belle quickly sheltered her face from being seen.

“Oi, just back up mate!” Aden said protectively, pushing Belle behind him. “Just leave her alone” Aden shoved him away, “Can you please stop it” Belle said in a paranoid voice. But luckily Aden quickly snatched the camera before he could get any more shots throwing the camera in the water.

“Hey!” The photographer shouted. “Yeah what, that’s what you get for messing with her” Looking defeated the photographer walked away, camera less. Thinking back to what Belle was just saying Aden’s temper rose, “Oh what don’t want your photo in the paper today? Sick of seeing yourself in the paper?

Aden scorned.

“No.....I just hate having my photo taken”

“Aww really that’s hard to believe seeing as you don’t lack confidence, throwing yourself at guys all the time”

“I don’t throw myself at guys all the time!” Belle yelled at him.

“What’s the big deal huh? You should be lovin’ the attention because you’re nothing but a attention seeker.”

“I can’t believe your saying to, especially to my face.”

“It’s called honesty Belle, which you seem to lack. Don’t you want all the nutty photographers taking your picture with Liam, don’t you want the journalist to write about your juicy love life.”

“Aden shut... stop it..”. Belle’s voice was shaky.

But Aden kept pushing, “Aww, poor Belle. Your life must be so hard now. Dating a rock star....I mean junkie...who has photographers following him 24/7.”

Feeling sensitive, Belle fought back “Aden.....I mean it, just leave it.”

“Come on Belle; tell me why you hate having your picture taken, because I’m dying to know. Come on!”

Belle finally snapped back at him, “Because I’m ugly! Are you happy now..”

“What?” Aden lowered his tone.

“Just leave me alone Aden” Belle’s hand was close to her face, she glanced over her shoulder looking for photographers.

“Did you just say you think you’re ugly?” Aden was shocked.

“Yes! Okay!” Belle took a breath out as she spoke.

“But why...? You’re beautiful” Aden said with a confused expression.

You’re lying... Belle murmured. “Why would I lie about something like that...you are...you’re gorgeous”

“I’m not...” she mumbled looking down. “Are you for real” But the look in Belle’s eyes was saying it all, Aden never realised the insecurity of Belle. “Who thinks’ your ugly?” Aden said gently. “I do!” Belle hissed. “Yeah but...who said that...who told you were ugly? You’re definitely not”

“No one... I-I just am...I feel ugly, I look ugly. That’s why you slept with Nicole, she’s much hotter. And that’s why you broke up with me, and that’s why guys think they can take advantage of me”

“Belle, I can’t believe what I’m hearing, you seriously believe you’re ugly? The only reason I broke up with you is because I couldn’t stand to watch the person I love go through hell. The reason I slept with Nicole, is because I was missing you. I wanted to convince myself I was over you, convince myself that I loved someone else because the truth is Belle I missed you so much, I loved-love you so much it hurts being without you. It makes me sick! It makes me sick seeing you with Liam...or any other guy for that matter. I love you Belle. And I wanna be with you, but I understand we need time apart right now, take things slowly. But I..I just love you and I always will.” Belle was speechless. “Okay......I....I’m...sorry Aden.....I didn’t plan on sleeping with Liam...I....didn’t you have to believe me”

“How do I know what to believe Belle...I’m starting to think you don’t even care about me anymore...” Belle broke down in tears, “I ..do ..love.. you. Aden, I. do.”

“I don’t think you do....but it’s cool, we can be friends, raise Adelle together. Date whoever we want, sleeping in whoever’s bed we want. That’s the reality of the situation Belle, and we just need to accept that” Aden knew he wanted to be with Belle, but he needed to accept that Belle and Aden were meant to be friends, for now. Maybe in time, Belle would love him again. Before Belle could reply Aden walked away, again.

“Hey sweetheart, did you miss me. Yes you did, yes you did!” Aden had left Adelle in the uncertain care of Nicole. Giggling Adelle flung her tiny hand in the

air, “Aww, I know you didn’t wanna stay with miss princess here, but daddy needing to go for a walk, yes he did” Aden smiled at her, giving her a gentle poke. “Oh geez thanks” Nicole rolled her eyes. “Nic, her dapper smells”

“Do I look like I want to die?”

“The new dampers are over there, Nic she’s needs changing”

“Like I said, I’m not volunteering to die and you're here now do it yourself” Aden rolled his eyes, picking Adelle up and carrying her over a new changing table

Aden had purchased. “Orrrhh gross, ewww. Babies are disgusting”

“You’ve only just figured that out, man you’re slow” Nicole was buffing her nails. “Would you like to help?”

“Ring around a rosy, a pocket full of posies a tissue, a tissue we all fall down”

“From the sink you are creating” Nicole smirked.

“Shut your little gob up” Aden didn’t want to use the word “shut up” in front of his daughter.

“You know singing those songs are really lame, you especially when you don’t know ALL the words and the meaning of those songs are metaphorically”

“Mmm..I’m proud of you Nic, I thought you weren’t able to work out the true meaning behind lullaby’s, well done”

“Hahaha, you’re so funny, not!” Nicole picked up a trashy magazine turning herself away from Aden.

At Irene's.

“Hey where did you go this morning” Liam was still in the clothes he had slept in. “Umm yeah, just went for a walk”

“Belle there’s something I need to tell you...”


“Come here...” Liam sat her down on the couch. “Look I know we haven’t been officially a couple for very long but I need to tell you this....I.....I love you Belle”

Belle’s eyes widened there was a long silence. This silence lasted for more than two minutes, “Are....you going to say anything...”

“Who do you love?” Belle said confused.



“Yeah you” Liam laughed. “But why...?” Belle stared at him, physically in shock, her mouth practically wide open.

“Because I do....you’re amazing, not like any other girl I’ve dated. I’m in love with you”

“Huh?” Belle couldn’t quite comprehend what Liam was saying.

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine it’s just...” It finally sunk it. “I don’t...I don’t feel that way about you...”

“That’s okay, is to be expected Belle. I know you can’t love someone straight away”

“I mean...I mean I don’t like you....more than friends....” Belle was blunt.

“What?” Liam was horrified. “I’m sorry Liam, I didn’t mean to mislead you...”

“Whatever....this is about that jerk Aden isn’t it, well you know what you don’t deserve him”

“Liam please just wait, can’t we still be friends”

“No, we can’t. Not anymore, goodbye Belle Taylor. It was nice knowing you” And Liam left.

Later that night...

“Hello?” Belle answered the phone. “Belle?” Charlie asked. “Yes....”

“I’m afraid we have some bad news”

“What is it?”

There was a pause, “Liam Murphy is dead”

“What!” Her hands began to shake uncontrollably.

“I’m afraid he hung himself around 4pm” Belle dropped the phone, her body collapsed. “Oh no....” She cried.

“Belle? Belle? Are you there” Charlie said on the phone, but the phone was lying on the floor.

.... :unsure: .....

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Chapter 7 - this chapter is pretty crap, you've been warned!

No time to mourn, it's over now.

Accept it, deal with it and move on.

There's nothing more that can be done, it's over now.

The future is around the corner, you must be strong for this is out of your control.

"Ehhhh, ehhh, ehhh!" Adelle squealed calling for her mother's attention in the crib positioned next to Belle's bed. Belle just lied there staring up at her room with tears in her eyes, "I thought nothing else could shock me in this lifetime" Belle spoke to herself, oblivious to her daughter crying out for help. "EHhhhh!"

She screamed in a high pitched tone. "Belle? Belle?" Annie knocked on Belle's door, she could hear Adelle crying out. "Huh?" Belle snapped out of it, "Belle, is Adelle alright?" Belle turned and look at her daughter, is Adelle alright? Is Aden and I alright? The answer, I have no idea. Maybe Aden is doing alright, but is the other half doing alright? The answer, absolutely not! "Hey....Shhh..." Belle finally picked up her child, calming her down. The more time she spent with Adelle the more confident she felt with Adelle. "There....there....it's okay.....Shhh...." Belle lips met her soft skin pressing on it lightly.

"Hey Belle you alright?" Annie sat at the table munching on her toasted jam sandwich. "Ah yeah, just itchy that's all" Belle let out a fake laugh hoping it would be enough to convince Annie. "Okay now you're neck is really red now, you shouldn't have scratched it so hard" Belle looked at her in a "I'm going to kill you if you don't shut the hell up". "Annie, I'm allowed to scratch myself if I'm itchy aren't I?" Belle raised her voice. It seemed the tiniest things were going to tick her off and she didn't even have her period yet. "So where's Liam I thought you two were going to the movie today" Annie took a massive bite out of her bread. "Ahh he's gone...down under"

"No way, which part of Australia is he visiting now?" Annie thought Belle meant he was touring Australia again.

"Umm I'm not sure...." Belle rolled her eyes. "Is that why you're upset because he left? Oh my god, didn't he say goodbye?"

Belle's lips shook, "no....he....he did say goodbye..." Belle burst into tears, running back into her room. "Belle, Belle what's wrong?"

Coughing Belle threw her black top off on the bed, putting another shirt on. "What.....what am I suppose to do...." Belle looked down at Adelle for answers.

"Belle? Belle?" Surprisingly it wasn't Annie's voice this time, "Charlie?"

"Hey....how you doing?" Charlie asked in a very sympathetic tone. "I....I'm okay, what's that?" Belle saw a letter in Charlie's hand. "This is for you, it was left by Liam"

"Aww that's so sweet, see Liam did leave you a goodbye note" Annie smiled overhearing the conversation. "Umm yeah, Charlie knows about Liam's Australian tour" Belle's face revealed all, Charlie could see what was going on, "Oh yeah, I'm sure he's gonna make it big time down in Tassie" Charlie smiled at Annie. Annie who had no clue as to what was going on took the bait and went back to finish her breakfast. "Look I don't want the whole town knowing... I'm the reason he's dead and I don't want the whole town talking about me behind my back"

"Belle you're being way too hard on yourself"

"Bye Charlie, thanks for stopping by" Belle closed the door slowly hinting to Charlie to leave.

Dear Belle,

What can I say? You broke my heart tonight; I never thought I'd say that. You're not like anyone I've ever meant before, you're unique, and special girl, I knew my chances with you were little but I thought they might have been the slightest chance of being with you. I guess you want to spend your life with Aden and not me. I understand that, but I have nothing left in life, there's no point in living anymore. I've lost my wife, my child and now you. You were so good to me Belle. I just don't understand why you couldn't have given me the chance to make you happy, to give you everything you deserve. So this is it, I can't live any longer. I've had a good career, met some great people along the way including you. I love you Belle Taylor I always will, you're such a good friend. Don't be too hard on yourself though, this was bound to happen sooner or later, so please don't blame yourself. It's a bummer you couldn't be with me, but I forgive you. At first I was ticked off big time but I've decided to accept it. So long Belle! I won't be seeing you in the afterlife since they'll let you in heaven for sure. Ciao Bella xox

"Belle?" There was another knock on the door, "What!" Belle snapped, all she wanted was to be left alone. "It's Aden....can I come in?"

"There's nothing stopping you..." Belle murmured. "Is that a yes?" Aden tapped at the door.

"Yeah..." Belle answered back. "Hey...I heard about Liam..." Aden sat down, looking at her sympathetically "Why do you care...you hated him..." Belle said crossly. "Yeah well....I know how you cared about him" Aden was close to whispering. "Ahaaa..." Aden touched her hand, "I just wanted to let you know I'm here for you, if you need to talk..."

"Well I'm all talked out, so you can leave now" Belle flashed a massive grin and then rolled her eyes. "Okay...hi honey..." Aden winked and blew a kiss.

Smiling and giggled Adelle kicked her blanket, "Did you miss daddy, did you?" Aden nodded with a smile. Watching Aden with Adelle always cheered Belle up, smiling at Aden Belle watched Aden. "Can you say daddy....D-a-d-d-y!" Belle chuckled, "As if she's gonna say daddy before mummy, obviously I'll be the first word she'll say"

"Don't flatter yourself Belle" Aden laughed. "Adelle say m-u-m-m-y! M-u-m-m-y!" Adelle just stared at the two young adults who made funny faces and spoke in ridiculous voices. "Ehhhh" Adelle replied.

"Can I look after Adelle tonight, give you some space" Belle agreed.


"Ohh the baby is here again" Nicole rolled her eyes, dreading waking up at 2. "Yes Nic, she's my daughter that's why she's spending the night with me"

"You know you're basically hogging Adelle, does Belle ever get time with her?"

"Of course she does"

"Right, well I'm going to the school disco night, look what I bought" Nicole held up a flashing necklace. "Nic, STOP IT, TURN IT OFF!" Aden snapped covering Adelle's eyes protectively. "What?" Nicole asked clueless. "Nicole, she's epileptic, flashing lights can trigger a seizure. God don't you have any brains!" Aden yelled. "I'm sorry...."

"No you're not...!" Aden stormed upstairs with Adelle.

"Aden....Aden....Aden!" Belle woke up; it was 11:30pm. "Oh great" Belle was covered in sweat, getting up exhaustedly Belle found a clean singlet. Feeling her forehead Belle decided to take her temperature, "39 degrees, great what a terrific time to get the flu" Belle had promised Colleen she would help out at the diner while Irene was in jail. Belle didn't want to take any panadol, fearing she would become dependent on pills again. Hoping back into bed Belle fell straight back to sleep.

Escorting Belle to the diner, Aden carried Adelle in his arms. Walking along the green grass Adelle pointed randomly at things, smiling. "Yeah!" Aden played along. "Taylor!" a old familiar voice called her from behind. "Tyler?" Belle said in a shocked voice, Tyler and Belle were on the soccer team together back in high school when she was in grade 10. "Hey, how you are going?" Belle was happy to see him again. "Yeah I'm good. Who's this?" Tyler looked at Aden. "OHHH THIS IS MY..fr..ADEN." Belle wasn't able to use the word "boyfriend" as it was untrue, but was Aden her "friend?". She was unsure, their relationship wasn't clearly defined. Belle thought to herself, Oh great Belle instead of say oh hey this is Aden my friend, I said oh hey this is my Aden! How embarrassing....

Thanks again to the kind comments they are appreciated! :P

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Chapter 8

“Liam Murphy, bad boy rock star life tragically ended yesterday. It is believed that Liam had been rejected by his one true love earlier that day which resulted in a suicide. Fans will dearly miss the rock legend of Summer Bay”

Annie picked up the newspaper which Irene had left on the dining room table. “Oh my god” Annie said in a shocked voice, she couldn’t believe Belle had lie to her about Liam’s whereabouts.

“Tony! Wait up” Aden power walked up to Tony on the beach, winding blowing powerfully. “Hey Aden...” Tony walked with his head down. “What’s up” He asked trying to sound polite, even though he didn’t care what he wanted. “I was wondering if I could join the footie team, my knees pretty much healed....so what do you say? I need a distraction...please Tony” Tony continued to walk along the beach zoned out, only thinking about his own problems. “Tony?” Aden repeated. “Ohh yeah mate...sure” Tony agreed, he knew Aden had mentioned something in regards to footie. “Okay we’ll I’ll see you at footie training” Tony was silent, walking at a slow pace. Aden stopped and Tony continued to walk north. “Okay...” Aden said with a raised eye brow.

“Morning Belle...” Annie gave her a look of disappointment, Belle knew instantly Annie had found of about Liam. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Annie came straight out and asked her. “Sorry....didn’t want to go into details..” Belle mumbled her words, still feeling like hell. “Well, you can make it up to me. I need to record a variety of weight measurements for my assignment” Belle wasn’t in the mood to help Annie with school projects. “Where’s adelle?” Annie asked trying to sound happier. “With Aden” Belle shovelled in a spoonful of cereal, the milk almost escaping her mouth. “So is that okay? Can I weigh you so I can use it for my assignment, please Belle” Belle wanted to roll her eyes but instead agreed. “Mmk...” After breakfast Annie pulled out the scales, Belle stood on the barefooted on the cold scale. “46....” Annie read the scales, jotting down the result quickly. Oh Jesus... Belle thought to herself quietly, how I can be 46kg I was 50kg when I last weighed myself.

“Tony!” Aden ran up to him on the sporting field. “Aden? What are you doing here” Tony was puzzled, “You said I could join the team remember yesterday?” Tony looked at him, “Don’t you have to watch your daughter” Tony replied. “Ahh not all the time, Belle can look after Adelle too” Aden was disappointed Tony had forgotten their discussion yesterday. “Okay well, start doing some laps” Tony ordered. “Geoff....how’s Belle?” Aden ran beside Geoff, “Yeah fine I think....” Geoff didn’t want to engage in a conversation giving him the cold shoulder. “Okay thanks” Aden put all his energy into his footie training. “Who’s that guy” a blonde haired guy asked his girl. “That’s Aden Jefferies, one of the best football players in Summer Bay he stopped playing last year due to injury”

“So he’s a threat?” The guy looked smugly at his girlfriend. “Yep”

“I guess we’ll have to change that won’t we, we have to get him kicked off the team. There’s no place for players who are better skilled at footie than me” The guy who was 19 was the best player on the football team, any new threats were eliminated. “So baby what are we going to do about this one?” They eyed each other with a smirk on their faces. “Leave it to me”

“Belle” Aden knocked on the door, he was carrying Adelle. “Ehhh.....meehhh....” Adelle whimpered making strange sounds. “Shhh” Aden held her close. “I’m coming!” Belle shouted, as Aden continued to knock. “Oh hi” Belle looked at Aden, “Hey sweetie!” Belle looked at Adelle, kissing her. “How are you...” Belle said in a high pitched voice, Aden walked in the house no longer carrying Adelle. “How are you Belle” Aden looked at her sympathetically. “I’m fine...”

Yawning, “Just tired”

“Same..I’ve been at footie training all afternoon” Belle looked at him, “What! Where did you leave Adelle?”

“With Nic” Aden said as if it wasn’t a big deal. “Why would you leave her with Nicole!” Belle snapped. “What’s the big deal?” Aden said crossly. “Nothing, I

just don’t want Nicole looking after Adelle okay. Don’t leave her with Nicole again, okay?” It didn’t matter whether Aden had said yes or no, Belle had the final word. “So how are you coping....” Aden asked again after a short silence. “I said I’m fine. Now. Please. Stop. Asking. Me” Belle said gently refusing to snap at him again. “You know what I’m tired I’m gonna go and have a rest” Belle headed to her room leaving Aden with Adelle again.

“Ehhh, ehhh, ehhh!” Adelle tossed on the couch. “I know baby, mummy’s left us again” Aden walked out to the back door, then he sat on the chair outside with Adelle in his arms rocking her hoping it would send her to sleep. “You know....I know Belle has been through a hell of a lot throughout the past few months, but I really miss her. I miss holding her, running my hands through her hair, I miss smelling her perfume on her neck, I miss waking up in the morning and seeing her face first thing in the morning, I love her hair in the morning. She’s so adorable”

“Ehh” Adelle whimpered. “Ohh yeah...you’re adorable too” Aden laughed.

Coughing uncontrollably Belle sat on the side of her bed, loses her focus. Finding it extremely difficult to breath Belle coughed even more struggling to get air in her lungs.

“I love her smile....a gorgeous smile kills me” He sighed with a smile. “I really hope your mother and I work things out because....” Aden smiled, “I really want another baby, to raise a second child would be awesome. Not that you’re not great sweetheart, I just love the fact that I’m the father of her one of her offspring, if that makes any sense” Aden chuckled, he knew Adelle had no clue what he was saying.

Now red in the face Belle collapses to her knees on the floor leaning over to breathe properly. “Aden....” Belle struggled to call him, in a husky voice.

“Aden...help....” Belle’s eyes very slowly shut her body gave in collapsing to the carpet.

“Aden Jefferies?” A policeman showed up, “Yeah?” Aden was surprised to see a police officer, worried that he might be here to question Belle his heart raced.

“We need you to come down to the station we have a few questions we need to ask you”

“What sort of questions?”

“It has been alleged that you sexually assaulted a young woman last night”


“Could you please come with me sir”

“Ahh hang on, I have to go and tell my girlfriend to watch my daughter first”

“Okay sir, I’ll wait here”

Closing the door for some privacy Aden stopped and took a deep breath in trying to find the right words to tell Belle what was going on. “Meh...meh” Adelle began to shake in Aden’s arms, “Adelle...baby...hey...” Aden said in a soft tone, “Belle! Belle!” Aden started to panic Adelle was having a seizure. “Belle, help!” Aden opened the door, still holding his daughter. “Oh my god!” Aden looked down at Belle who was unconsciousness on the floor.

Thank you to those people who have continued to read this fic and commented :)

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Chapter 9

“Belle Taylor, 20 years old, unconsciousness and in a stable condition” A nurse rushed Belle into a room with Rachel following.

“A four month old baby suffered from a seizure due to Epilepsy, is the daughter of Belle Taylor, madam” Rachel overheard another nurse. “Excuse me did you just say Belle Taylor’s daughter?” The nurse nodded. “Where’s Aden, sweetie Belle can you open your eyes” Rachel asked Belle as she regained consciousness. “I....I ...don’t know...he was....” Belle drifted back to sleep.

“I told you I didn’t touch her! You have to believe me” Aden pleaded.

“Give me one good reason why I should believe you” Angelo said in a dark tone. “Because it’s true, Angelo why would I take advantage of a girl when I went through the same thing”

“Exactly, you like many other people who have been taken advantage of feel powerless so in order to regain power you took advantage of a nineteen year old girl” Angelo said forcefully.

“Look this is pointless, I didn’t do it. My....I mean Belle is in hospital and so is my daughter who happens to be suffering from another seizure so if you don’t mind I would like to leave now, question me later, charge me later, I don’t care. I just need to see Belle and Adelle!” Aden stood up shouting at Angelo.

“Fine” Angelo said neither smiling nor frowning.

“Belle! Belle!” Aden ran to the side of Belle’s bed, “Hey...how are you...” Aden whispered with a smile stroking her forehead. “I’m fine...where’s Adelle..”

“Oh sh*t” Aden replied looking outside the door, “I have to go...”

“Aden, wait!” Belle called but Aden rushed out of the room.

“Rach, hey Rach is Adelle going to be alright?” Rachel looked at him in a empathetic way. “Adelle will be alright for the time being, there is no brain damage and she is in a stable condition. This doesn’t mean in the future she won’t still suffer from the occasional seizure, proper management is the key. I heard about Belle I’m very sorry”

“Yeah” Aden said quietly. “So Belle’s going to be okay though? Why did she pass out?”

“I’m....I’m not too sure, we are still waiting for the results” Rachel was trying her hardest to put on a brave face for Aden the truth was she knew the results.

The results would change the lives of Aden, Belle and Adelle.

“Hey....I’m back...” Aden smiled. “Where’s Adelle?” Belle asked immediately. “She’s safe, she had a seizure but she’s gonna be okay Belle”

“What she’s in hospital?” Belle couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Yeah..”

“But...where were you before...” Belle started to tear up.

“I...was....at the police station, Belle I’ve been accused of sexually assaulting Mike’s girlfriend”

“Who’s Mike?”

“Mike is one of the best players on the Summer Bay footie team”


“I can’t believe this Belle, how the hell did this happen”

“Aden you know you would never hurt a girl like that, don’t listen to a pack of lies. I believe you”

“Yeah well that’s not going to save me is it?”

“No, but I’ll support you through this Aden”

“How can they honestly think after all I’ve been through with my grandfather that I’d rape someone, it’s just disgusting Belle”

“I know...but this will all be over soon. We’ll get this Aden. We always do” Belle tried to reassure him, which clearly wasn’t working. No words could erase

him anger towards the police, towards the very words “sexual assault”.

“I don’t know....” Aden looked defeated.

“It is true some people who experienced abuse go on to abuse others, but that’s not you. You would never hurt anyone....physically. Well, in a sexual way I

mean....” Belle sympathised trying to comfort him.

“I just don’t know what to do Belle....” Aden’s eyes were wet, you could see inside he was dying. You could see he wanted to cry, but you could also see he

didn’t want to be show weakness.

“I’m gonna go and take Adelle home, the doctors said she’s going to be fine so I might go and get some rest” Aden kissed Belle’s forehead, Belle felt slightly uncomfortable being kissed by Aden even if it was on the forehead although she missed his smooth touch of his lips.

“Belle...” Rachel pushed open the door thirty minutes after Aden had left. “I have your results back....there’s no easy way to say this so I’m just going to come right out and say it..... Belle..... I’m afraid you’ve got cancer” Belle’s lips began to shake, following by her hands, blinking several times to prevent tears from escaping was useless, “Rach....how.....can......I.......have......cancer......there.......must......be

........some......mistake” Belle’s voice shook as her breathing rate began quickly. “I’m so sorry Belle.” Rachel broke down in tears.

“What....type......this of cancer is it” Belle said trying to sound strong. “It’s.....” Rachel sobbed, wiping away her tears.

“Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma” Belle had never heard of this cancer before. “O-okay”

“I....I’m afraid there’s more bad news.....” Rachel took a deep breath to calm herself. “What is it...” Belle rolled her eyes preparing for the worse. “The lymphoma has spread outside the lymph nodes. It’s attacking your liver and lungs. The cancer has reached its last phase, so......so.....Belle, you only have a few months to live, sweetheart. I’m sorry”

“Stop saying that Rachel” Belle snapped.

“Belle please” Rachel pleaded, she only wanted to help her.

“No, you’ve said what you needed to say, now get out!”


“GET OUT!!!” Belle yelled. Rachel then decided it was best to leave, when she was gone Belle cuddled her pillow tightly and cried and cried.

“Nooooo.....Nooo......please I want to see my daughter grow up” As Belle cried she found it hard to breathe.

At the surf club...

“So, did the police arrest that hottie yet?” The sly girl kissed her boyfriend. “Not yet baby but he’ll get what he deserves, after all you’re a brilliant actress

aren’t you? You can tell the cops what you want and they’ll believe you. Hey did you just say he’s hot?”

“Don’t worry baby, he’s not as hot as you” The two began pashing, giggling at their accomplishment. Even though Aden hadn’t been charged yet he was in dangerous territory.

A week later.......

“Seriously though I hate Gardy, he’s a nightmare”

“Well at least you don’t have to live with him Nic” Geoff and Nicole had lived together for 7months, Nicole was pregnant and due to give birth any moment.

“Will you stop complaining, that’s all you ever do!” Belle hissed. Aden and Belle were watching a DVD on the longue at their house. “Ouch” Nicole held her

stomach, “Nicole! Are you alright” Geoff immediately went to Nicole to check and see if she was ok. “Yeah....ouch...”

“Is the baby kicking?” Belle looked over. “Oh no...!” Nicole looked down at the floor. “Oh gross” Belle said rubbing it in, “Hey, just shut up you wet your freakin pants when you had Adelle” Nicole snapped. “Looks like the baby is coming! Red alert, red alert” Belle joked. “Belle I swear to god if you don’t.....awww god! Geoff when this is over and I’m not dead I’m going to straggle you!!”. “What should we do” Geoff panicked, “Arghhhhhhh!!!!” Nicole screamed deafening Aden, Belle and Geoff. “Okay how about we call the ambulance” Aden said calmly, “If you don’t call the f**kin ambulance this fist is going straight towards your face” Nicole threatened Geoff again. “Okay, Okay!” Geoff’s hand was shaking as he rang the ambulance. “Okay....okay...they’re coming Nic, don’t worry” Geoff tried to reassure her. “ARGGGGHHH, GAHHHHH!” Nicole pushed, “Okay, clearly the baby isn’t going to wait much longer, come on Nicole push harder”

“Oh great now it sounds like the two of you are having sex, great image...once again...” Belle rolled her eyes. “Belle, shut up this is no time to start a argument” Aden snapped. “What...oh who’s starting an arugment, me? Oh never, I just don’t want the image of you and Nicole having SEX in my head”

“Belle shut up!” Geoff shouted at her. “Fine I’ll shut up” Belle yelled back. “ARGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! ARGGGGGGHHHHH” Nicole’s screams grew louder, “You know it sounds like someone is trying to kill you, you really should lower the volume of your screams” Geoff said trying to sound smart. “Oh my godddddddddddddd”

“Okay let’s be serious here, Nicole grabbed my hand” Belle took hold of her hand, “AHHHH, Nic.....AHHH could you please not cut off the circulation” Nicole squeezed Belle’s hand tightly. “I have an idea....why don’t we all scream, it might make Nicole feel better” Geoff suggested dumbly. “You know what I’ve got an idea, how about I punch you in the balls, I think that will make me feel better”

“Why are you attacking me?” Geoff complained. “Because you’re the one who knocked me up!”

“Okay fine, let’s go it your way” Nicole agreed after a few seconds. “What you can’t be serious” Aden questioned her. “JUST DO IT!!!!” Nicole yelled at Aden,

“Okay” Aden agreed. Aden, Belle, Nicole, Geoff screamed in sync ‘ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Geoff held Nicole’s right hand while Belle held her left, while Aden was preparing to deliver the baby. “Okay I see a head! I think” Aden tilted his head. “Oh my god! stop looking at her Vagina Aden!” Belle snapped. “What I’m not!”

“You are!” Belle slapped him on the arm. “Ready one more push”

“Ready!!! “ Belle called. “ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Everyone screamed as hard as they could. “WAAAAHHHH” A small cry was heard. “Oh my god” Aden whispered holding the baby. “Nic, it’s a boy”

“Congratulations Nicole” Belle smiled.

“I love you Nic” Geoff kissed her lips, “I love you too Geoff” Nicole whispered. “But I’m still gonna kill you!” Nicole punched his arm. “What!” Geoff looked scared. “Maybe another time” Nicole smiled. “Awwww he’s soo cute” Belle sighed. “What are we gonna call him” Geoff asked Nicole. “Um.....Vaughn”

“Little baby Vaughn” Belle giggled.

This chapter is a bit out there I think, but hopefully you liked it :lol:

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Mile swear words, a sex scene.

Chapter 10

"Oh my god Nic, can you please shut the baby up!"

"What can I do, I shove a dummy inside its mouth and all it does is spits it back out again"

"You're its mother do something! I can take this much longer...!" Geoff walked away covering his ears. "There....there! Okay be quite nnnowww....nooowww!"

Nicole queued her son but he continued to cry. "Belle....! Belle.....!" Nicole called desperately. "Geoff, get your ass back here!" Nicole shouted.

Belle had offered to stay over at Nicole's house for the night; it had been three days since Vaughn's birth.

It had been three days since Belle found out she had a deadly cancer. Three days of lying to Aden, even though she wasn't with him anymore she hated lying to him. It killed her inside. Even if Belle wanted to tell Aden he was having enough trouble of his own.

"Hey! Look who is it Mr. Pervert" Leon smirked at Aden as he walked across the footie field. "Hey Tony..." Aden said with a vulnerable look on his face. "hi mate..." Tony sounded uncertain. "What's going on.."

"Oh haven't you heard, you're being kicked off the team for raping my girlfriend! You're one sicko you know that"

"Shut your mouth I didn't touch ya girlfriend" Aden snapped back not backing down. Standing inches away from each other Aden was withholding himself back from slamming his fist into his face. He knew it wouldn't help him in the long run. "So what are you still doing here, didn't ya here the coach, **** off!" Leon hissed with a smirk. "How dare you! I didn't touch her and I shouldn't be punished for something I didn't even do!"

"Aden mate, I think you should just leave" Tony warned. He could see the two were itching to fight. "Whatever, but you and your girlfriend stay the hell away from me. You got that!" Aden walked off heading towards the gym to burn off some steam.

"Sometimes it's best to hold your anger inside so you don't hurt the ones you love" Aden had told Tony earlier that month, as Tony struggled to deal with Angelo's return.

"Belle, hi" Rachel popped inside Irene's house. "Hey..." Belle avoided her eye contact. "How are you..." Rachel asked in a caring voice. "Fine" Belle quickly responded hinting to leave the house.

"I was just wondering how you and Aden are coping since you learned about...." Rachel stopped. "Rachel I don't want to talk about it okay, and I especially don't want Aden to know so keep your mouth shut, okay" Belle went back to preparing her Green Tea. "Look Belle, I know this may be difficult which is why

you need family and friends around you at a time like this"

"Well in case you haven't noticed my family isn't here are they? And I don't want Aden knowing he's got enough to worry about at the moment"

"And what about your daughter, Belle? This will affect her too; Aden needs to know to prepare for the future." Rachel continued to push while Belle looked and felt uncomfortable, clearly Belle didn't want to face the facts.

"Don't you think I know that!" Belle cried, Losing Aden and her daughter was a devastating thought. That's what scared her the most- not being with Aden or Adelle.

"Rachel, please!" Belle collapsed onto her knees crying, "Just go" Belle whispered. "Go!" Rachel quietly left the house.

There was a loud continuious knock on Nicole's door, "Hang on! Yeah I'm coming, chill out!" Nicole whined. "Oh hey" Nicole smiled. "What's up" She smiled.

"I need you to look after Adelle tonight"

"Oh man I've already got one baby, can't you get someone else to look after her. My son is enough"

"Please Nic, I need you to do this!" Belle persisted. "Geoff!" Nicole screamed. "What"

"Can you look after Adelle tonight" Nicole shouted. "I've got a boys night tonight remember" Geoff was sitting in the longue room watching TV. "GEOFF CAMBELL IF YOU DONT LOOK AFTER ADELLE TONIGHT I'M GONNA REARRANGE THAT HANDSOME LITTLE FACE YOU'RE MOTHER GAVE YOU"

Nicole threaten. There was a silence. "Okay..." Geoff groaned slouching in the chair.

"Thank you so much" Belle had tears in her eyes. "Hey you alright, why do you need us to look after Adelle?" Nicole stopped Belle. "Ah, I just need to take care of a few things that's all" Belle pulled a smile. "Cya"

Text message sent to Aden:

Meet me at my place tonight. Come through the window!

Belle xx

Making his way through the dark Aden pushed a branch aside looking from the outside he could see a light on in Belle's room. Aden found it odd Belle needed to see Aden, what was even stranger Belle wanted him to enter via her window. It was a demand he was not going to deny. Sliding the window open Aden used his hands to push his body up and then threw the window. "Belle" Aden said in a soft voice, Belle was sitting on her bed. "What's wrong?"

"why would anything be wrong?" Belle stood up walking up to him in a seductive manner. "Um you asked me to come over at 8 through your window"

"Is that a problem Mr. Jefferies?" Belle ran her hand up his chest. "Ah no..." Aden said nervously. "I just wanted you to sleep over that's all..." Belle teased with a serious look on her face. "And maybe even a bed time story if I was lucky" Belle stood closer to him, "Belle..." Aden whispered. "Seriously what's going on..."

"Isn't it obvious, you want me, I want you. So what are we waiting for" Belle began kissing him, Aden couldn't control himself returning the favour. Pushing him onto the bed Belle removed her shirt, climbing onto him. "Belle..." Aden said again, what they were about to do was so wrong but at the same time so right. "Shut the hell up, I won't bite....much" Belle giggled, taking off his shirt. Aden knew something wasn't quite right but he didn't care he wanted Belle so much he would take any opportunity to taste her sweet lips. Rolling over Aden was now on top, kissing her neck and slowly thrusting his pelvis. With her eyes closed and mouth opened Belle could already feel pleasure, "Mmm" Belle smiled running her hands down his back and then up again. Thrusting faster now Belle moaned a little louder, "Shhh..." Aden pressed his index finger against her lips and then kissed them.

After minutes of making love Belle drifted off to sleep with Aden cuddling her in a spoon position, "Good night sleep tight, gorgeous" He laughed kissing the back of her head.

The sun rose at its usual time, the bird outside making a racket. Belle always hated it when the birds woke her up, chirping loudly outside her window. "Ha-ha babe, I think the birds are trying to wake us up again" Aden whispered. It was usual Belle wasn't awake yet, but it didn't raise concern.

The clock ticked over from 9:59 to 10:00, "Hey Belle" Aden shook her, but Belle's eyes were still closed. "Babe, its 10 I think you can wake up now" Aden chuckled. "Belle" Aden shook her again lying beside her. Now getting worried Aden got up and went over to her side, Belle's eyes still closed. "Belle, it's time to wake up..." Aden's eyes prickled.

Pulling down the sheets Aden scanned her body and then his eyes stopped at her chest noticing it wasn't moving he panicked, "Hey...hey...Belle, come on wake up!" Now feeling her pulse there was no response, "hang on babe" Aden reached for his phone dialling 000. Stroking her hair and kissing her every now and then Aden waited anxiously for the ambulance to arrive.

"I'm sorry sir, she's dead" The officer looked into Aden's blue eyes which were being covered with water. "No! No! Belle wake up...! Help her, she needs help. Don't just stand there! Save her, she needs......Belle come back.....don't die.....I'm here......Belle" Aden held her in his arms, tear droplets running down his face, the officer left with a sympathetic expression.

"I love....you....I love you......please......this isn't the way it's supposed to go.....I didn't even get......a....chance....to......marry you....or to say goodbye.....Belle" his lips on her head tears still falling. Aden had purchased long ago a wedding ring keeping in a safe spot so when things were back on track he would propose. "This isn't.....fair....wake up, just open your eyes!" Aden whispered not wanting to let go of Belle.

Another chapter I'm not sure of, but ah well :lol:

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