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When Things Don't Go To Plan

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Update! I'm glad you all like it becuase I wasn't too sure about it!

Chapter 2

Tony was ecstatic it was like everything was complete. He had his amazing children, Jack and Lucas and his stunning fiance, Rachel and now the baby they had always dreamt of and craved for so long.

''Rachel this is amazing! I can't believe it, we're going to be parents! I love you so much!''

He couldn't believe it he had everything, he even still had Rachel after the amount of hurt he put her through in the past few months. He reflected on the things that he had done that would have give Rachel valid reason to leave him, yet she stuck by him through thick and thin. First of there was breaking up with Rachel on the answering machine over the baby issue. Not his most shinning moment, he had to admit, but his intentions behind it were honourable and he knew she knew that. But he knew that was definately reason for Rachel to leave him, but they came through it stronger than ever prepared to fight off anything that came their way and anything that threatened their happiness. Then there was his time in Broken Hill and his little ''mishap'' there. He knew it was wrong when he jumped into bed with the first woman to look his way, of course at this point he didn't know she was a lying, scheming, little gold digger. All he wanted to do was forget about Rachel and to drown himself in countless bottles of whisky but soon enough he came back to Summer Bay stinking of alcohol and looking like he had been living on the streets the past 10 years. He came back half expecting Rachel not to be there, but there she was not caring about anything just letting her worry for Tony overtake her like some nasty virus. He stil had his guilt from cheating on her, but he thought that he would never see Bridget again anyway so there was no point in causing her anymore heartache. But sure enough Bridget rocked up on his doorstep, clear as day. He tried to lie to Rachel about who she was but he couldn't do it, he had to tell her. Obviously this hurt Rachel to her very core of existence. It took them some weeks to get back on track but they got through it, once again stronger than they had ever been and Tony knew he could have lost her over it but he was greatful she loved him too much to let him go.

Now it was like he was the luckiest man on the planet, he had the most perfect fiance and now a beautiful baby on the way to make their family complete. He couldn't contain his excitement. He just wanted to climb on top of the Surf Club and broadcast it out across Summer Bay. Rachel was just as bad she wanted the entire world to know that she was finally going to be a mother. They only told Leah, but of course thanks to the news of the world, Colleen, the entire Bay knew in less than 5 minutes flat. Not that they minded, it saved Tony actually climbing onto the Surf Club roof! He couldn't believe how well things were going now between them, it was like all their christmases had come at once.

Rachel was going for an ultrasound and Tony was so excited about going, even though Rachel told him he didn't have to, it was like he wanted to be involved in every stage of her pregnancy. He was just so excited. He even found her more attractive because she had that skin glow that only pregnant women get, he had to reassure her of this though. It was schoolies and unknown to him his nephew, Xavier had come down to Summer Bay. Xavier being a typical teenage boy when he saw hot girls in their bikinis on the beach, acted like a complete idiot. Pretending to be unconcious from almost drowning in the sea, expecting the girl he liked to come and give him mouth-to-mouth, it turned out Rachel was there and being th caring person she is, she tried to save him, only to have Xavier jump up. She laughed it off and headed to the gym to see Tony and tell him about the events on the beach and she had to ask if she was still hot, Tony being the perfect gentleman told her she was, and that he thought that she as the hottest chick around!

He just couldn't help beaming. Anytime anyone saw him, he had the hugest smile on his face. Nothing could wipe it off, except one thing and unknown to him the worst was yet to come.

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Damn this writing addiction! I can't stop! But enjoy anyway! :D

Chapter 3

The day started like any other. Rachel and Tony were yet again talking excitedly about the baby and making plans like any couple who were expecting their first child together would. Rachel found it amazing Tony was so excited about the baby, even after having two children with his first wife, Kate. He acted like it was a new experience for him, it could have been it was so long ago he went through this or the fact he was going through it with a woman he loved more than life itself, either way Rachel was amazed. They were still in disbelief, not quite sure the dream was coming true, even though Rachel had a tiny bump and the pregnancy glow. Tony had never really worried about Jack being a police officer before, the thought that something might happen to him never really crossed his mind, until that evening. Martha was panicking because Jack was due home over 2 hours ago, and he hadn't even called to tell her he would be late. It wasn't like him but everyone, including Tony, was telling her he would be fine and that he would walk through the door any minute. But time dragged on. It seemed like a simple minute was a long agonising hour. Tony himself was getting anxious so went looking for him. Expecting to find him probably in some bar with a few mates, only to find his worst nightmare. His beloved soon, dead. It was like the entire world came tumbling down around him as he found his child, his first born, the soon he loved so much, lying on the floor, looking like he was sleeping. But this was different he wasn't sleeping or passed out. He was lying in a pool of blood with the coward that shot him nowhere to be seen. He didn't know what to do. He tried waking him but he wouldn't nothing seemed to work. That's when the realisation hit. He was gone and was never coming back. Not just Jack but the part of Tony that made him care.

It was heartbreaking for Rachel to call the time of death on her soon to be step-son but what was most heatbreaking for her was seeing Tony, lifeless. Rachel couldn't do anything to take his pain away. She could only comfort him and reassure him that time heals wounds even those that are cut the deepest. It was hard for them both seeing Martha unable to drag herself away from Jack's lifeless body. She laid there with him almost all night, having to be taken away from him by Alf. She just couldn't say goodbye to the man she loved so fiercely.

Days dragged on, Tony just seeing the days in and out, not living, just existing. Rachel may as well have been the other side of the world, because of the distane Tony was putting between them. He just kept bottling things up and not opening up to Rachel. He was so wrapped up in his own little bubble he couldn't see what he was doing to Rachel and it hurt her that he didnt care about her or peanut, or at least not showing he cared. She knew it was hard for him loosing a child as one, a part of him, was being brought into the world. Rachel tried her hardest to stay close to Tony but nothing she tried work and it ripped her into a thousand pieces, being scattered like conffetti. Storms get worse before the sun breaks through, this was just something Rachel had to accept and to give Tony the space he needed to do whatever it was for him to get through it. Just like riding out a twister. This was just one hurdle she couldn't see them clearing. anytime soon.

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Stacey- I love this, the way you describe things is truly wonderful. I especially loved this bit " but nothing she tried work and it ripped her into a thousand pieces, being scattered like conffetti".

This writing addiction is a good thing :P

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