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I think BB has spoilt the show this year with no room for one there all dramped up there sleeping on the floor and no sofas with thsat and no live feed only at night i wouldnt be suprised if it not given the chop at the end of this season they have ruined it for them selves.

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There are no other Housemate places left, which means Angel, Beinazir, Marcus, Siavash, Sophia and Sree are all out.

There's going to be a live vote, there not all out...

Sorry, I thought they were all out. I think the whole Housemate/Non-Housemate thing was kind of pointless when in the end only one person actually wasn't a Housemate and had to leave. It would have been better to give a few of them to get the chop. BB just deliberately created a divide to stir up tension, and all that resulted in is a rivalry between Saffia and Sophia, both of whom are unbearable. Sophia complains constantly that Saffia is a b****, all the time showing us what b**** she is herself. Saffia meanwhile is trying to create a clique for herself with Karly and Charlie.

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So Beinazir is out, what a shock :rolleyes: how on earth did they expect people to viote for her when they never showed her on screen for more than 2 seconds at a time :P

Very good point. Although judging by the interview she had with Davina you could argue it was probably the right decision. She seemed very timid and reserved and that could have been a reflection on how she was in the house. Don’t get me wrong because I liked her. Just not sure if she would have been entertainment material. In saying that I have since to warmed to most of the non-housemates. Siavash who I wasn’t to keen on at first I quite like now and I even felt sorry for Angel as well. Perhaps Sophia is being a bit harsh with Saffia completely blanking her and probably it would be better to have things out with her. If Sophia’s smart she’ll make things up her to avoid the early nominations.

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