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Wed, 13 May 09 – Episode # 4853

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Ruby In A Bikini “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed, 13 May 09 – Episode # 4853 ]


Alf talks to Charlie. He is very woired bout Irene. He suggest that Morag will be able to take care of the court case [be Irene’s lawyer] but charley tells him tat mot5rag has her hands full with Ross lately.

Charlie also tells Alf tat Irene n ha been transferred to a detention centre in another town.


Roman is on the couch – asleep it seems. Nic & trey aives, and they agree to hang out togethe5r again later. When Trey bails, Roman makes Nic aware that hw wasn’t asleep and heard her talking to trey. He still isn’t keen on her hanging out with Trey, but Nic has a go at Roman for what’s been happening – esp. that he’s been feeling sorry for himself. When Nic leaves the room, Roman comments tat he agrees with her.


Ruby & Xavier are talking. She sounds encouraged by an idea hat he’s had – and suggests that Xavier should put the idea to Hugo.

Nearby, Charlie talks to Martha. Martha admits at she ran way to the farm when Angelo arrived – but now she insist tat that is her [Martha’s] town and that she isn’t going to let Angelo affect her life.


Hugo & Alf are talking when an unknown male wants to hear form Hugo all about whets happened with tee shark attack. The other male sound like he is a big fan of Hugo.


Charlie is driving her police car when a dud on a motorbike goes by her. Naturally, Charlie’s puts the lights & siren on. The guy on the motorcycle pulls over. The guy tells Charlie that went past Charlie like that because he thinks she’s hot.


Roman is asleep when he has another “dream” – of both the rock incident AND his time in the SAS


Mat & Hugo are talking when Xavier arrives. He suggest to Hugo tat he should “cash in” on what’s happened and run shark dive tours [with ppl in cages etc] like they do in south Africa & south Australia. Hugo seems to like the idea.


Hugo & Xavier talk to Alf bout the shark drive idea. After they [Hugo & Xavier] are gone Trey’s dad “suggest” to Alf that he shouldn’t be encouraging them – as they still have a chance to hold that surf carnival her in tee bay after all.


The guy who Charlie pulled over earlier breaks into the house. He looks at the framed pic of Roman & Nic.


Colleen talks to miles bout tehrumours spreading round town that it wasn’t a shark that Hugo was attacked by.


The man who broke into house is in tee kitchen when Nic & Ruby enter the house via the font door. As the girls are chatting in the langue room, the man comes into the room. Both Nic & Ruby scream as loud as they can – and trow cushions etc at him. Roman comes half way don the stairs and “suggest” that the guy shouldn’t hurt Nic & Ruby, but the guy comment on how blind as a bat tat roman currently is.

Roman then tells Nic & ruby tat the dude in the house is Gardy, an old mate form his army days.

Nic & Ruby bail.

Note – this is the 1st time that I can EVER remember seeing Ruby in a bikini, which is the exact opposite to Rebecca Breeds' role on Blue water High [in which she was wearing only a bikini in at least 50% of her time onscreen as surfer Cassie Cometti].


Nic talk to Ruby bout her feelings for trey, Ruby tells Nic tight she doesn’t have a problem with the ‘ship and that she will keep in quiet til Nic is ready toy tell ppl.

Trey & Xavier approach – and they clash over trey’s dad’s claims. Ruby & Nic persuade the 2 boys to stoop fighting.


Trey’s dad talks to Alf, Miles & Charlie. Whilst the trio seem to support Hugo’s’ view of events, Trey’s dad asks them how mush they actually know bout Hugo.


Roman & Gardy are in the kitchen when Gardy wonders why roman phoned him. Roman tells his friend at they need to talk.

Nic & Trey enters the kitchen, and Nic is intrigued when Gardy calls Roman by the nickname “hardcore”.

As Gardy & Roman bail, Gardy tells trey tat roman knows how to kill a person in 27 different ways.

After they bail, Trey comet to Nic that he like how caring/defending of her father she is. As trey go ti kiss Nic, they comment bout how many ways roman can kill someone – but they will risk it. They kiss.


After Hugo enters, an unknown male has a go at him – accusing him of making up the shark story. Alf supports hugo’s side of things,


Roman & Grady are talking – and we see flashbacks to what happened to Eliot’s [think Olympic cliff-hanger last year] brother mark. We see flashbacks - Roman did shoot Mark in the leg – like he told Elliot, but then Mark got in a military vehicle and start driving towards one of Roman’ injured men. Roman fired his rifle – the bullet pierces the windscreen of the military vehicle and Mark is dead from the shot. We also see the recent rock incident [with its shattered windscreen].



From the looks of things, Gardy is trouble

Aden & Liam battle for Belle

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: black [red & green floral] halter bikini top/white knee length skirt


Nicole: black halter bikini top/white ]blue vert stripes] shorts


Xavier: dark blue [light blue “Monaco GP”] t/white shorts


Alf: white [3 various colour vertical stripes] button up shirt/bone long pants3

Alf : Noah’s button up shirt

Charlie: grey singlet top/white long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Colleen: green jungle blouse

Fake Shark Comments Dude: blue singlet

Gardy: desert camo army uniform

Gardy: black [white & red stripes across chest] jacket/dark t/dark long pants

Hugo: green [dark trim] singlet

Hugo: grey [white crest?] t/dark long pants

Mark: desert camo army uniform

Martha: off white [black unknown motif] singlet top/dark shorts

Miles: white [blue unknown motif] t

Nicole: mustard singlet top/white [blue vert stripes] shorts

Roman: desert camo army uniform

Roman: grey &^ black horiz striped t/dark long pants

Roman: grey t/denim jeans

Ruby: red singlet top/white knee length skirt

Shark Praise Dude: black [white vert stripes] button up shirt/dark long pants

Trey: white [black unknown motif] t/dark shorts

Trey's dad: yellow & red lifeguard polo/red shorts

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