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Forgive and Forget

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[Story Title: Forgive and Forget

Type of story: Undecided

Main Characters: Ruby, Jai, Xavier, Annie (Mentions of other charcters)

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama, Romance, Action

Does story include spoilers: I dont think so! (not at the moment)

Any warnings: nope.

Summary: This is set in 2 years in the future and i lot of things have changed in Summer Bay especially with the teens of the town.

Chapter 1

Ruby sat at the lunch table. It was a warm, humid day and everyone looked happy and pleased. She looked up and glanced over at Annie across the table. Her now ex best friend. She looked as happy as ever with a smile beaming on her face. She was with her boyfriend Xavier . Ruby felt her face heat up. She envied Annie. She loved Xavier. The way he would look into her eyes made a smile on her face but not anymore. Ruby tried to remember the good times. The "fabulous Four" as they were called. Annie, Jai, Ruby and Xavier. A tear rolled down her cheek but she quickly wiped it away before anyone could see. She remember the double dates and the girly sleepovers with Annie. Memories she would never forget but she could never forgive Annie. Ruby was betrayed and back-stabbed by her best and truest friend.


It had happened in the Summer Holidays. Everything was fine and Ruby was the happiest person on earth. She had the best friends and the perfect boyfriend. But one day Ruby went round to Xavier's house only to find Annie and Xavier kissing on the sofa. They didnt even notice Ruby there. Ruby was mortified. She didnt relise what she had done and what was going on.It was the worst day of her life. After that Annie and Xavier never spoke to Ruby again. Jai was also broken inside. He loved Annie and felt heart broken that she had cheated on him.


What have I done to deserve this? she thought to herself. Annie didnt even like Xavier in that way? Did she? Maybe he was two timing her ? The endless thoughts kept whizzing round in her mind. Ruby couldnt keep it in any longer she started to cry. The tears were streaming down her face. She didnt want to cry but she couldnt stop the tears kept coming and coming flooding down her face. She felt embarrassed but the tears just wouldnt stop. Jai walked over and put his hand on Ruby's shoulder. She was shaking and her head began to ache.

"shh... Ruby dont cry. Whats the matter?", Jai asked

"I cant bear it Jai", She replied "I cant stand another day watching them all happy and smiley. Theres a hole in my heart, a piece missing from me that can never be fixed"

She glanced up again at Xavier and Annie. They were totally oblivious to what was happening. They were hand in hand and looked on top of the world. Ruby rested her head back on Jai's shoulder.

"We all feel the same way", whispered Jai "but you have to be strong and just get on with your life. Ruby you have to try and forgive and forget"

"What have i done to deserve this Jai?" she cried "What have i done?"

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