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Currying Favour - Bernard Curry

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Currying favour

25 January 2009

Sunday Herald Sun

BERNARD Curry is thankful to be working in what is a tough time for Australian actors.

Before securing roles in Packed to the Rafters and Satisfaction and now a permanent part on Home and Away, Curry , like a lot of actors, struggled to find work.

He was always in the shadow of brother Stephen Curry, who was rarely out of work.

"Even last year was quite a good year for me in terms of work, but there were still two or three months when I was sitting around going, `Well, what am I doing?' '' he said.

"I couldn't see where the next job was coming from. Then you start getting momentum and away you go.

"But it's very tough. A lot of people have struggled and have switched careers because they just can't make ends meet as an actor.''

Curry has moved to Sydney for his role on Home and Away, which has worked well as his girlfriend, Sonya Bohlen, now works at the Opera House.

In St Kilda for a shoot for the Sunday Herald Sun, Curry said he misses Melbourne, but is also enjoying living in Sydney, where he will be for at least a year.

"I've course I miss Melbourne. I will always be a Melbourne guy,'' he said.

"At the same time though, I've always loved Sydney.

"The whole thing of the rivalry between the two cities, there is no comparison really.

"Both have their own great things about them.''


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