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Amy Mathews - A breath of fresh Air

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This is around a year old, but i couldn't find it posted here so thought i'd share anyways. Thanks to handa holly from HAAC :)

HAVE you ever wondered what actors do when a script calls for their character to engage in an on-camera kiss?

According to Home and Away star Amy Mathews the secret is in a packet of mints.

"You make sure you offer the other person a mint, and you have one yourself, and if anyone ever offers you a mint then you make sure you take it so you're not being offensive," Mathews says. "We never rehearse the kissing until we actually get there, which is good, because it's spontaneous . . . if it's awkward then it's going to be awkward.

"It's funny, it's not sexual when you're kissing, it's just an actor thing."

Mathews will be keeping the mints handy now her character Rachel Armstrong has embarked on a new relationship with Jon Sivewright's alter-ego Tony Holden.

"It's a surprise love interest, someone who is not Rachel's type which is great because I think we should all try expanding our narrow type registers," she says.

"Thankfully, Jon and I know each other quite well. We knew each other before this job, so it's no big deal.

"(My character) has had other love interests on the show. I was married to Chris Hemsworth for a year, which I want to put on my CV soon because he has movies coming out.

"He was really great and we had a great time, it was terrific to have the longevity of the working relationship in a marriage with him. But I am looking forward to what happens with Tony or with someone else."

Mathews joined Home and Away in 2006 – her character is old friends with Ada Nicodemou's Leah Patterson-Baker – after studying theatre at The University of the Arts in the American state of Pennsylvania and at the Actors Centre in Sydney.

"I have always wanted to work professionally as an actor and to have that recognised," Mathews says. "It's hard work, we have a very demanding shooting schedule, but the way I look at it is it always works itself out. Some weeks I will have a really tough schedule and the next week my storylines will ease up a little and the next week it's on again. But it's not a hard slog all the time."

While she is working hard, Mathews gets six weeks holidays every year and always makes sure she gets away.

"My partner and I spent Christmas in the Tasmanian wilderness hiking for 10 days, which was really full on, and 10 days without washing my hair was pretty trying," she says.

"I really like travelling, just experiencing other cultures and being somewhere that's not in your comfort zone is important.

"We spent four weeks in Spain which was really great, we started learning the language. To have that amount of time and to just do one country instead all of Europe, was really beautiful."

Kate Ritchie's final scenes are set to screen this month and, while the audience will notice a difference when the Gold Logie winner is gone, Mathews says it's been harder for the cast to see how the departure has influenced the soap's dynamic.

"I think about it a lot and try to see where the shift has been but there have been a lot of characters leaving at the time she left so there's a new Home and Away at the moment," she says.

"But with actors like Ada, Ray (Meagher) and me it still has the essence of what Home and Away is, and the changes are only good and exciting."

I can't believe she's the hiking type :lol: I love travelling too, love we have that in common :lol:

It's funny what she says about the mints :lol: And it's nice her and Jon have a good friendship, i guess that makes it easier to have intimate scenes with someone.

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