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Return To You

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Title:: Return to you

Type of fic:: Long

Characters:: Charlie, Ruby Joey and more

Genre: Romanceish

Rating:: M, R

Warnings: none that I know of

Does story contain spoilers: nope

Is story being proof read: nope

Summary:: Joey decides to leave the bay after she found out Charlie cheated on her with Hugo, will she come back??


Chapter one::

“Joey, Please don’t leave please I need you.. I’m sorry for hurting you I am”

Charlie cried begging Joey to stay, she felt guilty for having slept with Hugo, she had wished she could turn back time, but she couldn’t all she could do was forget the horrible night ever happened,

“Charlie, I cant stay here now, you hurt me, broke my heart the lot, I loved you and you slept with someone else as if we weren’t together”

Joey cried walking toward the pier bags in hand, she couldn’t bare turn around and look at Charlie, she still loved her and if she did look at her she might change her mind and stay, that couldn’t happen not now and probably not ever, she had to leave the bay and clear her head, and this job on the boat would do just that,

“I know and I regret sleeping with Hugo if I could take it back you know I would, but please we can work this out I love you Joey and you’re the only one I can love, I’ll be a mess without you”

Charlie continued to beg Joey, really she should just give up, Joey was stubborn and wouldn’t listen to anything she was saying, she had hut her to much, part of her couldn’t blame Joey for leaving,

“Its to late for regret now Charlie you slept with him its been done, now I really have to go”

Joey cried and stepped up on the boat placing her bags in the corner, she took one last glimpse at Charlie then looked down I love you Charlie I really do, you’ll be in my heart, I’ll never forget you” Joey said to her and she would never forget Charlie, despite what she had done, she had been the first woman she had fallen in love with and probably the last one ever,

“I love you too Joey and I’ll never forget you ever”

Charlie cried and looked at Joey, she found it hard watching the boat sail away with her girlfriend on it but she stayed there till it was well out of site.

Two days Later::

Charlie lay in bed in tears she had been there since the day Joey had left, she couldn’t move let alone go to work, she had rung work the same day Joey had left and told them she wouldn’t be in for a few weeks, she didn’t want to see anyone for awhile, frowning when Ruby came into her room, she hid her head in her pillow,

“Charlz you have to come out eventually, I know it hurts but it’ll go away”

Ruby sighed and went to sit next to her sister, she put an arm around her to comfort her, she knew she was in love with Joey, and she knew sleeping with Hugo had been the biggest mistake in her life,

“I cant Rubes, I’ve lost her, lost her forever, I loved her and I hurt her I hurt the one girl I loved the one I wanted to be with forever, how could I be so selfish Ruby, I broke Joeys heart”

Charlie cried harder when she mentioned Joeys name, grabbing Joeys pillow she hugged it, she could still smell Joeys scent in it the smell of her favourite shampoo, all Charlie wanted was for Joey to come back and tell her she forgave her for what she did, to take her in her arms and hold her and say that she loved her, but Charlie knew it would never happen and she couldn’t blame Joey for it, Charlie would of done the same if it had of been Joey that cheated on her,

“I bet you Charlz that she’ll come back”

Ruby tried to reassure her sister, she knew it probably wouldn’t work but she had to try, she hated seeing Charlie like this, she hoped Joey would come back and at least try and sort things out,

“I bet you she wont Rubes I hurt her to much, I wouldn’t forgive me if I was her”

Charlie cried and sat up, she wanted her sister to go away and leave her alone, she knew she only wanted to help her, but she couldn’t be helped right now, yes she would get over the pain but not right now it was to hard,

“Charlz how about we go down to the diner and get a cake or something it’ll cheer you up a bit”

Ruby smiled slightly, she wanted to get her sister out of the house,

“Okay fine, let’s go then, I cant lock myself up in here forever as much as I’d like to, just let me go wash my face yeah”

Charlie frowned and stood up walking into the bathroom, she turned the tap on and washed her face then went back out to Ruby,


Ruby sighed and grabbed her sisters hand, taking her out the front door and down to the diner.

Charlie frowned sitting down at the diner her sister had gone to order, she cried as she saw Hugo walk through the doors, he was coming straight for her, what was she going to say to him?? Could she even talk to him without having a go at him?,

“Charlie can we talk please its important”

Hugo sat opposite Charlie, not bothering to ask her if it was okay, he sighed looking straight at her,

“If its about the other night I don’t want to know Hugo, that was a big mistake it was stupid and I regret it, I’ve lost the love of my life thanks to it!!!”

Charlie frowned, she was determined not to cry in front of him, she was going to be strong and face him,

“But Charlie, it wasn’t a mistake it didn’t feel like a mistake to me”

Hugo said looking her in the eye, he tried to take her hand but she pulled back,

“Hugo!! Just bugger off it meant nothing to me okay nothing I love Joey!!! Just leave please would you”

Charlie glared at him, until he got up and left the diner, she frowned when Ruby came and sat opposite her,

“What’d he want??”

Ruby asked, she could take two guesses, why’d Hugo think he’d ever have a chance with Charlie when it was his fault Joey left,

“Nothing, he wanted to talk about the other night, he thinks it meant something but it didn’t, it didn’t mean a damn thing and it never will!!”

Charlie cried and looked up at Irene, she had heard everything she’d just said,

“Here we go dear, Charlie are you okay??”[/i/

Irene said as she placed two cups of coffee on the table and two chocolate cakes down,

“Oh I’ll be fine when Joey comes back if she does”

Charlie sighed and sipped her coffee, she knew Joey would never come back, she didn’t even know why she had said that for it just kind of slipped out,

“Oh sweetie I’m sure Joey will forgive you and come back, anyway I better get back to work, if you need someone to talk to I’m here for you”

Irene rubbed Charlie’s back to try and comfort her then went back to work,

“I wish!!”

Charlie mumbled under her breath, picking at her cake, she wanted Joey back now, but nothing was going to bring her back any time soon, all she could do was sit there and be miserable and upset, her life was over now, she never get another boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter,

“Charlz just stop talking about her for a minute your just upsetting yourself by talking about her all the time”

Ruby said to her and it was the truth, if she kept talking About Joey she’d upset herself more than she already was,

“Okay I’ll try…. I just miss her that’s all, my bed feels empty at night, I have no one to cuddle up to in the morning, no one to talk to before I go to sleep…”

Charlie frowned finishing her coffee and cake,

“Charlie stop!!! Just stop talking about her okay I hate seeing you like this Charlz it upsets me…”

Ruby sighed drinking the rest of her coffee,

“I’m sorry Rubes I really am”

Charlie sighed and got up “Let’s go for a walk on the beach yeah?? It’ll help clear my head” she suggested,

“Okay let’s go then”

Ruby smiled slightly and followed Charlie out of the diner.

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