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It was posted in the news section of BTTB under the 'casting tidbits' header that the producers were thinking of upgrading her status to series regular - and this was before she even appeared on screen.

I think by the majority of reaction of this board and other fans I have spoken to she is a rather disliked character and instead of coming to a positive casting decision they should do a Matthew Lyons with her (who was obviously around to fill Mel's last scenes).. Wait maybe they are using her (and Trey) as story fillers to make the reuniting of G&N even better!

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instead of coming to a positive casting decision

I think they should come to a positive casting decision to get rid of her. :lol:

She doesnt seem to be a well liked character. It will be simple for the writters to have her split up with Geoff and then we never have to see her again.

She can either quit her job at the farm or we can be left thinking she still works there but we just never see her.

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I mentioned before on this thread that I thought Claudia's character was boring and whiney... since then... my mind hasn't changed!

Infact now that she's pregnant, the dislike has been kicked up a notch.

The fact that she's sooo boring just makes Geoff's character come across as boring... she's rubbing her boringness off onto Geoff :blink::lol:

I think a perfect exit storyline for Claudia would be for her to be caught in bed with Lochie by Geoff, for her then to admitt that they baby is actually Lochie's, for Geoff to disown her for her then to hop on a motorbike with Lochie and ride off into the distance.

And maybe a motorbike crash??? If you wanna go that route with a grieving Geoff... :lol::unsure:

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I do really hope she sticks around, it annoys me when they bring a character in and then get rid of them just as you're getting to know them.(I'm annoyed Matthew disappeared just as he seemed to have a place in the show, he was more interesting and better acted than Xavier or Trey for a start.) Maybe if they actually gave Claudia some screen time people would get to like her.It looked as though there was meant to be a scene between her and Geoff after Irene was arrested which ended up on the cutting room floor.

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