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I voted go!

From the minute she showed up she didn't phase me at all or intrest me.

She's boring and like others have said - whiney.

Even the fact that she's sleeping with Geoff disintrests me.

She should go.

You could put her with any storyline in the world, she's still a rubbish actress and her character will always remain dull.

Harsh? NAHH! :lol:

Just had my moan :P

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I'm not sure yet. So far we haven't seen a lot of her, but the little we have seen hasn't made me like her that much. She just seems like a pretty boring character. Then again, I think Geoff's character no longer adds anything to the show either (with the exception of when he was with Nicole) so maybe it's time they both left.

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I don't really like her, she feels more like a plot device for Geoff, rather than a character in her own right. They should have given her character a bit more time to develop and be introduced to the audience before thrusting her on Geoff, I think.

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