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This fic certainly lives up to its title. Belle giving birth and not realising she's been pregnant for 9 months was very unexpected :P.

Belle giving birth was pretty funny, watching her deal with the pain and abusing Liam at the same time. Aden's intial reaction was to be expected, but I'm glad he's come around. Adelle is a cute name ^_^.

Well done and keep up the great story.

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I was surprised when I saw you'd started another fic :)

But............ the title is perfect! :P

I was expecting Belle to be in a wheel chair or have something physically wrong with her but this... her being pregnant is so much better...

The way you described Belle in pain and abusing Liam is just ^_^ priceless........

Please... do update soon, I'm enjoying this!!!!!!!!!

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I dunno whether to go 'awwww!' or ' :lol: ' first! It was great!

Loved the beginning! I know I ought to feel more sorry for Belle, but I'm more sympathetic to Liam! Bless him! :P But wow, that first chapter was brill! I can't believe Belle had a baby! Or that she didn't know she was even pregnant. Got to agree with the others; certainly lived up to the title!!

The second chapter [very quick update btw! :D ] was great too. Glad that Aden accepted it in the end, but I like how he freaked out. Him babbling to Nicole was pretty funny! Nice name too!

Can't wait for more!

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