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If No One Will Listen

Guest Louise_2983

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Another great chapter.

Poor baby, hope Nicole doesn't keep rejecting her. Have a feeling Geoff is going to come to terms with this a lot quicker than Nicole. Wonder if Geoff will name his daughter?!

:) Glad she had a girl, can't imagine Nicole with a boy :P Can't imagine Nic with a baby at all, in fact, so u are writing her exactly how I think she would react to her situation if it were in H&A.

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Ahh, Gelle...Loved that whole conversation between them, Belle needling him about Claudia and how she'd seen the baby, so sweet together.Shame Geoff ran off, he was really cute with the baby up till then.Liked Belle not giving Aden an inch and Aden already calling the baby "princess".

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