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If No One Will Listen

Guest Louise_2983

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Story Title: If No One Will Listen

Type of story: Undecided

Main Characters: Nicole Franklin, Belle Taylor, Geoff Campbell, Liam Murphy, Aden Jefferies

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst

Does story include spoilers: UK spoilers

Any warnings: Drug references, depression, minor violence, sexual references, may be some mild language.

Summary: A series of events on the day of Belle’s release from rehab ensures that life will never be the same for 5 of Summer Bay’s residents.

Chapter 1

She pulled herself up from the bed slowly, her head heavy and fuzzy as she stumbled into the cold bathroom. She didn’t know how it was possible that she could still be nauseous. It felt like all she had done for the past twenty four hours straight was vomit but it didn’t appear that her sickness would be subsiding any time soon.

Another sharp, stinging shot of pain tore through her exhausted body as she collapsed to her knees in front of the porcelain toilet bowl and yelped in pain. Her hands gripped the icy cold structure as her whole body lurched forward and she began to vomit once more. She scrunched her eyes tightly shut as her sickness subsided and groaned in discomfort. Perspiration dripped from her clammy forehead and her normally flawlessly styled blonde tresses stuck to her skin uncomfortably.

The pressure on her bladder unbearable once more she wiped her mouth with a piece of toilet tissue and flushed it away before slipping her designer underwear down her tanned legs. She gasped at the

sight of the deep scarlet, viscous liquid gushing from her. A piercing scream escaped over her glossy lips as she hit full on panic mode. Something was seriously wrong. She was bleeding and alone. Her

breathing quickened as her heart thumped rapidly against her chest and her vision began to blur as she struggled to stay upright.

Fear hit her like a bullet. She was bleeding and she didn’t know why. It definitely wasn’t that time. She half screamed again as she shivered in shock, her entire body shuddering in horror. She

could be dying for all she knew. She could be dying and there was no one around to care.

As quickly as she could she pulled her lacy black underwear back up and began to descend the stairs. She needed to do something but she wasn’t sure what. She was alone in the house with no one to

call out to Not that her Dad would have been any help given his current condition and permanent foul mood anyway.

She negotiated each step of the staircase slowly, clutching onto the banister as though her life depended on it as strong, overbearing pains surged through she body. As she finally reached the bottom a

harsh knock on the door sent her jumping backwards in shock, bashing her back on the sturdy pole at the bottom of the stairs.

She reached out and twisted the door handle, breathing through the pain as best she could before she slowly inched open the door, leaning against it so that she could keep her aching body vertical.

“Belle” she sighed in disappointment as the door slid open to reveal the person she least wanted to see in that moment.

“Nicole” the brunette greeted her with a curt nod clearly feeling the same.

“I thought you were in rehab?” she questioned as pain ripped through her once more and she continued to dig her perfectly manicured nails into the white paint coating the door. Tiny flakes of paint

fluttered to the floor like snowflakes as she looked to Belle for an answer to her question.

“I just got out today” Belle replied quietly not sure she should even be out of the clinic let alone face to face with Nicole so soon after what she had witnessed between her and Aden.

It would be so easy just to pop a pill in an attempt to forget. She was trying to be strong but things were different and she had even less support than she’d had before now. Not that she’d ever let them

support her anyway.

“Apparently I’m recovered. They waved a magic wand and abracadabra!”

“Well that’s great” Nicole grimaced as she struggled to hide her pain and gripped the door even tighter.

“Now did you want something? Because I have to go file my nails”

“I came to see Aden” Belle shrugged nervously.

She didn’t know who the girl standing in front of her was. For all she knew she was talking to Aden’s girlfriend. He’d never given her an answer to the relationship question.

“Is he here?”

“Hasn’t anyone told you? Roman threw him out after your little outburst last week”

“What?!” Belle exclaimed concern flashing over her pretty features at the revelation.

“Is he ok? Where is he living?”

Despite her panic and suffering Nicole couldn’t help but let her gaze wander over Belle’s appearance. She certainly looked pulled together again. Her hair was no longer the mangled mess it had been for

the past few months and she appeared to have updated her wardrobe. If she squinted she might have gained a few pounds too.

“Miles gave him a caravan until he sorts something more permanent out. Can’t say my Dad’s too happy about it though”

“Well I guess that’s what happens when you touch Daddy’s little princess” Belle snapped sarcastically as pain soared through Nicole’s bleeding body and she could no longer contain the deafening yelp of

anguish which escaped from her being.

“Nicole? Are you ok?” Belle questioned sincerely.

She didn’t want to care, if anything she wished she could spin on her heels and waltz away but she just couldn’t bring herself to leave someone so

clearly in distress.

The look of horror and fear on Nicole’s face was enough to make her blood run cold as she stepped forward towards the suffering blonde.

“I’m bleeding” Nicole cried in anguish as pain overcame her once more.

She no longer cared that Belle, of all people, was witnessing her at her most vulnerable.

She just needed help.

From anyone.

She didn’t want to die.

“ARGH!” she bellowed once more as the pain became too much to bear and her knees buckled as she began to drop to the floor in a haze and Belle’s arms shot out to catch her.

"Help me" she whispered, her voice weak and breaking as Belle supported her feeble body in her slender arms.

"Please just help me"

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I was going to post in the advertising thread I was looking forward to this one but you've started already!

Good start.Some really raw description going on there and I really want to know what's wrong with Nicole.Looking forward to what happens next.

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Really good stuff.

I would like it if Geoff came and was Nicole's 'Knight in Shining Armour' - but really that's because I REALLY like that ship.. :P

Good start, looking forward to further detail on Nicole's condition - it seems quite bleak... :-S

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