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Trey Palmer - Luke Bracey

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I hope Trey's just a passing annoyance to be honest because he actually does my head in.

You would think that because he was bullied at his old school that he would know better than to start bullying others :huh:

and his behaviour to Kirsty and Miles is inexcusable , he acted like such a jerk since the moment we set eyes on him and I sincerely hope he jist flys out of town just like Matthew Lyons (don't even get me started on him)

Oh please no I can't handle another bad come good teen , they did it with Aden and sadly the damage was already done for me after his behaviour towards Geoff and a few others at the end of 2007 - start of 2008 because I just don't forget things that easily like some can.

I am now having the same problem with Angelo now that he's back in town but thats for another thread

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Luke is such an adorable pup, you just want to give him a hug - he's like David JR in that respect :P

As an actor? I think he's doing a great job - he certainly managed to get under everyone's skin at the start [mine included] and naturally we should all remain iffy of him at this stage, I don't think he's being entirely honest with Nicole...!

But, their friendship is cute, and .... considering his past and her past, they could make a good team!

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I don't know what to make of Trey. I do know that if he left the show right now I wouldn't be happy or sad, it actually wouldn't make much of a difference to me anyway. He isn't bringing anything worthwhile to the show right now.

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They've done a fairly good job of having Trey lose his bad boy attitude.Unfortunately, without it I just find him a bit dull.Stick him and Xavier in a scene together and it's the perfect cure for insomnia. Surprisingly I find his relationship with Nicole doesn't annoy me as much as I expected it to.But that may be because I can't really muster up the energy to care either way.

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I find him rather dull, to be honest. For me he isn't bringing anything new to the show. The bad boy turns good thing has been done to the death, but at least with Aden we had a couple of years of badness, but Trey's bad boy rep [if it could even be termed that] lasted no time at all and now he's all sweetness and light. Meh. And I'm already bored with his relationship or whatever it is with Nicole. If anyone needs to be bitten by a shark, it's him.

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At first I hated Trey, but now I dont really mind him.

I just hope he isnt another bad boy turned good. Although it kinda looks likes thats the way he is going.

Im not to bothered about his relationship with Nicole. Itll do for now, but im still hoping for a Nicole and Geoff reunion! :wub:

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Trey as an individual? <_< hmmm,

Okay he's got good looks and can be sweet at times. But Is that it?

He just I don't know... he needs more substance!

I'm actually pretty ticked off with the writers for pushing him and Nicole together so quickly considering she was heartbroken over Geoff, not so long ago was having confusing feelings for Aden and when Aden was thrown out... devastated... Not to mention she's having to cope with having creepy Gardy lurking around.

I mean the timing is all wrong!

I actually really want Nicole to be single for a while.. because every guy that she gets together with she quickly falls into bed with.

I know she and geoff went the slow route but inevitably they did sleep together from the moment the got together, and not forgetting Elliot before that. Then she hopped into bed with Aden for her now to go and jump into Trey's :blink:

I actually really like Nicole's character, but if they're trying to brand her the villlage bike they're doing a good job of it! - Not going off the topic of Trey :rolleyes: But now that they are an 'item' I just needed to express how annoyed I am about it! :lol:

If they are going to do 'Tricole' storyline then I think they should do it in small doses... just make it old school, romantic and sort of innocent! I mean they don't have to sleep together first chance they get... I'm not saying it should be like it was with Geoff - that was a no mover! But it shouldn't be rushed and made to look cheap.

And I think Trey should have a few different girlfriends first before becoming serious with Nicole!

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