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On The Run

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Thanks so much guys...

hope you enjoy this too

Chapter 21

Coz it’s you and me!

“In moment’s like these, I cant see myself in the mirror” – Myself


Two days had slowly passed and still there was no change in Belle. Matilda and Aden were in with her almost every day, talking to her, begging her to wake up, to come back to them, but to no avail.

David had been charged and after being denied bail was transfered to the prison hospital where he would then await his trial. Of course he had pleaded not guilty to all of his charges, but proof made him a liar otherwise and the judge was less then impressed.

Jack and Martha visited Lucas every day, sitting with him and giving him all the gossip about the goings on in the town.

The storm had died down, the the rain was still bucketing down. The radio had said that there was a cyclone a little way up the coast and that the rain wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.


“Matilda, I have some good news for you,’ Rachel said as she walked into Matilda’s room and picked up her chart.

“Is Belle awake?’ Matilda asked instantly as Rachel looked at her and shook her head.

“I’m afraid not, but her vitals are good, her brain function is still good so it should be only a couple more days before she wakes up. But you are aloud to go home today,’ Rachel said with a smile as she looked at Matilda.

Matilda smiled fakely. “Thats great,’

Rachel saw her sad expression return. “Mattie, Belle will be ok, she is responding and she is giving off signals that she will wake up at any moment, you just have to stay positive,’ Rachel said as Matilda looked up at her and smiled sincerely this time.

“Thanks Rachel,’ Matilda whispered as Rachel nodded, smiling sweetly at her before exiting the room.


Ric walked through the double doors of the hospital and shook his head as rain droplets fell easily from his hair, flying in every direction.

Seeing Rachel he raced over to her. “Hey Rach, how Mattie?’

“Well, she can go home today, there’s nothing keeping her in here now, all her test have come back clear so I’ll have the paper’s drawn up,’ Rachel replied as Ric grinned from ear to ear.

“That’s great news Rach, thanks,’

“Its no problem at all,’ Rachel said as a nurse walked up to Ric and Rachel.

“Excuse me, sorry to interupt but I have Belle’s urine test back,’ she said as she handed Rachel the file.

“Thankyou,’ Rachel said as the nurse walked off and Rachel opened the file and began to scan the contents as her eye’s lit up and she lifted her hand up to her mouth,’

Ric watched her as she read the rest of the file before looking up and seeing that Ric was still standing there.

Excusing herself, she walked off and into her office before closing the door silently and sitting down at her desk.

“Oh my god...!’


Charlie was once again sitting in her office, staring at the computer monitor as she read the email once again. She sighed as she couldn’t understand what it meant.

Slamming her hands on the desk and let all her pent up frustrations out in one long scream before closing her eyes and taking in a few deep breath’s.

A beeping sound made her look up. On the screen was red flashing letter’s ‘One unopened email’

Placing her hand on the mouse she clicked on the email as it began to load and opened as she scrolled down witht he mouse until she came to bit black uppercase letter’s strewn across the screen.


Chapter 22

What do the emails mean?

is someone really missing?

Is Belle waking up?

What was in Belle's file that stunned Rachel?

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Thankyou soooooooooooooo much everyone

WOW... This chapter really tested me as a writer...

You'll see why

Chapter 22

In this life

She put that bottle to her head and pulled the trigger” – Brad Paisley in Whiskey Lullaby


She read over the file two or three times before sighing. Collecting all the paper work she had made a complete mess of she fixed Belle’s file and clambered to her feet.

Placing the file underneath her arm she exited her office and began to make her way over to the nurses station as she saw Aden running toward her.

“Rach... it’s... it’s Belle, she’s awake... choking,’ he yelled as he bound back toward Belle’s room as Rachel lifted her heels and ran after Aden calling out for doctor Hornby to assist.


He was sitting there, stroking her hand, whispering sweet nothing to her as he kept sneaking a glance at her before smiling and resuming stroking her hand.

A sudden twitch from her index finger made him look up.

“Belle...’ he said quickly pushing himself to his feet as he began to stroke her cheek delicately.

“Belle can you hear me,’ he whispered as he stroked her cheek.

Slowly, Belle’s eyes fluttered open for a couple of seconds before falling shut, repeating this a few times before her eyes flew open and her hands flew up to her throat and she began coughing and choking uncontrollably.

“Belle... oh my god... hang on babe I’ll get Rachel,’ he yelled as he ran out the door and around the corner where he saw Rachel approaching the nurses station.

“Rach... it’s... it’s Belle... she’s awake... choking,’ he yelled as he turned and ran back toward’s Belle’s room as he heard a pair of heels close behind him and Rachel yelling out for another doctor to assit her.

Bounding back through the door Aden almost tripped over the chair he had previously been sitting at before pushing it out of the way as Rachel came running in, throwing the file down ont he bed and running around to the other side as the other doctor entered.

“Belle, sweetheart just calm down ok. Were going to take this tube out for you so I need you to ly very still for me so no more damage is done,’ Rachel explained as the other doctor turned the machine off and removed the tape and single bandage which was holding the tube to her mouth.

Disconnecting the main tubing, Rachel passed it to the doctor as he moved out of the way.

“Ok Belle, now I need you to breathe out as I’m removing the tube ok,’ Rachel strictly told Belle over her choking and spluttering sounds.

Slowly, Rachel pulled on the tube as he slowly disembarked from Belle’s throat as tears had appeared in Belle’s eyes.

As Rachel removed the rest of the tube Belle started coughing uncontrollably as she rolled herself onto her side and took in deep, dry breath’s to try and breathe properly.

Racing over to Belle’s side, Aden ran his fingers through her hair, pushing straings of hair out of her face as he took her hand, grinning from ear to ear.


“Hi this is Detective Charlie Buckton, I’m calling to get a trace on an email address. I’ll give you the email and I want a I.P address ok,’ she spoke down into the phone as he person on the other end retrieved a pen and listened as she read the email address.

“So have you got that, if you get an I.P address, look up the address and see if they have a criminal record and then fax it through to me. I want this on your top list as this is very important,’ she then thanked the person on the other end before she hung up just as the phone began to ring.

Sighing, she picked up the phone.

“Detective Charlie Buckton speaking,’

“Your running out of time Detective, how are you going to save her now?’ A deep, skittled voice spoke to Charlie as she raised an eye brow.

“Who is this? You must be stupid ringing here when we can trace the call,’ she replied calmly. She wasn’t going to let this guy get to her.

“You will only trace it to the phone box Detective. By the way, your sister is looking mighty fine at the moment,’ He replied coldly before he line went dead as a sudden surge of worry spread over Charlie’s face.

Slamming the phone down on the hook she jumped to her feet and grabbed her car keys, police belt which held the hand cuffs, batton and her fire arm before racing out the door, almost bowling over one of her femal workers.

“Charlie...’ the woman started as Charlie just looked at her.

“Get through to Admin, get a trace of the last call I just recieved on my phone. My sister’s in danger,’ Charlie ordered the woman before pushing past her and racing out of the police station to get to her sister.


‘how are you feeling Belle?’ Rachel asked as she looked over Belle’s chart, darting her eyes over at Belle every couple of seconds .

“Not good, I’m short of... breath and le... leth... whats that word?’ Belle questioned Rachel as Rachel put Belle’s chart down and over to the side of her bed.

“Lethargic,’ Rachel commented as Belle nodded.

“Yeah...’ Belle mumbled in reply as Rachel nodded.

“Ok, you have a bit of swelling around your neck and wrists. Do you feel weak at all?’ She questioned as Belle nodded in response.

“Ok I’m going to order another urine test just to make sure my diagnosis is correct,’ Rachel replied as Belle looked up at her worried.

“Rachel, whats wrong?’

“I cant be sure Belle so until I am completely I cant tell you right at this moment,’ she replied as Aden suddenly walked in with a big bunch of all sorts of flowers in his hands and a teddy bear with ‘My special love’ written inside a love heart that a teddy bear was holding.

“Hey,’ Belle suddenly faked a smile as Rachel excused herself and exited the room.

“Hey yourself gorgeous,’ he replied as he sat the flowers on the side of the bed and handed the teddy to Belle.

Seeing how pale Belle looked Aden suddenly looked worried. “Hey are you ok, you look a little pale?’

Belle nodded and forced a smile across her lips. “Yeah fine, Rachel is waiting for the rest of my test results to come back,’ she lied as Aden nodded, not knowing whether to believe her or not before finally grinning and taking her hand in his.

“Thanks for those, they’re beautiful,’ Belle looked at her gifts as Aden leant in, placing a soft kiss on her now cracked and dry lips.

“Any time...’ he whispered in her ear.

2 hours later

Rachel walked into the room holding a file as she saw both Belle and Aden on the small hospital bed. Aden had his arms wrapped around Belle’s waist and there was no gap between them, Aden resting his head on Belle’s shoulder as they both slept peacefully.

Standing by the door she tapped on it gently as Belle’s eyes fluttered open and she looked straight up at Rachel as Aden yawned and opened his eyes a little more slower.

“Sorry to interrupt Belle, Aden. But I’m afraid I have some bad news.’ She walked over to the end of the bed as Aden and Belle both sat up and looked at Rachel.

“You’re urine test came back and it seem’s that your shortness of breath, weakness, swelling, lethargic has all lead to... to kidney failure,’

Belle gasped and clasped her hand up to her mouth as Aden looked equally as stunned.

“It seems, because you had lost so much blood before you were bought in, your kidney’s slowed down and is now slowly shutting down. These are the early warning symptom’s which cannot be ignored, now while in the very early stages of kidney failure we would put the patient on medication which would help control some of the issues with kidney failure, with you it is more serious because it has gone on too long and not been treated.’

Tears were slowly streaming down Belle’s cheeks as Aden held her close, watching as she choked back small sobs.

“We will need to put you on immediate dialysis we do not have the time to create fistula which is essentially works to remove excess water and salt and to balance out other electrolytes into your body. It also removes waste products of your metabolism. Now for that access to blood vessels need to be surgically created so that large amounts of blood can flow into the machine and back to your body. But since it take’s weeks to prepare this we are going to be placing special catheters into your chest and that way it can act as a bridge until the fistula is created.’

Belle was now sobbing uncontrollably, leaning into Aden as silent tears also trickled down his cheeks. How could all this be happening, after everything that had happened, why this?

“Now you will be on dialysis three times a week for at least four hours until the fistula is placed or until they find you a new kidney.

“Belle, I am so, so sorry to break this to you, after everything you deserve a break. I’ll leave you two too it,’ Rachel gave them both a sympathetic look as she exited the room and heard Belle let out loud sobs of pain, hearing a ‘ssshhh’ sound coming from Aden.

AN: See I told you it really tested me as a writer. I had to do so much homework on kidney failure it wasn't funny, and trying to get Rachel seem so professional was the hardest bit. Hop you enjoyed all the same

Chapter 23

The person behind the email's and phone calls are revealed... but not before another death...

How will the group handle Belle's kidney failure now, and will she get a kidney before its too late

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Well guys, thankyou so much, I'm glad your all liking...

but this is slowly coming to an end... and what an ending it will be :P *teases*

anyway, you can chill coz there still a few chapters left for you to enjoy, and I'm already working on another fic...

as well as resuming Sexual Seduction of Dreaming fantasies and Just a Flicker of hope this new fic is... well dark... different, and very, very emotional

so enjoy this guys :)

Chapter 23

Starting over!

Find out who you are, and do it on purpose,’ – Dolly Parton


Multiple colors of flowers cascaded throughout the room. The smell of roses, lavender, lilly’s, daffodil, carnations and many more flowers scented through the air.

The sound of regular beeping coming from the dialysis machine echoed throughout the room as Belle ly there, a bucket sitting next to her and Aden, Matilda, Ric and Lucas sitting by her side.

“You guys sho... shouldn’t be here, you shouldn’t s... se me like this,’ Belle whispered in a mumble as Aden took her hand and squeezed it tightly, but not too tight.

“Were your friends, we love you and were not going anywhere,’ he told her firmly as Matilda piped in.

“Yeah nice try Belle but you can’t make us go anywhere,’

“But I... I dont want you to see me... like this...’

“Well too bad,’ they all said almost in sync with each other.

Belle forced a small smile as she looked at everyone around her, all the support she had since her transfer to the Bay. That’s when she finally decided.

“Mattie,’ she whispered as Matilda hobbled over on her crutchers. “Can you ring my mum, I think she needs to know about this, me, us,’ she finally got the words out as Matilda looked a little a taken back before slowly nodding.

“Sure,’ she replied sincerely.


“RUBY...’ Charlie screamed as she ran through the front door of the house that she shared with her sister.

“RUBY... RUBY... RUBY WHERE ARE YOU?’ Charlie screamed, beginning to worry from the lack of response from her younger sister.

Running straight into Ruby’s room, she hoped that she was just listening to her ipod up as loud as the sound would go, but to no avail.

Looking at her bed, she saw a note perched up against the pillow as she raced over to her bed, jumping on the edge and grabbing the note she scanned the piece of paper before gasping as she looked around, back out the door toward the bathroom.

Climbing back to her feet she walked out of Ruby’s bedroom, the note still clutched firmly in her hand as she moved, forcibly toward the bathroom.

Door shut as she grabbed the handle. She gulped so loudly that anyone could have heard it as she twisted the handle and and pushed the door open.


“Belle, how are you feeling today?’ Rachel asked as she once again checked over Belle’s chart as Belle weakly sat herself up in the bed.

“Ahhh, you know, sore, tired, weak, breathless, useless,’ Belle mumbled in utter failure of herself.

“Well that is expected, your kidney’s are slowly getting weaker which means you will also get weaker, but Belle, you have to stay positive, if not for your sake then the people who do care about you. Matilda, Aden, Ric, Lucas, the people you have come to be friends with in this town...,’ Rachel expressed her opinion as she placed Belle’s chart back on the end of the bed and walked up beside it, sitting on the edge as Belle lowered her head.

“I... asked Mattie to call my mum today, let her know what was going on...’ Belle said as she looked up at Rachel. “She wanted nothing to do with me, told Mattie that it was my fault Shanae died,’ she said as she choked out a sarcastic yet sad laugh and raised one eyebrow.

“Well Belle, if you dont mind my saying...’ Rachel began as Belle shook her head as to let Rachel go on. “It sounds as though your mother isn’t thinking about you, all she can think of is how this is affecting her, how she has to deal and that... in her way is to push away the only person that reminds her of your sister.

Belle you can’t go around blaming yourself for David’s horrible mistakes. David had a free will, made his own choice’s just like the rest of us do and he chose to do the bad.’

Belle closed her eyes and shook her head. “But... what if it is my fault I mean... I knew there was something different about him, he was always... so dark... maybe that’s why I liked him...’

“Now you listen to me Belle...’ Rachel said as she took Belle’s hand in hers. “This... everything, is not your fault, you cant help the way the world works, nobody can. All we can do is except the good and the bad and try our best to move on from it because...’ Rachel paused for a moment before sighing.

“Because if we dont move on, we build up all this guilt, anger, frustration and it just eats away at us until it ends up killing us,’

Belle looked at Rachel and swear, for a moment she saw a flash of pain cross through her deep green eyes before Rachel pulled herself up from the bed and let Belle’s hand go.

“Thanks Rachel,’ Belle smiled as Rachel nodded, a smile gracing her soft pink lips before she exited the room, leaving Belle to contemplate her own train of thoughts which hadn’t switched off since Rachel had entered.


Charlie sat there, tears flowing freely down her delicate, ghost white cheeks; holding a tissue firmly in her shaking hands. Occasionally she choked back a couple of small sobs but she just let the tears fall from her eyes and down her cheeks.

She closed her eyes tightly as she tried to stop the memory of flooding through her mind, but nothing was working, not could stop what she saw, what she had to do, what she couldn’t stop.


She gulped so loudly that anyone could have heard her as she turned the handle and pushed the door open.

She caught her breath as the door boought the veiw into sight.

“Ruby...’ she whispered at first, not really taking in the scene in front of her as she dropped the note from her hands, letting it flutter incohereantly to the floor by her feet.

“RUBY...’ she screamed more loudly as she bound into the bathroom toward the girl hanging in mid air with a rope firmly gripping at her throat, head bowed down and feet hung a few inches off the ground, arms loosely beside her.

Grabbing hold of the girl around her things, Charlie tried to hoise her up but her body was heavy as Charlie struggled against Ruby’s weight.

Reaching around into the pocket behind her she pulled out a pocket knife and flipped it open before standing on her tippy toes, hacking firecely at the tope above Ruby’s head; the rope beginning to severe.

Sweat, tears, anger, hurt. So many emotions were running through her mind but the only thing she cared about was getting her sister down and starting CPR.

She heard someone at her front door calling out to her as she just screamed for their help. Finally the final strings of the rope broke apart as both Ruby and Charlie tumbled to the bathroom floor as someone appeared in the door way.

Crawling onto her knee’s Charlie looked at the person and screamed.


Before she started CPR on Ruby’s lifeless body.

[End flashback]

Hands shaking uncontrollably she bought them up to her face and cupped her hands over her mouth and she let herself cry.

Hearing someone walk up to her she looked up and saw her work mate who she had asked to trace the phone call.

“We got a trace on the call, and the email and pulled up the records and... I know this isn’t the right time Charlie...’

“No...’ Charlie croaked as she clambered to her feet. “We still have... a job to do,’

The girl nodded and handed her the piece of paper as Charlie looked over it and back up at the woman.

“Are you sure about this?’

“We checked and double checked it. The information is... correct,’ the woman was as surprised as Charlie now was.

“This... this cant be right!’

Chapter 24

Who's behind the email's, phone call and Ruby's death?

Belle is deteriorating fast, can she get a kidney in time?

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I didn't know I was going to get so many comments for killing off Ruby :o

am shocked

Chapter 24

OMG of course!

The question not many ask is: why are the laws of physics like they are? – Paul Davies


“How can this be right? This cant be right!’ Charlie was confused as she stared down at the picture from the file in front of her.

“It is right Charlie... I even rang the prison to find out,’ the woman spoke as Charlie suddenly looked up.

“He didn’t even get to the prison, the van got rolled and shot at and someone busted him and only him out, this thing isn’t over... far from it so I’ve sent 2 officers to the hospital and two under cover as well,’

“Ok... ok let me think for a second,’ Charlie was beginning to get pissed off as she closed her eyes, resting one hand on the side of her head.

“Ok send out an abp on this guy and I want road blocks set up at both entrances and exits to this town. I want John Turner found,’

“So I can kill him myself,’ She said to herself as she turned and walked away from the woman who was now on the cb radio explaining everything Charlie had just ordered her to do.


He refused to leave her side as she was slowly getting worse, drifting in and out of sleep as she was once again hooked up to dialysis. As her reflex’s made her sick every few minutes, as she struggled to breath and just wanted to stop as it was too much.

But he refused to go anywhere.

Eye’s closed as she felt him watching her periodically, not letting his eye’s stray anywhere else, she thought. She thought about her sister, her mother, David (her ex-boyfriend), Ric, Matilda (the one person she had come to rely on since she witnessed her sister’s murder) and Aden... She had never thought she would meet anyone as kind, sincere, passionate, caring and giving as him. He had the biggest heart that she had ever seen in any guy she had met over the years.

She didn’t know what made that particular thought cross her mind, but it all of a sudden did, her eyes flew open and she looked down at Aden who was still staring at her.

“What’s wrong?’ he asked instantly getting to his feet and taking Belle’s hand. “Are you going to be sick again?

“No, no’ Belle shook her head lightly as she took Aden’s free hand in hers. “I just had this thought,’ she said as Aden creased his brow.

“What about?’ he asked.


He hid slyly in the bushes as police cars drove past every 10 minutes, he had slowly made his way closer to the hospital but it was hard on foot, as he couldn’t go as fast as if he were in a car.

He had been thankful his plan had worked, and now he was going to get revenge.

He watched as the police car disappeared out of sight and stood up, looking behind him before he once again embarked on his journey toward his destination.

He was going to get revenge, what ever it took!


“How’s Belle today?’ Ric asked as he ran into Matilda out in the corridor.

“She’s getting there,’ Matilda sighed as she plonked herself down on one of the plastic chair and sitting the crutches beside her.

“Persistent about getting rid of us all the time, although it doesn’t work,’ she hesitated before continuing on. “She kind of has a point; I don’t want to see her like this,’

Sitting down beside her, Ric wrapped hid arm firmly around her shoulders and pulled her toward him as she aloud him to.

“You want to remember her how she was, not how she is becoming or how worse she is going to get, which is understandable,’ Ric explained gently to her as she nodded her head in confirmation.

“I just...’ she fumbled to find the right words to express herself as she picked neatly at her cuticles. “I just hate seeing her like this,’

Ric nodded. “Aden feels the same you know, maybe talking to him will also help you,’ he said as Matilda looked up at him.

“I’m just so confused, I mean... I want to be there, but at the same time I don’t,’ she whispered, disappointed in herself for thinking and feeling this way.


He looked around as he entered the hospital, glad that he had made it this far, there was no turning back now, he had to finish the job and get away as fast as possible.

Seeing a doctor further ahead taking off a green surgical gown and mask he walked casually as the doctor looked at him before walking off. Turning to see if anyone else was around he then quickened his pace and ran over to where the doctor had removed his gown and mask and slipped them on before looking around and sighing as he walked off.

Walking up to the administration desk he stood ever so adamantly as a female red head looked up at him and smiled genuinely.

He returned the smile.

“Belle Taylor, what ward is she on, the nurse forgot to give me her file,’ he grinned, showing like he didn’t blame the nurse for her mistake.

“Oh um… let me just check for you,’ she replied quite seductively as she slipped away from her chair and walked over to the file cabinet.

Waiting patiently, he seemed like any regular doctor as he watched the nurse scan over the files.

“Here we go,’ she said coming back over and sliding back into her chair before grinning broadly at him.

“Ward 3,’

“Thankyou,’ he said productively as he turned back on his heels and made his way toward the lift.


“Belle, what’s going on?’ Aden was beginning to worry as Belle just looked at him; her cheeks flushed a crimson red as she finally took a deep breath in.

“I was thinking, I may die…’

“No, Belle don’t say that,’ Aden cut her off as Belle lifted her finger to his lips to shush him, which she did.

“I may die, I may not, I might be lucky enough to find a donor and I might not be but… I love you Aden and…’ her voice trailed off as she looked away for a moment, taking another deep breath in before returning her eyes back to him.

“Marry me?’


Teehee, I know, You dont like me very much right now, :)

Chapter 25

What will Aden say?

John is so close to getting revenge, but why?

Someone comes looking for Belle...

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Hopefully I didn't make you wait too long guys :)

Chapter 25

I cant!

Marriage is a sacrifice that two people must take, and to both be ready, is the thing of life,’ – Myself


“I… what?’ Aden stumbled as he tried to come to terms with the, not really proposal Belle had asked, but more like a question.

“Marry me, Aden I love you and want to be with you, for better, and worse,’ she spoke as Aden looked at her intensely.

“Belle I cant,’ he said as she looked stunned at his rejection but then he grinned. “I cant let you ask me because it’s not the traditional way,’

Bending down so he was half on one knee he took Belle’s delicate hand in his.

“Belle, will you marry me?’

Belle gasped as tears appeared in her eyes. “Of course,’ she yelled as she began to laugh and cry at the same time, Pulling Aden up and leaning forward and wrapping her arms as tightly as she could around his neck.


“Oh thank god,’ because of the look on your face a second ago, I seriously thought you were going to reject me,’ he laughed as she pulled away from him and slapped him playfully on the arm.

“And I should’ve too, ass,’ she said pulling a serious face at him before pulling him into another hug and kissing him softly.

“Hey guys,’ Matilda smiled as she walked through the hospital door and Aden’s and especially Belle’s ecstatic faces.

She frowned. “What’s… going… on?’

Belle looked at Matilda and couldn’t keep it to herself any longer. “Aden and I are getting married,’ she said in excitement as Matilda’s jaw dropped before she started screaming just as Ric came running in, looking ready to fight someone.

“Whatswrongwhosthere?’ he asked a little too fast as every looked at him and blurted out laughing hysterically.

“Belle and Aden are getting married,’ Matilda's screamed through almost tears.

“What… when… wh…’ Ric looked stunned as he couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

A huge grin suddenly spread across his face. “Congratulations guys,’ he said as he walked forward, pulling Aden into a macho ‘manly’ hug as both guys pet each other’s backs and grinned widely.

“You bet me to it,’ he whispered in Aden’s ear as Aden pulled back, his grin even wider then a second ago.

“Mate, why not make it double?’ Aden said loud enough for the girls to hear as the room suddenly fell quiet, everyone looking at Ric.

“Make what double?’ both girls asked at the same time as Ric looked gob smacked from Aden to both of the girls.

“Nothing, listen Aden and I are going to grabs some coffees, any takers?’ Ric asked Belle shook her head, as did Matilda.

“Ok, back soon,’ he said as he grabbed Aden’s bonzee and dragged him out the door, making sure to shut it on his way out.


He exited the lift and removed the stolen garment’s, placing them in the bin as he walked past. He looked around and found the nurses station and grinned as it was empty. Walking over to the chart with the room numbers and patient names, he searched down it with his eyes.

Finally the fell to a stop on that name.


Belle with a question mark, that had to be her!

He began to walk toward her room until he heard chatter coming toward him, turning around on his heels he walked friskily back the other way, back toward the lift, seeing the store room which was closer he ran in there and shut the door, pressing his ear firmly up against it as he listened to the near by chatter.

Great. He thought to himself as he slowly lowered his head. There at the nurses station.


She sped into the car park as a car’s horn sounded throughout the car park.

“Up yours!’ she screamed turning around in her bright red convertible and sticking her middle finger up rudely as the car drove off, voice screaming offensive words at her as she spun back around.

Looking in the mirror, she slightly pulled her big sun glasses down the rim of her nose and swiped her finger along the bottom of her eye, clearing any dirt, muck or unwanted mascara that had run.

With her fore finger she smiled seductively at herself whilst pushing her sun glasses back up her nose. Reach down the passenger side she grabbed her DnG hand bag and got out her car.

Pressing the alarm the car beeped twice before she strode off in her black high heels and skimpy, tight leopard dress. Pouted red lips; she entered the hospital.


“Hey, your back,’ Belle grinned as Aden entered the room and closed the door behind him as he held something behind his back.

“What have you got?’

Making an innocent face and lifting his eyes up he whistled briefly before looking at her.

“Ok,’ he caved in as he saw her pull a pair of puppy eyes.

“I know it’s corny but…’ he stopped abruptly as he swung his hand back around, holding a circular plastic clear egg with something inside.

Opening it, Belle watched on in amusement, letting go a tiny chuckle every couple of seconds as he produced a toy ring from the plastic, clear egg. “I wanted you to have a ring, even if it is a two dollar toy,’

Belle chuckled as Aden rolled his eyes, keeping the grin firmly plastered across his face as Belle held out her left hand, letting Aden slip the plastic two dollar ring on her finger.

Looking up at him, she grinned broadly as Aden looked back at her. “Yeah, it’s corny…’ she giggled as Aden pouted. “But cute,’ she finished off.

“Oh, so that’s what you think,’ his voice got smaller each time as he neared her lips.

She licked them once as he got ever so close, and teasingly pressed him lips against hers for a millisecond before pulling away.

A smile gracing her lips almost instantly she quickly grabbed Aden’s shoulders.

“No way are you getting away with that,’ she said as she pulled him closer to her.

Yelling from the hallway and Matilda’s voice yelling back made them stop, inches away from each other.

Suddenly the door slammed open and a tall, lean blonde wearing all the designer clothes you could possibly have money for pushed her way into the room, almost knocking Aden out of the way.

Turning, she looked at Belle, her hair, eyes, face before removing her sun glasses.

“Mum,’ Belle stumbled, astonished at the woman standing before her.

“Hmmm, we seriously need to get you a new hair cut, anyone would think your dying,’ she said those words with such ease and care, it was like she was plastic.

Belle looked at Aden who was looking back between the woman standing in front of her and Belle.

Sighing, Belle broke the silence.

“Aden, meet my mum!’

Chapter 26


Why is Belle's mum in town?

Time is running out for Belle, so the wedding is bought forward

John is finally caught, but not before another life hangs in the balance!

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Thankyou and I hope this chapter was worth the wait guys :)

Chapter 26

My life would suck without you

I close my eyes, and believe that I can be stronger” – Myself


Amanda removed her glasses and looked Aden up and down before grinning widely.

“Well, arn’t you a strapper?’ she flirted as she moved toward him and ran her fingers through his hair.

“Yeah and I one woman man,’ he scolded her as he took Belle’s hand in his and looked into her deep brown eyes.

“So please remove your hands from my body?’ he said as he quickly turned his gaze back to Belle’s mum.

Laughing she moved back to her original spot as Belle gave her a disgusted look. Looking at Aden she smiled sheepishly. “You know what I could do with?’

“What’s that?’ Aden asked leaning in and kissing her tenderly on the lips.

“A teddy bear,’ she gave him pleading look and pouted her bottom lip.

“I’ll be right back,’ he promised as he kissed her cheek before exiting the room and shutting the door to give both women some privacy.

As soon as Aden left Belle turned to her mother and gave her a filthy look.

“What are you doing here, when Mattie rang you didn’t want nothing to do with me, so what do you want?’ she scowled angrily.

“Oh darling I was just stunned when Matilda rang, dont be so uptight?’ her mother laughed as Belle scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“I wonder where I get that from!’ she she as she looked at her mother and gave Amanda a sarcastic smile.

“Oh don’t be like that sweetheart…’

“Can you blame me? mum, my kidney’s are failing and you DON’T seem to have a care in the world. There is a good possibility that I will die,’ Belle yelled at her mother as the smile was soon wiped off Amanda’s face.

Belle and Amanda glared at each other before Amanda laughed and let her bag slip down onto the chair beside her.

“So, who is this Aden boy, is it serious?’ she queried.

“Is getting married considered serious enough for you?’ Belle was now shooting daggers at her mother as Amanda’s eyes widened.

“And how long have you known this boy?’

“A few weeks,’ Belle replied back as Amanda’s mouth fell open.

“Your making a mistake,’ Amanda told Belle matter-of-factly.

“Oh say’s the woman who cheated on her last three husbands, or has that gone up since I went into witness protection, mum…?’

“Belle…’ Amanda started but Belle held up her index finger to quieten the woman.

“No mum…’ Belle retaliated. “I’m not you, I don’t mess my friends, family or loved ones around. I’m not a scrag who cheats on the one she loves just because she’s… bored… I may be your daughter, but I’m nothing like you. You can leave now, and make sure the door hits you on your way out,’

Amanda stood there, stunned at her daughter’s bitterness towards her before plastering a fake smile across her lips and picking up her hand bag. “Maybe I’ll come back when you’ve calmed down.

Belle scoffed. “Don’t bother,’



Spinning around as she was bought out of her daze she wiped her red, sore eyes and sniffled before looking at the woman.

“Um, sorry to interrupt, There is a Joey Collins on line two, say’s she needs to speak to you urgently, also, one of our men from the hospital has spotted John Turner,’

Charlie’s ear’s pricked up at Joey’s name, and even more at Johns.

“Ok get a tea to the hospital now, and thanks,’ she smiled softly before closing the door and walking over to the phone. She stared at it for a moment before picking it up.

“Joey, hey…’


He neared the room, slowly, etching closer as he could feel a rush pulsating throughout his entire body, he was going to get revenge, his daughter wouldn’t be dead if it wasn’t for her hanging out with them.

His hand gripped the door handle as a smiled graced his firm lips. He began to twist the door handle as a person rounded the corner.

“HEY,’ she yelled out as he quickly turned and looked at her.

“OH MY GOD,’ she whispered as she suddenly screamed.


Running towards her he let the knife slip from up his sleeve as he grabbed her back and plunged the knife into her stomach as she gasped.

Rounding the corner, Rachel stopped in her tracks as she saw the man pull the knife from the woman’s stomach as at least five police men rounded the corner and ran toward the man.

As her doctor instincts kicked in, she raced over to the woman, yelling out as she went.


Grasping her stomach and struggling to breathe, the brown haired woman looked frighteningly at Rachel.

“Martha its ok, your going to be ok,’


He sat by her side, stroking a piece of hair out of her face as he ran his fingers, caressing her cheek delicately.

She was slowly getting worse, her breathing had become quick and rapid, and she was beginning to wheeze. She was a ghostly pale white and she had red rim’s around her eyes.

It made him sad to see her this way, he gently squeezed her hand as she fluttered her eye’s open and looked at him, smiling weakly at him.

“Hey…’ she whispered as he smiled.

“hey beautiful,’ he said as he got to his feet and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“I was thinking,’ he said as he stroked her hair gently and looked into her eyes.

“What about?’ she questioned him.

“Let’s get married… today?’

“What, are you sure, I mean… can we get everything ready in time?’ she looked sceptically at him as he nodded.

“Yes I’m sure, we can get the hospital priest to marry us, Ric and Mattie can be our witnesses, Mattie could find a beautiful dress from your wardrobe, I have a tux from a formal a few weeks ago, and I already have the rings,’ he smiled as Belle lips pursed into an ‘how’d you manage that’ smile before nodding.

“Okay, lets get married… today!’ she replied with a grin from ear to ear as Aden grinned back.

Chapter 27

Martha survive's, but is the baby ok?

Belle and Aden marry, but not before Amanda has her say.

John is finally behind bars, but a shock return throws emotions into turmoil?

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3 chapters to go :)


Chapter 27

You’re a *****, and everyone knows it!

Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle. – Amy Bloom


She had just finished another dose of dialysis when Matilda burst through the door, a beautiful light blue/purple dress in her grasp.

“How you feeling, bride to be?’ she asked as belle giggled sheepishly before slowly pushing herself up in the sheets of the bed.

“Ok, considering,’ she smiled as Matilda grinned at her best friend. “How’s Martha doing?’ Belle asked, remembering about the previous incident earlier that day..

“She… and the baby are doing good, the surgeons managed to save the baby, but Martha’s going to have to be careful from now on, she may have problems with the rest of her pregnancy,’ Matilda explained as Belle nodded.

Did you bring the other stuff I wanted?’ Belle asked sheepishly as Matilda looked at her and grinned. “Of course I didn’t forget your make up, I even got you a pair of black flats, your favourite shoes and I swear, the only brand of shoes you own,’

Belle giggled. “Hey! I have my Converse too!’ she told Matilda matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, flats, converse and one pair of sketchers,’ Matilda scoffed loudly as she sat them on the table and looked at her friend who was now trying to climb out of bed by herself.

Arms shaking violently; Matilda gasped and ran over to Belle as Belle looked up at her and rolled her eyes.

“I can get out of bed myself,’ she moaned in defeat as she gave in and let Matilda help her up and around the other side of the bed, into the chair.

“Not if you want to be lying on the ground!’


“So how are you feeling mate?’ Ric asked as both he and Aden were putting the finishing touches to the tux’s.

“Nervous, but happy. I just cant believe I’m marrying the girl of my dreams,’ Aden grinned as he finished tying up his bow tie.

“So, if I’m going to be best man, I kinda need the rings,’ Ric laughed as Aden laughed also before nodding and pulling two small boxes out of his pocket.

Ric took them from Aden and opened the first box. It was a men’s wedding band which was silver and had a silver edge band around end of it.

Simple, yet manly.

Opening the second box his eye’s widened as he stared down at the wedding ring which was for Belle. A silver band with a big light blue diamond sat in the centre, each side of the blue diamond was then a silver diamond to finish it off.

“God, Aden this is…. GORGEOUS,’ Ric was astounded at Aden’s taste.

“You think?’ Aden questioned as Ric nodded.

“Hell yes!’


Rachel tapped gently on the door and heard a small ‘come in’ before she turned the handle and walked in, gasping, wide mouth at the sight before her.

“Belle, you look, amazing!’

Belle smiled proudly at Rachel who grinned back before closing the door behind her.

“Thankyou, so much for letting this happen Rachel…’ Belle started as Rachel held up her hand to silence Belle.

“How could I say no. Where’s Matilda?’

“Right here,’ Matilda chirped as she skipped through the door and twirled around. She was wearing a light creamy pink dress and had curled her hair and half put it up.

Her make up was lightly done, not too over the top and actually made her look very beautiful.

Matilda looked at Belle and smiled widely. “You look like the perfect bride,’

Belle blushed slightly, but with her weakening body, it didn’t show as much. She had lost more weight so her dress hung loosely off her frame, but a simple black belt around the middle of her stomach fixed that. Her dress cupped her breasts firmly and flung loosely just before her knees.

She had her shoulder length hair waved as it hung loosely in front of her shoulders. Her make up was done beautifully, giving her a soft warm glow and illuminating her big brown eyes. Her lips were a moist pink with clear lip gloss.

Belle looked radiant.

2 hours later

The soft music began playing as Aden turned and looked down the garden path. The words of Aerosmith’s ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’ swayed gently as she slowly rounded the corner, making Aden gasp to himself as Ric stood next to him.

With the request of Belle, Rachel held onto her left hand and her other arm around her gentle waist as Belle looked up at Aden, making Aden truly melt at her radiating beauty.

“Wow…’ he whispered as he watched her continue her way down the hospital garden.

Matilda walked slowly behind Belle as Belle finally reached the alter. Holding out her left arm for Aden to take hold of her, she looked up at him, he looked so handsome in a suit. He closed the gap between them and thanked Rachel before taking over, slowly moving her so she was facing him, still grasping her hands though.

Both wide eyed, smiling brightly at each other, the priest made himself known and began talking.


“I, Aden Jacob Jefferies take you, Isabelle Marie Taylor, to be my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, in sickness and health, for better or worse, for all the days of my life. I promise to cherish you, hold you, protect you from harm, forever to hold you close to me until death do us part,’ Aden slid the ring slowly up Belle’s ring finger until it could go no further.

Looking into her eyes he smiled as she smiled sweetly back at him.

“I Isabelle Marie Taylor take you, Aden Jacob Jefferies, to be my lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, in sickness and health, for better and worse, for all the days of my life. I promise to cherish you, hold you, protect you from harm, forever to hold you close to me until death do us part,’

Belle then slid the wedding band up Aden’s left ring finger until it stopped. Looking up at him, she could help but let a tear trickle down her cheek.

“Aden and Belle have now made their vow’s to each other, and in the presence of god and you, if anyone wishes to object, do so now or forever hold your piece…’

“I guess I have to object,’ A woman yelled drunkenly as she stumbled to her feet and made her way to the alter.

Belle watched, anger replacing happiness as her mother headed toward them.

“You!’ she scolded angrily. “You have no right…’

“I… have every right I’m your m- mother…’ Amanda mumbled as she staggered before regaining her grip.

“Just because I share the same gene’s as you, doesn’t make you much of a mother to me. Now get out…’

“I WILL… NOT…’ Amanda tried to figure out why she was saying all this.

“You will… because whether or not you object, I’m still going to marry Aden,’ Belle said as she felt her energy beginning to run dry. With everything that had happened and the heat blaring down on them, she could feel herself draining.


“GET LOST,’ Belle screamed as she felt a dizzy spell wash over her entire body, the little energy she had left stopped her from collapsing.

“Marry us… NOW,’ she turned her head and said to the priest as he nodded and looked at his bible.

“With the power invested in me…’

“You dare… marry th – them…’ Amanda threatened in a mumble.

“I now pronounce you man and wife, you can kiss your bride,’ he said looking at Aden who didn’t need convincing twice.

Pulling Belle into him as Amanda was now mumbling more to herself than anyone else. He placed a soft, tender kiss on her pink lips. Slowly parting her lips and sliding his tongue in, finding the sides.

She was beginning to enjoy it, as another sudden dizzy spell over took her, but this time she had no energy left at all and she crumbled into Aden like a dead weight.

“Belle…’ horror struck his features as Rachel came rushing over just as Belle began to come to.

“She’s exhausted, lets get her back to bed to rest,’ she told Aden as he quickly agreed, scooping her up in his arms as Belle cradled into him as he, Rachel, Ric and Matilda all made there way back to Belle’s room.


Lucas and jack were sitting beside Martha’s bed as she slept soundlessly; hands over her small baby bump protectively and curled into half a ball. Jack was watching her, thankful that both Martha and the baby were going to be fine.

Lucas’s thoughts had dragged to Cassie, was she watching over them? Was she having fun? He didn’t know what else to think ever since he along with the whole hospital had heard about Belle and Aden’s sudden wedding.

He climbed to his feet and lifted his hand, checking to make sure his head bandage was still in place before he saw jack looking at him.

“Just need some air,’ Lucas said. It was true, he did need some air.

Jack just nodded as Lucas made his way out of Martha’s room and began to slowly walk down the hall. He turned the corner and watched his feet move forward before he accidentally bumped into someone.

Stumbling backward, he almost tumbled over if it wasn’t for the wall in which he leant on.

“Sorry,’ he mumbled as he looked up at who he had seen.

Standing in front of him, was someone he knew, someone who couldn’t be here.

Was he hallucinating?

How could Cassie be standing in front of him?

Oh by the way, here are pictures of Belle and Aden's rings, belle's dress and also her belt

Aden's Wedding Band


Belle's wedding ring


Belle's Dress


Belle's Belt


Chapter 28

Is Cassie really alive?

Belle's days are numbered...

Amanda isn't going away

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Beautifully written! Can't wait, I'm excited :D

Thankyou so much Steph :)

Anyway, I am dedicating this chapter.... and the idea to Steph (aka Lily-G) because the idea was originally hers but with much discussing and help from her she has let me use the idea.

I just hope I'll write it as good as she's put her faith in me :)

I've also had to split this chapter into parts!

May also have to do that to the last two chapters as well as this one was just getting too long to read!

Anyway, part two up as soon as I've finished it!

This is for you Steph :)

Chapter 28

Part 1

My life is changing, and you part of it!

I don’t have anywhere else to go,’ – Edward Cullen, Twilight


It couldn’t be, could it?

“C… Cassie?’ he stuttered her name as he stood there, rooted on the spot, staring unbelievably at the woman who recently had suddenly left his life, had died.

“Hello Luc,’ she spoke softly as Lucas didn’t know what to do, what to say, to think, or feel.

He just stood there.

“What… how…’ he muttered to himself after seconds of silence.

“it’s a long story, but if you’ve got time for me to explain, if you’ll give me the chance,’ she said as she walked toward him, scooping her hands into his as he looked at her, smelt the sweet scent in her hair

“It’s really you,’ he whispered as he closed his eyes and sighing, a mixture of happiness and sadness present in his tone.

“It’s really me,’ she whispered back as she lifted his left hand and placed it on her chest.

The pounding coming from her chest told Lucas that he wasn’t hallucinating; the touch of her soft skin on his hand was real, the warm breathing leaving her lips was warm.

Cassie was alive!


He sat on the bed, cradling her in his arms as she slept soundlessly into him. She was still wearing her purple dress and her hair was still done, she still wore her make up, but her black flats and her belt were sitting on the chair in the corner of the room.

She was so beautiful.

There was a gentle tap on the door as Aden took his gaze away from Belle and looked at the person entering.

Rachel smiled as she closed the door behind her, holding a file in her free hand. She went and stood at the end of the bed and sighed as she saw Belle asleep.

“I was hoping to talk to you both but this cant wait,’ she said as Aden looked worried at the tone of her voice.

“Belle is deteriorating rapidly. The dialysis isn’t working anymore and if we can not find Belle a kidney in the next 8 hours…’ she broke off as she looked sympathetically at Aden before continuing.

“I’m afraid Belle will die!’

Aden’s eye’s widened in shock as Rachel looked up at him again.

“No…’ he whispered as tears slowly brimmed his eyes.

“I’m so sorry… to have to tell you this after your wedding day but you need to be prepared for the worst Aden… I’ll… I’ll leave you with Belle,’ Rachel spoke as she made her exit from the room, closing the door behind her.

Feeling some what guilty for what was happening she leant back against the door and closed her eyes, bringing her hand up to her forehead she sighed and rubbed her face before collecting herself and walking away.


“Your free to go Mr Turner,’

He gathered up his belonging’s, suit, tie, watch, wallet, mobile phone and put them in there correct places.

“Told you I was innocent,’ he sneered at them before grinning widely and exiting the prison where a car waited for him.

Climbing in the passenger side he looked over at the driver and smiled.

“I knew you’d come round Mandi!’

“DON’T… Call me Mandi,’ the blonde haired woman hissed at him as she turned and evily looked into his eyes.

“You know, not to call me Mandi,’

Lifting his hands up in defeat he grinned. “Sorry… Amanda,’

She looked at him before smiling broadly, leaning across the passenger seat before capturing his lips with hers.

“I’ve missed you,’ the spoke seductively as he smiled back at her.

“Is she still in Summer Bay?’ he asked as Amanda nodded.

“Well let’s go,’ he told her matter-of-factly.

Nodding, Amanda put the car into gear and looked once more at David before putting her foot on the accelerator so hard her wheels screeched and she burned rubber before the car sped forward moving away from the prison.

4:45 Am

The phone rang loudly as a groggy Aden made his way downstairs, rubbing his eyes as he searched for the light switch before flicking it on.

He heard movement from upstairs and gathered that the phone ringing had woken either Matilda or Ric up.

The light blinded him before he groggily dashed into the kitchen before picking the phone up.

“Hello…’ he yawned as his eyes dropped shut and he stood sleepily next to the phone.

“Aden, it’s Rachel, you, Mattie and Ric had better get to the hospital, I’m sorry but… Belle’s gone…’

Aden’s eye’s widened as he suddenly saw Matilda standing at the bottom of the stairs. A lump suddenly formed in his throat as the phone dropped out of his hand, hitting the tiled floor with a ‘thud’.

Matilda saw the look on Aden’s face and quickly ran over to him as his legs gave way, caving underneath him as he fell to the floor in a heap.

“Aden… wh-‘ Matilda started before she saw the phone, picking it up she placed it up to her ear.

“Hello who’s this… Rachel wh---‘ her voice trailed off as Rachel gently repeated the news to her as all of a sudden the phone went tumbling out of Matilda’s grasps, hitting the floor once again as her legs also gave way underneath her.

Loud, crying screams echoed throughout the house as Ric came tearing down the stairs and saw both Matilda and Aden on the floor. Matilda was sobbing loudly and Aden shaking uncontrollably, tears slowly trickling down his cheeks as Matilda was now lying down, both hands cupping her cheeks, shaking as she cried loudly.


They all sat around her bed, the white sheet covered her still body. Matilda sat in the corner of the room crying uncontrollably, legs pulled up to her chest as her head rested on her hands which were sitting across her knees.

Aden was crying with his head on the side of the bed and one hand under the white sheet as he held Belle’s cold, smooth skin.

Jack was leaning down beside Martha who was sitting in a wheel chair, Lucas and Cassie standing behind the wheel chair.

Another tap on the door signaled that someone else was entering. As the door opened, Rachel walked in with two orderlies wearing white shirts and black trousers.

“Guys, I’m so… so sorry to interrupt but Belle needs to go now,’ Rachel lowered her head as she looked at the white sheet before exiting, leaving the grieving family and friends alone for a moment longer.

Aden sadly lifted his head, and saw almost every pair of eye’s looking at him, feeling sorry for him, everyone except Matilda who was still crying in the corner of the room.

Anger suddenly flashed through him, he lunged from his seat as the chair tipped backward, reefed his hand out from underneath the white sheet, grabbed the door handle and reefed it open as it slammed up against the wall before he stormed out, pushing past Rachel as he almost knocked her down as he stormed down the corridor, not wanting to be anywhere near here.

Everyone just looked at him, bewildered, shocked and hurt because they had no idea of what he was going through.

Just hours before he and Belle were married…

And now she was dead!

Rachel walked in as the two orderlies followed her in once more.

“I’m so, sorry to do this at such short notice, but a coroners report needs to be done to determine whether Belle’s kidneys were the cause of death,’ she spoke softly to everyone as she saw Matilda cradled in the corner of the room.

“Matilda,’ Rachel said as Matilda lifted her head and looked at her, tear stained, blood shot eyes staring back at Rachel.

“Matilda I just got a call from Charlie. Belle’s ex boyfriend David has been released from jail, insufficient evidence to keep him in jail. She advised me to tell you to get to the station so she can protect you,’

“No…’ Matilda whispered forcefully with a croak in her throat.

“But I…’

“I said no… Belle’s dead… my mum’s dead… I want a memorial as soon as it is possible for Belle…’ Matilda cleared her throat and wiped her eyes before climbing to her feet. “And then I’m leaving Summer Bay!


He thanked the man as he pulled the packaging up to his chest and grabbed his change off the man who nodded at Aden as he left the shop.

He turned right and began walking, he didn’t know where he was going but it didn’t take long for him to pull a bottle out of the brown paper bag and throw the bag into the gutter as he continued to walk.

Staring down at the bottle, he twisted the lid off and flung that away too before he bought the bottle up to his lips.

Tipping as the liquid poured into his mouth he skulled two full mouthfuls before tearing the bottle away from his lips and twisting his face up at the taste.

“Uggghh!’ he said as he squinted his eyes as the burning sensation ran down his throat, heating up his insides rather quickly before he let the bottle fall back on his lips, letting it tip as more alcohol poured into his mouth as he walked on.

Chapter 28 Part 2

We find out why Cassie is alive,

Matilda's made up her mind, but will Ric go with her?

It's Belle's memorial, and Aden shows up drunk!

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Chapter 28

Part 2


“What do you mean your leaving?’ Ric was astounded at Matilda’s sudden decision to want to leave the Bay. Had she not thought about him, their relationship, what it all meant to him if she was going to leave?

“I’m leaving the Bay,’ Matilda said in confidence, she had made up her mind. “And I want you to come with me Ric!’

Ric’s mouth dropped open in shock and his eye’s widened. “Are you serious?’

Matilda nodded as she sniffed a couple of times. “Deadly serious, I want you to come to France with me, that’s where my brother Scott and his girlfriend Hayley live, and that’s where I’m going,’ Matilda said as she looked over at Cassie who had her head leaning against Lucas’s chest.

“What’s going on? We buried you… well we thought we did!’

Cassie looked up before nodding her head.

“The FBI faked my death, to bring David and my dad out in the open, somehow they contacted the cops in Yabbie Creek and told them of their plan and it worked…… but dad then escaped on his way to prison and Ruby Buckton was killed so I couldn’t come out until the coast was clear, but now David’s been released so it was basically pointless.’ Cassie explained to everyone as Jack looked stunned.

He hadn’t heard any of this before.

“Well I’d better get Martha back to bed, so she can rest,’ Jack said as he looked at the woman slowly drifting off to sleep in the wheel chair.

“Ok, I’ll be in soon,’ Lucas replied as Jack nodded, excused himself and gave his sympathies to Matilda and Ric and asked them to pass on their condolences to Aden before he wheeled Martha out of the room and disappeared down the hall.

“So… your saying that they used you against your own family,’ Matilda said, not sounding very shocked at all over Cassie’s revelation.

“Family your meant to love, them I hate,’ Cassie replied in mock tone of herself as her memories flooded back to her mum.


Early morning sun was beginning to grace the clouds in Summer Bay when Matilda and Ric walked through the front door of the house that Matilda once shared with Belle.

Drained, tired, angry, upset, sorrow; every emotion that could be felt by one person was what Matilda was feeling. Walking over to the couch, she collapsed on it and lay down, listening as Ric entered the kitchen and flicked the kettle on.

Aden hadn’t been seen since he took off from the hospital; Cassie had to leave the hospital and was escorted back to Rachel’s where she would stay until David was found. Lucas went back to bed to try and get some rest, for he was meant to be discharged today, considering everything was well.

Once back in her room, Martha feel asleep quite quickly as Jack climbed on the sofa next to her bed, grabbing a blanket and also drifting off to sleep.


9:00 Am

He awoke to the harsh morning sun beaming down on his skin as he lifted one arm over his head to shield his eyes from the suns rays. A melodic thumping sound bounced around in his head and his mouth and lips were extremely dry.

Clothes sticking to his body like ice he began to push himself up from the softness beneath him as his fingers sunk. Blinking several times to adjust his blurry eye sight he squinted as sand was soon coming into view.

He was on the beach.

Moaning begrudgingly he swallowed a huge lump in his throat as the lump travelled like sand paper down his oesophagus. He tried to lick his lips but the lack of saliva just made the bottom of his tongue make a split in his lip.

Gradually he climbed to his feet, staggering momentarily as he struggled to regain his footing, swaying his arms from side to side before his feet gave way underneath him and he fell onto his knees.

He rubbed his head with his hands before closing his eyes and taking in a few deep breath’s to try and calm his churning stomach before he re-opened his eyes once more and saw an empty bottle lying in from of him.


Straight, pure vodka, well an empty bottle anyway looked back up at him.

His mind suddenly trailed back to the phone call from Rachel, sitting with Belle at the hospital, the wedding, his proposal to Belle, her accepting him, the first time they slept together!

Anger rose through his body as he swiped the bottle with his hand, watching as it flung profusely through the air, landing about a meter away from him before he broke down.


Ric sat there, stroking Matilda’s hair as she slept, quite restlessly on the couch. Not long after they had gotten back to the house and Ric had made her a cup of strong herbal tea to calm her down, had he walked back into the lounge and saw her fast asleep.

He sighed, sitting the hot cups down on the coffee table in front of her before grabbing the blanket above the couch and spreading it over her figure. She wriggled for a moment before she fell silent once more.

He couldn’t believe the pain she had gone through, for so long she and Belle had been in hiding because they witnessed a murder and finally when they seemed to have settled down, Matilda’s mother dies, and now Belle.

And Aden… poor Aden, had only been married to Belle for a few hours before he had lost her. He hadn’t returned home, which was mainly why Ric had stayed awake since returning back to the house.

Ric had been friends with Aden since they were 8 years old, and Ric knew Aden well. But he didn’t know what to expect from his best mate because Aden had never lost someone he loved so dearly.

“What are you thinking?’ he heard a whisper come from the female voice lying in front of him.

Looking down he smiled at her as she smiled weakly back at him. “What are you thinking?’ she whispered again as she slowly pushed herself up on the couch.

“That, after Belle’s memorial, I want to leave with you, as soon as possible,’ Ric replied as Matilda looked stunned at Ric before she pushed the blanket off her and sat forward as she wrapped her arms around Ric’s neck and looked him deeply in the eyes.

“I love you Eric Dalby,’ Matilda whispered as she closed her eyes and they bumped foreheads together.

“And I love you Matilda…’ Ric stopped as Matilda opened her eyes.

“Hunter, My real name is Matilda Hunter,’ she replied with half a smile as he placed a soft, gentle kiss on her lips before lifting both his hands and placing them on each side of her head of hair.

“C’mon, lets get ready for Belle’s memorial!’


The Memorial Service

They stood at the look out as the plague was placed on the wall. Matilda wearing the same dress she had work for Belle’s wedding and Ric dressed down in a nice pair of black jeans and grey striped shirt.

They were half expecting Aden to already be there, but unfortunately there was no sign as of yet.

Another car pulled up as four more people exited the car. Jack, a still clearly sore Martha, Lucas and Cassie made there way toward the small service that Matilda had set up.

As another car pulled up, Rachel exited the car with a male in tow. She waved and came to a stop in front of Matilda.

“Matilda, I’d like you to meet my husband Tony, Tony this is Matilda, her friend passed away,’ Rachel explained as Tony greeted Matilda with a shake of the hand.

As they were talking, chattering amongst themselves, another car pulled up and out stepped Charlie Buckton, with a female in tow.

“Gus, sorry for your loss, I want to introduce my girlfriend, this is Joey Collins.’

Joey shook everyone’s hands and gave her condolences to Matilda.

“Joey has been out of town for a few weeks and came back when she heard about Ruby,’

“It’s very nice to meet you Joey,’ Matilda said as Joey nodded.

“Like wise!’

“Ok, time to start I think,’ Matilda sighed as she watched everyone gather around.

“Thank you, for coming today, it would have meant so much to Belle, and Aden as well, although he’s not here yet, I’m hoping he will turn up…’

“Imere,’ came a drunken voice as they rounded the corner and came into view.

Aden staggered toward everyone, a bottle of what looked like vodka in his hand. Hair ruffled and mangled all over the place and red rimmed eyes which looked like he hadn’t slept all night!

Managing to trip over his own two feet, he tumbled, falling flat on his face as the bottle rolled toward Matilda, clear stuff continually leaking out of the bottle and spilling all over the pavement.

“Aden your drunk,’ Matilda voiced her concern toward the widowed man as he struggled to get back onto his feet.

“YUP! CLEVER MATTIE!’ he squealed as he began to laugh uncontrollably before stopping completely and seeing the plague which had been plated to the look out wall.

Tears welled up in his eyes as he stared continuously at the plague which had written

Isabelle Marie Taylor


10/11/1991 ~ 22/4/2009

Beloved Friend, wife, sister, daughter

May you rest in peace

“Belle,’ he whispered as the tears slowly, like time had almost stopped travelled there way down his cheeks as he blinked profusely before his bottom lip quivered.

Pushing himself up to his feet he staggered before finding his feet and tearing at the bottle of vodka which was sitting at Matilda’s feet. Grabbing the bottle he pulled it to his mouth and tipped back his head as the contents trailed into his mouth.

Turning around he began to walk off before he downed the rest of the bottle, turning around in an angry state he flung the bottle at the plague as it smashed beside it before he took one look at Matilda and Ric, along with everyone else standing there before he left.

Chapter 29 Part 1

All is not as it seems!

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I want to thank everyone for there patience with this fic :)

You have all been amazing

Nearly over! :(

Chapter 29

Part 1

Days slowly the ticked over into weeks, weeks dissolved into a month, one month into two, two into three. Ric and Matilda left Summer Bay as they had planned, promising to ring Aden every day to make sure he was ok.

Of course they had lived up to their promise, not that Aden had taken any calls. The phone had eventually been cut off due to lack of payments, the house was a mess and Aden was drinking constantly.


4 Months after Belle’s death


He lay on the couch, staring at the photo in his hands. It was taken before Belle was put in hospital, they looked so happy, they were so happy.

Lifting his hand up, he rubbed his unshaven face as he looked around the house. Beer bottles, whiskey bottles, alcohol cans lay strewn across the floor, the chairs, tables, all over the house. Clothes thrown all over the place, empty cups, plates, bowls, some dirty and some filled with half eaten food. He sighed angrily at how he had let his life slip away, he hadn’t meant to do so little with his life, but he had never expected to fall so madly in love with someone either.

He knew he had let his life slip out of control, he knew he had to do something, but what?

He let the photo of him and Belle slip from his fingers as it fell to the floor. Turning hid head he aw the half empty bottle sitting beside him.

A knock on the front door made him look up. Moaning he got himself up off the couch and walked over to the front door. Pulling it open he squinted and raised his hand to shelter his eyes from the instant light that hit him.

“Aden!’ Came a female voice as he squinted while lowering his arm.

“Cassie!’ he replied quizzically as she pushed past him into the house, stopping in her tracks at the devastating sight before her.

“What… what are you doing here?’ he asked as he turned and looked at her, wondering why she had come to rub it in yet again.

“Were worried about you Aden…’ she replied as Aden scoffed loudly.

“Yeah everyone’s so worried about me Cassie. Ric and Matilda left, you and Lucas got… got eloped… it really sounds like everyone is really that worried about me!’ he walked over to the couch and plonked himself down, instantly picking up the bottle half full of vodka and gracing it with his lips.

“You don’t get it Aden…’ Cassie started but Aden laughed and threw the bottle as it smashed into the wall.

“NO YOU DON’T GET IT CASSIE!’ he screamed at her.

“You and Lucas have the rest of your lives together, I didn’t even get one day… one god damn day with my wife so don’t, lecture me, okay!’ he looked at her, angry, envious, happy that he knew people cared.

“Aden…’ Cassie started but then she stopped as she looked at him, he looked back up at her. “You cant live the, the rest of your life like this… you’ll end up killing yourself…’

“Maybe that’s what I want,’ Aden glared at her as she shook her head.

“No, Aden because if it was, then you’d have done it by now. You need help… you need to move on, its been four months and there may never be anyone like Belle again, but you cant live like this,’ she told him matter-of-factly.

“Just think about it Aden, is this what Belle would have wanted?’ she had her final say before she turned and left, leaving Aden to just stare forward, thoughts of Cassie’s argument running through his mind.



One year later

He stood by the lookout, a bunch of flowers cradled in his left hand as he looked out at the ocean screaming below. Freely he bent down so he was level with the plaque.

Isabelle Marie Taylor


10/11/1991 ~ 22/4/2009

Beloved Friend, wife, sister, daughter

May you rest in peace

It had been exactly one year since Belle had died. It was now 8 months since Aden had decided to get his life together.

“Hey!’ he whispered as he ran his fingers over the imprint of the plague.

“Life’s not the same without you, I think about you every day, wondering what things would have been like if you were still alive. Do you know Mattie’s pregnant, she rang me yesterday to tell me the good news.

Cassie and Lucas are doing well to, they just bought there own house and finally moved out of Rachel’s. They finally caught the guy that murdered your sister, and your mum well… you wont believe this but… she was involved with him, had been since before you and him got together.

I’ve got some good news, I got my final degree in psychology, and I’ve got myself a job at the rehab centre in Yabbie Creek.

Ummm, what more can I say, I want to start dating again, I know now that there will be no one like you but I cant stay single forever, knowing you’ll never come back,’

“Anyway, I’ve got to go, I miss you so much, and I love you,’

Placing the flowers in front of Belle’s plaque he placed a kiss on his lips before resting his hand on the centre of the plaque, smiling softly before he got to his feet. Looking back out over the ocean again he couldn’t help but let his thoughts trail back to Cassie’s statement towards him.


He stared at the wall, waiting, he didn’t know what for, but he was waiting.

A sudden split of anger erupted through him as he bound to his feet, kicking anything and everything in front of him. He didn’t know what came over him, maybe Cassie was right and he didn’t want to hear it.

He didn’t know.

Screaming toward the fridge, he reefed the door open and pulled out the other bottle he had sitting on the shelf before racing toward the sink, twisting the lid off and tipping it down the sink.

[End flashback]

He had come so far in eight months, and he was proud that he had finally pulled himself together, with the help of Cassie and Lucas, and along with Rachel, Charlie and everyone else in the Bay.

Aden had finally made something of his life.

Chapter 29

part 2

Set 1 year later

Matilda gets a phone call

Aden has a date

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