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On The Run

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Story Title: On the run

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Belle, Matilda

Other Characters: Aden, Lucas, Cassie, Ric, the police and the mystery man

BTTB rating: G/A just to be safe

Genre: Drama, mystery, angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Violence, possible beatings, language, drug references, sexual content.... will warn at beginning of chapter when there will be

Summary: They witnessed a murder, they are on the run... how long until they are found?

Belle Taylor and Matilda Hunter were normal girls, best friends growning up, they lived in Darwin. At 17 years old they still were close. One night, walking home they witness a murder being taken place... now they are in witness protection and have moved from town to town... but every where they go, he finds them... how long can they run for? Will he get rid of the only two people who witnessed it?

Here is the poster





The echoed footsteps on the pavement sounded louder in the night as the two girls ran as fast as their feet could carry them. There hearts pumped out of their chest so hard they felt like they were being stabbed...


"GO, HE'S CATCHING UP, GO, GO, GO, RUN" Her echoed scream ran through her best friends head over and over again as she heard loud running footsteps behind them getting closer. Both girls were holding each others hands, making sure not to let go because if he got one, he got both of them...

But then, the girl with long blonde hair and baby blue eyes tripped and almost took the girl named Belle with her.

"COME ON, GET UP MATTIE...' The girl named Belle screamed at her friend, tugging her arm so fiercly she could have ripped it out of the blonde haired girl named Matilda's socket. Pulling her to her feet, they both began running once more, out of breath and legs aching so much that they were beginning to cramp up.

Running so fast they could have won a sports game, they turned the corner, knowing exactly where they were heading and saw the illuminated blue and white box standing on a pole.

"Come one...' Belle said panting as their feet began to drag. "Were almsot there...'

Both girls started screaming out as loud as they could above there panting and now aching bodies. "HELP, HELP US, PLEASE, SOMEBODY...!'

She awoke in a pool of sweat, screaming as tears overflowed her eyes, streaming down her cheeks as footsteps could be heard before the darkened bedroom door was flung open as a girl with dark brown, short hair flew in the door.

"Mattie... it's ok, were safe, remember...?' she said as she flung herself on the edge of the bed and pulled her best friend into a loving embrace.

Hugging her best friend tightly, Matilda closed her eyes and let the tears flow freely down her delicate cheeks and dug her head into the crook of Belle's neck. Rocking from side to side as both girls slowly broke down.


"It was jsut so real, like he was really there chasing us and... I... we couldn't escape him, we'll never escape him Belle, ever...'

"Mattie, Mattie stop...' Belle said as she took her friends hands in hers as both girls now sat crossed legged on the bed in front of each other with the lamp lit beside them. "We will get away from him, he can not find us now, if we jsut keep doing what were doing then we'll be fine, we moving tomorrow, the trial is only a month away and then he'll be in jail and we'll be free...' Belle assured her best friend as Matilda looked at her, not feeling as confident as Belle.

"Why do you think were moving tomorrow Belle, because he's found us, thats why were in this stupid safe house for the night, thats why there are people standing at every window and door and inside everywhere, because he's found us, and always will find us...' Matilda said as she felt her chest constricting and the panic attack beginning once again.

Chest tightening, breathing becoming heavy, dizzyness and tingles all over her body Matilda began to shake.

"Mattie, calm down, calm down Mattie, where's your medication?' Belle yelled as Matilda pointed over to the packed box right near the door. Jumping off the bed she ran over to the box and ripped it open.

"It's ok Mattie, just calm down...' Belle yelled as she rummaged through Matilda's box to find her medication.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed the first chapter guys :)

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Well thanks so much to Sam, Julie, Sarah, Lise, Red Ranger 1, Taniya and Zoelouise

Next chapter

Chapter 2

Another new town

Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him? - William Shakespeare


They were sitting on the beach. Her tanned brown skin glistening from the wet water droplets shining like diamonds on her skin. Two boys sat either side of her, both with blonde hair and muscles glistening from each other their stomachs. They could have passed for models, if the town wasn't called 'Summer Bay' and if people had been staring at them like hawks watching their pray, but they werent.

"Hey guys,' A male called from down at the waters edge as the girl and two guys sat up looking at him and turning to where he was pointing up the beach at the road. Five black SUV's were driving ever so slowly behind each other. Windows tinted and wound up as the boy ran up the beach.

"D'ya reckon their famous?' he asked as the girl scoffed and both blonde boys looked interested.

"Don't reckon, famous people would want to keep this low key,' the girl said as one blonde haired boy looked at her, his green eyes wild with excitement at whoever was in the SUV's.

"Just coz your jealous Cassie...' he smirked as she turned and evil eyed him.

"Don't be stupid Aden, I'm just not nosey like you three thats all...' she said as the boy with brown hair laughed loudly.

"Cass he was being stupid...' the other blonde said as he moved closer to the girl named Cassie.

"Luc, don't hover me, it's hot and I'm sunbathing...' she said as she picked up her sun glasses beside her and lay back down.

"God Cassie, what has gotten into you over the last few days, your a nightmare to be around, and I'm your boyfriend...' Lucas snapped as Cassie looked at him.

"Yeah Cass...' Aden piped in as he got a sudden wack on the chest. "Owe... *****...'

"Even Ric thinks so...' Lucas said as Cassie pushed herself up and looked at all three boys...'

The brown haired boy named Ric took a step back from her, Cassie Turner had serious plastered across her face.

Cassie sighed and removed her sunglasses. "I'm sorry guys, I dont mean to be so bad to be around it's just... I heard something and I think it might have something to do with the SUV's you just saw go past...'


Matilda stared intently out the window at the beautiful sight before her. They had been moved to a seaside town, the clear creamy white sand glistened in front of her and the clear calm blue water was just amazing as Matilda's baby blue eyes scanned every person on the beach. Her eyes stopped on one particular person. His wet brown lengthy hair looked straight at her car and pointed.

Could he see her? She thought to herself as gentle mumbling could be heard from the other seat next to her. Looking away from the window she looked at Belle, watching her friend sleep soundly but gently move.

"How can you be so sure about this?' Matilda asked still looking at her friend but was clearly talking to herself, or so she thought.

"Because I have to believe...' came Belle's croaky voice from the seat beside Matilda and she wriggled and gently pushed herself away from the window and rubbed her eyes before looking at her best friends scared eyes. "I have to believe were going to get through this, I have to believe that we will see our friends and family again... I have to believe I'll see mum again,' she said as she took Matilda's right hand in hers and smiled gently.

Turning down a street they drove past five houses before slowly coming to a stop outside a beautiful two story house. White with a balcony around the whole house and a beautifully set garden and white picket fence.

"Talk about five star service,' Belle said as Matilda's mouth dropped open in astonishement.

"Well, welcome to our new home Mattie...' Belle said as she opened her door and climbed out as Matilda climbed out her's and both girls stood, staring before their new house.


"So your saying... those SUV's have people in witness protection?' Ric asked as they all walked along the side street towards their houses as Cassie nodded.

"Dad said they had to move again because the person their testifying against keeps finding them... he wouldn't say what they looked like or how long they'd be here or where they would be stay - ing...' Cassie's voice trailed off as she stopped in her tracks while looking down the next street. One street away from their street.

All three boys followed her gaze and saw two SUV's and two girls standing out the front of the old MacKenzie house. Ric looked at the girl with long blonde hair and felt an instant attraction to her while Aden watched the girl with short brown hair, eyes glued in amazement as they all watched the girls enter through the gate with two men in black suits follow them.

"Well I guess we know where they live...' Aden managed to say as Ric nodded in agreement. "I wonder if they'll be going to Summer Bay high...'

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Thanks so much Lise.

Another chapter today :)

Chapter 3

A new school

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." - Albert Einstein


"So you need new last names so you can start school. Belle, what would you like your last name to be?' The witness protection officer sat across from both girls with two school forms in his hands.

"Belle Johnston... Belle Marie Johnston...' Belle said confidently as the man nodded in agreement.

"And you Matilda...?' he asked as he looked at Matilda.

"Matilda Jean Granger...' Matilda said slowly as the man nodded as he began scribbling it down on the second piece of paper.

"Now girls, I dont have to remind you how crucial it is for your Identity to be kept secret do I?' he asked as both girls shook their heads.

Mumbling together. "Don't mention our real names, don't say anything about our past or why were here and don't give out anything that can be traced to us...' both girls had heard this way too many times and they knew everything what they could and couldn't do by now.

The suited man simply nodded. "Now you will be starting at Summer Bay High School tomorrow, your uniforms are in your bedrooms and the Summer Bay Police are coming by to talk to you a little later...'


"Mattie... Mattie wake up... come on were going to be late for school...' Belle shook the blonde girl who moaned as she tried to brush Belle off her but Belle wasn't going to stop. A grin spread across Belle's face as she walked over to the end of the bed and grabbed Matilda's duvet before pulling it as it slid of Matilda who started screaming at Belle to "Give it back, it's cold...'

"Well get up, were going to be late Mattie...' Belle reminded Matilda who groaned in disappointment.

"Kay, I'm up!' Matilda groaned as she rubbed her tied and sore eyes before pushing herself up and glaring at Belle. Matilda's eyes widened as she looked at the uniform Belle was wearing. White and blue with long white socks. "Your joking, that's our uniform...' she moaned as Belle nodded.

"Come on, Mattie, it's been a while since we've been to a proper school, I know things have been rough but this is our time Mattie... ours to be normal again...'

"Belle, we'll never be normal... ever... we witnessed a murder and we have to testify and he keeps finding us... always... it wont matter where we go or what our names are, he will always find us...' Matilda croaked as she began to sob as she put her head in her hands.

Dropping the duvet, Belle walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge once more, pulling her friend into a loving hug. "It may take some time... but I... I honestly think we'll be ok,' Belle said as a tear rolled down her cheek but she quickly wiped it away.

"It's been so long now though, months Belle... I just want to see my mum...' Matilda sobbed into her friends shoulders as Belle nodded in agreement.

"Yeah... me too...'


He walked into the police station as his work mates greeted him politely. Walking over to his desk he sat his bag down and signed in as one of his mates walked over to him.

"Hey mate, you know those girls in witness protection was moved today?'

His head flew up as he spun around. "No, when, where'd they go?'

"No one knows mate, only the boss does, reckons no one is aloud to know aye...' he said as he walked off.

Knocking on the boss's door he waited for an answer as one didn't come. He knocked again but nothing was heard once again.

"Hey Daryl?; he yelled out as another man stopped and looked at him. "I'm looking for the boss, he in?'

"Nah mate, gone on holiday with his daughter, wont be back till Friday,' the man named Daryl replied before walking off.

"****!' He whispered to himself as he raced over to his desk and pulled out his mobile phone. Going into the call dialogue he pressed dial on the only number in there.

"It's me, they're gone... no I don't know, no one here does... yes of course I'll find out, don't worry...' he said before hanging up and looking around to make sure no one had heard.


They walked down the hall way, past the constant lockers a their every pass as all eyes scanned over them, watching as they turned down another corridor and finally found the room they were after. Thinking it was empty they raced inside and shut the door before turning and seeing two guys sitting at a table looking up at them.

Ric and Aden looked at them curiously as both girls blushed timidly.

"Sorry...' Belle said as Matilda gazed intently at the boy with brown hair, the guy she had seen on the beach yesterday.

"No it's fine,' the blonde boy replied with a grin as he eyed Belle up and down. "Your the new girls, right?' he asked as Belle nodded gently.

"Yeah, and you are?' she asked as she looked at the brown haired guy who seemed quiet but saw him eying Matilda as she eyed him back.

"I'm Aden, and this...' he said as he elbowed Ric in the side of the ribs. "Is Ric...'

"Hi...' Ric said coming out of his gaze and smiling at both of the girls.

"Hey, I'm Belle and this is Matilda...' Belle introduced them as Matilda smiled sweetly.

"Well, welcome to Summer Bay,' Aden said as Belle looked into his green eyes as he looked back at her.


They were sitting under a shaded tree as they picked at their lunch. It had been a long day and Matilda couldn't wait for it to be over, but she felt all tingly inside every time she looked at Ric and she had even caught Belle eying off Aden a couple of times. Of course she denied it, and of course they couldn't pursue anything because they were in witness protection.

Matilda sighed as she threw her salad sand which on the plastic it had come in on the ground. Belle looked at her and gently sat her sand which down. "You ok?'

Matilda looked up at Belle and nodded. "I'm scared, I'm angry and I think I'm falling for Ric but of course, cant do anything because that would put him in danger too...' Matilda said as Belle nodded understandingly.

"Just remember, after this were free Mattie...' Belle kept reminding her friend as she pushed herself up onto her feet and brushed her school uniform off. "I'm gunna get a drink from the canteen you want anything?' Belle asked as Matilda shook her head and watched as Belle walked off, leaving her to sit by herself.


He looked around to make sure no one was looking before picking up a file and getting up from his desk. Walking over to the bosses door he looked around again before grasping the door handle and jiggling it. Sighing as he found out that is had been locked.

"****!' He said to himself as he heard voices coming from behind him which meant his work mates were back. Standing up straight he walked back over to his desk and threw the file down in the middle before picking up his mobile and going into the call log.

Pressing dial he lifted the phone up to his ear.

"Yeah it's me... You'll have it tonight after work when everyone leave's... yes... look I wouldn't muck you around... you know that... your my little brother... talk to you later...' he said as he hung up the phone and sat back down at his desk.

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Thanks so much guys, I hope you are all enjoying the change of fics around :)

So after my break up with my boyfriend tonight, I'm kinda sad so this chapter kinda shows that as well...

And enjoy this chapter

Chapter 4

Falling in love

"When we are in love we often doubt that which we most believe." - La Rochefoucauld


Finding her way to the library was rather difficult as her blonde hair swayed gently behind her. Getting lost twice already as she found out she had a free period where as Belle didn't made it all the more difficult. Matilda wasn't used to being on her own after so long of having Belle by her side, especially in witness protection. They had stayed by each other every time, done home schooling together, ate together, shopped together (although Matilda had a completely different taste to Belle's) and sometimes when one had nightmares, slept together.

To Matilda, this was new, very new. She gently pushed the door open to the library and walked in, books clutched protectively up against her chest as she felt more eyes prying her, watching her every move, even the librarian was watching her walk past the desk.

Lowering her head, she walked toward an empty desk and sat her books down before applying herself to the seat and opening her books. Grabbing a pen she read the questions to her new subjected homework and sighed. History... it wasn't her subject, never was and now she had been put in history where as Belle was in Creative Writing.

Why couldn't I be in creative writing? She whispered to herself as she dropped the pen and ran her fingers through her blonde hair gently before resting one hand on the top of her forehead.

Sighing she looked up and scanned the room as her eyes rested on that familiar brown hair. Eyes wide open as the butterflies erupted and started doing back flips inside her stomach and her heart skipped a beat as she couldn't help but stare at him. Slowly her arm dropped down onto the table. Her whole body began to tingle and a small smile appeared on her lips as she watched him so carefully that she could actually see every time he was frustrated with something as his brow creased slightly.

She opened her mouth ever so slightly as a small sigh escaped from her lips just as he looked up and his eye's caught hers, glazing ever so gently into her soul, trying to uncover her.

She panicked.

Jumping up from the chair as it fell over on its two back legs and hit the floor with a loud 'thud' followed by an echoed 'Ssshhh' from everyone around the room except Ric. Matilda fumbled eagerly with her book as her hands shook violently, slamming each one shut and piling the up before picking them up, resting them once again across her chest and racing away back out past the librarians desk as Ric watched her with confusion.

She pushed the door open with such force that it flew around and hit the wall and shook as she raced so fast trying to get away. Tripping over her own two feet she fell forward as her feet crumpled and her books went flying out of her arms every which way. Holding her arms out as she landed on them, a searing pain pierced up her arms as she slid on her knees.

"Ouch!' She whimpered as her hair fell over part of her face. Slowly she began to crawl over to her scattered book, feeling the sore loser that Ric no doubt thought she was she began to pile them back up. Reaching over for another book she sat her hand on it to pick it up as a gentle, soft, big hand, came to rest on the book also. Looking up gently she saw Ric leaning down, looking at her.

"You ok?' he asked as Matilda sucked on her bottom lip before slowly nodding. "It's just... you seemed to get a bit spooked back there...' Ric said as Matilda closed her eyes and looked down.

"I'm sorry...' she whispered just loud enough for Ric to hear. "it's not your fault... really...' she said as she looked back up at him as he smiled a half smile at her which made her melt into a hundred thousand tiny piece's.

A lump caught in her throat as the panic began to surge back up through her body as she quickly pulled the book out of Rics hand and picked up the last one. Picking them all up, she crawled to her feet as Ric followed and they stood in front of each other.

Matilda found herself staring into his eyes. She felt hypnotized, as their eyes locked onto each other. She felt herself blushing when she realized those incredible eyes of his were staring back at her. She had a hard time taking her eyes off of him as he did with her, it felt like time had froze itself in that moment. He looked deep into her eyes, noting how they sparkled but were also consumed with fear. He felt his heart race and the butterflies swarmed in his stomach. Somehow, he felt that she was the one for him.

She was bought back to reality as the sound of the school bell sounded and she remembered why she was here. The murder she witnessed, the life she was leading, always running, changing her name, everything about her, that was not what she wanted to put Ric through.

"I have to go...' she mumbled as she swallowed the lump in her throat and turned to began to walk away abruptly but was stopped when Ric grabbed her wrist gently.

"Wait...' he said as she spun around and met his gaze. Waiting for some sign that she was going to say something.

"I'm sorry...' she whispered back gently as she pulled her wrist out of his grip and turned and ran off down the hall, not daring to look back at him as she felt his eyes blazing into her back.


She gathered her books and began to exit the class as she heard her named called from the back of the room. Simply ignoring it she pushed a piece of her hair behind her ear and carefully waited as the other students exited the room. Just as she got outside someone grabbed her hips as it startled her and she spun around, her fist swung around as she dropped her books and they hit the floor.

He quickly backed up, his face just missing her swinging lunge as she realized it was Aden. Her mouth dropped open and her hands flew over it. "I'm... I'm so... so sorry...' she mumbled as he looked a little stunned before composing himself and smiling at her.

"Didn't mean to scare you...' he said as Belle nodded before bending down and gathering her books into one pile and standing up.

"No it's... sorry I thought you were... never mind...' she stumbled as he nodded.

"It's fine, I was just going to ask if you wanted to walk home together?' he asked as Belle suddenly looked stunned.

"Ummm I... I'll have to find Mattie but... sure... I guess...' she fumbled as she didn't know if that was aloud as he smiled genuinely at her. "Only to our street though...'


They had walked around the entire building and still found no sign of Matilda. Belle was beginning to panic as she thought that maybe he had found them... just maybe. And the worry was beginning to come across her facial features as she began to bite her nails.

"Don't worry, she's probably just outside under a tree or something...' Aden said as he watched her smile halfhearted at him before return to biting her nails.

They walked outside and down the stairs as they both looked around for Matilda. Finally, Aden spotted her sitting at a table. Belle raced over toward Matilda and saw her puffy, red eyes from where she had been crying.

"Mattie, what's wrong?' Belle asked as she sat down beside her best friend as Matilda wiped her eyes again and just looked at Belle. Getting the look at once, Belle turned to Aden.

"Listen, can we make this walk another time?'

Aden nodded with a sympathetic smile. "Sure, cya later girls.

And with that, he gave one small wave and turned, walking away and leaving the two girls to be alone.

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Thanks so much guys :)

And thankyou all for your support.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter

Chapter 5

Courage is my kind of scared

“Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death.” - Earl Wilson


They sat on the couch, legs crossed and both with a hot cup of hot chocolate cupping their hands. Both girls were still in their school uniform and there schoolbags had been thrown down beside the front door as they had just walked in. Matilda had finally stopped crying but her eyes were still a little red and puffy as she rested her head on Belle's shoulder.

"I've never felt like this before Belle... ever and it's not fair to put Ric through this when we may have to move again, but it hurt so much when I had to walk away, liked someone had just ripped my heart out of my chest and thrown it to the wolves. And... I... I know nothing can happen between up but something almost did and I feel so guilty if I've made him think that...'

"Mattie... you need to stop and think... Ric probably doesn't know what is going on himself... I've seen the way he looks at you... and every time he see's you his heart absoloutely melts. But what if... he doesn't find us... what if we really are safe this time... if you knew for a fact, would you decide to be with Ric...' Belle said as Matilda lifted her head and looked at Belle.

"Yes... of course I... I can't explain it but... just the thought of the way he looks at me and vice versa just sends tingles up my spine...' Matilda spoke as a small smile graced her delicate pink lips.


"Dad... I'm home...' Cassie yelled as she pushed the front door shut and let her school bag fall of her shoulder hitting the floor with a 'thump' and looking around.

"In the kitchen Cass...' came a male voice as Cassie smiled and walked straight ahead into the kitchen. Looking to her left she saw her father sitting at the table as the sound of a scraping knife and fork could be heard against a palte.

"You cooked...' Cassie said in stunned belife as her father turned around and smiled before nodding.

"Thought it was time... I was getting sick of take away food...' he said as Cassie grinned at her father before walking over to the table and sitting beside him. "Yours is in the oven...' he said as Cassie nodded before looking at her father with those wide curious eyes.

Her dad looked at her before gently sitting down his knife and fork and swallowing the food that was in his mouth, and licking his lips. "What?' he saked casually.

"So... two new girls turned up at school today, never seem them round here before, Matilda and Belle,' Cassie mentioned as her father nodded to show that he was listening as he sat his elbows on the table and crossed his fingers.

"And...?' he asked.

"There the witness protection girls arn't they...' she started as her father suddely pushed his chair back and picked up his plate, heading over to the sink.

"You know I cant talk about it Cassie...' he stated clearly as Cassie cut him off from the sound of her chair being pushed back.

"Come on dad... it is, isn't it? I know they are...'

"Cassie stop now...' her father pursuited scraping his scraps into the bin and beginning to rinse his plate.

"One blonde, long blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin...'

"Cassie...' her dad said as he was beginning to get annoyed with her constant banter and pushing.

"The other, short brown layered hair, brown eyes and reasonably tanned she said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Cassandra Joan Turner... I said stop!' her father suddenly yelled as it frightened her, only for a moment as he spun around.

Cassie's eye's widened as she saw the anger in her father's eye's and his tone of voice. "I am a detective... and WHETHER or not those girls are in witness protection... is NONE of your god damn business... so stop your prying...' he said as he finally stopped and stormed past Cassie, exiting the kitchen with such rage that she heard him scream in a fit of rage as he began climbing the stairs which made Cassie jump.


He looked around the darkened park to make sure he wasn't being followed before proceeding further into the play ground before him. A back pack sitting firmly over his left shoulder as he glanced around once more. Looking back up he saw the person who was waiting for him, standing next to one of the swings.

"I thought you were going to back out...' the dark voice sounded louder around an empty play field as he walked furnter so they were now just standing inches apart.

"Of course I wouldn't... you know that...' the other man said as he pulled his back pack off his shoulder and extended it out in front of him.

The man next to the swing took it and even in the darkness you could see his crooked smile pierce his lips in gratitude.

"There were three transfers that day... one to Phillip Island... one to Adelaide and one to a small sea side town of Summer Bay. The file does not state where they have been transferred to so thats as far as I can help you on this one... what I can tel you is only two of those towns have new students enrolled in school, Belle Johnston and Matilda Granger nd Belle Jones and Matilda Webber,' he spoke quietly as the other man listened.

"You've really proven yourself big brother, ho can I ever repay you?' he asked as he put the back pack over his own shoulder.

"Just, hope no one finds out I'm yuor brother, other wise were both screwed... got that... Damien...?'

"Yeah I got it... Adam...'


She turned the lock on the bathroom door and walked over to the shower, turning it on as water spurted from the head and steam filled the room within seconds. Slowly, she turned the cold water tap on and tested the water. She then dropped her robe off and let it fall on the floor before climbing into the shower and closing the door. The water hit her body and soaked her hair instantly as she lowered her head and let the water drip down her face, off her nose and eye lashes and fall to the floor.

She felt her pores opening from the heat of the water as the water pressure pierced her back as she let go a soft sigh. She closed her eyes and leaned back up against the wall of the shower as the water pelted agaisnt the front of her body, her back beginning to go cold from the wall as she slowly broke down.

She ran her fingers through her wet, tangled hair and lowered her head as she slid down the shower wall, crouching as she sobbed gently.

I'm not scared! I'm not scared, I cant be... I have to be strong! She thought to herself as she sniffed back a couple of sobs.

Belle... always so strong, so courageous, brave, strong... No... Belle was scared.

Belle was terrified.

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Ok, time for my big thankyou, again lol

I'd LOVE to thank, Zoelouise, Maddie, Sarah, becky_lacey, Lise, xknomex, Laurzy!, Taniya and ALL the people who have joined in reading this fic!

hope you like this, sorry it took so long

Chapter 6

Can I make that decision?

“What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson


He sat at the juice bar, a cold, lucious blue slurpee sitting in front of him. But he couldn’t bring himself to drink it, he couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t go out with him. Sure even witness protection victims were aloud to go on date’s, werent they?

He felt like his whole world was crashing down around him, why? For being rejected, he couldn’t love her that much in such a short time, could he?

What was it about her that made him weak at the knee’s, made his heart skip a beat when he saw her, erupted the butterflies in his stomach when he was around her.

Was it her eyes big baby blue eyes? Her eyes... He sighed as a small smile began to creep across his lips. Those beautiful eyes, staring at me, that I gazed into.

Her golden blonde hair, the way it sway’s behind her back as she walks down the hallway, the way she brushes a piece of hair out of her face when it began to annoy her, or just the way it fell around her face so perfectly that it bought out the color in her eyes.

Ric let out a big heavy sigh which he extended before taking a deep breath back in and running his fingers through he semi-long locks, frustrated at himself.


She walked along the beach, hugging herself tightly as the wind had picked up dramatically, pushing her short brown hair to one side as she forced herself forward, struggling to push herself as her tiny frame tried to resist.

Her hair was completely dry and her skinny black jeans and white ‘Party’ shirt were clinging to her as she forced herself to move. The sand particles were blowing up the beach like fairy dust moving along the floor at high speed and the waves were so fierce that just trying to surf would have got you killed.

But there was something she couldn’t stop thinking about, or some one to be precise. His short blonde hair and bright green eyes and the way he looked at her when they were at school. Could Aden Jefferies really have a crush?

“A crush on me...’ she whispered to herself as she strained herself to keep her balance.

A harsh gust of wind made her lose her balance as she stumbled and fell on her bottom, hitting the soft sand as an ‘oomph’ escaped her soft pink lips and she copped a mouthful of sand.

She pushed herself up with her arms, leaning over onto her side hip and coughing uncontrollably as small sand particles ran its way down her esophagus.

After choking up what felt like half a lung she pushed herself onto her hands and knees. “Stupid...cough...god damn...cough...wind’ she spluttered whilst another coughing fit erupted.


He found himself outside the house, pacing back and forth, trying to decide whether or not he was going to walk through that gate and up the path. He was beginning to pick at his cuticles frantically and was beginning to sweat. Finally he pushed the gate open and walked up the pathway.

Standing at the front door, he wiped the sweat away from his forehead and onto the bottom of his shorts and smoothed his hair back before gently knocking on the door and taking a step back.

He could hear footsteps from the other side of the door before it was opened a crack as a gentle pair of blue eyes peered out the door.

“Ric, wh-what are you doing here?’ she asked as she closed the door a fraction and removed the safety chain before pulling the door open and standing in the door way, looking shocked.

“I want to be with you, and I dont care if your a murder, a virgin, the devil or what ever. All I know is that, you make my heart melt every time I see you...’ Ric spoke a little too quickly as Matilda’s eyes widened but she smiled.

“Ric I’m not the devil or... or a murder or... anything for that matter...’ she swallowed a lump and looked down as Ric sighed heavily again.

“I know your in witness protection, but can I at least make this decision, please?’ he asked as Matilda looked, wide eyed and glazing tears before she straightened up.

“You’d better come in!’

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Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments

Hope you enjoy this, its the last bit before the drama begins

Chapter 7

I love you, I want to do this!

“Do I love you because you're beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you? Am I making believe I see in you, a woman too perfect to be really true? Do I want you because you're wonderful, or are you wonderful because I want you? Are you the sweet invention of a lover's dream, or are you really as beautiful as you seem?” – Oscar Hammerstein


“How did you find out about the witness protection program?’ Matilda asked as she walked out form the kitchen and into the lounge where Ric was sitting on one of the couches. Holding two cups of hot coffee in her hands, she handed one to Ric before taking a seat opposite him.

“Cassie’s dad is a detective and told her there were witness protection people coming here, I just kind of figured it out from there,’ he replied as he nodded solemly, gently thanking her for the coffee and cupping it in both hands as the heat began to radiate into his hands.

“Why? Why would you want to be in witness protection for a girl you barely know? I mean... I cant talk to my family, friends, not even my enemies or ex boyfriends for fear that he’ll find me, I spend every waking hour wondering what everyone I love is doing, thinking, who they are seeing... you dont want that... trust me...’

“I want you... that’s all I know right now,’ Ric cut her off as Matilda looked at him, confused and secretly delighted and elated.

Sitting her cup down on the floor beside her legs she entwined her fingers into each other and looked over at his serious expression. Closing her eyes and lowering her head, she let go an extended sigh and quickly ran her fingers through her hair.

“Ric...’ she started as she kept her eyes closed, hearing a shuffling sound which meant Ric was moving, she heard him lean down beside her.

“Mattie...’ he whispered back softly as he took her hands in his as she opened her eyes and looked at him, mezmerised by his big brown eyes.

“Dont... dont think about tomorrow, or a week from now, a month, a year because who knows what that will bring. Think about here and now, what do you want right now?’ he asked as he saw her swallow hard as her chest began to rise and fall a little quicker as she stared at him.

They gazed into each other’s eyes, getting lost in the moment before he gently leant in toward her, there lips only mere inches apart as he lingered for a moment before he placed a soft, delicate kiss on her tender pink lips.

An instant tingling sensation erupted throughout both their bodies as the electricity sparked out through the room. Matilda’s eyes fluttered shut as they got lost in each other, Ric moving forward and cupping her cheeks with her big, soft hands.

He gently pulled away and looked at her as her fluttering eyes opened and glistened like sparkling diamonds. He looked at her, waiting for a reaction, a slap, or yelling, or a sudden movement to pull away from him but nothing. She stared at him for a moment, a moment that seemed like hours before crashing her lips back onto his.


She sat in the diner, twirling a straw around in circles in her milkshake before taking a small sip from it and beginning to twirl it around in circles once more.

Her throat finally didn’t feel like sandpaper anymore because she had already downed one banana milkshake. The empty glass sitting beside her.

Listening as the wind blew heavily outside, she wondered what Mattie was doing, watching a movie? Reading? Having a shower?

Belle, along with everyone in the diner were startled as a loud crash came from outside and a male figure stumbled through the diner door, almost falling over and he struggled to gain his balance. Belle chuckled as she realised who it was, Aden.

Brushing his hands through his hair vigorously as sand particles fell from his hair around him onto the floor, he looked up and saw Belle looking at him, a mocking grin on her face. “Bit windy?’ she asked with a chuckle as Aden grinned at her and walked over to the counter where Irene Roberts was at the till.

“Can I get a latte please Irene?’ he asked as she nodded with a smile, watching as he walked over and sat across fromm Belle at the same table.

“You should know, you got balled over onto your ass just down on the beach,’ Aden smirked as Belle smiled before returning back to twirling her milkshake around inside her glass once more.

“I’m sorry about the other day, Mattie was just upset...’

“About Ric...?’ Aden cut in as she shot her head up and let go of her straw.

“How do you know that?’

“Ric was all moody and down on the way home so I gathered it had something to do with Mattie...’ Aden replied as he leant across the table and slipped his hands around Belle’s milkshake, slowly dragging it away from Belle and toward him, before gripping the straw and slurping the rest of it down, leaving an empty glass.

“Ar... are you right there?’ Belle gawked as she stared at her now empty glass in disbelife.

“You weren’t drinking it so I thought why not,’ he replied with a stern smile as Irene bought his latte over and placed it in front of him.

“Here ya go love,’ she said as Aden smiled.

“Thanks,’ he replied as he watched her walk off.

Belle then leant across the table and dragged Aden’s latte across the table, picking it up with a grin plastered across her face face as Aden smiled back and shook his head.

Belle giggled. “You weren’t drinking it so I thought why not...!’

Chapter 8

someone is watching Belle... who?

Is Matilda regretting her kiss with Ric?

Have they been found?

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I really like this fic Bec, its sooo interesting! Love the idea of wintess protection :) You're comin up with some clever ideas

Thankyou so much Lily-G, I'm glad, really glad you like it, and yeah I hadn't done an 'old' cast one for a while. And I'm not that clever, but thankyou all the same :)


Can't believe I haven't commented this yet! *headdesk*

Wonderful as always Bec.

Hmmm...I seem to remember you being a bit of a Ratilda hater, Bec...

I thought you'd read it before Meggie............ O_o oh well, aparently not lol

And I am a Ratilda hater, very much so but for this fic I wanted to do something different, doesn't mean I cant put my feelings aside :biggrin:

Eeeek, they kissed! Yay! And once again; Go Ric! *whooo* I really hope Mattie doesn't regret it!!

Loved the Aden and Belle scene too. Their banter was funny, as was everything else.

Can't wait for more, though the drama is making me worry....

Yes I was hoping you would it would turn out to be a little funny, humour is always good

Just caught up with the lat couple of chapters, and I've got to say I'm relieved that Ric knows about Belle and Mattie being in Witness Protection.

Loving the Ric and Mattie stuff...... Hope they can last.

Poor Belle, her, wind and sand aren't a very good combination, but I am loving the Belle and Aden interaction.

Great stuff Bec, you really write well!

Thankyou so much and Im glad you enjoy this

Best fic I have read. I like every bit of it.

Awwwwwwwwwwww, I'm flattered, honestly, thankyou so much!

I've just read thew whole fic and I love it-brilliant.

Can't wait for more

Thankyou so much and welcome aboard!

Well, finally, the next chapter.


Chapter 8

Regrets, but not the kind you think of

“Sometimes, struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If we were to go through our life without any obstacles, we would be crippled. We would not be as strong as what we could have been. Give every opportunity a chance, leave no room for regrets.” – Unknown


The wind had died down and was now settling as a gentle breeze as Belle and Aden walked together back along the beach. Dark, grey clouds were circling in the sky above and the ocean had calmed down to light crashing into the rocks and tender high tides coming in and eating the sand, leaving it a dark brown as it dragged itself back out.

“I was thinking...’ Aden said as Belle looked up at him as they continued on their path down the beach, toward’s Belle’s house. “I know you like me and everything...’

“Bit up yourself much...?’ Belle cut in as Aden grinned as she burst into a fit of giggles.

“Just listen...’ Aden said as he brushed up against her. “I know you like me, and I like you, alot... and... I know that there’s is stuff going on with you, and Mattie... but would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?’ he asked as Belle looked at him with her big brown eyes, half smiling before stopping, as did Aden as he turned so they were facing each other.

“Aden I... of course I like you and I’m... flattered that you like me but... if you date me, you dont know what your getting yourself into...’ Belle couldn’t find the right words to explain to Aden as she looked down.

“Belle... I know... I know your...’ Aden looked around to make sure no one was listening to them or around to heaqr him before he spoke up again. “In witness protection...’ he bought his voice down to a whisper as Belle shot her head back up at him.

“And I’m willing to take the risk...’ he also said as Belle just couldn’t stop looking at him.

Leaning in, Aden took both her hands into his as he waited for her to say something.

“Ok...’ she finally said after a long silence. “Tomorrow night!’


He watched from a distance, in his car and a pair of camoflage binoculars up to his eyes, making them look three times bigger at the other end, watching her and that boy down the beach as she smiled at him and they both began walking along the deserted beach again.

Moving the binoculars away from his eyes, his mouth pursed up into a grin as he threw the binoculars over his shoulder onto the back seat behind him. Looking down at the passenger seat, he picked up the file that was sitting there and opened it. Picking up a handful of black and white pictures before rummaging through them.

Mount less picture’s of Belle, all different clothes, locations, in her brand new school uniform, at the Diner with Aden, getting out of a car with Matilda. Even pictures with the police looking so frustrated she looked like she was yelling at them.

He placed the pictures back in the file and closed it before sitting the file back on the passenger seat. Leaning forward he turned the key in the ignition as his car erupted into life. Putting his seat belt on he put the car into gear and put his foot to the pedal as the car tyre’s spun instantly before it jerked and raced back in reverse, almost swiping the car parked next to him before slamming his foot on the brake as the car jerked again.

Again, he put the car into gear, into drive this time as he looked into his middle mirror before looking forward at the road again and slamming his foot on the accelerator as the tyres once again began to spin and the car began to fish tail forward before speeding off dangerously.


Ric watched her, eying her feature’s closely as she stood near the window, staring out it intently, her arms crossed over her chest.

She looked confused.

Getting to his feet, he walked over beside her as she turned her head and looked at him gently before returning her gaze back out the window.

“Are you regretting this... us... the kiss?’ he asked as she instantly shook her head and repeating the same word to him.

“No, no, no, no way,’ she mumbled as she looked at him and sighed. “I’m just... I’m regretting wanting you here with me, I’m regretting that you might get caught in this and get hurt, I’m regretting falling for you just to possibly have you taken away from me!’ she said as she slowly turned around and entwined her fingers into his.

“But I know one thing for sure,’ she said with a small smile crossing her lips. “I’m not regretting this moment,’


He tapped on the door and waited. Running his hand through his blonde hair as he heard foot steps on the other side. Slowly the door creaked open and Cassie half appeared out the door.

“Lucas...’ she whispered as she hid the right side of her face.

“Hey, I got your phone call, are you ok? You sounded upset?’ he asked as Cassie looked at him, tear stained face as she pulled the door fully open.

Lucas’s eye’s widened horrifically as Cassie stood in the door way, choking back sobs as tears ran down her face and cheeks as her arms hung by her side’s.

“Oh god... Cass... what the hell happened?’ he asked in shock and anger as Cassie suddenly broke down as her knees gave way and she collapsed as Lucas caught her in his arms.

“Cass, talk to me!’

Chapter 9

What's wrong with Cassie?

Who is watching Belle?

Matilda and Ric become official

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Thanks so much for your lovely comments, I'm so thrilled so many of you are reading my fic :)

And I'm so happy to those of you who have just read this, I hope you continue to until it has ended.


Chapter 9

You can’t hurt me, but you can!

“Happiness lies for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched, and those who have tried for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives.” – Unknown


Lucas held his girlfriends in his arms as she cried, choking back uncontrollable sobs as Lucas ever so gently stroked her hair.

“It’s my fault, I pushed and pushed and pushed... he just snapped...’ she sobbed as she choked back another couple of sobs.

Gently, he stood and kept hold of her as he also pulled her to her feet. Walking into the house, he pushed the door shut behind him as he led Cassie into the kitchen and sitting her on one of the table chairs. Raching over to the sink he grabbed a cloth and wet it before racing back over to her.

Just looking at her, broke Lucas’s heart. The whole left side of her face was completely swallon. Her left eye was bruised and bloody,half closed and her eye itself had red veins popping all around the white’s of her eye. Blood was running down her cheek which was also swallon and she had a bloody and split lip.

“Was it your dad?’ Lucas finally asked as he leant down in front of her and began dabbing at her wounds as whimpering sounds escaped her lips as he touched her tender and sore face and she jumped slightly.

“Yes...’ she choked back another sob as Lucas’s lips pursed in anger.

“Is he here?’ he simply asked.

“No...’ she whispered choking back another sob.

“Where is he?’ the rage erupting throughout Lucas’s body was excruciating as he cursed underneath his breath before sitting the cloth down and reaching into his pocket.

Pulling out his phone he went into the camera and held it up to Cassie’s bruised and battered face before taking a picture as she just sat there, staring.

“Were going to the cops, now!’ the rage in his voice was evident as he slammed his phone back in his pocket but gently leant down in front of Cassie and helped her to her feet.

All of a sudden, Cassie felt dizzy as the room began to spin around in front of her, black dots appearing in front of her eyes as she felt very light headed as she felt herself falling to the ground as everything went black.


They were sitting on the couch, snuggled up to each other with a hot cup of coffee in both their hands and a blanket from Matilda’s bedroom covering their legs. Matilda’s head was resting against Ric’s shoulder and his arm was wrapped around her.

The front door opened and Belle and Aden walked in, both stopping in their tracks as Matilda and Ric looked up at them.

“Um, hey!’ Belle said as she closed the door and walked over to the couch opposite Ric and Matilda.

“Hey,’ Matilda replied, not being able to keep the smile off her face as Aden joined Belle.

B elle looked from Matilda to Ric, and back to Matilda before grinning broadly and pointing at both of them. “Your together, arn’t you?’

Matilda couldn’t help herself as she grinned broadly before looking at Ric and leaning up as they both captured each other’s lips, kissing tenderly before pulling back and looking back at Belle.

“Yes,’ Matilda replied simply as Belle squealed excitedly.


She stared intently at the white walls surrounding her as she waited, lying flat on the bed with Lucas by her side. Lucas had called an ambulance when she called and had been rushed into hospital after regaining conciousness and telling everyone she was fine.

Lucas sat beside her in the chair, holding her hand as he watched her just stare at the walls. Finally looking up as Rachel walked in.

“Cassie... did you hit your head? because you have a lot of swelling to your brain which is why your eye is pushed out so far...’ Rachel explained as she pulled out a head scan that the doctor had orered.

“I can’t remember...’ Cassie mumbled quietly as Rachel nodded.

“Ok, well you have a concusion why is why you fainted, I’m going to get a nurse to treat your face. I have called the police and they are on their way and... you also have a broken rib which is why you had so much trouble breathing and crying.’ Rachel said as Lucas was listening intently to every little detail of Rachel’s words.

There was a quiet tap on the door as two police officer’s entered. Cassie looked over at the door as her eyes widened.

“Get him out...’ she began to panic as both Rachel and Lucas looked over to see her dad standing there. Wriggling up as tears welled up in her eyes and her breathing quickened dramatically.

“Get him out... GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT...’ She screamed as she suddenly screamed out in pain, clutching her head as Rachel ran over to her.

Looking over at the officers she spoke professionally. “I think it best if you wait outside...’

Cassie cried out in pain as her breathing was now erratic and she couldn’t stop as the pain was becoming unbearable.

“Cassie, calm down, its ok, he’s gone now...’ Rachel tried to soothe the distressed, beaten girl while Lucas looked like he was about to cry.


He sat outside the house, watching as the light’s began to switch on and the curtain’s were closed. Picking up the file on Belle again, he sat it on the dash board in front of him and leant over to the passenger side. Sitting back up he held a back pack in his hand as he zipped it open and reached inside.

Pulling his hand out as the object sat in his hand, he grinned.

Turning the sharp blade over as he examined the silver blade. His lips pursed broadly before turning his gaze back to the house and pushing himself down in his seat.

Chapter 10

Aden and Belle go on their date

Cassie moves out of home, but where to?

Someone moves to the bay who has a connection to one of the girls... who is it?

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Thanks so much guys, and Im glad you all like the quotes at the beginning of each chapter, I thought it would be something different to do it and to make each quote a part of what that chapter is about.


Chapter 10

I’m falling in love with you, do you love me too?

Never question if you are in love or not, because if you were you wouldn't need to ask. – Unknown


The beautiful colors of sunrise over Summer Bay illuminated the sky, the ground and everything around it. Purple, yellow, orange, red and even tinges of pink ate through the sky and.

Belle was sitting outside with a cup of coffee as she took in the beautiful morning sky. She sighed happily as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back as the nice breeze hit her face and gently swayed her hair.

She heard someone behind her and opened her eyes and looking behind her as Matilda came strolling outside in a happy daze. She also held a hot cup of coffee in her hands and her long blonde hair was scrunched in a low messy pony tail as she wore her green pajama’s.

“Morning...’ Belle chirped as Matilda looked at her and smiled back happily.

“Morning...’ Mattie replied back as she took a seat next to Belle. “I’m so glad we haven’t got school for two days...’ she sighed in happiness, elated because she was spending the day with Ric.

“Me to... oh can you help me pick something for tonight?’ Belle asked as Matilda looked at her as her smile widened.

“That’s right...’ she awed in a sweet sort of way. “You have a date with... Aden...’ she emphasized Aden’s name as Belle began to giggle, her cheeks flashing a crimson red.

“Yeah I do... so can you help me?’ Belle pleaded as Matilda grinned and nodded as Belle looked relieved almost instantly.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,’ she squealed happily as she sat her cup down on the table and clapped her hands excitedly.


She sat parked, staring at the sign. Taking in every detail of the ‘Welcome to Summer Bay’ sigh sitting just in front of her car. Along with the sign she could see the beautiful, sparkling brown, white sand and the beautiful different colors of the ocean.

She could smell the salty fresh air, she smell of freshly cut green grass and lavender hedges close by made everything even more delicate. She closed her eyes and listened to the sound of the water just meters away from her, could hear the sound of laughter from people not only on the beach having fun but also people walking by, at the bus stops of the sound of car doors being slammed and shut like they were the most delicate things on earth.

She re-opened her eyes, sighing elatedly as her eyes adjusted to the lack of buildings and honking cars telling you to ‘get moving or else’ because their owners were too damn bloody impatient. This was her kind of scenery, the kind of place she had once lived as a little girl and hoped to one day live like again.

But first, she had to find her daughter, her daughter who had witnessed such a terrible crime that she was now being chased because of it. Her beautiful daughter, who she had hoped would be here after the main sergeant had hinted at the possibility.

She turned the key in the ignition as the car revved to life before settling to a silenced humming coming out from under the engine as she slowly put her hand on the gear and placed it into drive.

Keeping her foot on the brake as she did so. She had always thought she was a good driver, after many years of driving around with ehr daughter in the car, as a baby, then a little girl and finally a teenager until she had to be taken away from her. She eased her foot off the brake as she felt the tyres nudge a fraction before she put her foot down on the accelerator, careful not to jerk the car forward as she pulled away form the sign and made her way into the Bay, hopefully to find her daughter.


“Cassie, I dont feel comfortable letting you out of hospital so soon after your attack...’ Rachel emphasized her worry at the battered teenage girl.

“No... I can’t stay in here, if my dad comes back...’ Cassie shuddered at the thought as she slowly climbed out of the bed just as Lucas walked in.

“But you’ll be going home, where he lives...’ Rachel expressed her feelings as Lucas stopped in the door way, completely stunned at what he was seeing.

“Cass, whats going on?’

“I can’t stay here Luc, dad knows where I am... I dont want him to know... I dont so i have to get out of here...’ Cassie was beginning to panic again as she had to stop and lean against the bed and breath whilst she closed her eyes.

“But you cant go home...’ Lucas tried to explain as Cassie nodded.

“I’ll go somewhere else...’ she stated.

“Where?’ Lucas cut in as Cassie slapped her arms to her side, instantly regretting it as she whimpered out in pain as both Rachel and Lucas raced to her side, helping her to hold herself up as the pain surged throughout her body.

“Ok...’ Rachel sighed as she and Lucas sat Cassie on the bed. “Come and stay with me, press charges against your father and get a restraining order against him,’ Rachel ordered as Cassie looked at Lucas and then at Rachel to see if she was serious.

“Really?’ she asked.

“Yes... really...’ Rachel sympathized as she waited for Cassie’s response, getting a small smile and a nod.

“Thank you,’ Cassie whispered as Lucas moved in and wrapped his arms gently around her waist, placing a soft delicate kiss on her right cheek.


Later that night


She spun herself around as the black dress fanned out at the bottom as Matilda giggled and clapped ecstatically. She had helped Belle pick out her outfit for her date with Aden tonight, and for once, Belle looked genuinely excited.

Wearing a strapless black dress that hugged her petite frame in all the right places which fanned out at the bottom as it sat only inches above her knees. She wore a pair of silver high heels along with a shaul to cover her bare shoulders which suited the dress perfectly. Her hair was wavy and had a nice black hair clip in the side and she had only done a little make-up, not to go over the top.

Looking at Matilda, Belle grinned broadly as Matilda grinned back at her friend as the door bell rang and both girls squealed in joy and began jumping up and down. Racing over to her bed, Belle grabbed the black purse which surprisingly held her contents that she needed. Mobile phone, wallet with money (just in case) lip gloss and her little pager with she had to press if she was in trouble.

Matilda was already down at the door and had let Aden in with Belle descended the stairs, holding the rail for extra support as it had been way to long since she had worn high heels. Aden was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs, mouth wide open as he watched her gracefully take the stairs one at a time.

“You... you look gorgeous...’ Aden muttered once Belle had stepped off the last step and stood in front of him.

“You dont look too bad yourself,’ Belle replied as she felt herself begin to blush as Aden held his arm out as Belle grinned and linked her arm through his.

“Have a great time guys,’ Matilda cooed as she watched Belle and Aden walk out the door, Belle craning her body around to wave energetically at Matilda with a grin plastered on her face from ear to ear.


He opened the car door as Belle thanked him and climbed out, making sure to grab her purse as she did so. Waiting for Aden as she had no idea where they were she looked around. All she could see was darkness and the sound of waves crashing hard up against rocks.

He took her hand, entwining his fingers in between hers as he led her forward. Lights began to switch on, revealing to Belle, a look out of some sort which had been decorated with different colored fairy lights. Around the stone wall were tiny candles and roses.

Fire lanterns sat at the entrance of the lookout and right in the middle, three candles in the middle with a red table cloth and white and pink roses was a table and two chairs with plates, knives, forkes and even glass filled with grape juice.

“Oh my god...’ Belle stuttered, shocked.

Chapter 11

Aden and Belle have their first kiss

Who is the mystery woman?

And back at school, Cassie is getting paranoid that her father might find her

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