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Somewhere Along The Line

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Chapter Three

It was Tuesday morning, and Belle had done the finishing touches to getting ready. She had prepared the spare room in order for it to be ready for when Ric and Matilda arrived. The house glistened as it was spotless, not a spec of dust on a surface, not an item out of place, she knew that Ric and Mattie wouldn’t mind if the house was a mess, but she hadn’t seen them in a while so it needed to be clean for them.

Looking round, she checked everything ensuring she had got everything in place. She picked up her car keys and headed out, making sure the door was locked on her way out. Before the whole ordeal with the developers, she would have happily left the house unlocked, nut know, she didn’t trust anyone apart from her friends and family.

Unlocking her car, she noticed Aden running towards her.

“Hey babe, aren’t you supposed to be at work?”

“Yeah, well that was the plan, but the trawler has an engine problem, and there’s no way it’s going to be fit to go out for a week, so Gibsy’s given us all the week off, but he’s paying us.”

“Can he afford to do that?”

“Yeah, we had a massive catch the other day and sorted out a big deal the day before, so we’re doing well.”

“Awesome, no need to complain then.”

“None at all. You going to pick up Ric and Mattie?”

“Yeah, you feel like coming? As much as I love listening to the radio, I’d rather have a civilised conversation for the two hour drive.”

“Sure, you want me to drive?”

Although it was Belle’s car, she thought that amount of time she spent with Aden; she might as well have him on her insurance.

“Nah, you’re alright, you can drive on the way home, I can relax with Mattie then.”

“Fair enough babe.”

They got in their respective seats, Belle driving, and Aden sat in the passenger’s seat, Belle put the car into first gear, and drove away. They sat in to car, enjoying each other’s company and having what only could be described as a random conversation.

As they approached the airport, she scanned the car park, looking for available parking spaced to be able to park her Audi, spotting an available one, she carefully reversed her car into the spot. Putting the car into neutral, both her and Aden got out of the car, after shutting the doors, she locked her car and they walked hand in hand towards the arrivals lounge of the airport, locating an available seat, Aden sat down, drawing Belle down to sit on his lap.

Belle caught sight of the Flight Information Board and saw that Ric and Mattie’s flight had just landed, knowing that they had to go through all the necessities of baggage reclaim and so on, she relaxed again. Five minutes later, she saw two familiar faces walking towards them, and a smile grew on her face. Finally reaching them, she drew them both into a hug.

“Hey, long time, no see” Belle gestured.

“Too long” Mattie replied.

Mattie drew her left hand to the right side of her face to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“Oh My God!” Belle exclaimed.

[A//N - Thank you to all you guys who are commenting, you guys are giving me the strength to continue. You're all angels :)]

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Oooooooooh, are Mattie and Ric engaged? I think sooo... ^_^

Another great chapter. Loved the Adelleness in it, even if it was really mild. It made more of an impact that way :D

Can't wait for more. Esp now with Mattie and Ric being back :D

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Really enjoying your fiction, it's really good!

What's on Mattie's hand?

Aden and Belle are so :wub: , can't get enough of them.

Look forward to the two couples spending some time together!!

Update soon :D

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Chapter Four

“Why didn’t you tell me, when did this happen…what?” Belle practically shouted at her best friend.

“Well, as tempting as it was to tell you over the phone we kind of wanted to tell you that we were engaged face to face. You know looks on people’s faces and all that, you don’t seem to get that from a phone” Ric replied.

“Ha ha, very funny. Seriously when did this happen?” Belle retorted, rather sarcastically to Ric’s comment.

“About 2 months ago.” Mattie replied.

“2 MONTHS!!!” Belle was literally screaming.

“Err, babe, as much as I want to find this stuff out, we are kind of causing a scene.” Aden interrupted.

“Fine, but this is not over, to be continued, right?” Belle added.

“Don’t worry love, we will reveal all.” Matilda replied, trying to calm her best friend.

Gathering all their things together they made their way to Belle’s car. Belle was holding Aden’s hand, and Ric and Mattie were hand in hand as well, Ric was dragging their suitcase behind them, and Belle and Mattie were linking arms, they looked unbreakable. They reached Belle’s car, and releasing her arm from Matilda, she grabbed her keys from her pocket and unlocked her car.

“Nice wheels.” Ric commented.

“Thanks Ric, all thanks to this man over here” Belle added, while placing a soft kiss on Aden’s lips.

Belle opened the boot of her car, allowing Ric to place his and Mattie’s stuff in, Aden climbed into the driving seat, remembering their conversation from the morning. Meanwhile, Ric opened the rear drivers door, about to climb in.

“Ric, do you want to sit at the front, that way, I can sit at the back with Mattie.” Belle questioned.

“Yeah, sure.” Ric left the door open, ready for Belle to climb in, while he went around the back of the car, opening the rear passenger’s door, for Mattie to climb in.

“Aden, you watching this, look and learn babe, look and learn.”

“Erm, Belle, I do that for you all the time.

“Once, Aden, once”

“Fine, I shall now treat you like a princess. There, you happy?”

“Much, thank you.” Belle reached her hands around the driving seat, in order to hug her boyfriend, Aden replied by kissing her hand. By this point, both Ric and Mattie were in the respective seats, waiting for Aden and Belle to finish whatever they were doing.

“You know, as happy as I am to see you two, I would really like to head to the Bay.” Ric said.

“Yeah mate, you’re right.” Belle withdrew her hands from Aden and he started the car, he drove out of the car park and headed home.

“So” Belle started. “Continue, Matilda, I want to know everything.”

[A/N - Some detective work been going on here I see, well done. You've all got great minds! :D Thank you for all the comments, it's always nice to read.]

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:lol: at Belle's reaction! Don't blame her though; I'd be pretty miffed if my best mate didn't tell me for 2 months! Lol!

LOVED Ric's sarcasm. And his comment on Belle's car. Totally him. And how AOL is it that Aden bought her a car ^_^ And I have no doubt that Aden treats Belle like a princess anyway, but that was funny! Bless!

Can't wait for more. These 4 sound/look like they're gonna be fun :D

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Chapter Five

“Well it was a Friday night, and I had just finished my exams, so Ric told me he was going to take me out for dinner as a celebratory, well done type of thing. He told me to dress up smart, so I didn’t think anything by it, and it was an excuse to get all dressed up, so I grabbed on to it, by both hands, as you do. Anyway, we went to this restaurant, called ‘Under the Stars’, which sounds weird I know, but it is uberly posh and at night, all the exterior lights go out, and the ceiling opens up, revealing the stars, it’s so romantic, you have no idea. When that happened, Ric could see I was too busy looking up, so took the opportunity, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.” Mattie said, tears welling in her eyes.

“Awww, Ric you romantic you. Never thought you had it in you.” Belle commented.

“Oi, I remember having a similar conversation a few years ago, you know, the famous picnic, when Lucas and I finally got you two to be friends.” Ric replied.

“Yeah, well a lot of good stuff happened that day, I finally found my best friend, and my life changed for the better.” Belle replied, remembering the good old times.

“Anyway, back to the present.” Matilda continued, “here we are today, 2 months later, engaged, happy, finally we can move on, forget about the bad stuff, focus on the good, and well start our lives together as husband and wife.”

“That sounds amazing” Belle replied softly, “I’m so happy for you, both of you, you two have been through a hell of a lot, and I couldn’t think of two people more suited for each other.”

“Apart from you and me, hey babe.” Aden interrupted.

“Yeah, of course. But you two, I am so proud of both of you, for getting where you are today.”

“I am so thankful, for getting where we are today, if Mattie wasn’t so forgiving, and didn’t put up with me when I was a total jerk, we wouldn’t be here today. She is amazing, and I love her so much.”

“Aww Ric, you big softie.” Aden added, while giving Ric a gentle, yet playful nudge.”

“You can talk Mr, after the speech you gave me yesterday; you are on the same level I think.” Belle chuckled.

“Yeah, fair play, fair play.”

“Well, now you know that Ric and I are engaged, I was wondering whether you would like to be a bridesmaid.” Matilda asked.

“Are you kidding me, I would love to be a bridesmaid, nothing would give me more honour.” Belle replied, while leaning over to hug her best friend.

“One down, three more to ask.” Matilda said, like she was completing some sort of checklist.

“Who else do you have in mind?” Aden questioned.

“Well, I was hoping to have Belle, Tash, Cassie and Martha.” Mattie replied.

“Wow, you’ll have some hot wedding photos.” Aden joked.

“Oi, eyes on me Mr.” Belle gestured

“Always have and always will be Belle.”

“Good to know” Belle laughed.

“I wanted to have Daisy as well, my friend as Uni, but she moves to France next month for a year’s work placement.” Mattie instated.

For the rest of the journey, Belle and Mattie spent the time talking about how her course was going, what they were going to get up to, and about the upcoming wedding. They were entranced in their conversation, as it appeared Ric and Aden seemed to be, as they were driving past the ‘Welcome to Summer Bay sign before they knew it.”

“Home, sweet home” Mattie and Ric said in unison.

[A/N - Thank you so much for following and commenting, it really means a lot to me and gives my confidence a boost. You really are amazing guys. :) ]

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