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Somewhere Along The Line

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Story Title: Somewhere along the line

Type of story: Short/Long Fic (Undecided)

Main Characters: Belle, Aden, Ric, Matilda with the possibility of others joining.

BTTB Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Drama, Friendship, Angst

Spoilers: Not intended, highly unlikely.

Warnings: May be language and implied sexual content (nothing major)

Summary: Belle and Aden's lives.

I have only done the first chpater. I thought I would put it up and allow you to read it, see if anyone is interested, Please tell me if you would like me to continue with it.

Somewhere along the line

Chapter One

Sitting up in bed, Belle gazed around her, at the moment she couldn’t be happier. She had gotten over her drug problem and was now stronger than ever. She had her loving boyfriend, Aden back in her life, and had her job back at the paper. She cast her mind to the upcoming weekend, and she knew that it was going to be good. Her best friend, Mattie was coming back from Perth for the weekend with her boyfriend Ric, she was so happy for her best friend. Mattie had had a rough time over the past couple of years, fighting bulimia, losing her Mum and supporting Ric during his job, the fighting and with Viv and the baby, but now it was her turn, and Belle was proud of her.

She looked at her clock, it read 9.00 am, Aden was at work, and she was on holiday from work, it was exactly what she needed, she had tied up some big stories, but now was time for her. Suddenly her phone rang, withdrawing her from her thoughts, glancing down at the Caller ID it said ‘Mattie’, she answered with a smile.


“Hey Belle, how are you?”

“I’m good thanks, looking forward to seeing you, I can’t wait.”

“I know, me neither, I think I’ve worn Ric down with my excitement, anyway, I’ve managed to finish all my assignments and Ric has the week off work as well, so we were wondering whether you’d mind if we come tomorrow instead of Friday.”

“What, are you kidding me, I would love to see you, what time do you think that you will be here?”

“Well, we’ve nearly finished packing, and there is a flight tomorrow morning at 10.am, so we were thinking about catching that one. Ric has already checked and there are loads of tickets left, the flight is practically empty.”

“Awesome, that sounds amazing, I’ll be at the airport to pick you up, what time do you think you’ll land, about 1?”

“Yeah, that sounds good to me, but we can get a taxi.”

“You must be joking, I get to spend an extra three days with my best friend, I’m picking you up, besides I have a new car, Aden bought it for me, he said I had been through a lot and I deserved to be pampered.”

“Well you do, you lucky thing. You have a thing about letting boyfriends buy cars for you.”

“True, but to be fair, how was I to know that Drew would buy me a car let alone Aden?”

“Maybe Aden could talk to Ric, as much as a love that scooter, a car would be a bit more practical.”

“I’ll see what magic I can cast.”

“Thanks love, well I have to go, Ric is back from town, just got some more things before we come.”

“See you tomorrow Mattie, have a safe flight.”

“Will do, thanks Belle, love you.”

“Right back at ya.”

They both hung up, and the smile across Belle’s face grew and grew, finally after everything, her life was slowly coming together.

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Right, I have decided to continue with this, but you'll have to bear with me. I am right in the middle of sitting my A-Levels, and with school work, revision and working part time, that doesn't leave much time for anything else. I will try and update whenever I can. But thank you for taking an interest, gave me a boost on a really bad day.

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Chapter Two

It was approaching 3.pm; Aden would be finishing his shift at any time, so Belle decided to walk down to meet him at the pier. The sun was shining, so the multicoloured summer dress she was wearing reflected her mood. Sitting down on a bench at the pier, she looked out to sea, the water was a deep blue, the kind of blue that you see in films, or on holiday brochure, but never quite envisage that you would see yourself, the sun was reflecting from the water and all was calm. Perfect she thought to herself.

Drifting off in her own little world, Belle could feel two eyes staring at her.

“Hey gorgeous” Aden called.

“Hey yourself” Belle replied.

“You OK? You seemed kind of zoned out.” Aden was getting seemingly worried about his girlfriend.

“Yeah, I’m good thanks, just admiring the view.”

“Me? What’s not to like?”

“You know, if your head gets any bigger, then it will be visible from space.” Belle replied, chuckling at the thought.

“Aww, I love you too babe.”

“Good to know”, Belle said adoringly while giving Aden, a short, yet loving kiss.

“Oh, by the way I have news, you know that Ric and Mattie are coming down this weekend? Well Mattie has been able to finish her assignment and hand it in, and Ric has some time off work , so they are coming tomorrow.”

“Awesome, I know how excited you have been to see Matilda, and to be honest it would be nice to spend time with Ric, actually as friends.”

“Exactly, thank you so much Aden, for getting over your stubbornness and putting your differences aside with Ric. I know you weren’t exactly best buds to start with, but it really means a lot to me, that you are getting along.”

“Well, he’s a good guy I suppose. To be honest, before you, I was a jerk, I hurt people, used people and I hate myself for that. But you turned my world around. You made me realise that there can be more to life than just being the big tough guy, like I thought I had to be. You made me realise that it’s what the inside that counts and that giving people a chance really helps. Belle, if it wasn’t for you, I don’t know what I would be today.”

Tears were starting to form in Belle’s eyes. She couldn’t believe that this was the same Aden that she thought was a complete tool over a year ago.

“Well babe, I’m so glad you feel that way and I am so proud of you. Right then, as much as I love to hear your loving words, you do rather smell of fish. Come on, back to mine, have a shower and I’ll make you something nice to eat.”

“What would I do without you?”

“Probably nothing. Let’s go home.”

Aden reached out and took Belle’s hand; they walked back to Belle’s house in comfortable silence, each thinking how lucky they were to have the other in their lives. They knew they had gone through a lot to get where they were today, but that only made them stronger, and right now they were inseparable.

[AN - Thank you for all your replies. It really means a lot that you guys are following. :)]

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I'm really liking this! You're a great writer! and i really like the premise you've taken with it, it should be really interesting to see Ric and Matilda come back for a bit.

Aden was so sweet in that last chapter, those words were so sincere! Can't wait for more!

Update soon! :D

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Aw, that was too cute and sweet! ^_^ Love the Adelleness!!

Eeek, cannot wait for Ric and Mattie to return. Hopefully, it'll all go smoothly... :P

Update soon I hope, but I understand about exams and all so don't stress! And good luck! :D

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