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Chris Hemsworth runs hot and cold in LA

Guest Anaya

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Chris Hemsworth runs hot and cold in LA

April 13, 2009 12:00am

Herald Sun (HeraldSun.com.au)

FORMER Home and Away star Chris Hemsworth has learned quickly the up-and-down nature of work in Hollywood.

Hemsworth, who stars in the new Star Trek film alongside Eric Bana, was suddenly hot stuff when he arrived in LA two years ago.

"When I first arrived in LA, I shot three films in the first year," he told GQ magazine.

"Then I had nothing for seven months.

"I started learning muay thai (kickboxing) and it was great - my trainer has become like my Yoda."

Despite landing a key role as Captain Kirk's father George in one of the year's most anticipated releases, Hemsworth said he was not a sci-fi fanatic.

"I'm fully aware of what Star Trek means to its dedicated fans," he said.

"I've always appreciated the TV series, but I have never been to a fan convention or anything."

The Phillip Island lad said his biggest indulgence was surfboards.

"I constantly convince myself I need new boards," he said. "It's not too bad as a weakness, I guess; after all, it could be drugs."

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I also saw Star Trek today and I have to admit I thought that Chris did a fantastic job in playing George. It was weird seeing him in a Starfleet uniform, and I had a strange urge to shout out Kim at the cinema, but kudos to him. He did really well. :)

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