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Liam Murphy - Axle Whitehead

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From what I've seen so far, I'm very pleasantly surprised. I must admitted I was sceptical given the "Idol" stigma, and I did wonder if they'd hired him for the right reasons....but I've been very impressed with his ating thusfar. I also think a 'rockstar' will be an extremely character to explore, he'll have had an awful lot of life experiences that the other characters on the show wouldn't have done I imagine, and so from that perspective I can see him becoming a very unique and interesting character.

I would like to think they won't go don't the "Liam and Belle" route, not because I have any silly allegiances to 'Adelle' but just because it would seem so very obvious - it would be good if and Belle could continue as two characters who lean on each other because of their shared experience, and not let that get interfered by any romance - unfortunatly, I doubt that's how it'll turn out.

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Aww Liam, he is so :wub:

If it wasn't that i love Adelle so much, i would definitely want him and Belle to be coupled, but i will settle for friendship instead :D

I'm so amazed at how well they work together and hope Belle doen't ignore him when she gets back with Aden.

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