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Crossover (by Red Ranger 1) - comments


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Oh wow. The impression you gave from one of your final comments on Alternates I didn’t think you were going to write a sequel. :P What made you change your mind? I’m definitely going to try and make sure I read this. So Ric is still working at the warehouse. I’m surprised he hasn’t been asking himself questions about his employers and wondering what kind of people would be in possession of something with such power and why only he is guarding it. You could probably write a whole season of episodes of various Summer Bay residents touching the pyramid and getting teleported across the space-time continuum to….wherever.

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Oh wow. The impression you gave from one of your final comments on Alternates I didn’t think you were going to write a sequel. :P What made you change your mind?

Well I think I said I'd think about it...I'm probably going to regret mentioning this on an open forum but I decided when I first started posting on here that if anyone asked for a sequel to one of my stories I'd write one.(There's a few stories I had sequels planned for but no-one asked for one...and a few others I was heartily glad no-one asked for a sequel for because I've no idea what I'd have done.)

Anyway, glad you're liking this.

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Assuming that that event was only two weeks after Ric was teleported to another universe and Matilda went to the exact place and time in a seperate universe, you would have to assume that is a different alternate universe to the one Ric went to because although Tony and Beth are still married, Miles and Rachel were at the caravan park together whereas in Alternates it was Sally and Kiaran. So I guess you’re subscribing to the theory of an infinite number of parallel universes (see you’re not the only one who thinks about things).

BTW – Look forward to seeing what the Matilda in our Summer Bay universe is like.

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If Mr Red Ranger can obsess about rooms inside various Summer Bay dwellings (or TARDISs as he likes to call them) why can’t I obsess about parallel Universes? :P

I forgot about Matilda’s crush on Kim. That was when she pretended that she was drowning so he could rescue her.

Well at least alternate Matilda 2 is not as bad as alternate Matilda 1. Look forward to seeing her reaction when she finds out that Beth is dead (if Ric decides to tell her that is). Going by the first story Matilda is obviously in the second parallel Universe to do something so until she does, Ric is stuck with alternate Matilda 2. Looks like he better get used to having an empty bed. Bummer!

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Sorry I’ve been busy with work and haven’t really had time to read any fan fictions, just post on the UK discussion thread.

Really liked the reaction of alternate Matilda 2 upon hearing Scott on the phone thus confirming that Ric was telling the truth about the swap over. I also liked Matilda’s reaction when Kim told Lucas and Lisa that she was from an alternate Universe. I could just picture her looking at him like that too.

I knew Matilda have to do something before the pyramid will begin glowing.

Interesting how this Mandalone person was in both alternate universes. This would suggest (again going back to the infinite universe theory) that he and the pyramid would be in every universe. So although I don’t recall him being mentioned in Alternates this would imply that he is in the mainstream universe too….

BTW - Who's Lisa? :unsure:

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