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Wed, 22 Apr 09 – Episode # 4838

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Zoe’s [No, It’s not THAT Zoe] Story “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 22 Apr 09 – Episode # 4838]


Aden urges Nic to wait of a bit before she goes back to her room. He also insist at he doesn’t want her to say anything to anyone bout them slept together.


Rachel & Tony arrive and tell the likes of Leah bout their great honeymoon.

The neaaby Miles &* Kirsty ask Rach & Tony to a BBQ morrow.


Next day, Roman wakes in a fright again.

Aden is about to go out but Nic want to talk – he insist tat she should forget bout what happened lat night, as he is muchly truing to.

After Aden is gone, Miles arrives. Nic is annoyed tat he’s just turned up unannounced, since Roman wants everything in its place etc since he’s came out of hospital.

Roman descends the stairs, and has a go at Nic for putting the toothpaste in the wrong drawer. He doesn’t though have an issue with Miles droppning in like this.


Belle almost cannot believe what she is hearing when another of the ppl at the rehab, called Zoe, tells the group her story – its like belle is hearing her OWN story when Zoe is talking.

Craig [the counsellor] asks belle if she want to talk to the group but she’s not so keen on that.


Aden ruins along, but when he comes to a stop, he has flashback to being with Nic lat night.


Craig approaches Belle, and wonders if she thinks tat she thinks that she is better than the others. Belle is more than a tad sarcastic with Craig initially, but she does eventually admit tat Zoë’s story was a little to close to home [so to speak] of her liking.


Leah & Pip are in the kitchen when Miles invites leah to lunch. She says yes – even though she knows Roman will be there too – but tell Pip that she regrets saying yes [after Miles has gone] Pipp suggest tat leach should phone roman and “break the ice” before the lunch.


Although he doesn’t want to, Aden is forced to admit to roman that he & Belle have broken up.

After acne bails, the phon rings – its Leah who want to talk to Roman. Roman doesn't want to thought – so Nic tells Leah that he is in the shower.


Rachel & Tony show the like of Pippa & Leah their honeymoon pics.

Rachel then talk to Aden – who tell her that he feel like he cheated on Bell. He is keen to see Belle, and asks Rachel if she can arrange it.


After tony comet bout how he & Rachel didn’t do what Duncan has, i.e. have thri wedding in Las Vegas, Roman arrives – and comet a6tht he had “fun” driving himself here. Kirsty arrives at tee door moments later. He is worries because roman came up to house without her help. Roman [after his “I drove myself here” joke] comet tat he can just imagine the looks on ppl’s faces.


Aden is listening to his iPod when Nic enter the room. He wonders if she intended sleeping with him lat night. Nic denies that - and all Aden can think bout is that he cheated on Belle.

Nic wonders if things can go back to the way they were before they slept together – Aden doesn’t think so.


Rachel talks to Leah & co bout Aden’s request.

The back door slams – and roman has a flashback to the incident. He looks all stress – and heads upstairs to the bathroom. Lah follows him, and he can tell it’s her because of her perfume. Leah tells roman that she misses him – he say tat he misses her too.


Nic & Aden have an argument bout telling roman what happened tween them – Aden doesn’t want to because he fel like he’s betrayed roman as well.

Roman & Miles arrive – and roman isn’t surprised tat its miles who is the 1st one to say tat roman can have a few beers as he is already blind.


Rachel talk to Craig, who doesn’t thick that it’s a good idea for aden to visit Belle.


In Aden’s room, Rachel tells aden what Craig told her.

Aden tell Rachel that it won't be so easy to stay way for the girl that he slept with – but he doesn’t actually say its Nic that he slept with.

Since both are siting down, Aden helps Rachel up before she bails.


Belle talks to Zoe, and admits that their tails are very similar. Zoe insist tat she, or Belle, can’t rely on a man form their self esteem.

Zoe spots someone nearby. She tells Belle to turn round slowly 0- and both are rather surprise to reset rock star Liam Murphy at tej clinic. Its Zoe [not Belle] who say tat Liam’s arrival has finally mad things interesting at the clinic.



Trey & jai decide to settle ting twen them once and for all

Geoff & Claudia waaaaaaaaaaaaay get together

Belle tell the other at rehab bout how she collapsed at the wedding

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nic: black strapless mid thigh dress


Rachel: red top


Leah: purple [with yelow band at waist] thin strap knee dress


Aden: blue shorts

Aden: brown singlet/white, red & blue shorts

Aden: grey [orange & yellow “Z” motif] t/dark long pants

Belle: grey [green unknown motif] t

Craig [counsellor]: bone button up shirt/white t

Kirsty: royal blue [white trim] top/dark long pants

Kirsty: white [strawberry motifs] halter neck dress

Leah: yellow thin strap top

Liam Murphy: olive green shirt/dark cap/dark long pants

Miles: blue [white “sierra Liuminere”] t/

Miles: white [yellow cowboy motif] t/bone long pants

Nicole: red thin strip top/dark [green dots & white trim] bra

Pippa: olive green [raised floral motifs] top

Rachel: pink, blue etc wavy vertical striped top

Roman: black & grey horiz striped t

Tony: blue [white “Russel athletic”] t

Tony: green t

Zoë: grey t/dark cardy

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