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The Apprentice 2009

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Is anyone else watching this year's series?

As usual, I'm absolutely loving it. Except for the occasional glimmer of hope on the TV schedule, there's diddly squat that I would watch on a Wednesday evening, so I'm well chuffed :D.

Already I think this series has been the best yet. I've certainly not laughed at three episodes as much as I have over the past three weeks. I couldn't believe the way both teams went about handling the second task. Neither team could make a decent sandwich or chicken wrap if they tried. And to think that Yasmina is a restaurant owner beggers belief. I'd pay to see Sir Alan's face if he was the one being given that chicken-less wrap :lol:.

James is getting on my nerves, as are Debra and Ben. James just doesn't shut up. He fights his corner, I'll give him that, but he just doesn't shut up and he has to learn to calm down and take things at a slower pace. I'm still amazed at his narrow escape last Wednesday. I thought he was a terrible project manager. Why couldn't he say earlier that he didn't like the 'home gym system' aka Deathbox? I know he was trying to spare everyone else's feelings, as they all seemed to be having kittens over how incredibly wonderful it was, but someone had to take control for the execution of the task and James should have said if he didn't like it. A very poor leader IMO.

Debra is irritating me to the point of despair. She has to know everything, she has to be doing everything and she has to be doing it NOW. Grrr. If she just sat back and toned down her control freak nature, which will alienate her from the rest of the team in the end, she could be in with a chance. But she has to tone down and it's going to have to be soon.

Ben is cocky with a capital c, isn't he? Deary me. Someone has to knock him down a peg or two otherwise he might float off with himself from euphoria at how amazing he is.

I like Kate, Kimberly, Mona, Phillip and Lorraine and I think they've each shown where their talents lie. I don't have a clue what it is but I think Phillip has got something. I'm certainly looking foward to what's in store with him.

I'm still undecided about Howard, Noorul, Yasmina and Paula. Howard I'm not sure what to make of, Noorul doesn't seem to do anything, which is sort of like Maj but more irritating, Yasmina also seems to be hanging around like a spare part and Paula hasn't said two words since show one. So all in all, they're a pretty interesting bunch.

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I love this show. I have to agree that they first few episodes have been very funny. They have been useless with the practical side of tasks.

The show that was on last week where they had to design a new fitness item, seriously that black box was not appealing at all, I just didn't understand it. They should of just kept it simple and produced something that focused on one fitness excercise rather than trying to account for a series of excercises. I think in that kind of show it's better to keep things simple but appealing, especially in the earlier shows.

I was sad to see Rocky leave I would of liked to see him in a few more tasks at least to see how he developed. No one is really appealing to me this year, usually I have few faves in the first few episodes who I could see potentially winning but this year their attitude seems a lot different. The next two people who I would like to see leave is James and Mona, any order, just get them out.

Last week, I didn't even notice Noorul was in the show until 30 mins into the programme. It's not going to do him any good if he just sits back and let the others do the work. He needs to do something to shine otherwise he really needs to go.

Before Christmas, I was shopping and I saw a camera crew and I see Margaret, she was with a group of people, who were obviously the Apprentices and they were filming. I remember seeing a blonde lady, now looking at the contestants either it was Kate or it could just be a crew member. I don't remember seeing anyone that looks familiar to the other apprentices though. I remember that the group was holding a roll of stuff, I don't know if it was carpet or something else. Anyways, this filming was filmed down a market and also a high street. I don't know what episode it will be shown in but I can't wait to see it. :D

Roll on tonight for todays epsiode. It is definately the only thing worth watching on a Wednesday evening.

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I dislike Ben with a passion. That's the second time he has sabotaged his team, yet he gets away with it, thanks to all the crap he talks. It's either all intentional, or he is just stupid. But remember, he's a stockbroker with a SCHOLARSHIP. Anybody who brags about a scholarship which they turned down is living in a different world.

Ben's sports equipment thing was dire. It was a box with string! He came up with the function and designed it, it failed to sell because of it's design and function, yet Maj was fired.

He was then put in charge of pricing the soaps in this week's task, yet he chose to ignore that instruction which led to Yasmina making a balls of the whole thing, yet PAULA gets fired?! Ben's an epic fail. Anybody who doesn't accept responsibility for a stupid decision they chose to make is not worth hiring.

Paula was SO nice. I can't believe she was fired over Ben who is, like I said, intentionally sabotaging his team and then makes himself look good. I'm a bit iffy about Yasmina, but she isn't the worst, so...

I really like Philip and Lorraine. Debra is just plain EVIL. :wub:

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Never mind Ben being Cocky with a capital C....just take the Y off the end...... :ph34r:

I've only watched odd episodes before, but have really got into this series. During the first week I was hoping Mona was going to be fired, for not taking any responsibility as team leader - but since then I think she's mellowed a bit.

As for Noorul, he's just a pillock :P

Both the catering episode and this weeks episode were damn hilarious in a cringeworthy way. Kate's attempt at pitching her team's food, classic! As was the look on her face when they realised the price cockup with the Sandalwood.

I did notice that 2 bottles of Ignite's Honey bubblebath are on eBay. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/The-Apprentice-Team-...%3A1|240%3A1318

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Ben is so big-headed, and has an awful personality. Yet I find him strangely attractive. When he starts yapping, I kind of want to kiss him just to shut him up!

It was very disappointing that Paula got fired, because Yasmina made the big mistake, and Ben failed to help at all. Sometimes I find Alan's (I refuse to call him Sir) decisions hard to understand, however I suppose it is his prerogative to fire the project manager of the losing team, as ultimately they were in charge of the failure. However, if Ben is in the boardroom next week, Alan is an idiot if he doesn't fire him. Then Ben can come over to my house and I'll comfort him, or gag him, or both.

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I cannot stand Ben anymore, first episode he was one of the guys I liked but I now cant stand him. He's way too cocky and up himself. He so should have got fired for the previous task, it wasnt Paula's fault but then again, who can blame Sir Alan if she didnt really stand up for herself?

James just grates on my nerves, the sooner he goes the better.

Philip is my favourite. I love his accent, I dont know what it is about his accent but I love it :P

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Philip is my favourite. I love his accent, I dont know what it is about his accent but I love it :P

I love his accent too. I'm not sure what it is either, but it's certainly very easy on the ear :D.

I'm really dissapointed Paula's out. Okay, so maybe she made a bodge job of the costings but from what I gathered she put Ben and Yasmina in control because she felt she wasn't good with the money. Yes, she should have been more on the ball and yes, she should've noticed the difference in cost between cedar wood and sandalwood, but insufferable Ben's done much worse and yet he's still in. Grrr. The injustice of it all.

The main candidate that suprised me on Wednesday's episode was James. He only said a few sentences. And they were actually useful. *Faints*.

I was a bit bemused at Phillip and Kimberly going off at each other in front of the guy who was helping them with the products. Like Lorraine pointed out, it wasn't exactly professional behaviour.

Noorul officially takes over from James as worst PM of this series. He was downright pants. It didn't take long for things to start going downhill either. Did you see the dumbfounded look on his face when they were brainstorming ideas at the table?

I was really impressed with Paula's soap and showergel. But Empire's creations were absouloutely laughable. The back of that soap was disgusting. No, actually, the whole soap was disgusting.

Kate appears to be going from strength to strength each episode, which is brilliant to see. She was out there when they were selling and seems like a positive influence on the rest of the team. She's definitely proving to be one of the better candidates all round.

Even though I like her, I'm not quite sure what Mona did on the last task. She seemed utterly underwhelmed at the brainstorming session and didn't seem to contribute very much during the rest of the task either. I hope she starts picking up soon.

Roll on tonight's show. Only 40 minutes to go! :D

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After the latest episode my opinion has changed on a few people. I now can't stand both Philip and Lorraine. I thought they were both likeable in a quirky way before, but after this week's episode they both should have been fired if you ask me. Ben on the other hand was quite chilled out and a lot less arrogant and offensive. It must have been the positive influence of Kate. She really is a great presence in the group, and an early favourite to win.

Pantsman - WTF???

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Mona's pitch was dreadful - "you cannot put your pants on wrong, because you are not Pantsman!!!" Maybe that's not exactly what she said, but it was something along those lines.

Philip is such a selfish baby, he had a tantrum every time he came up against any form of opposition from any of his team, which is why they went with the ridiculous Pantsman idea, because they were all terrified of Philip having another fit. I think that is a form of bullying.

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