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How Does It Feel

Guest Kris10na

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Story Title: How Does It Feel

Type of story: Medium/Long Fic(undecided)

Main Characters: Kirsty, Kane, Irene, Miles

Characters Mentioned: Martha, Alf, Jai, Annie, Charlie and others

BTTB rating: G/T

Genre: Tragedy, Romance, maybe a bit of Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Sexual content just to be sure

Summary: Kane is in jail and has told Kirsty to move on. How does she feel about living in the Bay again and how will she cope without Kane?

This is the first fan fic I've ever written so this I hope I got this right. I promised "I love music" this fic a while ago so here it is.


Chapter 1

She was walking along the beach, like she used to do when she lived in the town a few years back. The only sound was the one the sea made as it stroke its water upon the sand. She had always loved that sound, ever since she first came to the Bay. It was a sound she associated with harmony and that sound always made her calm, if her life was ever so upsetting. She couldn’t even remember all the times the beach and the sound of the waves had calmed her down or how many times she had been sitting in the sand just staring out at the blue carpet that reached so far that she couldn’t see the end of it. She reached the spot were her husband had been sitting just a few years back. She found him sitting there watching as the sun rose and he thought it was the last time he would be able to watch the sunrise for a really long time. She had told him he was wrong. But he wasn’t. He wasn’t wrong at all. That was the last time they had been together on the beach, watching the sunrise, and now they couldn’t do it, not for a really long time anyway. He wasn’t there. He was in jail.

She sat down and just as she sat there staring out on the ocean, she was thinking about him and their son, whom they loved so much. She looked around but there was no one on the beach or nearby it, which was kind of strange as it was such a lovely day. Her thoughts drifted away to a place far away from Summer Bay, but suddenly something caught her eye, and she new from the first look what it was. She looked as the human shape moved closer. The shape seemed so real, though she couldn’t quite believe it. She blinked, but the person was still there, constantly moving closer. ’It can’t be him’, she thought, but she wasn’t being mistaken. It was him! He was so close that she could see the smile on his face, the smile she loved so much. She stretched out his hand to touch him, longing to feel his hand in hers…

“Hello! Anyone home?!” Annie came in the backdoor of the Beach House. “Oh hello Kirsty”

Kirsty was dragged out of her daydreaming; “What? Oh hi!" she said when she realized where she was. "How was your day?” she asked.

“Okay, I guess.”

Annie went off to the bathroom and Kirsty allowed herself to drift back to her daydream. However, that didn’t last longer than a second because suddenly the front door was pulled open and a little boy with big brown eyes and blond curly hair came running in followed by a brown haired young woman.

“Mummy, mummy” Oliver went as he ran towards Kirsty, ending up hugging her feets.

“Hello Ollie,” Kirsty greeted her son. “Have you been eating something?”

“No,” Oliver was quick to answer.

The crafty look in his eyes and his cheeks covered with chocolate was telling otherwise.

“Aden gave him some chocolate” Belle said.

“That’s fine as long as you are hungry when it’s dinner” Kirsty answered her while wiping off the chocolate from Ollie's cheeks.

Ollie nodded and turned around to see if there was anything interesting in the room. Annie then came out of the bathroom and he ran towards her.

“Anniiie!” Ollie shouted.

Annie was quick to reply to the hug.

“Do you wanna play with the cars with me?”

“Yep, sure I do”

Watching Annie and Oliver play was such a relief to Kirsty. On the run, Ollie never had anyone to play with apart from Kane and herself. She was glad someone in the Bay cared about them. Kirsty knew Irene would, of course she would. She was like a second mum to her, well third actually after Shelley, her real mum, and Beth, once her step-mother. But of course there were others in the Bay now, that hadn’t been there when they left three years ago. Annie and Belle were really nice, and so good with Ollie. He loved them and they him. Geoff on the other hand was a bit more sceptical. He couldn’t see behind the fact that Kane did that robbery and that her and Kane nearly got Irene in prison. And then there was Leah. Kirsty couldn’t really blame her for being a bit mad about her after Kane stole her money, but well it seemed she didn’t get over it by first. Kirsty couldn’t forget Miles. He let her and Ollie stay in a caravan for free before she landed the job as a secretary at Summer Bay High and even though she now could pay him full rent Kirsty believed that Miles gave her a fair discount. He also invited them to dinner almost every day, and Kirsty couldn’t say no. Eating in the caravan wasn’t really that luxurious, and even though they often ate in the car whilst on the run Kirsty really enjoyed eating dinner in a proper home. The fact that the home had been her own home a few years ago made it even better. She couldn’t complain about the company either. There was Miles who loved to entertain Ollie with his coin trick, Mr. Stewart who Kirsty knew from when she lived in the Bay those years ago and there was Jai. A couple of times Ric had joined them, but now he was in Perth with his girlfriend Matilda.

“Hello darl. How are ya?” Irene walked in the door.

“Hey Irene, I’m fine!” Kirsty answered. “We better go now. C'mon Ollie lets go home,” she said to Ollie. “We’re going to eat dinner with Miles today,” Kirsty explained to Irene.

Ollie ran up to her and Kirsty picked him up.

“Can you say goodbye to Annie and Irene”

“Bye Annie and bye Renie”

“Bye love” Irene replied and planted a kiss on the boy’s head.

Irene looked after them as they left, smiling to herself. She knew it was hard for Kirsty now that Kane was in jail, but she handled it really well. Irene knew she had to for Ollie’s sake and she also knew that Kirsty never had trouble about sticking up to the ones that she loved.

They could have taken the route along the road and they probably should have because that was the shortest one and Miles was expecting them, but something just dragged Kirsty towards the beach. It wasn’t just Kirsty the beach had a magnetic attraction on. Also Oliver preferred the route along the beach, or at least Kirsty thought he did as he ran as fast as his legs could do, soon in front of her, the next minute behind her. He stopped when he spotted something nice in the sand. He then bended down and picked up a stone or a shell, studied it for a while and then put it in his pocket. They already had a pretty large collection of stones and shells back in the caravan and Kirsty made a note to herself to ask Irene for a box to have them in.

Taking the route along the beach meant that they reached the house on the front side. Oliver had found even more stones he just had to look at and so Kirsty sat down on a bench outside. She let her eyes glide and they paused on the Caravan Park House and the front door. It was impossible to count how many times she had walked, ran or dragged herself over that threshold. There were so many memories in that house and by that door. She could easily remember Dani coming home again after being in jail. How everyone hugged her, but Kirsty didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know if Dani wanted to hug her after she chose to stand by Kane during her trial. However Dani stepped forward and the two sisters hugged each other. Another incident also stood out in Kirsty’s mind and that was when Kane came to ask for Rhys’ permission to marry her. Kirsty knew that when he was brave enough to come to her house, look her dad in the eye and ask for his permission it just proved how much he wanted to be with her. You did not want to ask Rhys Sutherland that kind of questions, not if you weren’t considered a nice and respectable bloke and especially not when your name was Kane Phillips.

The feelings that came with the memories were really strange. She missed it, she did. She missed her family and she missed Kane. At the same time something inside her told her to move on. Her family would never be back in the Bay and Kane was in jail. He had told her to move on and she was going to do that. All the things in the past had to stay in the past or else it would be really difficult to do so.

Oliver walked towards Kirsty, three stones were filling his hands.

“Do you really need more stones Ollie?” Kirsty asked him.

“They’re not for me!” Ollie answered in a tone that told Kirsty it was obvious that he was going to give the stones away.

“Ah, okay! So who are you giving them to?”

“This one” Ollie said and shook his left hand, “is for Miles”. “The small one is for Jai and the other one for Mr. Stewart” he said proudly.

“I’m sure they will like them” Kirsty said. “C’mon! Why don’t we go inside?”

Ollie started walking and Kirsty followed him. As they walked towards the door, she couldn’t help but looking up at the window that belonged to her old room.

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Great to see a Kane and Kirsty fic again! :D Would like to have see much more about Kane tho and you really think Ollie would have bothered to pick up a stone for Saint Miles and not for his own Daddy...??? Anyway, constructive criticism over with, I loved the description of the sea and sand at the beginning and I was really hoping it was real and that Kane had either escaped or been freed from jail. Great start and nice to re-live some of the memories, such as when Kane actually asked Rhys if he could marry Kirsty! :)

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Good start.I'm glad that you're writing this because it's good to see something different on here.(And I get that Ollie got a stone for Miles instead of Kane because that's who he was going to see...)It'll be interesting to see how you bring Kane into this(assuming you're going to, his name is at the start after all).Looking forward to reading more.

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Good start.I'm glad that you're writing this because it's good to see something different on here.(And I get that Ollie got a stone for Miles instead of Kane because that's who he was going to see...)It'll be interesting to see how you bring Kane into this(assuming you're going to, his name is at the start after all).Looking forward to reading more.

I wasn't dissing Kris10na's story and sorry if it sounded that way. It's much more likely that Ollie would have picked up another stone and said "This one's for Daddy", probably a paticularly shiny stone, and put it in his other pocket as "special". This would have ended the chapter on a very emotional note.

Looking forward to your next update, Kris10na. :)

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Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! I did plan to update sooner, but I got sick and then I was really busy with school. I really appreciate your comments though, from both of you, and I know that you weren't dissing my story ilm! Constructive criticism is great, because I'm new to this fan fic business and could always learn something new.

Here's the next chapter. I just realized it's a pretty long one. Hope that's okay:

Chapter 2

“G’day love! Come in,” Alf greeted them as Kirsty and Ollie came in the door.

“He-ey! Hope it’s okay for us to come in like this,” Kirsty said.

“Of course it is love. You’re always welcome in this house.”

“Thanks Alf”, Kirsty smiled. “Are we late for dinner?”

“No, just in time. Hello Ollie!”

“Hello!” Oliver said and went to sit beside Jai on the couch.

“You better sit down by the table because dinner is ready!” Miles came from the kitchen with a pan in one hand and a bowl of salad in the other one.

“Hey Kirsty! I’m glad you wanted to join us today.”

“Yeah, well, I had nothing better to do!”

“It’s great Miles,” Kirsty said.

“Thanks, I’m glad you like it. So, how’s Ollie doing at day care?”

“Fine,” Ollie said in between salad and potatoes.

“Ollie! Don’t talk while you have food in your mouth,” Kirsty said. Ollie grinned back at her.

“I think he’s doing fine. There are a few more kids at his age and he seems happy about being there.”

“That’s good love! How is work going for you?” Alf asked.

“Well, it’s getting better. I have some troubles with the computer. I know how to write in Word, but sometimes weird things happens and I don’t know how to fix it”

“Um, I’m sure Jai can help you a bit. He’s pretty good with computers,” Miles said, looking at Jai

“I’m not good with computers; it’s just you old people who are really bad,” Jai said flatly.

“Excuse me? You’re calling me old?” Miles said, trying to sound offended.

“Yes I am” Jai teased before turning to look at Kirsty. “I’m sure I can help you. Why don’t I show you a few things after dinner?”

“Would you do that?”

“Yeah, of course”

“Thanks Jai!”

Jai had been teaching Kirsty a thing or two about computers while Oliver had been sitting by the table, drawing. It was getting late and Ollie struggled to keep his eyes open. He got down from the chair and as Miles came in the room he yawned.

“Are you tired Ollie?”

Oliver nodded, and then yawned again.

“Ok, why don’t I take you home and get you ready for bed. I can even tell you a story before you go to sleep?”

“No, Miles!” Oliver said, suddenly very much awake. “That’s not your job. That’s my daddy’s job.”

Telling stories for Oliver before he went to sleep had always been Kane’s ‘job’. Every time he put Oliver to bed he had a story ready to tell his son. If Kirsty was putting him to bed she used to read books for him, because she knew her stories couldn’t compare with Kane’s. She had heard many of them because they usually stayed in one-room motels; she was lying on the double bed while Kane was sitting on the spare bed where Ollie was sleeping, telling him stories.

Oliver loved all of his daddy’s stories, but his favourite was the stories about Captain Black Bill 5. with his crew of five and their great adventures on the five oceans. There were so many exciting stories about their experiences as they travelled around the world, visiting places they had only heard about and meeting people with interesting stories to tell. In the jungle of Amazonas they met Indians who taught them how to catch the dangerous piranhas and they hunted the buffalos with the Native Americans on the steppes of North America. In the African desert men with turbans were riding their camels and in the north of Scandinavia the Sámi people looked after their large herd of reindeers. They sailed down the river of Nile and in Egypt they saw the pyramids where old Pharaohs were buried. They met animals they never knew existed; pandas, polar bears, penguins, lynxes, lions, giraffes, zebras, hippos and birds in all imaginable colours.

Oliver’s comment to Miles made Kirsty and Jai turn around. Miles seemed rather uncomfortable.

“So, what’s my job then?” he said, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

“Your job is to be a teacher,” Ollie answered, proud to remember what his Mum had told him about Miles. “And to cook dinner and to do coin tricks. You don’t have that many jobs.”

‘Unlike my daddy,’ he thought. He has heaps of jobs. First and foremost he is Ollie’s daddy and mummy’s husband. Then his job is to look after Ollie and Mum, to drive the car when they move to a new place, to make sure that he and mummy are okay whenever he leaves them, to sometimes look worried and tired, to look over his shoulder like to make sure no one is following them, to help Ollie when he needs it, to hug him and comfort him when he is sad, to smile at him and commend him when he is doing something good, to kiss him goodnight when Ollie is going to sleep or goodbye when he leaves for work, to play with him and to run after him, catch him and tickle him until he nearly cries with laughter, to tell him he loves him.

When it comes to Mum his daddy also has lots of jobs; to kiss her, softly and gently or more passionate, to make her smile by whisper something in her ear, to comfort her when she is upset and tired, to hold her tight in his arms, to brush away her hair, to stroke his hand across her cheek, to tell her everything is going to be fine, to tell her he loves her.

Back in the caravan, Kirsty had just put Oliver to bed when someone knocked carefully on the door.

“Kirsty? Are you there?”

Kirsty was glad when she realized the voice belonged to someone else than Miles. She opened the door to find Colleen on the other side.

“I know it’s late, but I just made rolls and wanted to give you some to have for breakfast tomorrow.”

Kirsty had to smile at how thoughtfully Colleen was acting. She certainly could when she wanted.

“Thank you Colleen,” she smiled taking the basket Colleen was giving her.

“You’re very welcome love. I’m here for you if you need me. Good night.”

Kirsty said goodbye and then closed the door. She put the basket on the kitchen unit, besides all the shells and stones Ollie had collected, and then she heard another knock on the door. She was pretty sure it was Miles, but she didn’t feel like facing him so she didn’t answer the door. There was another knock, then a few more, harder.

“Kirsty? Can I talk to you?” Miles’ voice was loud through the door.

Angrily Kirsty opened the door. “Shhh, Ollie’s about to go to sleep. Can you go please?” she hissed.

“Why? I want to talk to you”

“Oliver is here trying to sleep, but that’s not easy when you are making all this noise is it?”

“So Colleen is allowed to come around this late, but I’m not?”

“Okay, if you have to know,” Kirsty said, stepping outside the door and closing it behind. “Firstly, Colleen didn’t know that Oliver just went to bed. She could have guessed, but she didn’t. You knew Miles, because I just left your house after your attempt to play Ollie’s dad.”

“You know I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Yeah? You expect me to believe that? Kane used to tell stories to Ollie before he went to bed! I don’t want you to replace him or play Oliver’s dad. He already has one and I want him to keep his memories of him, though that’s not that easy with you around. Miles. You’re good with Ollie, I can’t deny that, but you have no right interfering in our family or take over duties that Kane used to have.” Kirsty’s voice rose while having a go at Miles. She then turned around and headed back to the caravan.

The ice cold water hit his face and made him more awake. He turned off the tap and quickly dried his hand on the blue towel hanging beside the sink. There was only cold water in the water-tap this early in the morning.

Kane opened the second drawer in the chest of drawers and pulled out a clean t-shirt, green as usual as that was the only colour they were allowed to wear. He put his arms in it and pulled it over his head. Then he sat down on the bed which was taking up much of the space in the room. On his bedside table a framed picture was placed. It was the only object reminding Kane of his old life. The photo showed him, Kirsty and Ollie together on a beach somewhere on the east coast of Australia. It was taken a few weeks after Oliver’s second birthday. They all smiled up to him, Oliver with his polar bear in his hand. He was placed on Kirsty’s hip and she looked so proud. Kane’s arm was wrapped around her shoulder holding her close.

He could just sit there and stare at the photo for ages. How much he wished it could be the real thing. He regretted that he had told Kirsty not to see him anymore, even though it was the right thing to do. Just seeing her, or hearing her voice or even just seeing her handwriting would give him some hope to survive in here. If he knew how she and Ollie were doing, it would give him some peace. But he had made it clear that he didn’t want her to contact him, in one way or another. Oh, how he wished he could hold her in his arms or kiss her, or play with Ollie or tell him stories by his bedside. He sighed, not wanting to start crying even though it hurt so much inside. And he thought life on the run was bad! It was nothing compared to this. Even how bad life on the run was, Kirsty and Ollie were always there with him. They were the lights in his life. If he could just be with them now… But he couldn’t. Because he wasn’t there with them and he couldn’t contact them because that would hurt them too much. That was the reason why he had told Kirsty to move on in the first place. It was the best thing for them. He always tried to do what was best for his wife and his son, as he loved them more than life itself.

‘Why, oh why did it have to be like this?’ he thought. The prison drove him crazy. All he could do was thinking and all he could possible think of was the ones he had lost, the two people that meant the most to him in this world. He wondered what they were doing. Maybe they were at the beach, playing and having fun. Kane knew how much Kirsty loved the beach. Had she gotten a job yet? Were they still living with Irene or had they moved out? Had Kirsty made any new friends? Was Oliver thinking of him? What had Kirsty told him about him not being there anymore? There were so many questions, questions that he would never know the answers to.

It was a perfectly normal morning in Summer Bay, if such a thing existed. The Diner was packed with people; pupils waiting to meet up with their friends, people eating breakfast and workers grabbing a morning coffee on their way to work. You could count Kirsty in with the people in the last category as she stood by the counter, waiting for Irene to bring her the black coffee she ordered a few minutes ago.

Colleen came out of the kitchen and spotted Kirsty.

“G’day Kirsty! Are you off to work? I guess you have to work now that Kane is in jail. You know, I always had my doubts about that bloke, and it turned out I was right from the start. It’s just a shame little Oliver has to grow out without his Dad, though with that being Kane he might be better off.”

“Strewt woman! Give Kirsty a rest will ya?!” Alf came and stopped Colleen; he then smiled apologetically to Kirsty.

“It’s okay,” Kirsty said and Alf went outside. ‘Well, at least Colleen is back to her old self,’ she thought.

“Here you go, darl,” Irene said as she smilingly handed Kirsty her coffee.

“Thank you,” Kirsty said.

“Irene,” she continued. “Do you have a box that I can borrow?”

“I sure have darl! What do you need it for?”

“Ollie has become a proud collector of stones and shells and he needs something to keep them in.”

“Ah, I see,” Irene smiled. “Why don’t you come here after work and we can go home to my place and see what we can find? Then you and Ollie can eat dinner with me!”

“That would be lovely, Irene,” Kirsty said. “I’ll just meet you here after work then?”

“Yep, okay! Have a great day love!”

The clock had just passed three and the Diner was more or less empty except from a few teenagers meeting up after school.

“Hey darl,” Irene said as she noticed Kirsty. “We’ll go soon, we just have to wait till Colleen comes to take over,” she continued. “Why don’t we sit down?” she said, pointing towards a table in the middle of the room.

“How are you doing love?” Irene asked as they sat down by the table.

“I’m fine,” Kirsty said. Irene didn’t seemed satisfied with the answer so she continued, “Really, I’m fine! You don’t have to worry about me,” she smiled.

“Are you sure that’s not what you’re just telling me? Telling yourself?”

“No, I’m fine. Honestly. But there is one thing bothering me...”

Irene knew that Kirsty would open up to her.

“I don’t know anyone around here except for you and Miles and Mr. Stewart.”

“And Colleen and Leah,” Irene reminded her.

“It’s not like I can talk to Colleen about anything. Well, I could, but then my life would be the talk of the town,” she smiled. “And Leah, she haven’t even spoken to me at all”

“I see,” Irene said, looking around in the room. “Come with me.”

She got up, took Kirsty’s hand and walked toward the counter where a few people were standing. Behind the counter a blonde man with a cute smile stood. On the other side two police officers were standing. The female cop had long, brown hair and big eyes. She smiled towards the blond man behind the counter. The male cop had dark hair and Kirsty recognized him from when Kane was arrested. The two other people standing there were obviously a couple, the way their arms were wrapped around each other. The man was wearing a ‘Summer Bay Super Bods’ T-shirt and the woman had beautiful, curly hair. As Kirsty and Irene reached the group the black-haired cop left with a “see ya” to the others.

“Hey guys, there is someone I want you to meet,” Irene spoke and they all turned to look at them.

“This is Kirsty Phillips,” she continued. “She and her son Oliver are living in the caravan park.

“So you are Ollie’s mum,” the woman with the curly hair said. As she spoke her hair were dancing around her head.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Kirsty answered, unsure of how the woman knew about Ollie.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the woman said. “I’m Rachel and I’m a doctor. I put Ollie into hospital.”

“Ah, thank you for that. And nice to meet you,” Kirsty said.

“Yeah, nice to meet you too,” Rachel said. “This is my fiancé,” she said, looking at the man beside her.

Tony held his hand out for Kirsty to shake it.

“Hey,” he said. “I’m Tony Holden.”

Irene then put a hand on Kirsty’s back and pointed at the man behind her counter. “This is Roman. He works her with me.” Irene’s hand glided and pointed at the cop. “And this is Charlie. She’s Roman’s girlfriend.”

“That’s right,” Charlie smiled. “Nice to meet you.”

“You too, you too,” Kirsty said.

“So you are the mysterious Kirsty,” Roman said. “Irene has been talking about you.”

“Ju-huu I’m here.” Colleen came in the door and headed towards the group.

“We’re off,” Irene said, her voice low.

Roman smiled and nodded understandingly.

Kirsty and Irene arrived at the Beach House together with Oliver about thirty minutes later. They had picked him up from day care on their way. He was outside playing as Kirsty and Irene started making dinner.

“So, you do the veggies and I do the pasta and chicken?” Irene asked, handing Kirsty a broccoli.

“Yep, sure. That’s fine with me,” Kirsty replied.

They stood in silence for a while, both wrapped in their own thoughts.

“Kirsty love?” Irene broke the silence.

“Yea, what is it?” Kirsty asked.

“You know you can talk to me. About anything I mean.”

“Yea, yea I know that Irene. Thanks.”

“Maybe it will help you know. You might fool yourself, but you’re not fooling me. I’ve seen the way you react whenever Ollie mentions Kane and I know you must think of him a lot and miss him. It’s alright to talk about it love.”

Kirsty froze; she didn’t know how to reply to Irene words.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she answered shortly.

“But love… It will help. I know that things aren’t easy for you without Kane, raising Oliver singlehandedly. Having to deal with everything on your own.”

“You don’t think I can handle being on my own, raising Oliver on my own?” Kirsty put down the knife and looked at Irene.

“No, darl! That’s not what this is about. I care about you and I really think you need to talk to me about your feelings.”

“Stop it Irene! I don’t need to talk to you about anything alright?! I’m not a kid anymore Irene, I can handle things on my own now.”

“I know love. But that’s not what this is about. I think you need to explain your feelings and I’m here to help you. You can talk to me about it, it will help ya love.” She tried to put her hand on Kirsty’s shoulder, but she just brushed her off.

“You don’t know that Irene,” Kirsty’s voice rose. “You don’t know anything about my feelings. I’m the one with a husband in jail, in the one with a three-year-old boy that I have to raise on my own. I don’t need to talk to you about anything.”

“But love…”

“No, Irene! You don’t know what it’s like okay?” the tone in her voice was angry now. “I’m trying to hold it together here, and you want me to talk you about my feelings,” she continued. “It seems to me that you already have them worked out by yourself. But you know what? You’re wrong. You know nothing about it, okay. Nothing!” she then ran out of the door.

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“Your job is to be a teacher,” Ollie answered, proud to remember what his Mum had told him about Miles. “And to cook dinner and to do coin tricks. You don’t have that many jobs.”

Ollie certainly put him in his place! :lol:

That was a nice chapter with some really great dialogue. I thought the choice of bedtimes stories for Ollie sounded very Kane-like and exactly the type a little boy of Ollie's age would love. Every time someone knocked on that caravan door I kept thinking it was going to be Kane escaped from jail! :P

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Thank you both of you :D

RR: I know what you mean! Kirsty was introduced to Miles, but just all of a sudden she knew everyone else. Another friendship will develope in the next chapter so keep reading :)

ILM: that just had to be the kind of story Kane would tell to Ollie :wink:

Just thought I'll let you know that there won't be an update until next monday at the earliest because I have to focus on my last mock exams. I have 3 more left and then I will update again :)

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Thank you both of you :D

RR: I know what you mean! Kirsty was introduced to Miles, but just all of a sudden she knew everyone else. Another friendship will develope in the next chapter so keep reading :)

ILM: that just had to be the kind of story Kane would tell to Ollie :wink:

Just thought I'll let you know that there won't be an update until next monday at the earliest because I have to focus on my last mock exams. I have 3 more left and then I will update again :)

I thought, when I saw you'd posted, it was an update!

I won't have a computer or internet access after 15/16 May (if this computer hasn't died before then) when I go on hol and then probably not for a couple of weeks afterwards until I get a new one. But I'll read and review when I can. Good luck with your exams. :)

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