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Why Don't You Have Really Short Hair And A Pierced Nose?

Guest Traceve

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Story Title: Why don't you have really short hair and a pierced nose?

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Charlie and Joey

BTTB Rating: T

Genre: Romance and Comedy.

Does story include spoilers: No.

Any warnings: No.

Summary: Joey takes Charlie to a football match.

This didn't turn out how I had it in my head... ah well... :lol:

Prompt: Football

Charlie and Joey were sitting in a crowd of 40,000 at the Sydney Cricket Ground eagerly waiting for a Sydney Swans and Adelaide Crows match to begin. Charlie was munching on a meat pie and between bites washing it down with a Diet Coke. Joey had already finished her food before the National Anthem had even been sung. She had to chuckle when Charlie accidentally spilled some of her coke down her front. Charlie hastily tried to wipe up the mess with her napkin, but ended up making it worse.

Joey had been given the two tickets for her birthday from her brother Brett, before she had been kicked out of home. Joey had already chosen to give the other ticket to Charlie without knowing if Charlie even liked Football. Charlie had said yes straight away, apparently she was a massive Swans fan.

So here they were, the two girls sitting in the stands waiting for the first siren to go. Charlie was thrilled to be attending a Swans match, but she was even more thrilled to be attending it with Joey.

“We’re here as friends, right?” Charlie asked.

Joey nodded, “Just friends. We’ve already talked about this. We’re friends.”

“How much longer?” Charlie groaned changing the subject looking at her watch.

“Just a couple of minutes I think,” Joey replied.

“You know, I’ve been a fan of the Swans since I was little and I’d never actually gone to one of their matches.”

“Why not?”

Charlie shrugged,” When I was a kid I wasn’t that into them and by the time I was an ‘obsessed fan’ I couldn’t go because of work,” Charlie turned to face Joey,” but I’m glad I’m here now though with you.”

Joey smiled and then turned to look at the big screen and watch the players toss the coin. The Adelaide Crows Captain, Simon Goodwin, won and chose which way to go.

“I’m so excited!” Charlie gushed.

Joey laughed, “I can tell. Relax!”

After what seemed like a lifetime to Charlie the umpire finally bounced the ball.

Charlie didn’t manage to settle down until quarter time when the Adelaide Crows were leading by eight points.

“I can’t believe it! What ever happened to my awesome team, they should be able to beat the Crows with their eyes closed!” Charlie ranted.

“It’s only quarter time Charlie,” Joey reminded her.

Charlie folded her arms in front of her chest, “Maybe they’re just warming up then.”

"They'll catch up, there's still three quarters to go," Joey replied.

"I have to go and visit the ladies. Do you want to come?" Joey asked placing her hand on Charlie's thigh.

"Um, no, I'll stay here," Charlie stuttered. She watched as Joey removed her hand from her thigh and walk up the stairs. Within a few seconds Joey had disappeared into the crowd and Charlie was left alone.

"Listen," the man in front of Charlie said as he turned around to face her," Would you and your girlfriend stop being all couple like? I have two kids with me and they don't need to be exposed to your illness."

Charlie looked offended, "She's not my girlfriend, she's just a mate."

"If that's true then why do you look offended?"

"Because I don't have an 'illness' as you put it."

He rolled his eyes, "Whatever, just tone it down," and with that the man turned back around.

Charlie turned around and looked into the crowd to see if she could spot Joey. She frowned when Joey was still nowhere to be seen.

It was another ten minutes before Joey emerged from the crowd and sat back down beside Charlie, by this time the second quarter had already started.

"Bugger, what did I miss?"

"Nothing really, Andrew McLeod kicked a goal for the Crows and Barry Hall was taken off the ground for punching an umpire. He has a terrible temper," Charlie giggled half-heartedly.

"Doesn't he always get taken off the ground?" Joey laughed, her grin disappeared when she noticed Charlie looked uneasy, "Are you ok? What happened?"

Charlie smiled, "I'm fine, don't worry about it." Charlie's eyes shifted and became fixed on the big screen "Holding the ball! He's holding the ball! Bode is holding the ball! That's a free kick for the Swans you asses! Holding the ball! Freaking stupid umpire!" Charlie shouted gaining a few dirty looks from Crows fans that were sitting near her.

Joey couldn't help but giggle at Charlie making a scene.

By half time Sydney was in front by almost twenty points and Joey was starting to really get involved with the game. She began joining in with Charlie cheering when the Swans got a goal and booing when the Crows got one. She didn’t join in when Charlie abused the umpires under her breath though.

"You were right, the Swans did catch up," Charlie said.

"But there is still another two quarters to go, the Crows could catch up."

Charlie gave Joey a dirty look.

"Kidding!" Joey laughed.

“How are you finding living at Leah’s?” Charlie asked changing the subject.

“It’s great, it’s not exactly ideal, but I like it. I like living with other people and I really do enjoy the company.”

“Good,” Charlie smiled, “VJ seems to really like you.

Joey blushed and shrugged, “he’s just misunderstood and besides kids tend to like me for no reason.”

“I’m sure they have plenty of reasons,” Charlie replied, she paused for a moment and thought about what she just said before mentally slapping herself.

Joey studied Charlie’s expression for a few moments before turning away to face the oval.

Charlie unwrapped her Mars Bar that she had purchased just before half time, she wanted to avoid the half time rush to the Canteen. She had only taken a few small bites when Joey started to giggle.

“What? What’s so funny?” Charlie asked, suddenly feeling silly.

“You have chocolate on your…” Joey started to say, instead of finishing her sentence she licked the tip of her finger and lent over towards Charlie. Joey whipped the chocolate from Charlie’s chin. Charlie could have sworn she got goosebumps when Joey’s finger came into contact with her skin.

“Thanks,” Charlie choked out as she blushed.

“No problem,” Joey smiled unaware she had made Charlie squirm in her seat.

“Thanks for uh, asking me to come with you,” Charlie stuttered.

“You already said that twice on the way here. I’m glad you could take the day off work to come,” Joey replied.

At three quarter time Charlie was mentally exhausted from both watching Joey out of the corner of her eye and then slapping herself in her mind. Joey hadn’t noticed though and was happily munching away a packet of crisps. The scoreboard was in favour of the Sydney Swans by three goals thanks to Lance Franklin. Charlie was busting to go to the toilet, but she didn’t want to go because that meant she had to walk in front of Joey and what if she accidentally bumped into her knees?

“I have to visit the ladies again, do you want to come?” Joey asked.

Oh thank God. “Yeah,” Charlie replied standing up.

They walked in single file up the stairs because the stair case was crowded, it seemed like everyone else had the same idea of visiting the toilets during the break, down the corridor and into the bathroom.

Joey groaned when she saw the cue was five people long. They stood in line and waited.

“You and your lady friend can go before me if you like? I’m in no hurry,” the woman in front of Joey said.

“Are you sure?” Joey asked. The lady nodded. Joey turned around and smiled at Charlie. Charlie’s bladder silently thanked the lady.

“Thanks, we really appreciate it,” Joey replied. A woman and her three-year-old child were next.

“Mummy, I don’t like this! The black seat is scary” the child began to cry.

“I see you’re a Swans fan?” Charlie asked the woman standing behind her. The woman had a Sydney Swans scarf around her neck even though it was a hot day.

“Yes, are you?”

Charlie nodded, “I’m Charlie by the way.”

“Vikki,” the woman supplied, “it looks like your girlfriend is next.”

Charlie said nothing, why was everyone assuming Joey and her were together today? Charlie watched as Joey entered the cubicle and shut the door. She stepped aside and let the woman and her child get past.

“It’s always interesting when you go to a public restroom and start chatting to everyone, you never know who you are going to meet. I had no idea I’d meet a lesbian! I’ve never met one before. Why don’t you have really short hair and a pierced nose?” Vikki continued on.

Luckily before Charlie had to think of an answer to that the second cubicle freed up so she escaped the question. As Charlie and Joey walked back to their seats, this time side by side, neither one said a word. Charlie was still thinking about what Vikki had said and Joey was wondering what Charlie was thinking about.

The fourth quarter flew by with Kurt Tippett getting injured and taken off the ground on a stretcher. With only twenty seconds to go Charlie was on the edge of her seat. The Adelaide Crows were ahead by five points. Adam Goods had the ball and he was heading straight towards the Sydney Swans forward line.

“Come on, you can do it,” Charlie was repeating under her breath. Even Joey’s eyes were glued to the big screen. The entire crowd was in silence holding their breath waiting for Adam to kick the ball, waiting to find out who would win the match. As if everything was moving in slow motion Adam kicked the ball and it sailed towards the goal posts. It slipped in-between them and Charlie jumped up out of her seat screaming. The Sydney Swans had won the match. Joey was grinning, she was holding Charlie’s hands and jumping up and down with her like they were two little schoolgirls.

Before Charlie could stop she found herself focusing on Joey’s lips and her grin was slowly replaced by a smile.

She knew what she wanted. She wanted Joey.

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to write the stuff I was meant to in the subtitle :blush:

Edit again: Thank you Valli for doing that for me :D


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