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You Found Me

Guest adellejefferiesxox

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Story Title: You found me

Type of story: Short/Medium fic

Main Characters: Belle and Aden.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: Drug references, adult themes

Summary: One mistake still continues to haunt three people even after four years. After Belle leaves the bay and checks into rehab and she returns four years later to Summer Bay.

Okay, I thought this would turn out to be a oneshot but then I started writing it and I don't think I want it to be a oneshot lol. I hope you like the concept.. :unsure:

Scene 1

Belle has been battling a drug addiction. After she over dosed at Rachel's wedding, hurt and betrayed Aden sleeps with Nicole. Days later, struggling with guilt Aden decides to come clean.

Aden: Belle, I'm so sorry. I never meant for this to happen. It was a stupid mistake, it meant nothing.

Belle: I can't believe you would do such a thing, I thought you cared about me. I thought you loved me Aden.

Aden: I do love you Belle.

Belle: Stop lying to me! I hate you, I hate you so much Aden. I never want to see you again.

Aden: Belle! Wait. Let's talk about this.

Belle: No I don't want to talk to you! It makes me sick looking at you, picturing you with Nicole, Aden sickens me. It's over Aden and this time we're over, forever!

Aden: Belle, no. We can get through this.

Belle packed up her things and quietly left Summer Bay. Belle left behind notes for Aden, Irene, Geoff and Annie explaining that she was going to check into rehab. Aden accepted that he had to move on with his life as painful as that was he knew he had no choice. Nicole and Aden both agreed to remain friends. Geoff still viewed Nicole as a shallow person but occasionally spoke to her if it was necessary. Four years had passed and Belle hadn't been seen or heard from. During that time Aden finally got his act together and applied for university studying psychology and becoming a qualified psychologist, who specialised in counselling child abuse victims. Nicole on the other hand studied a major in fashion, whilst Geoff became a minister.

Scene 2

Belle: Okay, we're here!

Talia: Wow! I can see the ocean.

Belle: Yep, you're gonna love it here.

Talia: I already love it Mummy, I do I do!

Belle: Remember sweetie, don't talk to strangers.

Talia: I know, I won't. What's this place called again...?

Belle: Summer Bay.

Talia: Summer Bay..... Will I get to see Daddy?

Belle: Umm... I don't know, maybe.

Talia: I hope so.

Belle: Mmm.

Scene 3

Alf: G'day mate

Aden: Hi Alf, how have you been?

Alf: Yeah good mate, how about yourself, I haven't seen you around much lately. Been working heaps, have ya?

Aden: Ah yeah, had a few clients over the weekend. It's been a stressful two weeks but I'm going to take a break soon.

Alf: by god you've earned it mate, working long shifts. I know you enjoy helping youngsters with their problems. But you need to take some time out, before you flamin' have a burnout.

Aden: (laughs) Yeah I know. I'll take it easy from now on I promise, and if I didn't I think Irene and Roman would be in my ear about it. Anyway thanks for the sandwich better get a move on, got an appointment at 1.

Alf: Alright mate, I'll see ya around.

Aden: Cya.

Scene 4

Belle: Come on baby, this way!

Talia: I'm comin', I'm comin'

Belle: Well walk faster.

Talia: Well walk slower, maybe I can catch up that way. Jeez Louise.

Belle: I heard that missy, don't get cheeky with me, you hear me. Or we'll march straight back into that car and you'll get no strawberry ice-cream. Not that it really matters, because it's not like you're getting chocolate which is the absolute best flavour in the world. I always stuffed my face with chocolate ice-cream when I was pregnant with you. Come to think of it, I never understood why you always loved strawberry over chocolate.

Talia: That's because you're a weirdo Mummy.

Belle: Oh am I? That's it; we're going back to the car.

Talia: No, mummy! I'll be good I promise.

Belle: Don't you give me that baby look.

Talia: (giggles). Okay, from now on I'll behave.

Belle: Okay good.

Talia: Just until I have my ice-cream

Belle: Oi

Talia: (giggles) Only joking....

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Scene 5

Alf: Strike me flamin’ crows, I never thought I’d been seein’ you again, love!

Belle: Hi Alf. {Belle holding Talia, Alf observes Belle’s daughter for a few seconds, although he’s concerned about Talia, Alf minds his own business}

Alf: So what can I get ya?

Belle: Well, since my beautiful, polite daughter has been ever so kind to me in the last few minutes. She would like a strawberry smoothie. {Talia giggles again}

Alf: One strawberry smoothie comin’ up.

Belle: Thanks.

Alf: Love, I know it’s none of my business, but you haven’t seen Irene yet have you?

Belle: Ah, no I haven’t.

Alf: But you’ll be planning too...

Belle: Yeah, I’m going to see her tomorrow. Talia and I have purchased a house, all the furniture and everything has been all set up for us. We’ve been planning to stay in Summer Bay for a while now. So we’re all prepared.

Alf: Well that’s good to hear.

Belle: Yeah... {Belle smiles at Alf}

Alf: Here you go sweetie. How old are you?

Talia: I’m four and a half.

{Belle and Alf laugh together}

Belle: She’s not four! She’s not five, she’s four and a half {Belle rolls her eyes} Anyway we better head off now, thanks for that.

Alf: No worries, bye Belle. Bye....?

Belle: Her name is Talia.

Alf: Bye Talia.

Talia: Bye-Bye. {Talia says in a high pitched voice}

Scene 6

{At the Pier Diner}

Nicole: Thanks, you’ll bring the scone out with the coffee?

Isabella: Ya, Ya.

Nicole: (laughs) Okay thanks. Belle...?

Belle: Oh it’s you... do you know where I can find Irene.

Nicole: I can’t believe it’s you, you look great. How long have you been here for?

Belle: Well I’m 23, so I guess that would be around 23 years on planet earth.

Nicole: No I mean, how long have you been back in the bay for?

Belle: Why do you care anyway?

Nicole: What are you kidding? Hey who’s this? {Nicole looks at Talia}

Belle: No one, do you know where I can find Irene?

Nicole: Um she’s at home, she works every other day except Wednesday and Sunday.

Belle: Well isn’t that interesting... wow look at the time, nice seeing you {mumbles under her breath} not.

Nicole: oh okay, well I’ll see you around.

Belle: I hope not {mumbles to herself}

Scene 7

Nicole: Hello?

Aden: NICOLE, WHERE DO YOU PUT MY REPORT I WROTE YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!! {Aden yells at Nicole on the phone}

Nicole: I put it on the table.


Nicole: The coffee table inside your house.


Nicole: Okay, I’m not scared at all.... {Nicole says in a terrified voice}.

Aden: Anyway I’ve gotta go.

Nicole: Wait

Aden: What is it? Do you remember where the report is??

Nicole: no... It’s... I saw Belle today.

Aden: (laughs) Okay Nicole, seriously how much did you drink last night?

Nicole: Look I know the girls’ night out was a stupid idea and I have a massive hangover to prove it but I’m serious I saw Belle in the diner.

Aden: You’re delusional you know that.

Nicole: Aden I swear, I saw Belle. She’s in Summer Bay.

Aden: Okay princess; call me when Nicole runs back into your body.

Nicole: Fine but don’t say I didn’t warn you when you run into Belle.

Aden: Mhm. Bye.

Nicole: Jerk.

Aden: Ah hello, I haven’t hung up yet.

Nicole: Well duh!

Aden: (Laughs) Okay.

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Scene 8

Rachel: Belle, Hi.

Belle: Rach, hi! How are you?

Rachel: Good yeah, yourself?

Belle: I’ve been great. How’s things with Tony and the baby.

Rachel: Oh...um well Tony is with another woman and my baby died from.... SIDS.

Belle: Oh my god, Rach I’m so sorry. That must have been awful.

Rachel: Yeah it was, but that part of my life is over now. Guess I should have seen the warning signs, the late nights, the constant distance and lack of communication between us. I really thought we were meant to be.

Belle: That’s what I thought about Aden and look at us now. Apart leading our own separate lives, I’m miserable, well I’m not thanks to my daughter. But other than that I hate my life.

Rachel: Aww Belle, I’m sorry things didn’t work out with you and Aden. But I’m really glad you got help. And did you just say your daughter...

Belle: Ah yeah...Talia, she’s four. She’s amazing. I love her to bits.

Rachel: You know you’re so lucky to have her.

Belle: I know, so, so lucky. I don’t know why I was given such a precious gift, but I’ll always cherish her and make sure I protect her from harm.

Rachel: I wish I was a mother, instead I am a divorced, unemployed, pathetic woman living in Summer Bay, while my ex is living it up with his girlfriend.

Belle: That must suck. I guess a lot has changed since I last visited the bay.

Rachel: Yep it sure has.

Belle: I’m sorry but I gotta run, I’m going to see Irene.

Rachel: That’s alright, not like I have anywhere else better to be.

Belle: {Said in a sympathetic voice} Bye.

Scene 9

Annie: Irene, this makes no sense Lou is going to Fiji without you!

Irene: That’s what I said girlie, now eat ya breakfast.

Annie: But why! You’re his wife for goodness sake.

Irene: Annie, he’s there strictly for business. That’s why I’m here running the diner and he is in Fiji for a conference.

Annie: But it would have been so romantic if you both would have gone.

Irene: You know what I think darl, I think you want me to leave. So you and Jai can get up to no good.

Annie: No Irene! I wouldn’t do that; I just want you to be happy that’s all.

Irene: Mhmm.

Geoff: Morning guys.

Irene: Morning Minister Campbell.

Geoff: Please Irene; call me Geoff (Laughs).

Irene: Oh please... (chuckles).

Annie: Geoff don’t you think it’s stupid how Irene is staying in Summer Bay working her guts out while her husband is in Fiji having a relaxing holiday.

Irene: Oi what did I just say? He’s there for business. Right end of discussion.

Belle: Knock, knock.

Geoff: Who’s there?

Belle: Belle

Geoff: Belle who..... BELLE!

Belle: Hey Geoff. {Belle and Geoff hug}

Irene: Oh my goodness! Belle, sweetheart! {Irene’s begins to cry}

Belle: Hi, Irene. {Belle starts to tear up too} I miss you guys so much.

Irene: Where on earth have you been, girlie?

Belle: With Talia... {Belle points to her daughter who is standing behind her, Talia is very shy around strangers}.

Irene: Oh! Oh! Hello sweetie, I’m Irene.

Annie: Oh my god you have a daughter, that’s so cute.

Belle: Yeah {Belle smiles as she picks up Talia}

Geoff: Hi....Ta...Talia {Geoff struggles to remember her name with the help of Belle lips miming the words Geoff guess the name}. I’m Geoff, I’m one of your

mummy’s friends.

{Talia shy’s away, cuddling her mother.}

Belle: I think you’re scaring her. Maybe it’s the uniform. {Belle laughs, Geoff is still wearing his black suit}.

Geoff: That might be it. Gosh she’s so adorable....except

Annie: Except she doesn’t look anything like you. I mean her hair is blonde and her eyes are blue. Really, really blue.

Belle: WOW. You noticed.....Yeah I am aware she looks nothing like me..

Irene: But I’m guessin’ she’s inherited your personality or at least your sense of humour.

Belle: Mmmm... perhaps.

Irene: Okay, why about the five of us have something to ear and you can tell us about what you have been doing for the last four years.

Belle: Sounds like....fun {Belle rolls her eyes}

Talia: Lots of fun Mummy! {Talia says cheekily}

Belle: Oi you, eat your breakfast. {Belle smiles at her daughter as she rubs her back comfortingly}

Talia: I’m eatin’, I’m eatin’.

Belle: Okay, Okay.

Hope you like it so far, That's all I'm writing for today. Will update in two days :) Please tell what you think of the story.

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Scene 10

Irene: So darl, have you managed to see Aden yet?

Belle: No! Why....?

Irene: Oh. I was just wonderin’ that’s all love.

Belle: Irene, to be perfectly honest I really don’t want to see him and I don’t plan to.

Irene: Aw darl, don’t you think it’s a bit unfair leaving Aden in the dark about Talia.

Belle: How did you...

Irene: Do you really think I would think that Talia isn’t Aden’s daughter, the blonde hair, blue eyes. I think that pretty much gave it away.

Belle: Irene.... {Whines} Okay I admit, Talia is Aden’s daughter, but Aden broke my heart he slept with Nicole. I can’t trust him anymore. Why should I drop

this bombshell on him, tell him that I had his child. I don’t want him in my life again.

Irene: And what on earth have you been telling Talia about her father? That he doesn’t exist?

Belle: No, well I showed her a picture once; I just told her that Daddy kissed someone else. So I can’t be with him and that’s why we never see him. I always

tell her Daddy and I love her both very much.

Irene: Okay, the choice is yours, all I’m sayin’ is you need to consider what’s best for Talia.

Belle: I know....

Talia: Mummy

Belle: Hey baby

Talia: Mummy, when are we gonna see Daddy?

{Irene exchanges a concerned look with Belle}

Belle: {Lip syncs} I know.

Belle: Um well, we might see Daddy. The thing is he’s really busy at the moment, with work and all.

Talia: But...but I’m really wanna see Daddy! {Begins to cry}.

Belle: Talia, sweetie you’re gonna see him, don’t cry.

Talia: I hate you...! You always say that, but I never get to see him. I want daddy!! {Talia runs outside}

Belle: {Scared} Talia! Talia! Get back here!

{Runs on the beach crying}

Talia: I hate you, I hate you! I want my Daddy!!!!

{On the beach Kristy and Ollie are making sandcastles, Kristy see Talia running pass her and stop hers}

Kristy: Ollie, careful. Hey, hey, you alright sweetheart?

Talia: {Cries} No...

Kristy: What’s wrong?

Talia: I hate my mum. She won’t let me see my Dad!

Kristy: Who’s your mummy and daddy?

Talia: Um....um....my mum is Belle and my dad is.....well I....don’t....know.

Kristy: Come on, why don’t I buy you something to eat at the diner.

Talia: {Smiles} Okay.

Kristy: Come on. {Kristy takes Ollie and Talia to the diner}

Scene 11

Nicole: All I’m saying is that maybe you should take Monique to that fancy restaurant in Yabby Creek.

Aden: Nic, how many times do I have to tell you stay out of my love life.

Nicole: You’re just angry because Monique is no Belle Taylor.

Aden: Nicole, shut up. Belle is not back in Summer Bay. You must have been dreaming.

Kristy: Okay sweetie, this way. Have you ever been here before? There are heaps of Nicole people in this town, you’re really gonna like it here.

Talia: I hope they are nicer than mummy.

Kristy: Look maybe your mum is trying to do the right thing by you. Oh look there’s Colleen.

Colleen: Hello Kristy, Ollie and ahh.....

Talia: Talia, my name is Talia. I’m four and a half.

Colleen: Aw isn’t that cute. What would you three like?

Kristy: Um can we get a strawberry and chocolate milkshake and three muffins.

Colleen: Coming right up. {Colleen prepares the food and drink} So where’s your mummy and daddy?

Talia: I don’t know.

Colleen: Who does this cutie belong to?

Kristy: Ah Belle Taylor.

{Aden and Nicole overhear their conversation, Aden looks shocked}

Nicole: {Whispers} I told you Belle was back in town

Aden: Look just because Belle’s daughter is in town doesn’t mean she’s in town.

Nicole: Hello, are you really that stupid, why the hell would Belle’s daughter be in town without her?

Aden: Ah, she could be here with her father, Nic.

Nicole: Whatever. Belle is in Summer Bay, sooner or later you’re gonna run into her. Believe or not...

Aden: {Sighs} Anyway.... I gotta go pick up Monique from work I promised I’d take her shopping.

Nicole: {laughs}

Aden: What?

Nicole: Seriously, why do you even go out with her?

Aden: What are you talking about, I like her.

Nicole: Yeah like...not love, Monique is so irritating. She acts like a baby.

Aden: Jealous?

Nicole: Shut up.

Aden: Come on I know you want me.

Nicole: Oh yeah I totally want you...{Nicole says in a Sarcastic voice}

{Aden’s smile fades away when he thinks back to the time he slept with Nicole}

Nicole: Wow look at the time, Geoff and I are planning on helping Martha on the farm.

Aden: So you and Geoff huh?

Nicole: Aden shut up...Geoff and I are just friends.

Hope you like it. I don't know when I'm gonna update next, I have to work heaps this week. Please leave a message xx. :)

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Scene 12

Kristy confronts Belle about Aden.

Belle: There you are. I’ve been so worried missy.

Talia: Sooo...rrr..i! {Sarcastic}

Belle: Oi, get your backside back here!

Talia: Blah, blah. {Talia walks into Belle’s old bedroom which is Annie’s bedroom now}

Kristy: I think she has a good reason to be angry, Belle can we have a word.

Belle: What is it....? {Belle sounds fed up and uninterested in advice}

Kristy: Your daughter told me that she wants to see her father, she really misses him. Apparently he lives in Summer Bay; I really think she should see him.

Belle: And I really think you should mind your bee eyed business.

Kristy: Belle don’t you think Talia has the right to know her father.

Belle: {Yells} Yes I do, of course I do! Just stay out of this, this has nothing to do with you.

Kristy: Yeah I understand that but come on Belle you can see how upset you daughter is over this, obviously it’s affecting her.

Belle: Kristy!

Kristy: I know, I know it’s none of my business...look all I ask is for you is to talk to her about it.

Belle: Fine, you’ve said what you wanted to say now you can go.

Kristy: Fine...Bye Talia! {Kristy shouts out}.

Kristy: Bye Kristy!

Scene 13

{Belle enters Annie’s room}

Belle: Sweetie.

Talia: Go away!

Belle: Talia....I’m sorry. I not keeping from your father to hurt you, you remember what I told you. Daddy kissed someone else, he doesn’t want to have

anything to do with me anymore.

Talia: Yeah you! Not me, daddy loves me. I want to see him, I want to see him now!

Belle: Baby...

Talia: I’m run away, I’ll scream, I’ll hate you.

Belle: I love you and so does daddy.

Talia: Where is he? What’s he’s name?

Belle: His.....his name is Aden. Aden Jefferies, I’m not sure where lives now. He looks just like you, blonde hair...blue eyes...cute smile....and a cheeky


Talia: I’m not cheeky...{Smiles}

Belle: Oh yes you are! {Belle tickles Talia}

Talia: No {Laughs} Stop, mummy! {Screams and giggles}.

Belle: Okay, when I see your father, I’ll tell him about you....then we can work something out, ok?

Talia: Okay mummy.

Belle: Okay good.

Talia: Mummy....

Belle: Yes...?

Talia: I love you.

Belle: I love you too.

Talia: I don’t hate you.

Belle: I know. {Belle leaves the room}

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{At the surf club}

Scene 14

Belle: Hey TJ

TJ: Hello gorgeous

Belle: Oh well hello handsome {laughs}

TJ: Ah I was actually talking to Talia.

{Belle gives TJ a dark look}

TJ: Only joking....you’re both beautiful you know that. What’s has the little angel being doing?

Belle: Ah well making my life a misery {Laughs}

TJ: Yeah kids have this secret agenda deep down they just wanna make their parents lives a living hell

Belle: Shut up. {Hits him playfully}

TJ: Okay what would Talia like for dinner?

Talia: Um I...I want chips....and chips...chips please.

Belle: Ah young lady I think you’re gonna be having something other than chips.

Talia: Awww

Belle: How about some chicken and vegies

Talia: With chips?

Belle: We’ll see

Talia: Chips

Belle: Alright! Just stop saying chips.

Talia: Chips {giggles}

Belle: I mean it Talia {Belle pretends to be angry}

TJ: Anyway, I bought you something today just to cheer you up. {TJ hands Belle a box}

Belle: Aww TJ you shouldn’t have.....

Talia: Open it mummy!

Belle: Okay....oh my god, TJ....it’s so beautiful you really didn’t need to buy me a necklace.

TJ: I wanted to cheer you up.

Belle: Thank you so much, I love it and I love you.... {Belle hugs TJ}

Talia: Guess what TJ mummy said I can go and see daddy soon!

TJ: Oh really...

Belle: Ah yeah, sweetie drink your water..

TJ: I thought you didn’t want to have Aden back in your life.

Belle: I don’t...

TJ: then why are you bringing him back into the picture.

Belle: I can’t keep Talia away from him forever, sooner or later I’m gonna have to face him.

TJ: Aden is nothing to trouble; he was never good enough for good.

Belle: Thanks....

Scene 15

{Aden and Nicole enter the Surf club}

Aden: Nic, seriously you need to stop stressing.

Nicole: I can’t help it every time I think about work it makes me anxious. I have no ideas! I need to design a wedding dress for what’s her name

Aden: Nikki

Nicole: Whatever....and I have no inspiration.

Aden: Oh god. {Aden spots Belle}

Nicole: What...? Oh see I told you Belle was in the bay!

Aden: It’s really her.....

Nicole: Well duh unless you’re blind.

Aden: She looks really happy.

Nicole: Come on let’s sit down and order some food I’m starving.

Talia: Mummy!

Belle: Hmm?

Talia: Can I have some more water please?

Belle: Of course you can sweetie. TJ...?

TJ: Nicole is over there.

Belle: How do you know Nicole?

TJ: Oh I overheard Alf talking to her....there’s a guy with her and I’m guessin it’s Aden.

Belle: Yep that’s Aden.

TJ: Whoa, like look so alike! It’s scary.

Belle: I know....it’s really sad; did my daughter inherit anything from me?

TJ: Probably the ability to moan until she gets what she wants

{Belle slaps TJ on the arm}

TJ: Ouch, I was kidding!

Belle: Shut up. {Belle and Aden exchange looks. Talia is completely zoned out of the conversation. Aden starts feeling jealous of TJ}

An hour and a half later....

TJ: Thanks for that.

Belle: You’re welcome but you really should have let me pay the bill

TJ: Belle please I’m supposed to be spoiling you.

Belle: Thanks for this; I really needed a night out with someone other than Talia {Laughs}

Talia: Hey, I heard that.

Belle: Just bein’ honest darlin’.

{Talia crosses her arms, pretending to be furious with her mother}

TJ: Anyways, bye Belle. Bye Talia.

Talia and Belle: Bye!

Scene 16

{Belle enters games room – with the pool table}

Aden: Belle

Belle: Aden

Aden: How are you?

Belle: Fine...

Aden: I missed you heaps.

Belle: Mhm

Aden: What have you been up to?

Belle: Not much.

Aden: Rumour has it that you have a daughter now

Belle: Yep.

Aden: She’s really cute.

Belle: Yep.

Aden: Talia is it?

Belle: Yep

Aden: How old is she?

Belle: Four. Well four and a half according to her.

Aden: {Laughs} Cute. Well if you ever wanna see me I work at Starlight psychology on Darling Street.

Belle: Oh so you’re a psychologist.

Aden: Yeah I counsel a lot of abused kids...so yeah, what do you do?

Belle: I’m a professional photographer.

Aden: Awesome.

Belle: I should go.

Aden: Belle...

Belle: Yeah?

Aden: {Aden wants to say I love you, but instead replies} I’ll see you.

Belle: Yeah....bye Aden.

Aden: Maybe you grab a coffee later?

Belle: Yeah sure, cya.

Aden: {Whispers to himself as Belle rushes off} Bye.

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Thanks for the messages, Yes Laura I mean Kirsty lol.

Scene 17

{At Aden’s house}

Nicole: So have you talked to Belle yet?

Aden: Not really

Nicole: Why not?

Aden: It’s obvious she’s moved on with that.....guy, and she has a daughter now. So there’s not point in trying to get back together with her, it’s not gonna


Nicole: Aden pull yourself together, if you want something you’ve gotta fight for it

Aden: Even if it’s completely out of reach

Nicole: Yes, you love her still don’t you?

Aden: Of course I do Nic, how can you ask me that! It’s been four years and I’ve spent that time waiting for her, waiting for her to come back and forgive me.

Nicole: So it’s been four years since you last saw Belle right?

Aden: Yeah

Nicole: And how old did you say Talia was?

Aden: Four...

Nicole: Which means she basically moved on from you straight away maybe Belle hasn’t got feelings for you anymore.

Aden: You know what Nicole, you’ve really put things into perspective for me. I’ll be back

Nicole: Aden...? Where are you going!

Scene 18

{Aden asks Irene where Belle lives, Aden goes to Belle’s house}

Belle: Aden?

Aden: Can I come in?

Belle: Now’s not a really good time’

Aden: Why you and lover boy gettin’ it on are you?

Belle: Aden how dare you!

Aden: Look all I came over to say was I want you to stay the hell out of my life.

Belle: That makes two ...o..f u..s.....you want me to what?

Aden: It’s been four years, four years Belle and I’m completely over you. Whatever we had is in the past now. We can’t be together and we can’t be friends.

Belle: {Gets upset} So, you’re saying that you don’t care about me anymore...and you don’t want to have anything to do with me again, wow I should have

gotten that impression when you slept with Nicole!

Aden: I said that was a mistake, I don’t love Nicole. There was no connection between Nicole and I when we had sex, none. It didn’t feel like we were making love, we were just creating endorphins.

Belle: {Yells} picturing you and Nicole having sex is not an image I want to think about Aden!

Aden: Yeah and seeing you with that loser is not something I want to see either.

Belle: I thought you said you didn’t care about me.

Aden: I don’t

Belle: Then stop butting into my life, I’m allowed to be with whoever I want.

Aden: Fine

Belle: Fine

Aden: I hope you and your little happy family have a good life.

Belle: Oh we will, one without you!

Aden: I’m actually dating someone, we’ve been together for a year and a half now. She wants to have children of her own and so do I.

Belle: Well I am soooooo happy for you.

Aden: You should be!

Belle: Well it’s was nice seeing you Aden, don’t come back.

Aden: Yeah you too.

{Belle slams the door in his face}

Scene 19

Talia: Mummy, why were you and daddy fighting?

Belle: Daddy doesn’t want to have anything to do with us. That is what I’ve been trying to tell you. I tried to warn you, he’s just gonna hurt us.

Talia: {Cries} So, you mean daddy doesn’t love me?

Belle: Oh no baby, of course he does! He’s just....

Talia: I’ll be good I promise!

Belle: Sweetheart, it’s not your fault daddy isn’t here.

Talia: I hate him! I hate him so much. {Talia runs to her room crying and slams the bedroom door}

{TJ comes out of the shower, he is wearing a billabong t-shirt with jeans}

TJ: What’s going on? Why was Talia crying?

Belle: Aden

TJ: What’s he done now...

Belle: {Breakdown and cries} He said he doesn’t want to be with me anymore...he said he didn’t care about me..

TJ: oh Taylor! {says sympathetically} Aden Jefferies was just a boy who was never good enough for you.

Belle: You have to say that, you’re my brother.

TJ: I mean it Tay, he’s not worth it. You deserve so much better.

Belle: But I love him so much {Cries}

TJ: I know you do.

Belle: I miss him so much, I can’t stop thinking about him.

{TJ hugs his sister}

TJ: Shhh, it’s alright. Everything is gonna be alright.

Belle: It’s not fair; I don’t want Aden with that slut.

TJ: I thought Aden wasn’t dating Nicole

Belle: He must be who else would he be dating?

TJ: So does this mean you’re not gonna tell Aden about Talia

Belle: What’s the point; he said he was going to start a family of his own.

TJ: You mean Nicole and Aden want to have kids of their own, EWW.

Belle: Yeah I know, sick.

TJ: I Okay come on why don’t we go to the park or something. Cheer you and Talia up.

Belle: Okay.. but first I need to pick up something from Alf.

Scene 20

Alf: Hi love

Belle: Hi, I can’t believe I left my jacket here. I love this jacket.

Alf: {Laughs} Cya Belle.

Trent: Hey sexy

Belle: Excuse me?

Trent: Oh come on I know you want me.

Belle: Yeah you’re right I want you to go away.

Trent: Baby, if I were to rewrite the alphabet I would put U and I together

Belle: Oh yeah? And if I were to rewrite it I would put the F and U together, get it?

Trent: Ooh, playing hard to get are we?

Belle: I’m not playing anything with you.

Trent: How about you and me go out later tonight?

Belle: Sorry I don’t date outside my species

Trent: Come on you know you want to

Belle: Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable like a coma.

Trent: Ahh I get it you want me to take my clothes off don’t you.

Alf: Oi! If you can’t be polite then you can flamin’ leave.

Trent: I was just being friendly.

Belle: And that’s your definition of being friendly...

Trent: Whatever. Gonna bounce love, call me {Blows a kiss}

Belle: What a jerk

Alf: You should have just told him you have a kid that would have scared the living day lights out of him

Belle: {Mumbles to herself} Or better yet tell him I have crabs.

Alf: What was that love?

Belle: Oh nothing, I’ll see ya around.

Hope you think it's okay. :wink:

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Thanks for all your lovely comments they really help keep me going (with writing). Hope you like these scenes. :wink:

Scene 21

{Bait shop}

Talia: Ewww

TJ: What don’t you like live bait?

Talia: No ewwww, gross

Alf: You’ll get use to it, love. So why are you terrorizing this young girl by taking her fishing?

TJ: gotta make her into a blokely young lady. Belle’s turned her into such a girly girl.

Alf: {Laughs} Right that makes perfect sense.....

{Aden enters to bait shop}

Alf: Be with you in a moment, I gotta get something from the back

{Aden & TJ nod. Talia gives Aden a dark look}

Aden: How are you princess

Talia: Gee thanks for calling me one of your pet names that you used for Nicole!

Aden: {Laughs nervously} What...

Talia: I hate you don’t talk to me

Aden: And why does little Talia hate me..

Talia: because you don’t love me! You don’t love mummy, you hate us all.

TJ: Talia that’s enough.

Aden: For your information I love your mummy.

Talia: No you don’t you told her you didn’t. Liar!

Aden: I’m trying to....hang on, did you just say I don’t love you....why would I need to love you....?

TJ: Ahh Alf are you going to be much longer?

Alf: Hang on mate

Aden: So....you’re not Talia’s father.

TJ: Took you longer enough.

Aden: So if you’re not Talia’s father then who are you?

TJ: Belle’s brother...

Aden: Oh my god...

TJ: Yeah, so guess that makes you her father... {Says sarcastically}

Aden: Why the hell didn’t Belle tell me

Talia: Mummy didn’t tell you about me {Gets upset}

Aden: I have to go.

Scene 22

Aden: How dare you!

Belle: Aden, you can’t barge in like this we agree we didn’t want to see each other

Aden: Oh and did we agree to keep me in the dark about my daughter

Belle: Aden..

Aden: How dare you keep this from me Belle! She’s my daughter for god sake.

Belle: I’m sorry

Aden: No you’re not, you just wanted to keep her all to yourself, you didn’t want me to raise her.

Belle: that’s not true. I wanted you to be there, I did.

Aden: That’s bull.

Belle: You made your decision four years ago, you slept with Nicole. You didn’t want to visit me in rehab.

Aden: That doesn’t change the fact that you lied to me Belle, you should have told me. I can’t even look at you right now.

Belle: Then don’t, because I never want to see you again. Like Talia, I hate you.

Aden: Talia only hates me because she thinks that I don’t love her. And you know what looking at her I can feel a connection between us, I know deep down

I love her and I will love her.

Belle: Well good for you. But just stay the hell away from me.

Aden: Done

Belle: Good.

Aden: Bye.

Scene 23

{Aden calls Belle}

Belle: Hi Belle speaking

Aden: Hey Belle it’s me.

Belle: What do you want...

Aden: Belle {Sighs} I really want to spend time with Talia. I’ve already missed so much so I was wondering if we could spend the day together.

Belle: I’ll ask her.

Aden: Oh that’s great, she still hates me thanks to you.

Belle: Well if you hadn’t cheated on me maybe we wouldn’t be here.

Aden: I didn’t cheat on you we weren’t together.

Belle: Whatever.

Aden: Look Belle can I see her or not?

Belle: fine.

Aden: Thank you.

Belle: Bye Aden

Aden: Bye Belle.

Scene 24

{Aden knocks on Belle’s door, Belle let’s him inside}

Aden: Hey baby.

Talia: What are you doing here.

Aden: Oh that’s not very nice.

Belle: Sweetie please don’t talk to your father like that.

Talia: I don’t care. He doesn’t love us.

Belle: That’s not true he’s love you Talia.

Talia: really?

Aden: Yep, I sure do.

Talia: What about mummy?

{There is a silence, Belle looks at Aden while Aden looks at Talia}

Belle: So are you two ready to go, I hear daddy wants to take you to Yabby Creek for a special lunch and then you guys are gonna see a movie.

Talia: Oh cool! Can I see Ice Age 3?

Aden: Whatever you like gorgeous.

Talia: Thank you daddy.

Aden: You’re welcome.

Talia: I’m glad you called me gorgeous instead of princess. {Talia skips into her bedroom}

Belle: I want her back by 3.

Aden: Okay.

Belle: Aden..

Aden: Yeah?

Belle: Please take care of her.

Aden: I will Belle.

Belle: I know...

Scene 25

{Yabby Creek- Talia and Aden walk pass shops}

Talia: Daddy

Aden: Yes

Talia: I’m sorry I’ve been so mean to you. I am, I am.

Aden: {Laughs} it’s okay, I forgive you and I love you.

Talia: I love you too. Can I get some fairy floss?

Aden: Oh man you’re getting me to take you to the park, to the movies and now you want fairy floss!

Talia: Yes... is that a problem.

Aden: Of course that’s a problem you cheekily little girl... {Aden tickles Talia}

Talia: Well sorry for askin’.

Aden: What colour do you want.... {Pretends to groan}

Talia: Pink please

{Aden buys the fairy floss}

Aden: Are you happy now...?

Talia: No {giggles}

Aden: Oh now what do you want

Talia: A kiss please.

Aden: Oh... okay {Smiles}

{Aden gives her a kiss on the cheek then the two hug}

Aden: You’re so amazing.

Talia: {giggles} And you’re so..... like me.

Hope you thought it was okay. :unsure:

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Scene 26

Aden: Knock, knock!

Talia: Mummy! {Runs up to Belle, Belle lifts Talia into the air and hugs her}.

Belle: I missed you sweetheart, you miss mummy?

Talia: Yep.

Belle: {mumbles to Aden} Back in one piece.

Aden: {laughs nervously} Of course.

Talia: Thank you daddy, I had lots of fun today.

Aden: Same here, anyway I better be off.

Belle: Ahh what’s the rush? Would you like to stay for dinner.

Talia: say yes!

Aden: Oh god... I better said yes then. I don’t wanna get into trouble with little T.

Belle: Little T?

Aden: Hey it’s the best I could do.

Belle: {laughs} Right well why don’t you stick to calling her Talia.

Talia: But little T sounds cool!

Belle: Suit yourself then... {Belle looks confused}

Scene 27

{After Dinner}

Belle: Okay Talia I want you in bed in three seconds, one.....two.....three!

Talia: {Cries} I don’t wanna go to sleep.

Belle: Talia! It’s time for bed.

Aden: Come on daddy will read you a story.

Talia: {cries} I don’t wanna go to sleep.

Aden: Come on sweetie.

Talia: {Yells} No!

{Aden carries her to her room, Talia screams}

Talia: Noooooooooooooooo!

{Aden picks up the book and begins to read}

Aden: Once upon a time there were three bears....

Scene 28

Belle: {Whispers} Is she asleep?

Aden: Yeah finally.

Belle: Thank you for today

Aden: No thank you Belle. I had such a great time with her, she’s awesome.

Belle: She’s great isn’t she?

Aden: {Smiles} Yeah. I love the way she giggles at everything.

Belle: And her not to mention her cheeky side. I wonder where that comes from.

Aden: Yeah I’ve been wondering that myself. {Belle slaps Aden on the arm gently} What? Okay, only joking.

Belle: I can’t imagine my life without her, I’m so grateful you gave me something so precious, I know at the time I didn’t deserve to have a baby.

Aden: Talia has only been in my life for about two days but I can’t imagine my life without her too, or you.

Belle: Talia’s so cute, especially when she gives me random hugs. She’s so adorable.

Aden: {laughs}

Belle: And one of the best things about her is that she looks just like you. I love her eyes, her smile, the colour of her hair...

Aden: {Whispers} Belle

Belle: {Whispers back, now staring at his lips} Yeah?

Aden: I might kiss you...

Belle: I might kiss you back.

{Aden and Belle begin to kiss, eventually removing each other’s clothes and falling into bed together. They make love}

Scene 29

{Belle hears Aden’s mobile and checks it, Aden is still asleep}

Text: Hey baby, where have you been? Meet you at the diner at 11. Xx Nicole xx.

{Belle hits Aden with a pillow}

Aden: Ouch what was that for?

Belle: What a fool I have been! I can’t believe you and Nicole are still together.

Aden: What? What are you talking about?

Belle: Don’t act dumb, Aden.

Aden: Belle seriously where on earth did you get the idea that Nic and I are going out?

{Belle passes his phone, Aden reads the message}

Aden: What the.....Belle it’s not what it looks like, Nicole is probably playing a prank.

Belle: Save it Aden, last night was a huge mistake. I can’t believe I let myself give into you.

Aden: Belle I still love you

Belle: Oh you still love me do you, do I look like an idiot?

Aden: No Belle, is it you I have always loved. I don’t care about Nicole.

Belle: So you just thought one day hey why don’t I have sex with Nicole for fun?

Aden: It wasn’t like that

Belle: Oh so it was for pleasure was it

Aden: No I was so upset about you, you betrayed my trust Belle. It killed me seeing you going through hell, I couldn’t help you. I didn’t know how.

Belle: I have wasted so many years thinking about you. Just say it, say you had sex with Nicole because you’re in love with her.

Aden: No. I’m not in love with her. I’m in love with you, I always will be.

Talia: Mummy?

Belle: Hey baby what are you doing out of bed

Talia: Why are you yelling?

Belle: Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you. ... Talia say goodbye to daddy, he was just about to leave.

{Aden pushes off the covers angrily}

Aden: fine.

Talia: Bye daddy! Love you.

Aden: Bye {Aden kisses her}. I love you. {Aden looks at Belle then Talia}

Please tell me what you thought... xx :)

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Scene 30

{Pier Diner: in the kitchen.}

Aden: You stupid cow! The hell have you done!

Nicole: Aden calm down.

Aden: Belle read the message you sent me!

Nicole: What message?

Aden: The one that said “hey baby”

Nicole: Aden I didn’t send you any message

Aden: Oh so you’re going to act all innocent are you. I know you’re hot for me and want to get into my pants, but from now on can you please stay the hell out

of my life.

Nicole: Aden calm down, show me the message. {Nicole reads it} Oh my god...

Aden: remember now?

Nicole: This wasn’t suppose to have been sent to you

Aden: You’re joking {laughs}. Who then? {Aden doesn’t believe Nicole}

Nicole: It was suppose to go to Geoff. It was just a joke.

Aden: Geoff! Then why did it get sent to me??

Nicole: I don’t know I probably accidently hit your name instead of Geoff I don’t know.

Aden: Great you’ve ruined my chances with Belle, AGAIN!

Nicole: Aden wait

Aden: Just forget it.

{Aden walks away}

Scene 31

Belle: Go away

Nicole: Belle please we need to talk

Belle: I thought that Aden, Talia and I were going to be a family, but no you happened! Can’t you keep your hands off Aden.

Nicole: I thought you had a boyfriend, Tj was it?

Belle: Are you stupid? TJ is my brother, Talia is Aden’s daughter and we should be together. But you want him all to yourself don’t you.

Nicole: belle it’s not like that, look. That message I sent to Aden it was an accident

Belle: Oh so now you regret it do you?

Nicole: No, it was meant for Geoff.

Belle: What?

Nicole: I must have accidently hit the wrong button. I never wanted to come between you and Aden.

Belle: Well I’m sick and tired of waiting for him, I’m done waiting.

Nicole: You don’t need to wait for him, he’s all yours. He’s loves you Belle, he always has.

Belle: For real...

Nicole: For four years all he talks about is you, praying you’d come back to the bay. And here you are and you’re wasting precious time.

Belle: So Aden really wants to be with me?

Nicole: Of course he does, so what are you waiting for?

Belle: I’ll be right back.

Scene 32

{Belle knocks on Aden's door}

Aden: Belle? What are you.... {Belle begins to kiss him passionately}

Aden: What’s going....? {Belle continues to kiss him, preventing him from talking}

Belle: Aden you’re cute, but seriously shut up. {Aden and Belle make their way to the bedroom and make love}

Aden: Wow you really know what you’re doing.

Belle: Yep. I just hope you can handle feisty Belle.

Aden: I think I’ll be fine.

Belle: Good. {Smiles}

Aden: Belle..

Belle: Mmm?

Aden: I love you {Smiles}

Belle: I know.

Aden: And Talia.

Belle: I know, now shut up and kiss me you idiot.

And so Aden and Belle worked on their relationship taking things slowly and then eventually Aden popped the question on the beach. The two eloped on the

beach, with their daughter by their sides. TJ then moved up the coast with his girlfriend. Two years later Belle fell pregnant again with a baby boy. Belle was thrilled to see her son Dean with brown eyes and brown hair.

The end.

Hope you liked the *cough* one shot *cough* lol. :wink:


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