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Mon, 6 Apr 09 – Episode # 4826

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ If You Were My Boyfriend …“

[screened in Australia on Mon, 6 Apr 09 – Episode # 4824]


Brendan, Xavier, Ruby & Jai are having fun playing card.

Kirsty & Miles arrives and soon after, Ruby & co bail.

Kirsty & Miles tat talk bout how sorry that are for what happened tonight at Leah’s, before Kirsty tells Miles that she rally REALLY loves that he’s nervier doubted her for a second over this trey ti8ng.


After Nicole bails, Roman & Leah talk bout VBJ. Leah thinks tat she alone should talk to him bout what’s happened. They hug.


Annie enters and tells an unwell Belle that Geoff is stying the night at the farm. Belle flushed to the bathroom and vomits =- which is clearly heard by a worried Annie.


Martha tells Hugo that she is not going to work on the farm morrow.

Xavier & Brendan arrive home, and Hugo has a go at Xavier for being home late – esp. since Brendan has a set routine. Hugo isn’t further impressed when Brenda n, who had hone out of the main room, returns with no clothes on. Hugo chases him back in tee back rooms, whilst Xavier and Martha share a giggle bot what happened.


Next day, Nic & roman exit the surf. And talk bout Leah Nic wondering if she’s ok], Aden & Belle [the former being very worried bout the later & VJ [Nic insists at Vj will adapt to what’s happened].

Roman is also pleased tat Belle got fired form the paper – but only because she can now work at diner whilst Irene is away.


Joey talks to Leah about VJ. When Leah comments bout taking her ‘ship with Roman into9 this difficult place [this things with VJ], Joey says tat she understands all that [as she’s going through issue with Charlie].

Ruby enters that room, and trills Leah &* Joey tat charli9e is stating an extra day with their dad.

Leah sees VJ head for the kithen so she follows him. she insist tat just because she &* roman are going out, its doesn’t men that roman & VJ can’t still be fiends, but VJ sop isn’t in the mood to talk bout this.


Hugo has trouble geeing Brendan to eat. Ruby & jai arrive – and talk bout a party on the beach t9onight.

Hugo is keen for xaver to looks after Brendan today, since Hugo is going top visit their mum a, Hugo isn’t ken on taking Brendan with him. Xavier begrudgingly agrees – and he, Brendan, ruby & jai exit.


Aden at5lk to Joey. When he asks, Joey tells him that robbo’s case hasn’t gone to court yet, but he's not being let out on bail before the court case.


Aden’s phone rings – its Annie, who tell him the bell is very sick. he insist tat Annie should contact someone else bout it. When call ends, Annie looks very perplexed and worries.


Miles & Kirsty talk how certain kids [like VJ *& esp. trey] seem to have their parents wrapt around thr finger.

Jai, Brendan & co enters – and tell Miles that are heeding for the beach.

The phone rings 0 and Kirsty picks up – its Annie.


Kirsty goes in Belle’s room. Belle is lying in bed – and she looks terrible. Kirsty wants t call a doctors, but belle insist that she’s just got the “bug” going round. She says that she has called Rachel who told her to get plenty of rest etc.

Kirsty tells Belle tat she will stay and look after belle.


Roman asks Aden to work at the diner this arvo – as belle is unwell. Aden agrees.


VJU is playing video games, and he won’t stop even when Leah demands him to. VJ tells Leah that he ghats her – and after he bails from the room, joy., who heard what happened just then, insist to Leah that she is a good mum.


Hugo is about to bail – and takes Brenda with him, but Brendan is keen to stay here with Xavier. Martha, who has a box of gym equipments tat he delivered to her house rather than next door, tells Hugo tat she will look after Brendan til Xavier gets home. Hugo accepts and bails - but when Martha tries to talk to Brendan, he is ken to hang out with Xavier, not Martha.

Martha exits the main room – heading for the bedroom, and Brendan [with hies sticks in hand] take a look at some of the gym gear on tee table.


Its night time and Aden talks to Nic. Both aren’t that keen that Belle is trying to do this no drugs things by herself. Nic tells Aden that Belle was going to tell Irene, but couldn’t when Irene got this offer of the trip with Lou.

Nic wonders what Aden isn’t by her side, but when he tells Nic bout how he went through this kids of things too many times with his dad, Nic bluntly tells him tat if Aden were her b/f, and he wasn’t by her side through thus because of how HE felt bout it, she would NOT forgive him.


Kirst tells annie tat she has to bail for a ½ hour and she exits.

Annie takes in some soup to Bell, and as she does the phone ring. Aden leaves a msg on te machine – and belle insist that she doesn’t want to speak to Aden. Annie looks once more worried and confused.


Roman & Roman are in the kitchen, Leah tells him tat this still aren't good thween her & VJ, but colleen insist tat VJ will get used to her new dad soon enough.


A party, with a bonfire, is in full swing. There are many teens there, but when Ruby talk to9 jai, he says tat Annie isn’t here as she’s not the most fun person to be around.

Ruby goes over to Xavier and they kiss. Xavier comets tat if Hugo knows tat he was at the party, there’d be trouble. Xavier phone rings – its Martha,


Martha tells Xavier tat Brendan must have exited the house when she was in the shower - she adds tat she thought he was asleep.Xavuer goes out o look fo Brendan. He tells marthas to stay here in case Brendan returns.


Aden enters the house and Annie tells him that belle doesn’t want to see hi.m. Aden ignores that ahs goes into belle’s room, where he way hugs the waaaaaaaaaaay teary Belle. Aden mushly says sorry for asking her to go through this without him.


Leah & Roman are drisving along, and roman isn’t liking it when Leah is talking bout how this ‘ship is just too soon for VJ.

At tee roadside, Brendan [armed with a slingshot that incl some of the gym equip] fires someti8hng at the car. A rock pierces the windscreen of leah's car – roman is unconscious when Leah come to9 a halt. She calls an ambulance.

Brenda seems excite that this has happen – and moments later, Xavier find him. Xavier can’t believe what happened – and Brendan runs away when Alf & someone else get out of Alf’ ute bedside Leah’s car. Xavier goes after Brendan.



Charlie tells Joey “you shouldn’t try to be someone you are not”

Rachel tells the likes of Nicole tat there is the very real possibiuility tat Roman might be brain damaged

VJ tells Leah tat he doesn’t want top loose Roman like he did Dan

Xavier urges Brendan to be quiet about what happened

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: orange knee length dress


Nicole: white [red floral] halter bikini


Leah: black strapless knee length dress


Aden: grey singlet/olive green long pants

Aden: red [white “Desala [something] Viva and arc like motif] t

Alf: dark button up shirt/ bone long pants

Annie: wide [various closured horiz stripes] t/yellow shorts

Annie: light pink [purple near the very top] knee dress

Belle: dark singlet top

Belle: black [with trim & love hearts] knee dress

Brendan: green [pink “fresh juice” t/yellow shorts/red cap

Brendan: grey t/white [unknown motif] PJ long pants

Brendan “: red [black diamond] t/McCoy cap

Colleen: bright multi colour floral blouse/blue top

Hugo: white singlet/black [grey unknown motif] PJ long pants

Hugo: black [red bird] t/

Hugo: denim jeans/light blue [blue lion] t

Jai: aqua [black archor] t.denim jeans

Jai: hot pink t/dark ]white “quicksilver”][ shorts

Jai : hot pink t/dark long pants

Joey: dark singlet top/dark shorts

Kirsty: red scoop top

Kirsty “yellow t/dlp

Leah: blue top/dark shorts

Leah: white []blue swirls] dressing gown/blue top

Leah: royal blue thin strap knee dress

Martha: white [unkpn black motif] singlet top

Martha: white singlet top/grey long pants

Martha:” black thin strap top

Miles: white [yellow cowboy motif] t

Miles: white long sleeve button up shirt/brown long pants

Nicole: white [blue wavy vertical stripes] thing strap top

Nicole: aqua & white knee dress

Roman: dark shorts

Roman: grey t/dark long pants

Roman: white long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Roman: dark button up shirt/dark long pants

VJ: yellow [dark jungle like motifs] t/dark shorts

VJ: orange [black sleeves and light green dinosaur? on the front] t/blue PJ long pants

Xavier: blue [white “reef” t/white shorts

Xavier: yellow [red & blue “welcome to Waves” and various fruit motifs] t/dark shorts

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