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Sealed With Love

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Superb as ever. :wub: I was grinning like an idiot all through it. :D

Nearly burst out laughing at this bit:

“Ok seriously, you should go back out. Your friends are probably thinking we are doing it” I said.

Joey laughed. “Now, would that be so bad” she replied playfully.

“OMG, Joey! They are right in the kitchen” I grinned.


Keep the updates coming. :)

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Thanks for the comments you guys. Here's the next part!

We reached the back door and Joey & I entered the room holding hands.

“Hello?” I called out.

“Hi Charlie” Rachel, Martha and Belle replied.

“Hi everyone” Joey said.

”Hi Joey, I like your top” Nicole said.

“Thanks Nicole” Joey replied.

“Trust you to always look at the clothes Nic” Aden said.

“Oh shut up!” Nicole replied.

“Guys come on” said Roman. “So its official, you two are together now?” he asked me.

“Yeah, we are together” I admitted proudly.

“How do you feel about that Roman?” Joey asked.

“Well, it is a bit strange for me only because Charlie is my ex-girlfriend but I am happy for you. All I want is for you to be happy Charlie because I still do care”

“I am happy. Really happy. And I care about you too Roman” I replied.

“Well, why don’t you guys come and sit down” Leah said.

“Oh thanks but I’m not staying. My friends are outside and we’re having dinner at the diner”

“Sure I can’t tempt you with my wonderful BBQ?” Miles asked.

“Wonderful is stretching it a bit” Kirsty said.

I laughed. “What, is it burnt or something? I did ask earlier if he needed a cook”

Kirsty laughed. “No its not burnt don’t worry” she said.

“Anyway, thanks Miles but I had better go” Joey said.

“I’ll see you later honey” I said.

I kissed her goodbye. “Yeah, see you later” she said. “Bye all”

I went and sat down next to Leah and Martha.

“So, does anyone have a problem with me dating Joey?” I asked nervously. “Because if you do, I really want to know” I looked directly at Rachel.

“I don’t have a problem with it Charlie” she responded.

“Just that you acted weird this morning when you came to see Leah” I replied briskly.

“The world doesn’t always revolve around you Charlie” she replied.

I was surprised that she said something like that. “I, I don’t think that Rach”

“Guys, come on” Leah interrupted us.

“No I want to know what Rachel means” I said.

I saw Leah give Rachel a look.

She sighed. “Sorry Charlie. I guess it must be pregnancy hormones. I didn’t mean it”

“Okay” I replied.

“Anyway Charlie, I don’t think anyone here minds. You have our support” Belle said.

“Thanks. I’m so glad” I said.

We were all chatting over dinner. It was a few hours later we were still chatting. A few people had already left but I was having a good time so I had stayed longer. It was mostly the guys left – Miles, Roman and Hugo. Kirsty had gone to bed awhile ago.

I was laughing at something that Hugo had said when I saw Joey had entered the room.

“Hey Joey, how was your dinner?” Roman asked.

She sat down next to me. “It was good thanks” she replied.

“Are your friends okay in the vans?” Miles asked.

“Yes they said everything was fine”

“That’s good” Miles replied.

I put my arm around Joey’s shoulders. She kissed me.

“How was the food here?” she asked.

“It was actually really good” I answered. “Miles can really cook up a good bbq”

Joey let out a yawn. “Sorry” she said sheepishly.

“Want to go home?” I asked.

“Only if you do” She replied.

“Your tired. We should go. Besides I have to work in the morning”

“Do you guys want a lift?” Roman asked.

“Sure” I said.

“I should get going too” Hugo said.

“Well, thanks for coming over guys” Miles said.

Joey & I got into Roman’s car and he drove us home.

“Hey Charlie, if Leah’s still awake tell her I’ll see her tomorrow” Roman said.

“Sure” I smiled at him. “Thanks for the lift”

“No worries” said Roman.

Leah & VJ were asleep when we walked in so I didn’t deliver Roman’s message to her. I figured I’d tell her in the morning.

“Are you going to have a shower or just go straight to bed?” Joey asked.

“Bed” I replied.

“I’m going to have a shower” Joey said.

“Jo, you can barely walk your so tired. Come to bed with me”

Joey smiled. “Well I’m not going to say no to that”

I grinned and pulled her into my room.

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Okay, you guys should feel so lucky cos I'm updating again! Twice in one day! :) Comments would be greatly appreiciated. :)

The next day I went into the station. I was so nervous about telling my colleagues about Joey. We were in a meeting and it was towards the end when I decided it was now that I had to say it.

“Before we go I have something to say” I started.

“Go ahead Senior” said McGrath.

I drew a shaky breathe. “I know there has been a lot of gossip about me and I want you to know that yes I am dating Joey Collins and yes I am in love with her and no I don’t know if that means I’m gay. I just know that being with Joey feels right and it would be nice if I had all of your support”

No one said anything.

I sighed. “Okay, you don’t have to support me if you don’t want to. Like I said it would be nice though”

“If that is all then everyone can go back to work” McGrath said.

I walked back to my office and slammed my door. I was pretty much close to tears. I put my head down on my desk and did start to cry. I couldn’t believe that no one said a single thing. Someone knocked on my door a few minutes later. I quickly wiped away the tears but you could pretty much tell that I had been crying though I hardly cared at this point.

“Come in” I said listlessly.

“Here’s the paperwork you wanted” Georgie Watson said.

“Thanks” I replied putting it on my desk.

“Charlie, you’ve got my support” she told me to my complete surprise. “I guess I was afraid to say it earlier. That took guts to stand up in front of all of us and tell us that you are dating a female”

I looked at her. “That means a lot, thanks” I replied.

“Anytime” she said and walked away closing the door behind her.

After doing paperwork for a few hours I decided that I needed to have a lunch break. I called Joey and asked her to come meet me at the Diner.

I arrived at the Diner and sat down. Joey came a few minutes later.

“Hey you” she greeted me.

“Hey yourself” I replied giving her a kiss.

She took one look at me. “What’s wrong? You look like you’ve been crying”

“Yeah I have. I told everyone at work today about us during our meeting this morning and not one person said a single thing after I asked for their support. I went into my office and basically had a cry. Then Georgie gave me some paperwork and told me she supported me. So I guess its good that one person does”

“Oh Charlie. I’m so sorry. Maybe they might need some time”

“Maybe” I agreed with a sigh.

She kissed me passionately. As we were kissing we heard some school kids start to tease us with the gay jokes. I was close to tears again.

“You should know its okay to be gay” Joey said to them.

They ignored her which wasn’t surprising. They left a few minutes later.

I’m really not a cryer. So I’m surprised that I start crying again and in a public place.

“Darling, those kids don’t know anything, they don’t understand” Joey said. She started to rub my back.

Colleen brought over our food.

“What’s wrong with Senior Constable Buckton?” She asked Joey. She sounded concerned.

“Just some kids teasing us” Joey replied. “Thanks for the food Colleen”

“Your welcome” she replied and walked away.

“Why is Charles crying?” I heard Ruby’s voice.

“Just some kids from your school teasing us with the gay jokes” Joey answered.

“Oh, that’s gotta be tough” Ruby said.

“Yeah, but I guess I’m used to it but Charlie isn’t” Joey said.

“Do you know who they were?” Ruby asked.

“No, just some guys” Joey replied.

“Probably that idiot Trey and his mates. They are always mucking around” Ruby said.

I had stopped crying at this point and looked up at Ruby. “Ruby, joining us for lunch?” I asked my sister.

“Sure” she replied.

Joey wiped a tear away from my eyes. “I’m okay” I said.

“If you say so” Joey said. I could tell she didn’t believe me.

I sighed and started to eat my food. Colleen came over and took Ruby’s order.

“So Rubes, how’s school going?” I asked trying to change the subject.

“Same as usual” Ruby answered. “Just because you changed the subject doesn’t mean we aren’t going to talk about it”

“Talk about what?” I asked.

“Charles you were crying, I have hardly seen you cry” Ruby said.

“Its just been a long day Rubes” I replied.

“But…” she began.

“Please stop” I interrupted. “I’m trying to deal with this big change in my life. I was crying not just because of those kids but because only Georgie supports me at work and everybody was silent when I told them. That really hurt. Now can we please drop this and talk about something else”

I could feel Joey’s eyes on me even though I was looking directly at Ruby.

I turned to look at her. “Jo, none of this changes the way I feel about you. I love you so much”

She smiled at me and gave me another kiss. I love kissing her.

“Hey guys” Leah greeted us.

“Hey Leah” I replied looking up at her.

“Charlie, are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’ll tell you about it later” I replied. I had finished my lunch. “Guess I better go back to work now”

“Okay see you later sis” Ruby replied.

I gave Ruby some money. “Here. You can pay for our lunch with this”

I got up and gave Joey a kiss. “I’ll see you later”

“Bye darling” Joey said.

“I’ll talk to you tonight Leah”

“See you Charlie” she replied. I saw her sit down in my seat.

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