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What If?

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So, I wanted to wright a fanfic on Charlie and Joey. I thought at first I would just write a one shot on Ruby finding out, but wanted to see if people liked it and then I might continue. It probably won't be long. Maybe it won't continue, I'm really not sure :P Anyway, here it is :)

Story title: What if?

Type of story: Medium story. 2 or 3 parts.

Main characters: Charlie, Joey, Ruby, Leah and others.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance, some angst.

Spoilers: No, just my imagination.

Any warning: Slight sexual content, adult themes.

Summary: Charlie wants to be with Joey, will there be too many obstacles for her to accepts this?

NB: Slight sexual scene in this chapter.


The feel of her was overwhelming. That touch, that smell, that skin, the warmth. Joey’s body was tightly entwined with mine, pressing us hard together. My body acted on its own, moving my hand up to her hair where it grabbed a hold, almost pulling.

There we sat at the couch, fully dressed, I couldn’t believe my own pleasure. This was nothing compared to the hot and heavy relationships I had been involved in before. But, this, this was different. Just, simply, the closeness in which we sat was more emotional and intense than anything I had ever experienced before. The empty feeling in my stomach, the burning sensation that ran from my heart up to the head over and over again. The tickling feeling on the back of my knees. This was close, this was unique.

We pulled away quickly as we heard someone enter hurriedly through a door on our right. But not quickly enough for her not to notice the romantic mood of it all. Oh no, not now, she can’t find out like this!

-“Uuh, okay!” Ruby nervously stated before running out of the house again.

-“ No, Ruby! Wait!” I ran after her, leaving Joey sitting there, dumbfounded. I had to talk to her, had to, couldn’t let her walk of with all her own conclusions being made. She was half walking, half running in direction of the beach. I speeded up, and caught up with her.

-“Ruby, slow down. Wait a minute. Let me catch my breath!”

-“What, out of breath already? Aren’t cops supposed to be fit?” She retorted, in her usual cheeky way, although without the cheery voice or grin.

-“Haha, very funny! Wait, we have to- You walked in on- what are you - “ I really couldn’t express myself, very unlike me. I decided that maybe she wasn’t taking this as seriously as me and asked tentatively:

-“What was it you thought you saw back there?” She hurriedly looked at me with a somewhat cold look while still walking towards the beach.

-“ Well, that you and Joey are together.” We had reached the beach. She stopped and looked up at me.

-“Let’s talk” We sat down beside each other, both looking out at the ocean with it’s waves which where navy blue now at dusk. I looked at her tentatively, what was I going to say? How do you start up a conversation like this? I didn’t have to.

-“I never thought I had a problem with homosexuality, I always thought I was quite liberal and open, you know?” Ruby stated in a monotone, slightly tired voice.

-“But, not now? Ruby, I wanted to tell you. Please don’t think I don’t care about how you feel. Although it doesn’t affect you that much, anyway.” Oh, god. Typical me to underestimate others feelings. Damn it, Charlie!

-“Charlie, I’m just a bit shocked, and confused. I actually thought there was something in the way Joey acted around you, remember?” Finally she looked at me.

-“Yeah, I remember. You where grumpy as hell that day.” We both giggled. This was good, this lifted the tension.

-“But, what about all the guys you’ve been with? Was that fake or do you think you’re bi?” Wow, she was really cutting to the point. Brutally honest.

-“I have no idea. Actually, I’m not really sure about anything yet. What I know is that it felt so right with her today. And every day. I think I want to try things with Joey, it feels so good!” I put my arm around her shoulder, drawing her close to me. What was she thinking?

-“I’ll probably feel weird about it for a while, you know that, right? It’ll take time to get used to. But I will support you. Both when you decide to come out to the rest of the world, and when you’re getting all hot and heavy on Leah’s couch!”

-“Ruby! God, that was ... a one-off sort of thing.” Her grin was back, as was the teasing tone in her voice. Thank you God for this mature and understanding sister. I couldn’t help but grin widely as I pulled her into a massive hug which was met with the same amount of enthusiasm.

-”Hi.” Joey quietly let out as we entered the house, hand in hand. -”So?” She looked from Ruby to me, but not back again, keeping her slightly terrified stare fixed at me.

-” It’s all good.” Nothing more needed to be said. Because right now, it was all good. -”Hey, why don’t we do something, all three of us? I’m starving, we can cook.”

-” yeah, you can teach us how to make that fishy-supy-thing?” Ruby happily asked. -”Just make sure Charlie doesn’t do anything other than watch, we wouldn’t want any cooking-disaster messing it all up!”

-”Haha, very funny, Rubes.” She was definitely her old self! Joey walked into the kitchen, I was about to follow when Ruby held me back.


-”Just, what if you start liking men again?” She looked nervously and almost pitying up at me.

-”I don’t know, Rubes. I really don’t think I will. We’ll see” With that, we entered the kitchen, greeted by a beaming Joey. This was going to work out. 

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I like it :D I love that Ruby was so understanding and I could totally just hug her after her convo with Charlie. :wub: But, I can't get over the fact that Charlie and Joey were sprung on the couch, what a shame job! :P

I can't wait for the next installment :) Well done!

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Thanks for those lovely words ^_^

Looking forward to yours, Lauz ^^

And Traceve, I know, but I have a feeling the actual show will do something just as cliche´ ^^,

I hope to finish the next chapter sometime tomorrow. I leave on a three day holiday on monday, so I won't be able to update until thursday if I don't finish it soon :P

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I thought

Two days had past since I decided to give in to my feelings. No one other than Ruby knew, and of good reason. I was so scared. So very scared of everyone’s reaction. And I wanted to tell Leah before other people as well and hadn’t yet had the chance. She and VJ came back last night, I couldn’t very well spring it on her then!

-”Good morning, beautiful.” Joey jumped at me from the back, flinging her arms around me. Grinning goofily I turned around and kissed her lightly, staring into those sweet, honest eyes. -”Aren’t you very late?”

-”No, my shift don’t start ‘till later today. I thought you and I could go out and about, you know?”

-”Like in, telling people?” She questioned, looking more eager than anything.

-”Maybe, if anyone asks! But we have to tell Leah first. I’m going to do that right away. Should I or do you want to be there?” I wished she’d say she would be there. It would be so much better if she was there.

“Yeah, I’ll be there, ‘course.” I kept looking at her for a while, running my hands up and down her back. Then we broke apart and walked towards the kitchen.

-”Bye.” Ruby left for school just as we entered. Leah was sitting at the table, smiling at us.

-”How was the trip? All good with your parents?” I asked her cheerily, wondering how the hell I was supposed to do this. Joey stood beside me. She didn’t look frightened, just her usual self. Well, she already had come out. I hadn’t.

-”Yeah, they’re good. Still a bit cross with each other, you know. But that’s just normal.”

We sat down, me opposite her, Joey at her left. I decided to start talking at once, or I would probably lose my nerve.

-”I need to tell you something, Leah.” I looked fixedly at her, before moving my gaze towards Joey. She looked at me with an encouraging smile. -”Joey and I-” Joey reached for my hand laying on the table and caressed it gently. I couldn’t help but smile warily and look warmly at her still smiling face. Leah’s eyes went slightly wide, her eyebrows raised to the ceiling while her lips where pursed tightly together.

-”Oh, you’re?” She pointed her finger at us, one to the other, indicating that we where “an item”.

-” Yes, we are.” Joey answered confidently. We where both looking at her now.

-” What do you think, Leah?”

-”Well, it’s - No, whatever makes you happy. It’s good. But Charlie, I thought. I thought, you know. Roman?Angelo?”

-”I know. Or actually, I don’t. But I just feel that this is right, so.” She smiled at us both, laughing slightly.

-”Well, then it’s great.” We all beamed at each other. This was such a great feeling. But one question still needed to be asked.

-”One thing Leah. What does VJ know about these sort of things? Where is he anyway?”

-”I let him sleep in, he’s still exhausted from the trip. Hm, he doesn’t know too much about it honestly. Just let me tell him, I’m sure it won’t be a problem. I don’t want him to be against it, I don’t.”

We all looked at one another for a little while. This was slightly awkward, after all.

-”Hey, Leah?” I asked tentatively, catching her eye. -”You don’t think ... It’s just, I really don’t want to tell Roman.” I looked expectantly at her.

-”Me? You want me to tell him?” She looked absolutely terrified.

-”Would you? I know it’s probably the last thing you want to do and it’ll probably be seriously awkward and all, but I just can’t. I don’t think I want to tell anyone else, they’ll just have to figure it out for themselves when they see us.” I sounded much more secure than I felt. Joey kept looking at me with complete understanding.

-”Okay.” Leah still looked horrified, but I supposed she wanted to help us.

-”We thought we’d go for a walk and then have breakfast at the diner.” Joey said while standing up, still holding my hand. -”See you later.” We left the house.

-”Joey?” We were walking on the beach, hand in hand. I enjoyed her company very much, but still felt absolutely sick to my stomach. One question was bugging me horribly, this one, big milestone. -”Do we ... show our affection for one another in public yet?” To my surprise she started giggling.

-”Show our affection? Heh, uhm, I don’t know. Not if you’re not comfortable with it yet, I suppose” she was doing it again, telling me exactly what I wanted to hear, calming me with her complete understanding of every insecurity of mine.

-”Good. It’s just, what if everyone freaks out? they’re used to me being straight, you know. What if they don’t accept, or get it? What if they don’t want to know me anymore?”

She just kept on smiling, and started nudging me playfully.

-”First to get to those bushes over there?” She pointed at a spot about 200 meter away from us, looking inquiringly at me.

-” You’re on. And this time, you won’t make a false start!”

-”I never did that!”

-”Yes you did! I was laying on the ground when you started!” We both laughed, remembering our last race against each other.

-”Okay, ready, set, go!” We both ran as fast as we could. The wind blowing through our hair. We were as good as equal. I looked at her sideways and suddenly felt an urge to speed up just a bit more. I did, pressing my body to the limit. She followed suit. We reached the bushes, couldn’t stop and both practically flew into them me landing on top of her. Our faces almost met, noses touching as minimally as absolutely possible. It was to perfect, to obvious what came next. I felt her warm breath as I lowered my lips towards hers. They touched, pressing hard together. We stayed like that for almost a minute. Lips pressed hard together, both bodies experiencing the same excitement of the situation.

I pulled away, once again gazing at her perfectly cute face. Figuring this was an utterly ridiculous position to lay in we untangled ourselves from the bushes and made our way towards the diner.

-”Thanks, Colleen.” We sat at the couch besides the counter having just received our orders. A raging Ruby entered hurriedly walking towards us.

-”What are you doing here, shouldn’t you be in school?” I asked. Noticing the mood she was in I quickly added: “What’s wrong?” She seemed to try and calm down before answering.

-”What’s wrong is that Annie’s a homophobic *****!” She looked livid, almost at the verge of tears.

-”Ruby, what?! What are you talking about?” She calmed herself down a bit more and started telling us what had happened.

-”Ruby, hold on!” Ruby heard Annie shout from behind her.

-”Hey”. She answered cheerily, turning to her friend.

-”I really need to talk to you!” Annie looked incredulous, her eyebrows raised higher than ever.

-”Can’t it wait? Class is about to start:” The students were being ushered into the classroom by Miles.

-”No, it’s urgent!” Annie pulled Ruby away from the crowd and behind a row of lockers. She told her she had witnessed Charlie and Joey kissing in the bushes on her way from talking to Irene at the diner to school. Ruby was slightly surprised by the length to which her sister would go in public, but was most definitively not as shocked as Annie had expected her to be. -”Ruby, did you hear what I said? Charlie and Joey! In the bushes!”

-”Calm down, Annie. You’re just shocked. It’s not that big of a deal, you’ll get used to it. After a while”

-”You knew?”

-”Found out a couple of days ago, I didn’t think they’d be going all public yet, though.”

-”Okay, so what are you going to do?” Annie asked her apprehensively.


-”Yes, do! What are going to do about it? She’s gay, isn’t she?” Annie whispered the last word.

-”It seems as though that’s what she’s leaning at, yeah.” Ruby laughed, wondering what her friends was getting at.

-”Ruby, that’s a great sin, it defies everything God first planned for human kind. Man and woman shall be one flesh.” She emphasized the first three words.

-” Oh, come on! Honestly, Annie, I know you’re a christian and all, but we live in 21st century! It’s totally normal. You must know plenty of gay people.”

-”No, I don’t!” They both stared at each other, Ruby more glaring than anything. She understood that Annie was being serious and her temper got a hold of her.

-”Well, I think that when people’s feelings and freedom to be whatever and whoever they want is in the question, then those factors matter much, much more than what someone wrote in a book ages ago! Society has developed, Annie!” With that, Ruby stormed out of the building, leaving Annie perplexed.

-”Oh, Ruby, I’m so sorry!” I couldn’t believe how horribly this had affected her already. One of her best friends didn’t accept what she did. Didn’t accept me. Ruby had already managed to shed and dry plenty of tears, this had to be tearing her up on the inside. I glanced at Joey, she looked pityingly at Ruby while looking as though she wanted to through up. She definitively looked disgusted.

-”Do you think Geoff agrees with her? And Jai will probably support her too.” Ruby said looking almost broken. I squeezed her hand while catching the eye of Colleen who had just come out of the kitchen staring excitedly at us. At once I fretted that she had overheard something of what Ruby had told us. It was possible. It was likely.

-”Rubes, it’s awful, I know. We can try and deal with it later, okay? But you need to get back to school.”

She left, smiling at us both. I turned to Joey. -”Joey, I think Colleen overheard something.”

-”So do I. Well, this way we don’t have to tell everybody.” She tried to smile, but seemed not to manage.

-”Joey, what if more people react like Annie? Like Ruby said, Geoff might. What if my friends don’t get it? What if my colleagues don’t accept?” The last thing I wanted, was limited respect at my workplace.

-”How much do you care?” She didn’t look annoyed or upset, just warm and understanding as usual.

-”Too much, I suppose. But what if it doesn’t work out at all, Joey?”

She took my hand in her, looked lovingly at me, leaned in and kissed me.

Author's note: its not that I don't like Annie, I just thought this was a possible reaction since she is slightly scared of new possibilities and development and I know a couple of christians that have lost friends over these sort of things.

Reviews are absolutely loved, thoughts and constructive criticism well appreciated as I'm quite new to this ^_^

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Lol, I love Annie. She's so sheltered. :lol:

I can totally just feel Charlie's mini panic about people knowing. Poor woman... it'll be ok, won't it? :(

And on another note how cute where Charlie & Joey in the bushes? :wub:

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