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Wed, 1 Apr 09 – Episode # 4823

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It Freaked You Out, Didn’t It ? “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 1 Apr 09 – Episode # 4823


It’s late at night when Leah goes form the kitchen into langue room. She talks to Joey & Charlie who’ve just come home. Leah agrees that Joey can stay her once more.

When Leah goes into her bedroom, ahs hops into bed where Roman already is. Both agree that they should tell Charlie morrow that Leah/Roman is together. They kiss.

In longue room, Joey is ken to talk bout what happened, but Charlie ins tat she’s had along day, and will deal with this in the morning. Charlie ins that she needs time to process everything.


Next day, Martha talk to Alf bout doing lots of work on tee farm today =- but she admits tat she isn’t as string as she’d like to be [post cancer]. Aden enters the room – and gets roped into helping on the farm today.


Tony wonders to Rachel if they are going to “lock down” a wedding venue today, but she’s honestly not that stressed about it.

They notice that the nearby Roman seems to be very VERY happy.


Leah & Joey are in the kitchen chatting when Charlie bails via the back door. Joey follows her and Charlie stop on the back patio. Charlie ins that she isn’t avoiding Joey. Joey winders when they can chat and Charlie tell her that she will phone Joey when it’s Charlie’s lunch break. Charlie bails – leaving behind an uneasy Joey.


And emirs Belle’s room and wakes her up and is rather suspired tight she is still asleep. He is keen for her to join him helping Martha on the farm, and she agrees to meet him there later.


After Harper tells Charlie that Tanya is still in a critical condition, 2 male officer etrs the room with the ‘cuffed Robbo. He mocks Charlie – saying that Charlie saved her g/f [Joey]


Belle is ken to get paid, but colleen is insistent tat since Roman, Leah or Irene isn’t here, Belle just can’t take money form the till.

Belle seems annoyed but when she sees Nicole, she does thanks her for helping Aden pick out THJAT necklace. Belle looks at her phone – and quickly bails.

As Belle bails, Geoff enters. Nicole is ken to talk to him, but its clear tat he doesn’t want talk to her.


Belle’s drug dealer isn’t impressed tat she hasn’t got any money for him, but she insist that he can have [as a safeguard] THAT necklace. She insists tat she will be back for it as it means a lot to her. As Belle walks away, she looks much stressed.


Geoff talks to Martha bout how many memoires etc this place brings back.

Martha then tells Aden, Hugo & Geoff that she wants things like that fences melded etc. as they get to it, Rachel, Alf, Roman and Tony arrive in Rachel’s SAAB.


Colleen talks to Charlie bout her brave etc she was saving Joey. Charlie insists that she was just doing her job, but colleen commits that there seem more to it – i.e. there’s a heart of gold beneath Charlie’s tough exterior.

Leah exits the kitchen with a picnic basket – she is heading for the farm.


Leah & Rachel are working in a barn – and Rachel comments on how ridiculously happy Leah seems.

Elsewhere, Aden is working in the field when Belle comes up behind and jumps ion his back. He is please to se her, but notices that she isn’t wearing nuchale like she was this morn when he saw her. Belle comments that she must have taken it off to have a shower and not put the necklace back on.


Charlie is in her offie when Joey enters. Joey wants to talk bout what happened, esp. because it was Charlie that kissed Joey [not the other way round]. Charlie insists that work isn’t the pale for this, and insists that they WILL speak bout this properly after work.

As Joey is leaving the station, she isn’t ken toy see Robbo [who’s in cuffs withy 2 officers]. As Joey bails, Robbo taunts Charlie bout Charlie/Joey, and Charlie returns fire ]verbally] this time. Robbo seems to like that he’s got to Charlie like that.

Charlie goes into her office, and Harper suggest tithe maybe she should take some time off.


Leah & Roman are kissing in the filed when Martha sees them. The nearby Tony comments to Rachel that he just knew they [Leah/Roman] were together.

Rachel then asks Martha if she & Tony can get married here on the farm. Martha thinks it’s a GREAT idea.


Charlie is siting on her bed when Joey enters the room. Joey tells Charlie that she [Joey] isn’t focusing on Charlie just to take her mind of Robbo, if halt’s what Charlie is thinking.

Joey winders what going on with Charlie, and Charlie insist tat she doesn’t know what she feels right now. Joey teals Charlie “I’m in love with you” but Charlie tells Joey tat she Charlie is confused by it all – as she's always been into guys. Joey seems concerned when Charlie suggests tat the kiss maybe happened because of Charlie’s bad experiences with men.

Joey wonders if she should move out, but Charlie ays tat she can stay – as Charlie is going to visit her dad for a few days. Joey, before she leaves the room, tells Charlie “I will miss you” in a very heartfelt voice. After Joey is gone, Charlie starts to cry,

Note – although the line of dialogue tat is my ep title isn’t from this ep, its soooooo appropraite. Desiree said it to Gyspy the day after they kissed in 2001


Nicole encounters Aden and wonders if he’s seen Belle today. He comments tat she hating the dust etc of the farm. Nicole aloe wonders bout the necklace – as she was in yabby creek today and she saw it in the window of a pawn ship. Aden wonders what is going on – and Nic tells him that there is something that he should know bout Belle.


Belle can’t believe that her dealer had sold THAT necklace. He insists that with the money she was going to paly him now, she can buy the necklace.


Roman tells Nicole bout Leah/Roman. Nicole is happy for her dad and Leah.


Belle is on the phone. She is stressed out – as it sound like the necklace has already been bought by someone ay the pawn shop. Belle ens the cal when Aden enters, and she tries to sounds etc as reasonably happy as possible bout her life. As they hug, Aden wonders if anything is bothering Belle, but she saying that things are pretty good. He then takes THAT necklace out of his pocket.



Aden well & truly confronts Belle bout her addiction

Sounds like Annie is encouraging Irene to go out with Lou

Lou tells Irene “I’ll show you something that will change your mind”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: black thin strip top [with red circles beneath the bust]


Belle: white [black cartoon bride & groom] t/dark long pants


Joey: green camo singlet top/dark long pants


Aden: black singlet/khaki long pants

Alf: light blue [green check] button up shirt/wide brim hat

Belle: grey t/black crop vest/dark shorts

Belle’s dealer: dark t/ dark jacket

Charlie: red singlet top

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Colleen: blue [yellow floral [dress

Geoff: olive green singlet

Hugo: grey [white crest?] t

Joey: dark blue long sleeve top

Ken Harper: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Leah: white singlet top

Leah: white [dark swirls?] dressing gown

Martha: red singlet top/denim shorts

Nicole: brown & blue [white curvy vertical stripes] long dress

Robbo: black t/dark long pants/white [green & red check] flannelette shirt tried round waist

Roman: black singlet/dark long pants

Tony : white t

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/

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