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Former Home and Away Star sues Magazine

Guest Mistified

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Good on you Bec Now return to H&A where you belong.

Given that New Idea is published by Pacific Magazines, which in turn is owned by Seven Media (who obviously also own Seven Network).....I can't imagine she'll be jumping at the chance :P

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I read a magazine this week (can't remember if New Idea) but the title on the front said "Bec's other man" and had a pic of her and some guy holding her kid and i was like wtf. So I looked and it just turned out to be her Nanny (they said manny) called Mark something. Maybe this is where the confusion of the names came from? or she might really have a nanny called mark. Bec, Him and the kids were sitting at some footy game too i think it was. Titles on the front can be so misleading.

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