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Former Home and Away Star sues Magazine

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Yeah, it's stupid of New Idea for publishing an article like that without checking who he is first. However, why is she suing? She doesn't need anymore money. Just let it drop woman.

I dont think its the money, but when someon else , a newspaper or a magaize, is making a lot of money, may be thousands or even millions of dollars, by printing headlines which are outright lies about you then I don't think you would like it. People buy magazines with things about Bec because she is popular and if it says she is seeing someone a lot of people start to believe it. It's not pleasant when a magazine or a newspaper openly accuses you of cheating on your husband, which is effectively what they were doing ,and that all you were doing was chatting to your brother. Newspapers and Magazines can not be allowed to print lies, there are laws against it, and if they are not penalised, in the form of damages they will keep doing it.

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