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I noticed myself hijacking the Charlie/Joey thread tonight (the gay-love is blossoming :wub:), and the other day this link was posted to a blog about Chris Hemsworth's new movie Ca$h, so I thought, why not revive the ye-olde Robbie and Kim thread :D?

In the spirit of everyone being friends, I fully expect the "plank"-like comments and such to resurface, but for now, let's just look at the pretty...


Mmmm :wub:

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OMFG :wub: Oh my, he's looking gooood. And he's doing so well in Hollywood! I'm so proud of our Christopher. And I cannot freaking wait for The Cabin In The Woods.

I have to confess Robbie/Kim was my Kim OTP. I loved Zoe/Kim but I knew that was doomed from the start. Remember that episode where Robbie, Kim, Tasha and Zoe all hung out together and had fun times teaching Robbie how to drive? That's one of my top 10 episodes ever.

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I don't remember it! :( Is that when they crashed Irene's car? I was a FOOL not to tape those episodes when I had the chance! >.<

Yes, The Cabin In The Woods is going to be spectacular. Soooo many of my favourite things :wub:

I'm also looking forward to Star Trek. It'll only be a couple of seconds of Chris, but Zach Quinto and Eric Bana will be a nice consolation prize there :wub:

As for my dear, sweet Jason - has anyone seen him in Legend Of The Seeker?



Hehehehehehe :wub:

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I don't remember it! :( Is that when they crashed Irene's car? I was a FOOL not to tape those episodes when I had the chance! >.<
I have it on tape but of course my VCR has decided to finally die, so I have to do this from memory :( It was just before the start of the Hayley baby saga. Robbie, Kim, Tasha and Zoe were hanging out drinking milkshakes at the diner and Robbie was bugging Kim to teach him how to drive because he was still on his L's(?) then Zoe offered to teach him. So they all went off on a fun adventure in Kim's car and when they came back Kim was nagging Robbie for not completely stopping at a stop sign or something and Tasha and Zoe were making fun of him for being so serious about it. Then Zoe and Kim went out on the pier and she told him she loved him. Of course, the next day Hayley dropped the baby bombshell and everything went to sh*t. It was just such a fun lighthearted episode :wub:

And damn, Jason Smith's looking good. It makes me an inappropriate amount of happy to know that he's friends with Liam Hemsworth on Facebook.

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Not sure of Chris' Ca$h character, but he *may* be a bank robber... or something... he has a gun, so we know he's cool :P. In Legend Of The Seeker, Jason switched places with The Seeker, and lied to everyone about who he was, putting them and himself in danger :o

They've both been such baaad boys since leaving H&A :wub:

FYI, Jason is now trained in the use of combat weapons ranging from broadswords to nun chucks. Also, he can make pizza, complete with base-spinning! :D

My boys... so pretty... so talented... so... :wub:

EDIT: Ahahaha! A Hemsworth on Facebook!

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Yay! This thread is back! In the spirit of that, I have some misc. Jason and Chris pics!

I don't think he's a bank robber in CA$H. If I read correctly his character is one who has a stroke of good luck and ends up being chased by the bad guy.

I really can't wait for Thor to come out. I originally didn't know Chris Hemsworth was in Star Trek but then I saw the opening of the movie and literally squealed. I got some very weird looks.













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This was written on the TVTropes website, for the Crowning Moment of Awesome: Power Rangers page:

Casey gets his CMOA in the next-to-last episode of the series, when he does an Unflinching Walk through a herd of Mooks up to the front doors of the Big Bad's hideaway and trashes the entire lot of them in a textbook version of Tranquil Fury. Oh, yes... he does this unmorphed. No Power Ranger - not even Tommy Oliver - has ever done anything that Bad Ass.

Just thought Jason's fans would want to know about that one.

Can't wait for Thor and the Avengers movie, which should have Chris as well. I know nothing about the comic, but that didn't stop me enjoying Iron Man and Daredevil.

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First of all, wow, I don't remember seeing all of those pictures in here before! Pretty late now, but thanks for posting! :D

And secondly, I lost interest in Power Rangers pretty fast - no fault of Jason's, I just wasn't into the show. I have been looking up a few clips of Casey on his own now that you've pointed out that there are some good scenes in there. Thanks for the headsup :)

I'm looking forward to the Thor movie too :D

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I watched all of Jungle Fury, if not just for RJ and Casey. I have close to 300 pics (if not more) of Jason on Jungle Fury. But I'm a big PR fan so...

Chris is also in that new movie A Perfect Getaway. I'm not a big fan of serial killer movies but I might just go see it.

Note: Something I just realized on one of the Jason pics I posted. Where he's cleaning the window with the closed sign on it. What exactly is he cleaning it with? It kinda looks like.... milk.

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