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Mon, 30 Mar 09 – Episode # 4821

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Blue Water Three “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 30 Mar 09 – Episode # 4821]

Note – due to various factors, this ep guide of set out differently to normal

Leah & roman are kissing [at her house] when Charlie enters. She goes straight to her room, and Leah & roman comment on how Charlie seems not herelof. Leah & roman kiss once more, before he bails. Both agree to keep their ‘ship quiet of time being. Roman bails.

Kirsty [beach house] is still all down on herself, but miles tells her that he loves her, and that it was all one big misunderstanding that she left with Kane, i.e. Kane pleaded with miles to let KK and Oly be a real family, so that’s why mile told Kirsty to go.

Kirsty is very pleased that they are back together – and they begin to talk bout Kirsty moving balk into the VPHG> Annie enters, and see that miles 7 Kirsty are clearly back tighter.

At the surf club, jai, ruby & Xavier are near pool table. Ruby suggests that when Xavier looks after Brendan morrow, they should come her to the surf club. It tackles some convincing but Xavier agrees. Not helping things is when Trey enters and goes on to Noah’s. Xavier is worried bout comments for idiots like trey.

At Leah’s joeys talk to Leah, who tell her the the lunch with Rachel & co went well; today. Joey wonders where Charlie is, and Leah or ruby say tat she has a migraine.

Joey goes into Charlie room. Charlie is in bed. Joey makes it clear that it was never her plan to come onto charley whilst they were on the Blaxland., joeys tells charley tat she hopes that she is feeling better soon. When Joey leaves to room, we sees that Charlie looks still quite anxious/owe awed by what’s occurred.

Next day, kirsty & miles [near the Blaxland wharf] are talking – bout things like telling jai that they are back together. Kirsty & miles are kissing when Trey & his mates see them. A mate of trey’s comments that it’s obvious that trey only has kirsty a certain number of days a week. Kirsty sees trey etc in teyh distance.

At Leah, ruby &* co are having breakfast. And ruby commstys tat Leah must have had a good time yesterday as she still has a goofy grin on her face.

Charlie enters the room, but bail immediately – she says tat she will get breakfast on the way to work. Joey then offer to cook dinner tonight. Leah says tat she will be out but ruby is totally ok with that [Joey cook] idea.

At Noah’s Hugo introduces Brendan to Charlie, but Brendan is more interest in play poll in next room, so ruby, Xavier etc goes with him. Charlie and Hugo that kinda swap stories bout caring of someone with an illness [her dad with dimensia etc]. Hugo asks Charlies if she would like to have dinner with him tonight, but he is districted when he hearts Brendan calling out. Ruby approaches Charlie wondering if she is ok. Charlie says tat she is – and the then tells Hugo that she will DEF have diner with him tonight.

Chalkie is having a stressful time at work. Her pen won’t write so she throws it across the room. A male officer enters with the AVO paperwork for Robbo. He also gives Charlie his pen. After the other officer leaves her office, we see that carlie is looking VERY sressed.

At the surf club, it’s clear that its all getting to be too much for Brendan and Xavier agree the it’s best to head for home. Juts before that happens, Annie enters – and tells jai that kirsty & miles are soooo back together.

In Leah’s kitchen, charley tells Joey tat she has palms toght, after Joey wonders if she’ll be home for dinner. Ruby enters, and apologises to Joey of not mentioning diner earlier to Charlie. When Ruby say tat she & her friends are planning a DVD etc night elsewhere, Joey suggest that ruby’s friends come her – since Joey has already started to cook the seafood dinner. Ruby agrees to Joey’s suggestions.

At the VPH, Miles tells Jai tat he &* kirsty are back together, and that they were both a tad too pig head to realise what the rest of the world was seeing – that they shod be together. Kirsty enter and sit on Miles’ lap, before she gets up to hug Jai.

At Leah’s Joey is cooking that diner, when she sees a dressed to impress Charlie. Charlie then bails.

Soon after, we see Ruby, Xavier, Brenda, Annie, jai & Joey around the table inn the lounge playing card. They are all having lots of fun

Note – it was GREAT to finally see a scene featuring ALL 3 of the Blue Water High series 3 star that are currently in H&A, namely [cahrklecter wise] Ruby, Joey & Brendan.

At the diner, charley talk to Hugo bout how she’s become Joey’s surrogate family, which is why she thinks that Joey has “lacked” onto her. Charlie realaies that she’s been talking a “tad” too much bout Joey though and stops.

In tee kitchen, Roman commsts on ho Leah is keeping an eye of charley & Hugo. Roman & Leah agree to tell Charlie bout their ‘ship.

At Leah’s, jai & Annie head form home at tee end of a god night, and when ruby & Xavier head to the kitchen, we see Joey with her bags packed leave the house [via front door]. Brendan says goodbye to her.

Kirsty see Trey art te back door of the beach house. He is keen to be with kirsty, and wonders of she is curious bout going out with him. Kirsty makes it VERY clear that she isn’t interested in trey – and “suggests”

that he NEVER come to this house again. She ****s the back door in his face.

Soon after, kirsty talk to Annie. Annie is very happy tat kirsty is back with miles – and will soon be moving back to the VPH.

Marin arrives and he & Kirsty talk on the back patio. Marin tells kirsty tat Trey’s parents have overheard trey telling his mate that trey has an intimate liaison with kirsty. Martin asks kirsty to tell him exactly what’s happened.



Tanya, who Robb attacked, is the victim of a hit & run

Robbo grabs Joey [same way he did on the boat before you know what happened]

Trey insist tat Kirsty led him on

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: purple knee length dress


Annie: hot pink thin strap top/yellow shorts


Ruby: red thin strap top/white knee skirt/red headband


Alf: “SBH tartan” button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: apple green [black birds?] t/red shorts

Brendan: red [black diamonds] t/ black [yellow “McCoy”] cap/denim jeans

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Charlie: silver nightgown

Charlie: white wide strap top/denim shorts

Hugo: brown t/dark long pants

Hugo: light blue shirt

Jai: royal blue [hot pink & yellow triangles] t/dark long pants

Jai: yellow [black “alphabet stereo sounds” and music note motif] t

Joey: black singlet top/dark long pants

Joey: green [red & yellow circle] singlet top/green came shorts

Kristy: yellow t/dark long pants

Kristy: blue [pink & yellow flowers on bust] halter kneck long dress

Leah: yellow scoop top

Leah: purple knee length dress

Martin “light blue long sleeve shirt

Miles: white [red & blue unknown motif] t

Miles: dark blue shirt/white t/dark long pants

Roman: grey t

Roman: black & grey horiz striped t/denim jeans

Ruby: green singlet top/white knee skirt

Tall male police officer: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Trey: blue [white unknown motif] t/dark shorts

Trey: dark green [white “Indian chief”] t/dark shorts

Trey’s mate: red [white “Norton”] t/olive green shorts

Xavier: faded black [yellow circle logo] t

Xavier: dark blue [light blue “Monaco GP”] t/

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