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Super 14

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Mez, you've had it good for years! It's been years since the Highlanders even went close to a semi.

Chiefs are looking good lately but I don't think they have the players to win it i.e. a really good first five and I don't think Stephen Donald is that.

I sound like a rugby head!

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Does Richard Kahui play for the Chiefs? The highlanders might improve greatly if the rumours of Michael Witt playing for them are true. Even if that's not until next year. He's playing for them in the NPC apparently.

I'm not sure what's going on with the Crusaders this year. They've been so...flat! We're definitely missing a few key players! For awhile there I was thinking of switching codes.....

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Yes, Richard Kahui plays for the Cheifs. Forget about Dan Carter, I'm in love with Richard Kahui now! Sorry, Dan.

I think that Crusaders have lost too many players and a coach.

I think a South African team will probably win this year, unfortunately.

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