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The Truth Will Out (by wrongturntaken) - comments


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This was a brilliant one shot.

I was pretty dissappointed in Aden but that said it was actually very realistic. I had a feeling it would go down like this.

Aden's first instinct in their relationship is to always put how everything effects him above anything else. That sounds more mean then I meant it to. It's just how he is. He reacts first and only after some time does he realise how his actions affect her. Questioning her love for him because she wasn't able to say she chose him over the drugs at the moment, and if she loves him more then she should be able to give the drugs like that is quite a naive reaction considering his past with dealing with an addict. But at the same time I felt for him there and him wanting to believe it's as simple as that. Didn't like that comment about him leaving and not coming back before the drug confession. Feels so like the part of him I don't like. She is being different then the perfect girlfriend so instead of refusing to give up and doing what it takes to get to the bottom of whats going on because their relationship is to important he starts making ultimatums. Atleast it's better then on the show where he usually storms out after throwing a tantrum.

All the lies and secrecy were bound to backfire on her at sometime. She as really dug herself into a deep hole. She's become so unlike herself thats it's heartbreaking. I loved Belle throwing the line about him being to busy helping everybody else. It's very true. He seems to have time to talk to everyone and hear them out about but when it comes to noticing her hes blind. His reply to her comment was interesting as well. I feel she shouldn't have to ask for help. Not when the fact that she is suffering should be so obvious from someone who once said he can always tell when theres something wrong with her. Belle giving in and trying to beg him to stay felt so realistic. Including Irene in it was a good move. Loved that bit. Belle's worry about Irene's reaction to it was incredibly sad.

All in all I loved how you did this. It stayed true to the characters on the show. Unfortunately this situation didn't bring out the best qualities in Aden but thats exactly how I would expect it to be. Anything else would have felt unrealistic. It's of those situations where I'll hope we get to see him react differently but know it's not going to happen. This was definitely a pleasure to read.

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I loved the reaction from Aden because for me it was just like the way it would have in my opinion played out on the screen as well. Aden has a habit of walking away when it gets tough but in the fiction I think he walked away to help Belle and for me he should have done that.

I loved the way it was written and the dialogue was great :D

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