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Fish names

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Okay, so Im going crazy because I cant think of any names for my fish. Yes I know how pathetic asking on bttb. But I seriously need ideas!!!

I have a mother and a father fish. Two tiny twin baby fish. One baby medium sized fish. They all have no names. How terrible am I lol. Please help!!!!!

I have already had suggestions from friends, nemo, flounder, jaws.... . So now i'm handing it over to you. Any werid and wacky names are welcome! :)

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Elmo's fish is named Dorothy. You could call it Dory for short, because Dory is way better than Nemo -_-

Bubbles, Goldie, Lawrence, Angel, Axel, Pisces, Ichthyo (Theo for short), Scylla, Charybdis (Chary for short), Gyarados (Garry for short).

That's all I've got right now, but I find TV shows, actors, mythology, and Pokemon to be excellent sources for naming.

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Figaro. That's the name of Pinocchio's cute little orange fish. LOL.

Actually Pinocchio's fish was called Cleo. The cat was called Figaro.

Oops, my bad.

Oh wow, lol. Embarrassing. HAHA. Shows how long its been since i watched it. HAHA.

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