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20 past characters/actors who should of stayed longer.

Guest j.laur5

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In no particulary order..

1. Bobby Simpson

2. Tom Fletcher

3. Flynn Saunders

4. Angelo Rosetta

5. Aden Jefferies

6. Roman Harris

7. Beth Hunter

8. Ailsa Stewart

9. Fitzy ( Jack's police partner)

10. Sally Fletcher

11. Brendan Austin

12. Lance & Martin (can't choose, the come as a pair)

13. Jesse McGregor

14.Robbie and Tasha (can't choose)

15. Hayley Smith

16. Steven Matheson

17. Peter Baker

18. Lynn Davenport

19. Max Sutherland

20. Kane Philips

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In no particular order:

Pippa Ross

Sally Fletcher

Vinnie Patterson

Marilyn Chambers

Bobby Simpson

Joey Rainbow

Joel Nash

Gypsy Nash

Edward Dunglass (Peta optional)

Donald Fisher

Celia Stewart

Diana Fraser

Damien Roberts

Chris Fletcher

Sam Holden

Sam Marshall

Adam Cameron

Josie Russell

Melody Jones

Jesse McGregor

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These should have stayed longer on the show,,

Frank- way to short time

Tom - the same

Steven - would have been a great teacher at Summer Bay high

Narelle - isn't she related to someone in the Bay now?

Beth - gotta ove her

Tasha and Robbie with baby Ella - would have known more about Ella's juorney

Peter Baker - the best cop the Bay ever had

Milco - would have loved him staying n the Bay, but not with Leah

Aden and Justin both living in the Bay

Just to name a few..

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