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20 past characters/actors who should of stayed longer.

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Hes list of 20 characters who should of stayed longer.

1. Lynn Davenport. Lynn was frist character to ever leave but i guees someone had to leave frist but i dont think they should of got rid of Lynn becouse there was so much they chould of done with character.

2.Floss Mcphee. Floss has made many return vists witch shows each time what great character she was and she and her hansband Nevile always bought in humour and always had so much to do with Felecthers its pitty pordures didit axed someone like Donald instead.

3.Nevile Mcphee. Nevile like Floss was great character and for all we know he chould of stayed on show for many years if it wasit for stupid prodcues.

4. Chelia Stewart. Of couse this time it was Finoa actress choice to leave but it sitll whould of been nice to of had Chelia stay on show for more years becouse beetween 1990-1999 there was something missing form show and that was BusyBody.

5.Tom Felecther- Show was centred around him and many say that was best era and Felecther house was never same again with Vanessa leaving moths later and bring in new forster dad called Micheal and him getting killed few years later. Witch whould of been better if Tom had stayed on show until 1996. So that way more fans whould been able to rember him and so Felecther era lasted longer.

6. Vanessa Downing Pippa Felecther.Pippa yes of couse Debra has made role her own but however Vanessa begain role and she should of done for it longer

When ever i see polit out of all actors Vanessa seems to been one that enjoys it most. At it sad to think that all actors have return apart form Vanessa.

and Helena and Frank.

7.Matt Wilson- I love his character and they chould of done so much with him or they chould of given him are better leaving storyline.

8. Carly Lucini - I whould of like to see her bought up her family in bay.

9.Ben Lucini- Same reason as above.

10.Bobby Simpson- Bobby was Heart and Soul i whould love her to have stayed on show for longer becouse i think she whould of had been good frienedship with Irene Leah and Sally and she whould of made up with her mum Morag and also whould of put characters like Angie and Amanda in there place.

11.Finally Roberts- It whould of been nice to for to see what wonderful person her mum has turned until.

12.Stephine Mbto- Should of statyed longer seem like good character

13. Judith Ackroyd- she should of stayed longer whould of been good person to take in stays and walfs.

14 Ailsa Stewart- Ailsa was on show for 12 years but however year i started watching show popley was Ailsa last year wicth was same and i whould of like her to her meet new Morag and it whould of been intering to see how she whould of dealt with Bad Characthers who come later like Angie.

15. Charlotte Adams- everyone seems to like her so i adding her.

16.Beth Hunter- Beth was stort of character that chould of stayed on for years but her character was at died end when she got with Tony what they should of done was break them up and they maybe Beth and Tony will have storyline on will they get back togeather or not.

17.Lucas Holden- Lucas sitll had so much more to offer.

18. Drew Curits- Drew whould of got togeather with Matilda if Drew and Matilda had stayed on show and Ric had left. Becouse at start of 2008 season i was hoping to see something happed beetween then and nothing did happed but i think if they stayed on show something whould have happed.

19. Matilda Huinter. Had so much left alive in her character and chould of stayed on show for many years.

20 Jack Holden- Want gone it detail becouse i think we all know why.

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I don't know most of them either. I think Drew still could have stayed for another year at least. I loved Drelle and he was still at school with Mattie and could have stayed there and maybe have become friends with Aden.

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I don't know most of them either. I think Drew still could have stayed for another year at least. I loved Drelle and he was still at school with Mattie and could have stayed there and maybe have become friends with Aden.

Nahh i really didn't like Drew one bit, he annoyed me and he really held Belle back, i only like her before and after she was with him.

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I wish Will and Gypsy had stayed around longer, after all that time watching them they left just after they started a family and got married.It would have been nice to have seen a bit more of that.I wish Nick had stuck around a bit longer so he and Jade could have left together.Then we'd have been spared the sight of Jade and Seb.

I didn't mind Drew but I was glad he left because it meant we were spared yet another round of his and Belle's constant break-up/make-up cycle.Why couldn't he have stayed with Amanda?That would've been a lot more interesting...

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Frank did come back for Sally's first wedding to Kieran (that didn't go ahead coz Kieran was chatting up Gypsy). I'd detest for him to make a return at some stage, as for a good while back in 1988 he thought he was Martha's father until Roo confessed that he wasn't. I'd also detest for Roo to make a visit. Wishful thinking I suppose, seeing as she missed both of Martha's weddings, Jack's death, Martha's cancer battle, Alf's brain tumour, Morag's wedding to Ross, Ailsa's funeral and loads of other things.

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Hes list of 20 characters who should of stayed longer.

I'm surprised Mez hasn't come in here and corrected you. It should be "should have stayed longer." :P

I think her obsession with grammar is rubbing off on me :lol:

I think that Charlotte Adams should have stayed. I was always disappointed by her death.

And Jazz! How could I forget? Perhaps my favourite character on Home And Away... ever! She has so much more potential as a character and could really lift the show out of the ditch it is in now.

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I miss Tom, Bobby, Beth and Matilda so much!

I have no clue why they did kill Bobby, she was the one that everyone liked, at least that I knew lol. Oh and I would have loved to see more of her character and Morag.

Tom, I loved Tom and I think Pippa would have been married to him a lot longer so the chemistry in the Fletcher house was the same old one. I think Pippa and Tom was great together and it was so sad to see him getting killed off.

Oh yea and Beth and Matilda. What a shame that both left. Beth's death was just so sad and none really understood why, she had so much left to do. Oh and Matilda could have been a lot more developed.

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I would definitely have liked for Drew to stay longer. I really liked him.

I would have liked Nick to stay longer as well, so he and Jade could have had a happy ending. And Will and Gypsy was my all time favourite couple. But I was glad that they at least got a happy ending. Not many couples do that in Home and Away.

I would also have liked Tug, Jack Wilson, Jack Holden, Casey and Jesse to have stayed longer.

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