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I don't think I can sign the petition. With

Angelo coming back, and Roman sticking around for a while yet

I can't say for sure where my loyalties lie :(

I will say that I would rather see Joey and Charlie dancing on


grave than see

Charlie sleep with him.


Why must Charlie have such brilliant chemistry with everyone? Why :(??

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How can anyone not like these two? Seriously, they are gorgeous together. And you can tell Joey REALLY likes Charlie, and she looks very happy when she's with her, and Joey deserves happiness. Im shocked to hear that Charlie sleeps with Hugo, especially when Hugo knows that she is with Joey. I honestly, can't wait until that man goes, whenever he does!

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Charlie's life is hard in this week episodes, my heart goes for her. Hugo is just benefitting(or taking advantage or whatever.........) the situation of a person that is in very difficult one, a sign of a loser :angry::angry: . If I am Joey(I wish), I will just let Charlie go :huh::( . She should have accept that job(enjoy and learn from it, as she said before she dreams of owning one in the future). Maybe when she come back Charlie is already sure of her affection(feelings) to Joey and strong enough to face all the pressure that comes with her decision and choices.

Charlie is so beautiful. What is the actress name. Is she an International artist like Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman.

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Here name is Esther Anderson & I don't think she is an international artist. Think I read that she did some modelling before being on Home & Away, not sure though.

I'm not liking Hugo at all at the moment! Hope Joey does come back!

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