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Wed, 11 Mar 09 – Episode # 4808

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Master Class “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 11 Mar 09 – Episode # 4808]


Roman talk to Leah bout his fave restauraunb and she comment that she almost went there one day but got interrupted.

Kristy enters and tells them bout how she & Miles were locked in. she tells them that, whilst she appreciates that candlelit dinner plans etc, they shouldn’t try to get Miles & Kirsty together.


Miles tells Alf bout being locked in., he also tells Alf that there was definitely a monent tween them – but then Martin unlocked the door. Miles tell Alf that he doesn’t really want Kirsty to be under his skin like this, but Alf tells Miles that it sounds like she already is.


Tray & Nicole are chatting when Roman comes home. Roman suggests that it’s getting late – so Tray bails. Nicole insists tat she & Trey were studying but Roman thinks otherwise. Nicole is annoyed tat she is getting this treatment form her dad, as it’s similar to the way that Geoff is behaving.


Martha [who has her hair on display for the 1st time in ages] is talking to colleen. when she ask bout the speed date night, Colleen comment bout its romantic success stores, but Martha say that is more interested in the financial success – so Colleen tells her that they raised around $1000.

Colleen then wonders I Martha will be involved in different charity event, by donating some of Jack’s clothes. Martha isn't so sure bout this, but Colleen tells her that it has to be done sometime.


Next day, in the corridor, Geoff & Nicole talk bout Trey. Nicole insists tat he is just looking to catch up [being a new student to the school and all] but Geoff isn’t so sure bout that motive.

Elsewhere, Miles has just fiinshed writing lots of info on a blackboard in classroom. He goes into the storeroom where he encounters Kirsty. She tells him that she is finishing the stuff they started doing last night. When Miles ask, she syas that she can quite easily fishin tis stuff herself. Mile bails.

In a classroom, Tray, Geoff & Nicole talk bout an assignment that are to do. Tray thinks to a traditional presentation would be boring [like Geoff] hears he would rather do a video presentation etc. after Nicole bails from the room, Tray has a major go at Geoff for being too serious etc, and when Nicole returns trey suggest that she should have the deciding vote. Nicole chooses Trey’s idea. Geoff isn’t impressed and bails.


Miles talk to Roman and tells him that he thought there was a moment tween he & Kirsty last night, but Kirsty’s behaviour this morn [storeroom] suggests otherwise.

Miles changes that subject – and wonders if Leah & Roman are a lot closer now. Roman suggests not - gets tat subject back to Kirsty & Miles. He suggests that Miles should talk to Kirsty.

Roman then talks to Nicole, who isn’t impressed by Geoff’s recent behaviour. Nicole also doesn’t like it that Roman appears to be on Geoff’s side in these matters. Roman suggests that Nicole was flirting with Trey, but she insist that if she was, she didn’t mean too.


Trey enters as Geoff is working out with the punching bag. Trey apologises for the issues tat he’s caused Nicole & Geoff. He suggets that he will put on some boxing pads and Geoff can hit those – and vice versa when geoff is done using the gloves.


In kitchen, Roman is on the phone when Leah enters, he ends the call and Leah comment tat he looks all guilty. Roman goes with leah's thoughts that it was a call form one of the speed date women.

Out in main area, Colleen tells Martha that she has finished her shift so she can help Martha with Jack’s clothes. Martha isn’t keen, seeing that she might go this in a few weeks, but Colleen isn’t taking no for an n answer [as delaying the inevitable doesn’t help anyone].


Geoff finishes hitting the pads that Tray has on his hands, but trey kinda goad him into doing some more. More choice words form tray gets Geoff really fired up as he hist that pads – to the point where he ]accidentally”] hits tray in the face !!!! Geoff apologies – as Trey bails.


As Colleen sorts through Jack’s clothes, Martha looks very forlorn.


Miles is teaching a class when he realised that all that stuff that he wrote on the board has been rubbed off. He goes into corridor and speaks to the cleaner, who say he didn’t do it. Miles that encounters Kirsty in the storeroom, and she tells him that Martin told her to clean the boards. Miles comments to Kirsty that he thinks that she did this on purpose, but Kirsty denies that. Miles isn’t so sure - He bails form the storeroom.

In the corridor, Nicole saes tray whose face is swollen. He tells her that he thinks that it was an accident that Geoff hit him. Nicole isn’t impressed.


Martha removes a shirt form the things that Colleen has gathers. She tells Colleen tat this was Jack’s wedding shirt so she can’t thrown it. Indeed, when Colleen insists that she has to let go, Martha REALLY tells her to stop interfering. Colleen bails, - and Martha gathers up some of the clothes and heads for the bedroom.


Mile talk to Geoff bout the incident with Tray, and Geoff insist that it was an accident.

After Miles has walked away, Nicole convents Geoff – and rally doesn’t like it when Geoff suggest that Trey got himself hit on purpose. Geoff adds that he thinks that if Nicole can’t see through Trey, she is bad judge of character. It’s a tense situation – and Nicole “suggest” that Geoff should pull out of their assignment group since he is causing the trouble. Geoff agrees.


Roman tells Leah why he's been all secretive today. He’s not got a date, but he does give Leah an envelope – which contains her belated birthday present. It’s for her to go to that fave restaurant of his and do a master cooking class – where the chef takes you through how to prepare etc on the food that the restaurant saves etc. Leah MICHLY thanks Roman for this.


Martha tells lf whatl;s happened with colleen, and how she finds it hard to even go her to the cupboard for her own clothes these days. Alf tells Martha that although she thinks that things like holding onto Jack ’s clothes in keeping her afloat, it rally looks like they are dragging her under.


Nic & Trey are on the couch, and when Nic comments tat its good that Trey isn’t being judgemental about her over this whole fight with Geoff, Trey ins that he’s not like other guys.

However moments later, try goes to kiss Nic. She backs away before he gets even remotely close – and tells him it’s not going to happen and the he should leave. As trey bails, he calls Nic a tease. She responds by calling him a creep.


Martha removes Jack’s black jacket [the one with the white stripes across chest] for a garbage bag full of clothes. She then gives that bag to Leah, who bails with it [t o be given to charity].



Nicole tells someone [Aden?] that Joey asked her out, and that Joey is under the impression tat all of SB thinks Nicole is gay

Joey tells Aden that her brother doesn’t know that Joey is gay – and it’s going to stay that way

Sounds like Nicole/Geoff are on the road to recovery

Rachel suggest to Tony that he should let Martha help his with the boat

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: green thin strap top/white shorts


Leah: red singlet top


Martha: royal blue [white “rose”] t


Alf: white [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: white [various colour vertical stripes] button up shirt/bone long pants

Colleen: cream [pink floral] blouse/cream [various colour floral] top

Colleen: red [yellow leaves] blouse

Geoff: grey singlet

Geoff: SBH uniform

Kirsty: green kinda low cut v neck knee length dress

Kirsty: red low cut v neck knee length dress

Lars: SBH uniform

Leah: dark purple spaghetti strap [with yellow band at waist] knee length dress/yellow scarf

Martha: white singlet top [with black spaghetti strap top beneath]/denim jeans

Miles: brown [gold “lake placid truck district”] t/grey button up shirt/denim jeans

Miles: olive green button up shirt/white [black “Abercrombie & Fitch”] t

Nicole: SBH uniform

Nicole: yellow spaghetti strap top/dark shorts

Roman: dark blue t/dark long pants

Roman: grey t/dark long pants

Terry [cleaner]: olive green button up shirt

Trey: blue t/denim jeans

Trey: red t/denim jeans

Trey: SBH uniform

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