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Take Me With You

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Thank you :)

Chapter 11:

“Gosh, what time is it” she asked no one in particular, as she looked around the small area of the shed through one open blurry eye.

Leaning to the side and rummaging through her bag, still half asleep, she searched for her phone.

“Oh great; 9.45” she groaned, dropping the phone back into her bag, before she leant backwards into the wooden surface of the shed and sighed.

The creaking of the shed door being opened could then be heard, as Jack made an appearance.

“Morning” he smiled down at her; a little shyly.

“Hey, good morning” she smiled up at him; rubbing at her blurry eyes and trying to wake herself up. “I didn’t mean to sleep in so late” she apologised. “Have you been up long?” she asked as she used her weight to lift herself up.

“No I …” he began, but noticing her struggling to get up he gave her a helping hand.

Pulling her onto her feet, he smiled.

“Thanks” she giggled lightly, embarrassed at her not-so-lady-like manner.

“You were saying?” she added, trying to divert the attention as she stood before him; adjusting her top.

“Er yeah. No, I haven’t been up long. Maybe 10 minutes or so”.

“Oh ok, great” she beamed. “Oh, before I forget. I have something for you” she added, as she knelt down and rummaged around in her bag. Pulling out a spare mobile phone, she handed it to him.

“What’s this?” he looked at the silver item oddly, as he held it in the palm of his hand.

“It’s a phone” she told him, “I thought it’d be easier to keep in touch that way. Like, when Alec’s out, I can text you and you can come over … if you like” she smiled nervously, not quite sure how he’d take it.

“Wow, that’s really kind of you” he replied; but his tone was somewhat subdued. Frowning at the compact item, he pulled an awkward face.

She chuckled lightly at his puzzlement. “Its ok, I’ll show you how to use it” she smiled.

Following several minutes, the ‘lesson’ was over. And both were delighted at how fast he managed to work it.

Her smile quickly faded however, as she looked down at her hands. He frowned as he noticed her happiness leave even faster than it entered.

“Is something wrong?” he asked; his head titled slightly to analyze her expression.

“No. Well, yeah … I think I better make a move” she reluctantly told him.

He slowly nodded; it was inevitable that their time together would come to an end, but it didn’t change the fact that he felt bad about it.

As much as he forced himself not to care, he knew this would end up happening. He’d let her into his life and she’d somehow manage to worm her way inside his head. Not that he blamed her for that; she seemed most content in just making a new friend. But for Jack, it seemed their time spent together was beginning to mean more to him than he would necessarily like.

But he’d get over it. He would force himself too.

After all, he’d gotten over worse in the past...


“Thank you, for a truly wonderful night” she smiled at him; bag hung around her arm as she stood on the dry sand.

His head bobbed in acknowledgment, “You’re welcome. I’m just sorry it ended so quickly”.

“Yeah” her smile gradually faded, “I guess it’s like they say … all good things must come to an end”.

Looking into his eyes she felt somewhat grieved. Like he was leaving for the army or moving to a different country, parting them for all eternity.

“I hope to see you soon Jack”.

He nodded once again. “You know where I am” he all but invited her back.

A smile spread onto her face once again, and although a little nervous, she stepped closer towards him. Reaching over she lightly placed her hand on his shoulder, while her lips deposited a light feathered kiss on his cheek, lingering for just a moment, before she pulled away; shyly looking into his eyes.

“Good bye Jack. I’ll see you soon”.

With a smile she aversely turned her back to him, walking off down the beach and heading towards Tasha’s, where she would receive her ride home.

Because at the end of the day, they had to keep up with the story, as far as Alec was concerned, she had stayed with Tasha all night. And that was just the way Martha liked it…


“Did he call?” were the first words out of Martha’s mouth as she met her best friend at the porch.

“Yep, Alec called around 9 last night” she informed her, “I just said you were taking a shower and couldn’t come to the phone”.

“Oh right. And did he buy it?”

“Yeah, he seemed too” she nodded. The two girls stood at the porch for a few silent moments; with Tasha eyeing her friend’s composure.

So, was it worth it?” she questioned her friend unenthusiastically; still not entirely thrilled about all of this lying.

She nodded eagerly, “It was beyond worth it, it was wonderful” gushed Martha. “A night beneath the stars, there’s nothing like it” she spoke dreamily, as she glanced up into the sky.

“And?” Tasha prodded.

“And what?” she shrugged, her face frowning.

“And how was the company? That was the real reason you went, wasn’t it?” she questioned her with wide and certain eyes.

Turning away from her friends prying eyes, Martha took a seat on the porch wall. “The company was…” she paused, sighing gently, “lovely. He’s lovely”.

Shaking her head and releasing a lengthily exhale, Tasha took a seat beside her friend. “Martha, what’s going on here?” she questioned her a tad impatiently, as Martha turned her head to face her, a little unnerved at her friends sudden abruptness. “The lies, the sneaking around. Have you actually taken a moment and thought about what you’re doing?”

“I’m fully aware of what I’m doing Tash. I spent the night with a friend, that’s all”.

“No” she corrected her, “You spent the night with a random guy, a hobo to be exact; someone you’ve known barely a week. And in the process, you lied to your fiancé about it”.

Martha merely sat there ignorantly, looking straight out towards the road ahead.

“Now say that back to me, and tell me there isn’t something seriously wrong with that” added Tasha.

A huff could be heard from Martha’s lips as her head slowly bowed.

“What is this Martha?” Tasha’s voice gradually softened. “What’s going on?” she urged her. “Are you attracted to him, is that it?”

She remained silent at her friend’s enquiry, but her face spoke volumes to Tasha. “So you are then” she answered her own question. With a disbelieving shake of the head, she continued. “Do you have feelings for him?” she asked her softly.

With the sudden flick of her head, Martha narrowed her eyes at her friend. “Well if I’m attracted to him, then I obviously feel something for him, don’t I!” she exclaimed in irritation. She was starting to get a little flustered with all the questions and un-spoken accusations.

“Alright, calm down”.

With a loud sigh, Martha apologised for her outburst. “I’m sorry; I just … I guess I’m finally starting to realise a few things … things I didn’t necessarily want to acknowledge” she sadly admitted. In all her life, she had never thought for a moment about cheating on Alec, nor had she ever looked at another man in a romantic sense, but now, things had changed…

Tasha nodded in understanding. “So …” she cautiously went on, “You’re attracted to him, and you have feelings for him” she summarised “but … do you love him?” her voice turned into a soft whisper; her face scrunching up, almost pained at what she knew was coming.

Martha failed to answer, but the tears in her eyes all but told her the response.

“And … Do you love Alec?”

“Yes” Martha quickly added; her tone equally as silent. “I love him” she re-affirmed, “But, I’m just not sure if I’m in love with him, anymore”.

Both faces fell as they realised the stickiness of the situation.

“God, how has it come to this?” Martha asked helplessly; mostly questioning herself. “How is any of this even possible” her head slowly shook in disbelief. “I mean, how can a person be in love with someone, after less than a week? God, it’s barely been 4 days! It sounds so ridiculous!” she burst; her emotions beginning to explode, among other things, she was seemingly quite angry with her own behaviour.

“Martha, don’t beat yourself up about this. It’s not as if Alec’s been the world’s greatest fiancé, I’m not surprised you’ve fallen out of love with him”.

“Yeah but … it doesn’t excuse my behaviour”.

Looking across at her distressed friend, Tasha sighed. “Come on, lets take a walk” she said as she linked Martha’s arm. And the two walked down towards the street.

“You know, when I look at Alec; perfectly shaven, tailored suits and shiny shoes. I just, I feel … almost indifferent; like I don’t even care anymore” Martha began to open up, as they took their long walk back to the mansion. “And then I look at Jack, and the first time I saw him, and I looked into his dark brown eyes, I saw something … wonderful, something special. I couldn’t even make out his face beneath all his hair, but I saw his beauty, and his warmth, and god” she sighed an ache to be near him, “I felt a connection. Like I was drawn to him or something.”

Tasha nodded slowly, remaining silent and allowing for Martha to carry on. The two came to a halt, taking a seat on a spare deserted bench.

“But we’re from completely different worlds, and even though I feel so strongly for him, I’m almost scared to break it off with Alec” she admitted.

“What's so scary?”

She shrugged a little, “All I’ve ever known my entire life, is being the good little rich girl, the daughter of a successful businessman, and now the fiancé of one of the most powerfullest men in Australia … so just the thought of going against all of that and breaking free, not only excites me, but it terrifies me as well … what if I cant do it? What if I can’t handle it?” the tears began to well up in her eyes as she spoke.

“Martha, listen to me. You can do anything if you set your mind to it. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. And if it was something that you truly wanted, then you’d do it, no questions asked”.

She nodded slowly, not entirely convinced, but comforted by her friends words. “I think I just need time to think … maybe in a few hours, or a day, I’ll know what I really want”.

“Yeah, it’s best not to rush the decision” Tasha agreed. “But, the way I see it is, you have to look at everything good in your life, and if you find that the good outweighs the bad, or vice versa, then that’s your answer … you have to think about what you really want, what makes you happiest”.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right … I mean it’s not like I’ve got much to grumble about. I have wonderful friend’s, a great family, a fiancé that loves me … it’s only the fact that he treats me like some possession that has to be locked away that really gets to me”.

“Yeah” nodded Tash.

“But … last night,” Martha's face gradually lit up as her cheeks flushed with colour, “I laughed and smiled so much with Jack. And I felt so good about myself when I did … I can’t even remember the last time I did that with Alec” her voice sighed in sadness.

With a loud exhale, she looked across at her friend, “I don’t know what I’m going to do”.

“You’ll figure it out sooner or later … and whatever you do decide, I’ll support you, 100% … I promise.”

Preview: Alec and Martha spend the day together. Will Martha finally make her decision?

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Enjoy :D

Chapter 12:

“How was your night my love?” Alec smiled as he stood in the doorway to the bathroom, watching her as she lathered the cream onto her cheeks.

“It was good, thank you” she said, not enthusiastically however.

“Good, I’m glad” he stepped further inside, coming up behind her and looking at her reflection in the mirror. “You know, I have the day off today; I was wondering if you’d like to spend it together?”

She smiled as she turned around to face him, “Yeah, that’d be lovely”.

“Great. Anything take your fancy?”

“Oh, I don’t know” she sighed as she walked past him and into the bedroom, “Maybe just a walk or something” she spoke vaguely.

“A walk? Is that all?” he exclaimed; amused.

Taking a seat onto the bed, she smiled, nodding her head at him.

“Ok, if that’s what you want … but, how about a walk and some shopping as well?” he raised his eyebrows at her; he always did love to shower her with gifts.

“Ok” she gladly relented; she wasn’t in the mood to argue, “It sounds perfect” she smiled back.

Maybe the day wouldn’t be all bad, she thought as she watched her fiancé head down the hallway. Spending the day with Alec could actually help her decide what she truly wanted. She knew full well she cared about him, that was pretty much a given. But loving him for all eternity and remaining by his side until death? Well, those were all questions she still failed to know the answers too.

Maybe today she would finally take a step in answering those questions…


Propping her shades up onto her head, she let the suns rays beam down on her skin. Closing her eyes she took a silent moment to enjoy its warmth. No sounds, no stress.

“Here” a voice came up beside her, and she felt a presence take a seat to her left. “Strawberry and vanilla, just the way you like it” smiled Alec, as he handed her the ice cream cone.

“Thanks” she accepted the ice cream and proceeded to lick the cool cream peak.

They were sat on one of the bench’s, a few feet away from the sand, out looking the ocean. The shopping as always had been a great success, and various clothing items and jewellery now filled the boot of the car.

The retail therapy had come to an end however (much to Martha’s relief – shopping really wasn’t what it used to be. No longer did she crave a new dress or a pair of shoes. She merely craved the open, sea-salted air).

“How’s the ice cream?”

“Good thank you, you should have had one” she smiled at him; raising her eyebrows.

“That’s alright. I’d sooner just sit here and enjoy the view”.

She smiled across at him, nodding a little.

Well, that was a lie, thought Martha as she turned back to face the ocean. She always knew how much Alec hated this part of town. It was all too … common for his liking. That was, it occupied too many common folk. People he would no doubt consider, as not worthy of his company.

In his eyes however, he would not see it as a form of arrogance or snootiness, but merely a life choice.

As the final chunk of ice cream vanished down her throat, she wiped her hands; her face smiling its usual toe-tingling smile.

“So, how about that walk I mentioned?” she turned to him, her face smiling, her eyes scrutinizing him for an answer; she could sense he was about to knock her back.

To her surprise however, he agreed. “If that’s what you wish, I’d be happy to” he smiled.

“Ok then, great” she gleamed in the sunshine as she happily took to her feet.

Following her up, he took a hold of her hand.

“This way then?” he gently pulled her along, as they attempted the slope down to the beach.

“Which way do you thinks’ best?” he asked as he stood at the bottom of the slope, looking left and then right. Both sides looked almost identical, but the left side of the beach had a slight incline, leading to the furthest walkable point of the beach, situated just below their housing estate.

“How about we head up that way?” Alec signalled towards the higher part of the beach; noticing the peak of their house in the distance.

She frowned in discomfort, knowing Jacks base was situated that end of the sea shore, and she’d hate for him to spot them together. “Erm, I don’t know” she hesitated. “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. The sun’s pretty hot. You want to head back instead?”

“But I thought you fancied a walk along the beach?”

“I did but…”

“Well come on then” he pulled at her hand, his face smiling as he led her away.

Pulling her shades down onto her face, in the hope of concealing her identity, she reluctantly followed him along.


Wow. I never realised how spectacular it was down here. The ocean just looks so tempting … so mesmerising.” And for once he was being genuinely sincere. She could tell by the twinkle in his eyes. He seemed strangely moved by the vision before him. But it was hardly surprising; she too had that very same feeling of contentment whenever she set foot on the beach.

“Come on, lets just head a bit further, and then we’ll make our way back” he told her, as he continued to cling onto her hand, almost having to drag her defensive body along.

Little did he know, Martha was dying inside, as any minute now, she would set foot right on Jacks ‘backyard’.

Coming to a halt, precisely right where she didn’t want to be, he turned to her; his face smiling.

She cringed every time Alec flashed her that look of love. Why did she suddenly feel so rotten, as if she was cheating on Jack or something!?

Raising his hand, Alec took a hold of her sun glasses, carefully removing them from her face, before letting them rest on the surface of her head.

“You look exceptionally beautiful today Martha” he said as he placed his hands onto her hips; pulling her towards him.

She blushed, feeling her cheeks heating up even more. He could be so sweet at times. Unfortunately her blush was more out of worry for being seen, rather than a blush regarding her fiancés sweet words.

“Thank you”.

“I’m really sorry about the last few days” he apologised. “The constant long hours, the tension between us; you know I hate it when you’re upset … do you forgive me?”

She sighed at his request for forgiveness, “Of course I do” she smiled, “and I’m not upset, I assure you. I’m happy” she beamed, “I’m really happy” she confirmed as she held his eye contact.

Taking her into his arms, he held her tight; stroking her back while he smiled through sheer splendour.

Words could easily fool however, as the sudden fall of her expression showed the complete opposite of her declaration.

Placing her head onto his shoulder, she tearfully closed her eyes.

No longer did she look happy or in love, but sad and sorrowful. A look of pain, uncertainty and fear.

A look of the unknown…

Even so, with just a single day spent with her fiancé, it was all she needed to make the decision.

She knew now, that her future didn’t belong with Alec, because as much as she adored him as a partner. She no longer craved him, no longer got butterflies when he entered the room, no longer enjoyed the strict safety of the mansion walls and the endless gifts he would shower her with.

No, she yearned for a world outside of that …

A world she believed only one man could give…



Jack watched them through the wooden spy hole of the shed wall; utterly dejected to see their loving embrace.

He felt his stomach curl into a knot, as his jealousy continued to build. An unsettling bitter tang reached his mouth; like he’d eaten 10 lemons one after the other.

He couldn’t take it any longer. Turning away he paced the small surroundings.

As his frustration continued to build, the lack of space in the shed and the scarring images of Martha and her fiancé, he exploded. “God! Why do I even care so damn much!” he huffed as he slammed his hand into the wooden surface without a seconds thought.

Shaking his wounded hand off, he winced, “Great, I’ll have a bruise there tomorrow” he rolled his eyes as he muttered.

Despite knowing he’d only regret it, he found himself unable to prevent it. Drifting back, he re-found the spy hole.

He observed them through a glare as they continued to hold each other. But this time however, something had changed. His glare softened into sad eyes as he looked at her with close inspection. No longer did she appear to have a zest for life, a shimmering glow around her as if she was over the moon with love and happiness. Instead she looked heartbroken, almost lost and in doubt.

Looking deeply into her glassy and gloomy eyes, his insides crumbled into pieces.

He prayed to know what went on inside that trapped girls mind. Her wishes and hopes for the future. Did they even involve her fiancé? Or was she just sad about something else?

Jack guessed he would never know. After all, he was merely a feather in the wind. One of which failed to linger for very long, and when the day came to make a move, it was evident that their goodbyes would unfortunately be set in stone…

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Muses are back :D

I wrote this a while ago though, so this one doesnt count lol

Thanks for commenting! Enjoy...

Chapter 13:

“Feeling better my love?” Alec smiled down at her from where he stood.

“Yeah, much better thank you” she spoke up to him in a dreamy sigh. Her hand rising to rub at her tired and blurry eyes.

The previous night had proved to be quite a challenge for Martha. One she hadn’t really appreciated.

Following their walk along the beach, they had jumped into the car and made their way home. It was later that night however when Alec all-but propositioned her to a night of love making.

Thankfully she’d seen the signs early on, so faking a stomach ache due to ‘women’s problems’ was an easy way out. And a successful one at that.

How could she sleep with him, knowing full well when she closed her eyes, it would be Jack who she wished could touch her.

“I’ll be out for the rest of the day, I’m getting a flight up North, another business arrangement I’m hoping will work out” he told her. “Will you be ok here while I’m gone?”

He seemed almost more concerned and caring this morning. Strange, thought Martha.

“I’ll be fine. I hope it all works out for you” she smiled up at him, touching his cheek as she did.

“You rest now, and I’ll see you tonight” he kissed her lips ever so softly.

And with that, he was out the door…

It wasn’t long after, when she arose from the bed. In fact, as soon as she had heard the front door go and the car speed off, she was up and dressed, phone in hand, and texting Jack faster than a bullet could leave a gun.

She knew she shouldn’t. And she was fully aware that she was on the verge of entering dangerous territory, because the more time they spent together, the further she found herself craving for him. But her fingers typing the message were far too eager to prevent.

‘Alec’s out’

The text message simply read. And as soon as she had hit the send button, she felt butterflies do cartwheels in her stomach.

She only hoped it wouldn’t take him long to receive it…


“You got my message then?” she grinned at him, as she welcomed him into her home.

“Yeah, I came as soon as I read it” smiled Jack, almost blushing at the eagerness of his response.

Following a shower and a shave, they stood at the kitchen counter; with Jack feeling fresh and revived.

“Try a cookie. Rosita made them earlier; they’re delightful” she said as she handed him the plate of cookies.

She stood almost nervously at his side, her eyes not failing to stray as she watched him eat in adoration. “Great aren’t they?” her eyes twinkled at him teasingly. He nodded in response, swallowing the biscuit away before speaking.

“Is there anything Rosita cant make” he smiled at her.

“Precisely nothing!” she grinned back enthusiastically.

As the moment fell silent, Martha’s fingers played anxiously with the table cloth. “So” she hesitated as her words elongated. “I had a wonderful time the other night” she began, cautiously.

“I’m glad” he nodded at her. “I did too”.

She smiled, comforted by the knowledge that her happiness wasn’t one sided.

“And your fiancé?” she cringed as Jack mentioned the F word, “he didn’t suspect anything?”

She shook her head, “Nothing at all”.

“Good” he responded, being sure to take a close watch of her expression when he chose to continue… “I didn’t think he did anyway ... When I saw you together …you seemed …,” he paused for a moment, contemplating his choice of words, “…happy” he lied; knowing happiness was far from how she'd appeared..

Her head lowered; unable to look into his eyes. “You saw us?” she practically whispered, as she found herself frowning at the table; her thoughts fixed on the knowledge that Jack had witnessed her with Alec.


“Oh, well … yeah, we are happy … I guess” she ended softly and somewhat doubtfully; watching as Jacks head tilted slightly to the side, clearly waiting for her to go on.

“If I’m honest, it’s actually a little more complicated these days” she continued; gathering her confidence as her vision gradually rose. “The truth is, I’ve been …” she paused; her attention being diverted elsewhere, her face returning into a frown, as she inspected his wounded hand. “What happened?”

“Oh, it’s nothing” he pulled his hand away, placing it behind him out of sight.

“It’s not nothing, you’re hurt” she looked at him through irritated eyes.

“Really, it’s fine”.

“It’s not fine” she looked at him sternly. “Let me bandage it up for you” she insisted, but before he had the chance to protest, she had sped off into the back room.

She returned 10 seconds later, accompanied by a first aid box and a small bottle of liquid. Fiddling around inside, she pulled out some cotton wool, a bandage and some tape.

Dabbing the liquid on some cotton wool, she took a hold of his hand. “This may sting a bit” she informed him.

“I’ll try not to cry on you” he teased her, as he watched her nurse him intently. He couldn’t prevent the wince that slipped from his lips however, as the liquid touched his throbbing wound.

“Come on, brave boy. You promised me no tears” she smirked at him, as she continued to clean the cut.

He smiled at her through his discomfort, his toes curling up in his shoes.

“Now, ordinarily I’d leave it to air, but considering you live outside, it’s probably best I bandage it. We don’t want it getting infected now, do we?” she raised her eyebrows as she glanced to his face.

Folding the material over once, twice and a third time, until it was tightly fitted yet comfortable, she fastened the end with some tap.

“There you go, all done” she grinned as she looked down at her bandaging skills.

Holding his hand lightly within her own, she gently stroked the surface of the bandage. Tiny beads of electricity passed between the two as they shared this quiet and intimate moment.

While Jack watched her carefully as she tenderly massaged his hand, Martha secretly found her cheeks heating up with every second they were silent and alone. She could feel the intensity of his stare on her face; his wide eyes so powerful, she knew that if she looked up, her legs would undoubtedly give way. There was no preventing her growing blush.

All but two seconds later however, and the moment was over. Their state of relaxation quickly leaving, as their hearts sprung into their mouths in utter fright…

“What in heavens is going on!?” bellowed Alec as he stood in frustration at the living room door.

“Alec” she blurted out in surprise; dropping Jacks hand within an instant. “You’re home”. Her eyes were as wide as an owls and her cheeks were now fully flushed.

“Yes, and a bloody good job by the looks of it!” he roared. His eyes as sharp and grey as daggers as he looked at these two individuals. “What the hell is going on Martha, what is this man doing in my home!?”

Darting her vision from Alec to Jack, she panicked. “It’s-not-what-it-looks-like” her words seemed to jumble into one, as she spoke with such a fast pace, her head jolting back to face her fiancé. “This is Jack, the guy from before, the one who saved me” her words flooded out in between every anxious breath she took, “He … he hurt his hand, I was just fixing it up for him, that’s all, I promise”. She spoke breathlessly, as her heart pounded in her chest.

“And you expect me to believe that,” he commented with a glare that said; ‘do I look like an idiot?’

“I know it looks suss, and I’m sorry. But really, it’s fine; harmless even … Jacks just my … friend” she said with caution.

“Your friend?” he questioned her, his eyebrows rising. She silently dreaded his reaction.

“Yes” she whispered back, as quiet and as scared as a mouse.

Swallowing hard, Alec composed himself. “I’d like you to leave”. He said simply, as he looked at Jack directly.

“Alec please,” she pleaded with him, “He means no harm”.

“I said … I’d like you to leave” he repeated calmly.

“But …” Martha once again tried to retaliate. But Jacks response caused her to stop.

“It’s ok … I’ll go”. He said gently, as he looked across at her. Giving her a small feeble smile, Jack walked towards the door.

“I’m sorry” he muttered back to them both as he stood at the exit, before his footsteps fell to silence down the hallway…

… Terrified at the prospect of Alec exploding at her, she stayed silent with her head bowed down.

His face was not angry however, but unnervingly calm. “I don’t appreciate coming home, to find strange men wooing my fiancé”.

“It wasn’t like that, honestly. Please don’t be upset with me,” she whimpered through her fear; the tears in her eyes full to the brim.

Whether it was the fear in her face that forced him to relent, or just the unwanted trouble of having to argue with her, he decided to let it go. “Just promise me it won’t happen again, and we’ll forget this day ever happened”.

She nodded slowly; “I promise” she hushed back, being sure to cross her fingers as she held them behind her back in deception.

“Good” he looked at her expressionlessly. “Right, I’ve got to make a few calls” he announced as he stepped towards the doorway.

“Alec” she called him back hesitantly. “What happened to your business venture?”

“It’s been postponed until tomorrow; one of the guys got sick. It’ll be spread over two days now – gives us a better chance of getting it finalised then and there” he spoke to her, robot-like.

“So, you’ll be staying there over night then?” she questioned him carefully; trying her best not to be too obvious about getting him out of the house, however it seemed Alec wasn’t that stupid.

“No” he shook his head, “I don’t think I’m going to bother anymore”.

She frowned at his comment; never in a million years would Alec cancel on a business project. “But why?”

He looked at her with alert and determined eyes; eyes which told her he knew exactly what was going on. “I think we both know the answer to that” he said simply; mocking her, before he walked out of the door.

A heavy exhale burst from her lungs. ‘Great’, with Alec now aware of Jacks presence, and consequently watching her like a hawk, there was no chance of her ever being alone with Jack again.

As another brick wall fell in front of Martha, she was yet again left to contemplate a way around it…

Preview: Martha has a proposition for Alec, whilst she also begs for Tasha's help. Will Tasha come through yet again? Or is Martha's friendship with Jack finally at an end?

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Sorry, this chapters pretty blaah.

Chapter 14:

She had paced back and forth for the past 30 minutes, desperately wanting to go in and confront him, but terrified at the same time. It was lucky they had wooden flooring, she thought to herself briefly, at least it saved the risk of her wearing the carpet out.

With an exasperated huff she bit the bullet, walking down the hallway and heading for the bedroom.

Approaching the room however, she felt butterflies spring to life in her stomach. Sheepishly, she stood at the entrance in silence.

It was only Alec speaking up first that finally prompted her to start talking. “What is it Martha?”

Placing her hands behind her back, she leant against the door frame. “Erm” she began with hesitance, “about you cancelling that business arrangement?” she said as she ran her foot along the shiny laminate flooring as a distraction.

“Yeah, what about it?” he asked as he sat at his desk, note book and pen in hand.

“Well, is it really necessary?” she asked, her confidence still wavering. “I mean, I know how much you want to progress, business wise”.

He took a moment to look up at her, glancing just above his spectacles as her figure came into focus, before his eyes returned to his work. “That doesn’t matter anymore. Id sooner be here with you”.

She pulled a face of irritation, “So you can what? Keep a watchful eye on me? Never let me out of your sight?” she questioned him “…What good is that going to do?”

Placing his books onto his lap he huffed. “Well what do you expect me to do Martha?” he asked her, “It’s not every day you come home and find some stranger with your fiancé”.

“But we weren’t doing anything wrong!” she practically whinged back, beginning to lose her usual lady-like composure and turn into a tantruming little child. But not quite. “ He’s just a friend” she told him. “Was, a friend” she corrected herself for Alec’s sake.

She watched as he tried to remain relatively nonchalant, as he turned his attention back to his books; but she could tell he was aggravated. “Look” she persisted, “I know we have trust issues right now, but that doesn’t mean the business has to suffer”.

“Oh right. Ok then. So what do you suggest?” He smiled at her with sarcasm; the look in his eye almost patronising.

“Well,” she began as she stepped further inside, “I have a proposition for you”.

He laughed softly to himself as he shook his head. “Let me guess, you’re going to invite that guy back around to baby sit you and braid your hair?” he smiled at her through his sarcasm, before he rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I don’t think so” he scoffed.

“Oh of course it’s not that!” she spat back; her eyes narrowed into a glare. “Look, I was thinking of inviting Tash around for a couple of days. She can keep me company while you’re gone. We can talk, have facials, maybe go shopping. And you won’t have to worry, because she’ll be there to keep an eye on me”. She almost couldn’t believe she had to speak those words, she felt so belittled having to persuade him to leave her alone under the watchful eye of her best friend.

He maintained a silent composure; a silence far too long for Martha’s liking. And her impatience over wanting to see Jack was wearing thin. It seemed her obsession with him - her very unhealthy obsession - was ever increasing.

“Do you honestly want to jeopardise the business over something this pety!?” she kept on pushing his buttons. She knew she was on the right track. Any talk about the business going under, and Alec would be quick smart to make things right.

“Fine” he eventually relented, without enthusiasm. His answer however, much to Martha’s secret relief.

“Fine” she repeated, her head bobbing slightly. “Well, I’ll tell Annabelle to pack your overnight bag for you, and I’ll call Tash and tell her what’s happening” she told him; before she quickly excused herself.

Walking out of the room, a small smile of accomplishment spread delightfully onto her face.


“Ok, so this is the plan” she began as she hugged the phone closely to her face, disclosing all the gory details to Tasha…

“Alec’s having trust issues right now…”

“Oh right … I can’t imagine why” Tash interrupted in a mutter, but Martha merely ignored her comment and continued, “Anyway” she emphasised with evident annoyance, “so he’s got this two day business venture coming up, but he doesn’t want to leave me alone without me having a sitter” she rolled her eyes as she spoke down the phone in irritation. She could have sworn she’d heard Tasha snigger on the other end. “So he wants you to come around and stay the night”.

“Oh, alright, that doesn’t sound so painful” Tasha smirked in response.

“Yeah, only, that’s not exactly what’s going to happen” Martha hesitantly and deviously added.

“I don’t think I’m going to like the sound of this” the blonde grunted down the line.

“Look, it’s the only chance I'll get to see Jack” she whinged.

“MARTHA!” scoffed a horrified Tasha in a raised voice.

“I’m sorry” she apologised in defence, “I know this is really bad. And I don’t know what’s come over me, but I just … I really need to see him Tash” she spoke helplessly. “I have to apologise to him at least”.

A heavy breath passed over the line, as Tasha sighed, “I don’t know what to say to you Martha. I honestly don’t. I just feel like you’re digging yourself into a hole here ... Surely no good can come of this”.

“Yeah, well, I know it seems like that now…”

“No Martha! That is the reality of it!” she bit back with a stern response; frustrated at her friend’s ignorance.

“Look, whatever, I’m not going to argue about this. Can you please just do this for me?”

A long pause consumed the conversation, as Tasha contemplated the riskiness of the situation. “Fine. But I don’t like it” she eventually added.

“Yeah, I know” replied a slightly uncomfortable Martha; she truly did hate having to put her best friend in this position, “Ok, well, I need you to come round with your overnight bag just before Alec leaves, then when I get the call he’s on the plane, you’re free to go” she explained.

“Fine. But this is the last time I do this!” she told her firmly. “Call me when you need me” she added, before she abruptly ended the call.

Within that quick second, Martha heard the distinct cracking sound of the phone line harshly cutting short. Tasha was pissed at her, and she understood why. But Martha wasn’t completely insane. Well, maybe just a little.

At least now she knew what she wanted, or who she really wanted, to be precise. It was just finding the right time to tell him. Whilst doing it in a way that wouldn’t completely scare him off.


The following morning...

The glare she had witnessed that'd flashed through Alec’s eyes, was a clear warning for her not to stray. It lasted only a second as he kissed her on the forehead goodbye, and then headed towards the car, but it was a strong and assured look, almost a look telling her he was watching her.

Shaking off her shivers however, she happily waved him off. These next two days were not about her charade of a relationship with Alec, but more about a potential and hopeful relationship for the future.

She knew she was being selfish, putting both herself and Jack into an awkward position, whilst practically cheating behind her fiancés back. But it wasn’t like she hadn’t been drove to this place. With the way she’d been forced to live her life, it wasn’t surprising she was having an urge to rebel.

“Well, looks like your master plans under way. Lucky you,” Tasha’s snide comment appeared at Martha’s side.

“Don’t start Tash” she snarled at her, before she turned around and made her way inside.

It was approximately an hour and a half when Martha had received the phone call she’d been desperately waiting to hear. Her father, who was also on the business trip, had called her to tell her that Alec had arrived safely, and they were now boarding the plane.

So, with Alec now on course to the other side of Australia, Martha could finally breathe a moment of relief.

“So is that my cue to leave then?” asked an un-impressed Tasha, as she held her bag in her hand, waiting.

“Oh, yeah” turning around with her phone in her hand, Martha placed it back onto the receiver. “Thanks, you’re free to go” she tried to smile; but she sensed her friend wouldn’t appreciate that.

“I feel like I should be getting paid for this Martha” she looked at her lazily.

“I know, I’m sorry. I hate putting you in this position”.

Tasha smiled through her perplex as she responded, “Then don’t,” she half laughed, her eyebrows raising.

But Martha couldn’t help it, and Tasha knew it. She was strictly one-track-minded.

With a relented sigh, the blonde stepped forward. “Just be careful ok?”

“Jack won’t hurt me” Martha’s brow puckered at the notion.

“Are you sure about that? … Maybe he won’t intentionally hurt you, but, from where I’m standing, it seems like you’re looking for something, and you think for some reason, that Jack can give it to you. But what if he can’t? What if, all he sees in you is friendship?”

She shrugged sheepishly; her expression now vulnerable; showing deep down she herself was a tad concerned. “Well, I’ll take whatever I can get” Martha replied softly, “If friendship is all he’ll offer me, then, at least it’s something right?” her smile was swarmed with sadness as she silently pondered defeat.

Tasha’s heart broke at her friend’s desperation. “Martha” she sighed, “for what it’s worth, I do hope you find what you’ve been looking for” she said as she walked forward and pulled her friend into her arms, “I just want you to be happy”.

“Thanks Tash”. Closing her eyes she willed away the tears that threatened to spill. She was scared; petrified at the words her friend had spoken to her. She had naively and ignorantly never contemplated the notion of Jack rejecting her, but now it fiercely stung her mind.

Pulling away they shared a comforting smile, before Tasha soon left the mansion, leaving an uncertain Martha alone to mull over her next move…

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The longest chapter in the history of my fics ... dont say I didnt warn you :P

Chapter 15:

She was nervous; like she waiting for an exam or about to board a plane. But she wasn’t doing either of them; she was actually on her way up the beach, heading for Jacks.

It was 4pm, exactly 4 hours since Tasha had left.

She’d already text Jack, inviting him around the instant her friend had left. But for some reason, she had failed to receive his reply.

Through her impatience, she grabbed her bag and shoes and set off to find him.

A million and one questions fired at her like a bullet, as she made her hasty walk towards the beach.

Was he hurt? Injured so badly that he couldn’t get to the phone? Had he simply gone for a walk and left the phone in the shed? Or was he too angry and upset with her after the events of yesterday, that he was choosing to phase her out; ignoring her text completely?

The latter of which, she was extremely unwilling to consider.

Approaching the shed she took a wary look around. It seemed so silent, distinctly lacking activity. But then again, it always gave off that impression.

Standing at the shed door, she tapped it once, twice and a third time; waiting patiently for any sign of movement.

She sighed, her shoulders and face falling in regret. She made no attempt to try and conceal her flood of disappointment. She was crushed at his missing presence.

Taking another look around the beach in her distress, she mulled over the possibilities of where he could be. Eventually turning back to the shed, she decided to take a step inside, maybe there would be some clue in there as to where he’d disappeared too.

Hesitantly opening the shed door, she briefly ducked her head and shuffled inside, leaving the door open behind her.

The inside smelt even damper than she remembered. And if possible, it seemed even smaller than the time she had slept there previously.

Noticing his rug on the floor, all crumpled and dishevelled, she sensed he hadn’t gone long. As she made the attempt to bend down and touch it, she heard a creak to the floorboards close behind her. With the twist of her ankles, she looked up to see Jack standing above her.

She quickly rose to straighten her body; her smile embarrassed and her face rosy red; she felt as if she’d just been caught with her sneaky hand lodged firmly in the cookie jar.

“Jack” she spoke softly, but with a hint of surprise before she swallowed hard. “I … I didn’t know where you were” she stammered a little.

“I was at the communal showers” his voice was raw as he spoke.

She nodded back, “oh right, yeah, I should have guessed you’d be there” she forced a small smile. That still didn’t explain the lack of text though. “Did you get my text?” she asked awkwardly; she didn’t want to come off as possessive. Or slightly obsessive for that matter. “I sent it earlier today; inviting you round”.

“Oh, sorry. Yeah, I did check it this morning, but it didn’t appear to be working” he pulled it out of his pocket as he spoke, “I’m guessing the battery went dead or something” he told her as he threw his towel down to his feet. His face almost expressionless.

With a brief thought of recognition, Martha noted it was the same towel she had given to him when they had first stuck up a friendship. She couldn’t help but feel secretly elated at that fact; as silly as that sounded.

“Oh right, of course” she rolled her eyes, “Silly me. Too stupid to remember phone’s need regular charging” she chuckled lightly, a smile on her face. “Erm, I’ll happily charge it up for you, and give you a few spare batteries, just in case of an emergency”.

“Yeah, thanks. That’d be great” he replied, still relatively subdued however, and Martha picked up on this immediately.

“So erm, did you want to come round?” she asked as she stood before him; her smile hopeful.

She frowned however as he merely stepped back outside and into the sun. Following him out, she squinted to look at him. “Jack?” she asked concerned, awaiting his response.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea” he finally answered her, but his eyes looked somewhere else.

She sighed at the glumness in his response. “Look” she gently began, “I know I put you in a horrible position yesterday, but I swear, I didn’t know Alec was coming back” she apologised; having to raise her hand to her forehead to shield her eyes from the eye-piercing sun. “I’m so sorry Jack; you have to know that I would never ever intentionally hurt you”.

He remained silent, looking out into the ocean. With a loud exhale he took a seat on the sand, his legs bent and his knees to his chin.

Taking a seat beside him she kept her vision on his profile. “I really am sorry Jack ... Are you alright?”

He nodded slowly, his eyes permanently fixed ahead of him, “At least he didn’t throttle me like last time, I guess that’s something to be glad about” he added, a hint of bitter sarcasm in his tone.

Her head fell and she looked down at her hands. “Look, I understand that you’re upset with me, but I’d hate for us to waste the day like this. The house is empty; Alec left this morning for some business deal he’s wrapping up, he’ll be away for at least two days” she told him.

“How do you know he’s really gone?” he turned to her, “How do you know it’s not some master plan to catch us out?”

“It’s not. And he has. I’m certain of it … my father phoned me whilst they were boarding the plane. He told me that Alec was there with him”.

“He could be lying” replied a rigidly stubborn Jack. “Maybe your father’s in on it too,” he turned back to ignorantly look at the ocean.

“He’s not, because there is no plan. Dad wouldn’t lie or sneak around like that. He’s not the type” she told him in definite.

With her voice softening she added; “Jack, I know you’re uncomfortable with this …”

“I’m not uncomfortable” he frowned in annoyance. “And I can handle myself” he turned to look at her with an intense and determined blaze. “God knows I’ve had heaps of practice” he then rolled his eyes away from her.

He seemed different today, like guarded and almost mad at her. Maybe things were getting to him more than she’d suspected.

His temper upset her, no end, and her forehead wrinkled as she lowered her head to hide her eyes, she couldn’t let him see her threatening tears. “You … you don’t want to hang out with me anymore … do you?”

Her words were like a sudden throb in his gut, as he flicked his vision back to look at her; her sad and miserable face now looking down at her hands. Like a slap across the face, he quickly realised he was being too hard on her. It wasn’t her fault they’d got busted, it was merely a case of unfortunate circumstances.

“Of course I do” he sighed. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to take it out on you. I know that yesterday was just one of those things. We weren’t to know it’d backfire on us.”

She nodded slowly; swallowing away the lump in her throat and trying to will away her tears.

“Look, its not just about yesterday” he admitted. “The truth is, I'm totally famished ... I could easily eat a horse right now” he smirked, trying to lighten the mood, “I always get grouchy when I’m hungry. I tend to take my frustration out on whatever’s closest. You’re just an easy target”.

She smiled at his comment. Taking a deep breath before she plucked up the courage to face him again, “Well, I can’t offer you a horse, but … maybe I could fix you a sandwich at home … if you fancy it?”

He nodded back at her, “That’d be great.”

Pushing himself up, he got too his feet. Shaking off the sand particles on his hands, before he held out a hand to pull her up.

“So no horses huh?” he teased her; his eyebrows rising as they began to walk side by side.

“Sure, I can get you a horse” she replied in a matter of factly way. “But, I’ll have to warn you, the whole animal rights thing may just stop you in your tracks” she smirked back at him.

“Yeah” he laughed, “you’re probably right. That could be a problem”…


“Almost done!” she announced cheerily, as she threw the buttering knife into the sink. Any thoughts of earlier were far from her mind.

“Where’s Rosita anyway? Doesn’t she usually make the food?”

“Aw” she cooed as she took a glance over her shoulder, “are you worried about my cooking skills?” she smirked at him.

“No, of course not” he chuckled back. “Terrified, actually” he added as his face turned serious.

She laughed at his expression as she looked at him, before handing him the sandwich. “I’ll have to agree, my cooking skills are pretty shocking, but I think I can push myself to make a decent sandwich”.

“Alright, but if I get food poisoning, it’s on your head missy” he warned her with a smirk; as he took a good look at the sandwich before him. Taking a hold of it in his hand, he shook himself off; trying to psyche himself up as he pretended to be nervous, facing the challenge ahead.

“Here goes” he took a deep breath before engulfing a large chunk.

“Good!?” she titled her head as she waited for his answer in anticipation.

Wiping the corner of his mouth, his face frowned, deep in thought. “You know what” he muffled as he swallowed it away, “I can honestly say, this is the best sandwich I have ever tasted” he grinned at her with closed lips.

“Oh come on, don’t mock me” she laughed at him, whacking him on the arm.

“I’m not! I mean it” he looked at her, his facial expression now straight.

Her head tilted to the side again, as she narrowed her eyes, trying to make out whether or not he was being sincere, “fine, well … I’m glad you like it” she said, smiling a little, “Alec never likes the sandwich’s I make” she mumbled, half laughing, half sighing.

He looked across at her in sadness. “Well, clearly Alec doesn’t know a good thing when he’s got it” he raised his eyebrows looking directly into her eyes, and they both knew he wasn’t referring to the sandwich.

She forced a smile, “Yeah” she replied softly, before distracting herself with the washing up. He finished his sandwich whilst she kept her back to him.


“I swear I’ll find these board games! Even if it’s the last thing I do!” Her voice called out to him from a distance; her sensational laugh ringing through the hallway.

“Don’t worry about it” he laughed back to her from where he sat waiting on the couch.

“No way! I’m on a mission now, I can’t back down!”

“Yeah well, whatever you do, just don’t break your neck” he smirked at her.

“Why would I break my … Ouw!” she exclaimed, followed by a loud bump and a bang.

Jumping from his seat in alarm at the sudden crashing sound, he feared for the worst. “MARTHA!?” his wide eyes waited anxiously to hear her response.

“It’s ok. I’m fine,” he heard her distant cackle. “Just an unfortunate book-in-the-head incident; no biggy,” her light and cheery voice confirmed to him; whilst Jack breathed a sigh of relief, laughing once again.

“Didn’t you hear me when I said don’t break your neck!” he teased her, trying to stifle his laughter.

“Oh shut up you!” she giggled back. “You’ll thank me later! When I’m kicking your butt in Monopoly!”

He laughed to himself; “Confidence can be a curse you know!” he practically sang back to her.

With a smile on his face, he took a steady stroll around the room; waiting whilst she rummaged through the far crevices of the cupboards. She was potentially fighting a losing battle, and Jack knew it, but the determination and grit fixed in her mind, appeared to spur her on.

Coming to a halt in front of the fireplace, he took a long hard look at the photographs. From a distance they'd looked like merely two individuals posing; random models perhaps, the ones you usually find presenting photo frames. But much to his dismay, he noticed they weren't any random Joe Blogs, they were actually images of the ‘happy couple,’ taken some years back. He just simply didnt recognise their young faces.

Taking a hold of one of the frames, he scrutinized their smiles, if he didn’t no any better, he’d think this was a couple with a bright and hopeful future. He cringed at the thought as he quickly put it down, unable to prevent the sudden sickness in his stomach, as he tried to avoid the happy eyes staring at him from the glossy stills.

Taking a moment now, he strangely noticed how the living room was full of photographs and paintings of them together. He’d never picked them out before, but now as he stood alone with his thoughts, they all appeared to jump out at him, one by one, screaming his name.

The smile from before had now vanished completely, and he wore a very different look.

He frowned at the images in fury, disgusted at what he saw, but more so angry in himself for letting things get so far. He was a weak man, he silently concluded; with just her presence magically transforming him into a love struck teenager.

How could he let himself fall so easily? When deep down, he had always known he would end up losing her to another. Yet again, being forced to mend his broken heart.

This was a wakeup call, he told himself quietly.

“Ok, so I’ve got Monopoly, Jenga, and Cluedo. I also have cards, just in case we find those games too mentally challenging” she joked as she placed the games down onto the table.

Standing up straight and looking ahead, her face slowly dropped, her smile turning faint; consumed by worry. “Jack, are you ok?” she spoke slowly, the expression on his face turned her stomach.

“I …” he paused, the words stuck in his throat. Not one single part of him wanted to do this; and it took all the psychological strength he could muster, not to back down. “I don’t think I can be here anymore,” his voice was soft, but pained with anguish.

“What are you …? … What do you mean?” she questioned him, her own words catching in her throat.

“I just … I think, it’s about time for me to leave,” he spoke the words he always knew he would regret; his eyes failing to look at her, as he stared down at the floor; trance-like.

“What are you talking about?” she smiled through her fear, “you only got here an hour ago, and we’re going to play board games” she rambled on in her naivety and nervousness; her breath now shuddering.

“No … you don’t understand” he replied, his voice low. Her face strained through her frown, as she waited for him to explain. “I meant … its time for me to leave, summer bay … for good”.

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Thanks people :)

Chapter 16:

Standing up straight and looking ahead, her face slowly dropped, her smile turning faint; consumed by worry. “Jack, are you ok?” she spoke slowly, the expression on his face turned her stomach.

“I …” he paused, the words stuck in his throat. “I don’t think I can be here anymore,” his voice was soft, but pained with anguish.

“What are you …? … What do you mean?” she questioned him, her own words catching in her throat.

“I just … I think, it’s about time for me to leave,” he spoke the words he always knew he would regret; his eyes failing to look at her, as he stared down at the floor; trance-like.

“What are you talking about?” she smiled through her fear, “you only got here an hour ago, and we’re going to play board games” she rambled on in her naivety and nervousness; her breath now shuddering.

“No … you don’t understand” he replied, his voice low. Her face strained through her frown, as she waited for him to explain. “I meant … its time for me to leave, summer bay … for good”.


It seemed as if she hadn’t heard him, or she had, but she was spending an exceptional amount of time trying to process it. Because she failed to acknowledge his words, not even looking up at him in response, as she simply stared trancelike at the floor.

Finally, swallowing away her built up saliva, she looked at him through distraught eyes.

Her brow knit together, her face colour-less and her eyes dark and gloomy with confusion.

Looking away again, she blinked away her tears. She couldnt let him see her cry. “Can we just pretend you never said that” she whispered to him, barely audibly, “Please?” she glanced to his face once again. But her glistening eyes were obvious.

“No” he said, after a pause; his own voice also painfully soft.

Her face scrunched up in devastation, and she forcefully closed her eyes. She looked as if she was trying to mentally block everything out. But that failed to work, as she relaxed her face and opened her eyes, her skin now red due to her straining. She looked drained, completely exhausted as she looked at him helplessly.

“Why?” she hushed back finally, not really knowing what she was asking. Her mind was now a blur.

Swallowing away his emotions, he tried to maintain his solid composure. “It’s simple really” he spoke calmly, in a low tone, “I thought I could do this … to be here, with you … But I don’t think I can anymore”. His face frowned as he seemed to gaze out into the open air, clearly thinking hard.

She stared at him in confusion, so many thoughts flooding through her mind, so fast and immobilizing. Everything was going so great; they’d gotten over the Alec incident, and were finally enjoying their time together. How could all of that suddenly be over?

Shaking away his state of stillness, he looked into her sad and perplexed eyes; she was clearly waiting for an explanation. “Oh just look at what were doing Martha! It’s ridiculous!” he exclaimed; his head shaking. “The hobo acting like he’s never had to scrape for a meal before, and that his world isn’t an endless array of disappointment ... And the rich girl, trying to pretend she doesn’t have a fiancé, and that her life’s a bed of roses,” his eyes gave a look of disbelief. “We’re living in a fantasy land!” he concluded.

She slowly shook her head; saddened by the simplicity of his explanation. “How can you say that? We’re enjoying our time together Jack … making the most of our friendship” she cried at him, trying her best to defend the situation.

“But its not like that anymore, is it? … Maybe that was how it started, but things have changed now, we’ve changed. Even if we don’t want to admit it …” he sighed in sadness, “were completely dependant on each other. We look to each other for a release, for the chance to escape ...” his eyes were so sad and helpless as he spoke; she couldn’t stand to look into them for too long. “...Just so we can both pretend that our lives aren’t a complete and utter disaster”. His head shook and his eyes rolled at the notion.

Martha on the other hand, was finding it all increasingly difficult to comprehend, “I can’t understand this; any of it” she whispered, her breath catching in her throat. “Why are you saying all of this Jack?” she looked at him, her head shaking.

“Because it’s the truth. And because, at the end of the day, this isn’t going to last, we’re both going to end up right back where we started. You making happy families with Alec, and me, well … by myself” he tried to explain in the gentlest way possible, but he feared now, seeing the tear stains down her cheeks, that he’d been a little harsh.

One thing was for certain, he didn’t want to make her feel bad. He’d never be able to live with himself if he knew she was only blaming herself for this.

“I’m so sorry Martha. But you have no idea how hard all of this is for me … just being here, with you …” he looked tormented as he spoke, “and I don’t want to make this all about me” he added, “but … I just find, that the longer time I spend with you, the more I … I feel myself falling. Like, this thing inside of me just building up, ready to explode, like a volcano in my gut … and it hurts and it aches so badly I can barely breathe, and I just know that if I let it control me, that there’s no going back … it’ll take over me”.

He seemed to speak in riddles, but Martha had a fair idea of what he was talking about, and it relieved her, yet pained her that he felt the same way as she did.

“I understand your pain Jack” she began, as she slowly stepped forward. “Like a fire, deep inside, ripping through your insides” she said carefully. “And it may seem so easy to put out, but the risks are endless”.

His head fell at her words, and she stood there staring at him. It wasn’t long before her own head fell before her, but unlike Jack, her own sadness was mixed with so much shame.

“I know this is all my fault” she admitted in defeat; her voice a whisper in the air.

He reacted immediately at her response, his heart breaking. “No, Martha, please, its not”.

“No, it is!” she told him, almost yelling in desperation. “I was so persistent; I barely gave you a chance to say no”.

He shook his head stubbornly at her comment; this was exactly what he didn’t want ... Martha blaming only herself for this. “Look” he began, “I come here everyday to spend time with you, because I want too. Because you make me feel human again, like I’m not worthless … If anything, I’m the one that’s selfish … because now I can’t bear to even go a day without seeing your smile” he said, his own face now showing a small feeble smile.

“You’re crazy if you think you’re the selfish one” she mumbled back, attempting to laugh, but it came out as a mere breath.

“There’s no end to how selfish I’ve been Jack…” she added, “I have everything a person could ever want, and yet I still want more” she laughed weakly and disbelievingly, "Most people dont have half of what I have" she announced in sadness.

“But you know what's worse; I dont think I care anymore ... this life, these clothes" she went on as she patted the material that covered her body, "it doesnt even feel mine anymore. And the truth is, I'd happily give it up to the next person that walks along ... maybe theyd make better use out of it than I have ..."

"... Thats whats really selfish Jack" she told him. "But the bottom line is, if selfishness is what got me here, then I wouldn't go back and change a thing …” she pursed her lips together, swallowing hard. “Because loving you is the greatest thing I have ever done, and I will not be ashamed or angry at myself for feeling that way … so if I get punished for that, then so be it. I’ll take the punishment gracefully. Because it was all worth it; just to be close to you”. She held her head up high, her tears swimming down her face. “But you listen to me now Jack!” she ordered him, “if there is one thing I will not do, it’s that I will not stand by and let you walk out of my life like this!” she told him firmly, her eyes black through sheer seriousness and determination. “Not now, not after how far we’ve come”.

He failed to move, failed to react even. He simply stared straight ahead at her, his expression ambivalent; a mix of emotions. No one had ever spoken such wonderful words to him before. Telling him they love him, almost making him feel like some kind of god. Just proving to him, that his being, his essence and his meaning in life, wasn’t all worthless.

She looked back into his eyes; he looked vulnerable, fragile, possibly a little scared and consumed with self-torment.

She felt her heart beat slow right down, the blood in her veins pumping a little slower as she calmed from her recent outburst. She could barely remember what she’d said, she thought briefly to herself. She did however remember the part where she’d declared her love for him.

Concerned about his lack of speech or movement, she slowly moved forward, her eyes not leaving his as she went.

Now, standing in front of him, she could see how tense he really was, the veins in his arms almost pulsating out, and his jaw line clenched, tight and firm.

She wasn’t scared however; scared that he might suddenly react and lash out.

No, she just wanted to be close to him, to hold him in her arms and tell him that she would love him for all eternity.

“Jack?” she eventually whispered, fresh tears in her eyes now appearing. He remained still and silent, keeping his solid composure; his dazed spell still ongoing.

Biting her lip, she cautiously leant forward, hesitant at first; before she buried her face into his chest and closed her eyes. “Please don’t leave me” she mumbled into his shirt; her cheek rubbing against the cottoned material of his top.

Her arms eventually swung around his neck, as she reached up onto her tiptoes, clinging onto him.

She sobbed into his shoulder from then on, and it wasn’t until much later that he finally relaxed his muscles, pulling himself out of his trance and robot-like form, and tentatively wrapping his arms around her body.

She held him even closer (if that was possible) when she felt him give in.

This too prompted him to compete with her strength, as he squeezed her petite form tightly into his chest, pulling her upwards, ever so slightly, so that her tiptoes were barely touching the floor.

This was the closest they had ever been. The most intimate and passionate moment they had ever experienced.

Resting his cheek on the top of her head, he closed his eyes. Not worrying that his tears would seep to dampen her beautiful brown locks, but just enjoying the feeling of having her so close to him.

Neither were sure how long they’d stood there for; minutes, hours even? But when they finally did pull apart, they both looked tired and a little fatigued. Clearly the events of the day were beginning to take their toll on them.

Now, with her feet on the ground, and her arms by her sides, she looked up at him, her face smiling through her tears.

He smiled back weakly, much to her relief; giving her a sign, even just a small one, that it wasn’t all fear, uncertainty and heartbreak that covered his mind.

“Martha” he spoke out, almost silently. “I …” and then the tears slipped out, his lip quivering before he pursed them together forcefully, trying to muster up some way of controlling his emotions, so he could speak in an audible and coherent manner. She listened hard, anxious to what he would say.

“I love you” he finally gushed out in a heavy breath, speaking the most treasured words she had been waiting so patiently to hear.

“I try not too … but I can’t stop” he cried; clearly distressed.

And with his tears; came her own. “I know … I can’t either” she whimpered, looking across at his face, as it blurred through her salty tears.

Nestling herself into his chest once again, she wrapped her arms around his waist.

Tilting her head slightly upwards, she kissed his neck, rubbing her nose into the creases of his skin as she smelt his fruity fresh aroma.

Pulling away, inch by inch, they looked into each others eyes. Their arms still wrapped around each other, their chests with no visible parting, and their noses almost touching.

With shaky breaths, they found themselves even closer.

“Is this really happening?” Martha hushed against his lips, her breath so warm and inviting.

He didn’t verbally answer, he didn’t need too. And as the world spun like a whirl wind around them, they stood as one; lips finally meeting, soft and tender, as they shared their very first kiss…

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Thank you :D

Warning: Content maybe unsuitable for younger readers!

Chapter 17:

She sat on the edge of the bed waiting for him, her legs dangling over the side.

“Are you ok?” she asked gently, her eyes squinting through her blurry vision, due to the extent of tears she had shed.

He nodded silently as he stood before her, a slight troubled frown on his face.

She too frowned, but she was more concerned with the thoughts that ran through his mind. Finally rising to her feet, her head titling an inch to the side, she walked towards him.

Without a word, she wrapped her arms around him, nestling her face into his chest. His hands automatically surrounded her, holding her to him as he breathed in the fruity aroma of her hair.

“We’ll be ok Jack” she tried to reassure him, sensing he was a little lost and anxious at this moment in time, “as long as we’re together, we’ll be fine” she smiled as she spoke; she wanted to hold him for all eternity, never letting go, just in case someone stole him away from her.

Closing her eyes and letting her head rest on his chest, she took a brief moment to glance at the future, their future, together. It would be her job to protect him now, to shield him from the cold and be the lover, friend and family he desperately needed, because Jack wasn’t just any 20 something year old male, he had the vulnerability and heart of a child … fragile and very easily breakable.

His entire life was a picture of disappointment and sorrow, no family, no friends and nothing to look forward too.

Until now that is.

Pulling away, she tenderly took his hand, bringing it to her lips and kissing it softly.

“I’m going to look after you Jack, I promise” she announced through her love.

His mouth twitched in his smirk, “And who’ll look after you?” his eyebrows rose as he spoke.

“I don’t need looking after,” she shook her head. “21st century girl me! I’m all about taking control” she pursed her lips together as she nodded.

He laughed a warm exhale, before his face turned suddenly serious.

Swallowing hard he looked deeply into her eyes. “Will you promise me something?” he hushed to her in a low voice, sending Martha’s head spinning uncontrollably.

“Anything” she hushed back, holding onto his arms as he placed his hands at her hips.

“Just promise me you’ll never change”.

Her eyebrows knit together, just for a second, and she smiled at him in confusion, before she eventually nodded slowly, “I promise”.

Hesitantly leaning inwards, they sealed their promise with a kiss.

Separating for just a moment, he bent down to scoop her up, placing an arm to the back of her legs as he picked her up in a brisk whooshing motion.

She giggled as he led her over to the bed, and carefully placed her down onto the cotton sheets.



A cold breeze glided over the bare and exposed skin of her leg, sending shivers down her spine and startling her goosebumps to life.

It was pitch black as she opened her eyes, and it took her a few seconds to adjust to the vast darkness.

Rolling over she expected to find him beside her, sleeping like the beautiful angel he was, instead she found a cold and empty space.

With panic flooding through her veins, she bolted straight out of bed, eyes darting left right and centre.

She eventually located him, much to her relief, as he stood with his back to her by the window, staring into the sky.

Without saying a word, she quietly slipped out of bed, her naked body tiptoeing over towards the far end of the room where he stood. Ordinarily she would have covered herself up, but she didn’t care if Jacks eyes scrutinized her body. There was nothing hidden or secret between them now. It was all open.

“Jack” she spoke softly, as she placed a delicate hand to his side.

The warm hand against his cold skin was delightful, and he smiled just a little as he turned to look at her.

His eyes couldn’t help but study her female form, as the moonlight shone through the window, highlighting and shadowing her figure in all the right places. She looked like an Italian masterpiece, a sculpture that should be kept behind glass. No wonder Alec liked to keep her hidden, Jacks irrational thoughts suddenly quipped. Before he mentally brushed them aside.

“Hey. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you” he said as he looked into her eyes.

“It’s ok, I’m not really that tired … are you alright?” she asked, concerned that he would be out of bed at a time like this.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just …” he sighed, shaking his head, “It’s stupid”.

“What’s stupid?” she frowned.


She paused for a moment to look at him. “What are you talking about?” she waited while he remained silent, before urging him on with the touch of her hand, “Jack?”

“Well, look at me” he began in a self defeatist tone. “For the first time in years, I actually have a warm and comfy bed to sleep on … but all I can do is stand by the window and dream of being outside” his eyes glanced over longingly to the trees in the distance. “You must think I’m crazy”. He said as he turned back to her.

“Don’t be silly …”

“I’m silly then”. He interrupted.

She laughed softly, shaking her head. “You’re not silly! And you’re not crazy or stupid. These feelings you’re having, they’re completely understandable. You’ve spent the majority of your life outside, it’s your home Jack, it’s who you are and it’s in your blood … I can understand how staying indoors for entire 24 hours must be hard for you. It’s nothing to be ashamed of”.

His mouth twitched in a sideways smile, “Thanks”. But he still felt stupid.

“Look, why don’t we go out onto the balcony and watch the sun come up?" she proposed, as she wrapped her arms around his waist. "Yeah?"

“Martha, you don’t have to do this”.

“But I want too. I want us to share everything together” she smiled, looking up at him in adoration.

He sighed, kissing her softly on the lips. “Thank you” he finally responded, feeling a flood of relief rush through his veins. For some reason he’d felt almost trapped inside these four walls, and he’d hate to admit that to her.

He was torn.

He loved being with Martha, alone with her and having her so close to him, but he also loved the outdoors, the sounds, the smells, the breezes. He would consider this as another one of his selfish traits, wanting bits of both worlds.

But at the end of the day, if he was forced to make a final decision, he wouldn’t choose what was best for him, or what he wanted most of all. No, he would base his final call on what was best for Martha. The future she deserved.

He was pulled out of his semi-trance-like state as Martha pulled him along, handing him a fluffy robe and encouraging him to wear it.

Wrapping her own body up tight, she unlocked the balcony doors, opening them wide and stepping outside. The cool breeze immediately hit them both, and they sighed contentedly at how refreshing it felt.

It wasn’t dark out there, it was actually rather romantic. Just them, the surrounding trees which kept them hidden from prying eyes, and the moonlight high up in the sky.

This wasn’t something she’d usually consider doing, getting up in the middle of the night to watch the sun come up (Alec certainly wouldn’t have allowed it), but she would now be the first to admit there was something quite magical about it…

Pushing the two sun beds together, they lay side by side, smiles spread across both of their faces, and their hands slotting together in perfect silence like a puzzle piece.


It had been 30 minutes since they’d last spoken; both feeling no words were necessary with the landscape spread before them.

“This is lovely” his soft voice spoke out; his hand still comfortably entwined with Martha’s.

“Mhmm” she mumbled back half soaked. She was falling asleep again.

He smiled across at her as he watched her eyelids drop heavy, her mouth falling into a pout and her forehead wrinkling ever so slightly, probably because of the cold breeze which had suddenly picked up.

Gently he pulled apart their fingers, shuffling off his sun-lounger and walking around to her side.

“Come on beautiful, let’s get you into bed” he hushed down to her, as he shuffled his hands beneath her body and carefully lifted her into his arms.

She moaned just a little before she snuggled into his chest. Her body curling up into the foetal position.

Reaching the bed he placed her down, wrapping her up in the covers and kissing her hair.

So their plan of watching the sun come up together had fallen through, but Jack didn’t mind, he’d sooner know that she was warm and safe, sleeping soundlessly in her bed, like a baby.

He sighed in contentment as he leant over her, caressing her cheek with the backs of his fingers.

“I never thought I’d ever be grateful for the way my life’s turned out … but I am … and it’s all thanks to you,” his words were like a feather in the wind, and a small smile appeared on her face, almost as if, despite her deep dream-like state, she could hear his words loud and clear. “You’ll never know how much I truly love you. My beautiful angel”.

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Thanks everyone. Your comments are lovely :wub:

But who mentioned Alec <_<

You've completely ruined the mood :P lol

I hope this chapter isnt too confusing :unsure:

Warning: content maybe unsuitable for younger readers!

Enjoy! :D

Chapter 18:

Martha’s Perspective:

She’d dreamt that night of a far away land, a waterfall splashing into a lake, the greenery of the trees and plants traveling for miles, the flowers budding oranges and reds in the sunlight, and the birds chirping delightfully in the distance.

She was there with Jack, walking barefoot across the grass as she held onto his hand; her long white dress trailing behind her.

They were together and they were alone, just them, in a heavenly and mystical-like place; so warm, with just a gentle breeze gliding past them.

When he’d kissed her, it felt like she was floating, like she was an angel and he was a god, and he was sweeping her off her feet as they danced together in the sky; her cheeks heating up like a kettle as his silk lips caressed her own.

Her eyes fell closed as he took her entire mind and body over … devouring her so dreamily.

And then he was gone … her eyes opened wide to see him far away in the distance, running away from her into the forest, and calling out her name for her to follow him.

She tried to keep up, running after him as her hand reached out to grab his, but it was impossible, he drifted further and further away into the bushes, and she was left trailing behind, stumbling over her dress as it tangled up her feet, and tripping over a rock.

“Jack!” she tried to screech. But it was like her voice was merely a mumble. Not loud enough to catch anyones attention.

And then it happened, darkness suddenly engulfed her, her heart pounded like a drum in her chest, and she was harshly ripped out of her now-turned-nightmare state, and into reality.

She gasped, clutching her chest.

Her forehead was moist through the stress and her eyes felt like they were on fire, blazing from the intensity of them abruptly opening wide.

Immediately she sprung from the bed, a dizzy spell suddenly overwhelming her, but she tried to ignore it as she scanned her eyes around the room in a frenzy.

And it was as she feared…

He was gone…


She hadn’t moved for 10 minutes, just sitting on the bed in utter shock. It wasn’t until she finally rose from the bed, slightly dazed, that she noticed the letter on the bedside table.

Opening it with shaky hands she read the contents…


I know you’re probably hurting right now. And I couldn’t bear the thought of that, if I wasn’t positively certain this was the way things were meant to be.

We both know deep down, that I could never give you the life you’ve been looking for. I wish I could, but you deserve so much more than I can offer you.

Dragging you from your world into mine would be a selfish and thoughtless thing to do, when it fails to offer you the shelter and warmth you deserve.

You are the kindest and most beautiful person I have ever met, and I do not regret a single second since I’ve known you.

Please don’t ever change…

All my love, forever and always,



She was in tears by the time she’d finished the letter. How could he think she’d want anything but him? Within the past 3 weeks, she had felt things for Jack that she had never felt for Alec in the space of 7 years!

And now he was gone. Probably already half way down the highway and off to his next unknown destination.

He’d always said this would happen, that he was a feather in the wind, one that wouldn’t linger for too long, and one that was best on his own.

But who was he kidding! Living a life all alone, no friends, no one to love! How would he ever find a sense of happiness and fulfillment? After all, there was only so much gratification one person could get out of travelling!

No! Jack deserved so much more than that, he deserved to be adored, to be protected and looked after. And Martha was determined she would be the one to do it!

Rushing to her feet and roughly wiping away her tears with her hands, she clambered to the wardrobe, pulling any random outfit off the hanger, and throwing it onto her body.

Stuffing the letter into her pocket, she rushed to get her bag…


Jacks perspective:

He laid their in silence, just listening to her breathing, in and out, slowly and calmly. She looked so peaceful, he thought to himself. A small smile on her face as she slept; her body curled up towards him, and her hand resting on the pillow just below his chin.

Bending his head downwards, he kissed her small delicate hand, before taking it within his palm, keeping it warm and safe by his heart. He knew he didn’t have much time left with her, it was already after 5am and he sensed the sun was beginning to show itself.

Despite his head telling him to go however, his heart wouldn’t allow it. Just knowing that when she woke up, she would be alone and scared. Thinking she’d done something wrong to push him away.

But it was far from that. He knew he could never offer her a stable future and a chance for real happiness. It just wasn’t an option with someone of his circumstance, no matter how much it pained him to admit.

So now, he lay there. Just listening as she took each breath, taking in her beauty, her warmth and her tender smile. Just absorbing every inch of love and kindness that she offered to him, and just feeling as it radiated off her body like a sunshine.

No one could take these moments away from him; these sacred and treasured moments, never to be replaced, and never to come again. He would never regret a second he had spent with this girl. All the lies and sneaking around had all been worth it. Just having the chance to hold her, to feel what it was like to make love to her; body to body, heart to heart.

No other feeling in the world could outweigh this. And he would be eternally grateful to have experienced it, even just for one night only…

..... (6am) .....

He stood at the side of the bed, the note he had just written held firmly in his grip as he looked at her.

The mountain of effort it had taken, to literally force himself off the bed and back into his clothes was indescribable. And he suddenly felt a surge of sickness ride up his windpipe, as he stared down at her smiling lips and closed eyelids.

He hated the thought of ruining her happiness. But there was no turning back now, he’d always known this decision would have to be made, and he knew that now was the time to make it.

Placing the letter onto the bedside table, being careful not to wake her, he propped it up against a candle. Being sure to display the capital letters ‘MARTHA’, so that she would know it was for her eyes only.

And that was that, it was all he could do, just a little something to hopefully ease her sadness and make peace with the heartbreak.

Leaning over her, for one last time, he kissed her forehead, smelling her hair and whispering ‘I love you’ into her ear as she twitched in her sleep.

He frowned even more in his misery, as he stepped away from her, unable to help the niggling thoughts in the back of his mind … silently hoping and praying she would just wake up, see he was about to leave, and demand that he stayed. He didn’t want to see her beg though, he wouldn’t allow that, but he knew that if she did wake up, her warm eyes smiling at him, and her arms held out for him to come to her, he would crumble like a piece of paper.

He was a weak man, after all.

Which is why he couldn’t hesitate; he turned on his heel; determination set in his mind, and headed for the door…


He reached the shed some 15 minutes later. He’d been dawdling, if he’d actually focused and set his mind straight, he would have been there in 6 minutes flat, and then finally on his way out of town.

But no, he was too wrapped up in his guilt, regret and sadness. Just picturing Martha’s face when she woke up to find him gone. It tore him in two.

His face was pale, his body drained by the time he actually reached his home base.

And as he collected his items together, he struggled to come to terms with reality. He was leaving … leaving her behind … forever…

With tears in his eyes, a lump hard in his throat, he leant down, picking up his bag and water-bottle with shaky fingers, and ready to make a move…

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OMG! I couldnt even find my own fic :lol:

First of all, I apologize sincerely for making you wait so long :(

I'm not sure if anyone still cares about this lol, but I will finish it! I promise!

Secondly, I'm not sure who has seen todays Auss Home and Away ep,

but I imagine those who have are probably quite upset right now, so I really hope this doesnt make you feel any worse


*hugs for all Sad J&Mer's*

Oh, and I'm sorry about the first line in the chapter ... its not meant to be ironic, I actually wrote it a month ago lol.

Anyway, I hope this chapter isnt too bad. And as for SS, I might try and finish it up in a few chapters ... if I can find the motivation to finish it :blink:

Stay strong peeps! Stay strong!

Chapter 19:

He stopped dead in his tracks. He should have guessed his exit wouldn’t run smoothly. He couldn’t help but pray she was merely a mirage however; just a figment of his imagination standing before him.

But, considering all his senses went into overdrive at that moment, in particular, the sweet smell of her hair and skin, which suddenly rushed back into awareness, he knew he was in no such look. She really was standing right in front of him.

“What do you think you’re doing Jack?” she asked him. So much hurt evident in her trembling voice, and her face fixed in a permanent frown; her distress as clear as day in the creases of her forehead.

The look on her face, the sheer upset displayed before him was like a kick in the shin, but he tried his best to remain calm. He couldn’t let this continue to affect him, if he for one second addressed the feelings in his heart; he knew he would only end up caving.

And he couldn’t … he wouldn’t … He had to do this! For her

Inhaling a deep breath he replied in a soft and tender voice, “I’m leaving” he said as he locked his eyes on hers. Moments later he tore his vision away from her, focusing up ahead and onto the beach, as he attempted to leave.

“No Jack! You’re not. You’re not going anywhere!” she spoke sternly, wedging herself in front of the exit and blocking his escape.

“Martha, please” he came to an abrupt halt as she positioned herself in front of him. “You know it’s for the best … Just let me go” he spoke to her in the same calm and controlled voice.

“No” she shook her head fiercely, “No way! If you think I’m going to just let you walk out of my life like this, then you’ve got another thing coming!” her voice shook and rattled nervously. It was painful to hear.


“Nooooo!” she burst in desperation. The colour falling out of her face, “You said you loved me” she whispered out; distraught.

He sighed a lengthily breath, “I know,” as his head lowered in sadness.

“Was that just a lie?” the tone of her voice rose higher as her breath momentarily jammed in her throat.

His vision rose to meet her eyes, his forehead wrinkling in distress, “No” he spoke like a gentle breeze of air, his tone full of sincerity. “Of course it wasn’t … I meant everything I said”.

“Then why do you want to leave me?” she asked, almost child-like. She appeared so vulnerable and lost. Suddenly the roles felt as if they’d been reversed, and it was now Jack who felt the need to protect her.

“I don’t want to leave you Martha” he softly admitted. “I’d happily stay with you forever if I could”.

“Then stay” she insisted with a smile, her face lighting up in hopefulness.

“I can’t” he shook his head regretfully.

Her optimism left as quickly as it came, before she found hope in a different proposition. “Fine then, let me come with you”.

“No, I couldn’t” he shook her off. “It would be far too selfish of me”.

“But its my choice Jack! MINE!” she raised her voice at him.

“No … I’m sorry, but it’s not going to happen” he mumbled, stepping forward in determination and attempting to make it past her.

They now stood inches away from each other, as Jack tried his best to wedge himself through the gap, his head turned away from her focusing up ahead. But he failed to budge her, as she forcefully stood her ground.

“Jack please” she pleaded with him and placed her hand to his chest; looking up to his face as he clearly tried to ignore her.

“Martha, get out of my way” he finally looked into her eyes.

“No” she cried, pushing a little harder on his chest.

“Martha …” he paused for a moment, swallowing away the lump in his throat as he held her eyes. “Don’t make me hurt you” he threatened, but the pain in his voice was too weak to be menacing.

“Like you could possibly hurt me anymore than you already have Jack” she sobbed as she looked sadly into his eyes; her hand falling lifelessly down to her side.

He felt as she moved even closer, her eyes glistening like two deep blue oceans, before she turned her head just an inch, resting her wet cheek against his neck.

He stood there frozen, unable to protest, just feeling as she stroked her cheek against him. He shivered as her warm, velvet-like breath ran into his ear; he felt powerless to do anything.

At that moment, she pulled back, ever so slightly; her lips almost caressing his skin as she moved from his side to his front, looking into his eyes.

“Jack…” she hushed into his lips, so close they almost touched…

And then they did, as she placed a light kiss onto his lips...

The world appeared to fall away in that second, and it didn’t take long for Jack to fall. Losing himself in her kiss, as he slotted his fingers into her hair, and held her close to his chest; fixing her to him in a body lock.

His bag which had dropped to the floor lay recklessly on the wooden boards, as he pulled her to the side, her back resting against the wall of the shed as he pinned her in, kissing her with every amount of passion he could muster.

“God, what are you doing to me?” he asked her breathlessly as they pulled away, “This isn’t right”.

She panted at her lack of oxygen, “It feels right”.

Just staring into her eyes was enough to make him stay, to push aside all his fears and label them as merely irrational. But he’d gone too far now, he couldn’t just go back on his word.

Shaking his head, he pulled away from her, releasing her face and hair from the grip of his hands, and grabbing his bag. He quickly made for the now-freed entrance…


“JACK!” It didn’t take long for her to call after him, running down the beach like a hysterical woman. “Why do you keep walking away!?”

“Just leave it now Martha. We’ve done far too much already” he called back to her, his voice loud as he battled with the sound of the wind.

“Are you scared, is that it?” she yelled back at him, as she tried to keep up; his long manly strides doubling the little lady strides of hers.

He simply ignored her, looking up ahead.

“Jack!?” she used the last ounce of energy she had to grab onto his arm, making him halt.

“FINE!” I shot back, looking directly into her eyes. “Maybe I am” his voice softened slightly.

She swallowed hard, trying her best not to pass out. Running on an empty stomach, not to mention the wave of emotions she was experiencing, couldn’t be good for anyone. “Well you don’t have to be … I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I’m not scared for me Martha, I’m scared for you” he confirmed through his angst, “… I’m scared that, if I take you away from your home, you’ll end up regretting it. And you’ll be sad and resentful. And it’ll be all my fault, because I was too damn selfish for wanting you so badly.”

“But it’s not like that is it?” she replied, before huffing as he kept on walking. “It’s nothing to do with you being selfish, because it’d be my decision!” she went on as she struggled to maintain his speed up the sandy bank. “And there’s no way in hell I could ever be resentful about being with you! So don’t you even think that!” she ranted on, all the while doing her best to keep up pace with him. It didn’t help that she was starting to feel lightheaded however.

They finally hit hard ground. With Jack marching up ahead, not appearing to have broken a sweat, whilst Martha’s grit and determination spurred her on.

“Jack you know I’m right!” she bellowed out; suddenly making him very aware they had company.

He slowed his pace, turning his head a jar to look at her, “Martha please, just keep your voice down” He urged her in a hushed voice, as his eyes grazed the audience of prying eyes.

“No! I won’t!” her outburst finally caused him to stop. “And they can stare all they want because I DON’T CARE!” she yelled, flashing her fiery, liquid-filled eyes at those who surrounded them. “I don’t care about anything but you Jack” her voice muted slightly as exhaustion began to overwhelm her. “You’re the only important thing to me now” her lip quivered as the tears ran down her face. He longed so badly to hold her in his arms, to cup her pale face in the palms of his hands and wipe away her tears. But he was so torn; he wanted nothing more than to tell her he felt the same way, that he wanted to be with her forever and start a new life together. But there was always a downside; a bitter edge to such a sweet ending.

She would have to give up so much for him, her home, her family and friends … basically her life as a secure and wealthy young woman. And that in itself seemed far too selfish to take away.

“You’re wrong” he finally responded.

“What?” she swallowed as she blinked at his response.

“You’re wrong” he repeated. “You have so much more in your life that’s important Martha. Like, your family and your home. Things that you can never replace once you’ve thrown them away”.

“But I wouldn’t be… I wouldn’t be throwing them away, I just … I want my life to be with you”.

“Its not that simple though is it? If you actually think about it rationally. Think about the life you’ll be leaving behind … because I’m telling you now, when were walking out of summer bay, you wont be able to turn back. Just think how that will make you feel, knowing what you’ve lost”.

“Stop talking like it’d be the end of the world Jack! It wouldn’t be!” They now spoke to each other like they were the only two people in town. Battling with one another to find some truce, and failing to notice the ‘tuts', sniggers and scolds their neighbour’s were throwing at them. “It’d be the start of my new life. A life of freedom with the man that I love …” she went on, taking a breath, “because I love you Jack” she said as she looked meaningfully into his eyes. No other words had ever meant more to her right now. “I love you”.

As her heart and lungs worked rapidly overtime, she felt an abnormally cool wave of sweat wash over her body; her legs abruptly turning to jelly.

Placing her hand to her moist forehead, her eyelids flickered shut.

A mumble of her name was all that followed; long and high pitched; clearly quite panic-stricken.

2 seconds later, and the world turned Black…

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If anyones still out there :P ...

Chapter 20:

“Martha? … Can you hear me?” a gentle voice spoke down from above. Was it an angel? She thought to herself as she came around into consciousness.

“Get your hands off her!” another voice could then be heard, a voice less calm and more domineering; she recognized it immediately.

“Stop arguing man! Let the woman breathe!” another then spoke up, older and much more civilized. “She’ll never open her eyes to that riff!”

The arguing then stopped, and all that could be heard was the distant rustling in the trees. She felt so warm, completely at peace, like every worry she had once had, had disappeared.

Finally content in opening her eyes, the vision of a young dark haired man came into focus. His face was drawn downwards into a frown, his eyes noticeably teary … until he smiled. A sweet and extremely relieved smile, however it failed to reach his eyes, he looked so drained. It was at that second when it dawned on her, and she was forced to remember the day’s events, as they played back in her mind.

“Martha” he said as he continued to hold her in his arms. He was sat on the ground, resting her head on his chest as he cradled her in his lap.

“Jack” she smiled weakly “… you didn’t leave me”

A mutter of something unintelligent could then be heard out of sight, until a voice spoke up…

“Martha, you fainted, you’re delirious. But its ok, I’m here, it’s all going to be alright”. The words appeared to come from nowhere, as Jacks lips failed to move.

Flicking her eyes to the side, she saw him, her fiancé. Also referred to as, the biggest mistake of her life.

“Alec” she breathed, letting her eyes fall shut in regret as she spoke.

“Yeah it’s me. I’m here”.

“Let’s get her up” an older man crouched over, taking her arm and helping her up, “watch her head”, he added, as Jack scrambled to his feet, keeping her weight on him as she leant into his chest.

“I’ll take it from here” Alec was quick to take her under his arm, leading her away before she had chance to react. “Come on, let’s get you home”.

“No!” she screeched, regretting it within an instant, as a sharp pain rammed her head. “Jack!” but she kept on, as she came to a stop, pulling herself out of Alec’s grip to turn around; her hand rising to her head in a hope to prevent the pain. “Pleease” she begged him as she stared deeply into his eyes, doing her best to block out the man who constantly nagged her side.

But Jack simply shook his head, very slowly. “I’m sorry” he replied, very softly. Before he turned his attention onto Alec, “You take care of her!” he ordered forcefully.

To Martha’s surprise, Alec didn’t retaliate, instead he just nodded, his face unnervingly plain. As he tugged her arm once again, leading her away.

As the tears streamed down her cheeks, she tried to look back, but her weakened state was no match for Alec’s strength. So she relented, allowing him to take her away from the one person she had ever truly loved…


Alec knew exactly what had happened. He’d known from the moment he’d found her lying in his arms. They’d slept together. The state of the bedroom gave a good enough explanation. And Martha herself knew it would be obvious. But Alec didn’t make a point of it; he just laid her down, tucking her into bed and stroking her wrinkled forehead.

From the second Alec had swept her away, she couldn’t bring herself to say anything. Every time she looked at him (if she even dared too) she saw the hurt and disappointment on his face. But it wasn’t that, that cut her deep. It was the permanent image of Jack in her mind, as she pictured him walking away, passed the ‘Welcome to Summer Bay’ sign, and out of her life forever.


Later that evening, as she awoke from her slumber, she found herself alone; Alec was nowhere to be seen, probably taking care of some usual business matter. So she found herself sneaking out, wandering down the beach and towards that very familiar shed. The very shed which used to accommodate the most wonderful man she had ever laid eyes on. But instead, it was empty, there was no trace that anyone had even lived there. It was deserted, as if the man she loved had never existed.

With a heavy sigh she strolled down the beach, so much had happened in such a short space of time. She’d gained something so precious, but lost it far too fast as it had literally slipped through her fingers. If only she’d known what to say, anything, just to ease his insecurities. If only it wasn’t too late…

A crunching sound could be heard, followed by a rustling in the trees, as she reached the grassy bank; the very one in which they’d made their introductions. She felt an overwhelming sense of sadness as she strolled along the land, as she remembered the day he had saved her … little did she know back then, that he would soon save her in so many different ways.

If anything, he had shown her what she’d longed for most of all. Freedom! Life! REAL love! Things that Alec had never given her, only taken.

As she continued down towards the bench, she grew closer to the sound through the trees. Squinting her eyes to look harder, she tried to make something out. But she was only left with disappointment, as a cat scurried out of the trees and headed for the road.

She shook her head, her eyes filling up as she trudged over towards the bench, her arms dangling lifelessly at her sides; she felt like giving up … lonely and trapped once again.

Sitting on the bench, she leant back, closing her eyes.

It was only the breeze across her face that made her feel so much brighter. It couldn’t prevent a tear that trickled down from her closed eyelids however, and onto her cheek.

As her eyes remained closed, she felt a soft finger stroke her cheek. For a second she thought she must be dreaming; it was so much like velvet gliding over her skin, it sent her shivering.

But as she gradually opened her tired and glassy eyes, she felt the breath escape from her lungs.

“Jack” she gasped breathlessly as he was suddenly sat beside her. “I can’t believe it” she exclaimed; placing her hand to her mouth in sheer shock. “Is it really you?” she cried, her hands shaking.

“It’s me … I’m here” he finally spoke up, his voice low and strained; his face presented the tiniest of smiles, but he looked so devastated; like most of the life had been drained from him completely.

She smiled through her sobs, “I was so scared … I thought you’d gone” her words lodged in her throat. Her eyes wide as ever; amazed that he sat before her.

“Well I tried too” he replied glumly, “… but I couldn’t bring myself to leave … I walked all the way to the highway before turning around ... I guess I overestimated my willpower”.

She smiled a little more, relieved to have him sitting beside her.

“Are you ok?” he asked, inspecting her pale appearance and dark circles under her eyes.

“Yeah, I’m fine” she nodded, cringing slightly at the pain in her head; she’d tried so hard to ignore it. “… I mean my head hurts a little, but … it could’ve been worse. I was lucky you caught me in time … you have a tendency to do that” she smirked very lightly.

“What?” his brow knit together.

“Save me” she smiled; reminding him.

He remembered back to the first time he’d saved her, barely 20 feet away from where they were currently sat. That moment was the most rewarding of his whole entire life…

Sensing he was lost somewhere in his thoughts, she spoke up. “Jack…” she began, reaching over and taking his hand. He quickly pulled it away however, as he turned to interrupt.

“Martha … I can’t” he shook his head, his eyes briefly closing. “I just came to make sure you were alright … it doesn’t, mean anything”.

The tears continued to pour as her head dropped slightly, she wasn’t sure how much more rejection she could handle. She knew she didn’t have the strength to fight anymore. But her grit and determination told her she couldn’t give up!

“Well fine then!” her head flicked up, her confidence suddenly growing. “You go and walk away Jack! Go and leave me with someone I don’t love… someone who treats me like I’m a bird in a cage! …

“Just you go and see how good that makes you feel! Knowing we’re both miserable!” She ended in a mope, her lips forming into an unintentional pout as she glared at him; her arms folding sulkily across her chest.

He couldn’t help the little smile that now played across his lips; even when she was mad she looked adorable.

To someone who was only half paying attention, they would assume he failed to move. But to Martha’s ever alert eyes, she made out his small nod of agreement. “You’re probably right” he eventually replied, much to Martha’s delight. “And even if I did leave … I’d only end up coming back again” he added miserably, his eyes rolling as his head went from side to side in disappointment. “Cant seem to stay away” he muttered, his vision focused on his hands.

“I know the feeling” she replied back in sadness. Watching as his head rose and his droopy eyes locked onto hers.

“We already have so many regrets in our lives Jack … let’s not make another one … let’s just, be happy for once”.

“Happy?” he mumbled, scoffing in just the slightest. “You honestly believe I can make you happy?”

“You already do” she emphasized. “… And I want to spend the rest of my existence showing you just how much you do,” she paused, not once straying from his eyes, “…If you’ll let me”.

“It won’t be easy.” He felt the need to conclude.

“Life is hard Jack; I know that … but we can get through anything if were together” reaching over she clasped his hand with her own; thankful that for once he actually took it, entwining her fingers with his own.

Taking the plunge she shuffled across, looking into his eyes as she smiled.

It was at that moment when the tears in his eyes spilled over; “I don’t know … what to do Martha” he sobbed helplessly. It was then that she saw how drained he truly was, mentally as well as physically.

Quickly taking him into her arms she held on tight. “I’m never going to let you go Jack … not ever”.



The sun lay just above the horizon, as Alec made his way back into the house. To his surprise however, he failed to find his fiancé tucked up in bed, instead she was stood before him; waiting for him in the reception hallway.

“Martha? What are you doing up?” he asked, his face frowning, before noticing the bags beside her feet. “What’s with the bags?”

“This isn’t working Alec” were the only words she could think of. “I’m sorry”.

“What do you … what are you talking about?” he swallowed away the lump that clung to his throat.

“I … I don’t love you … and I’m sorry but I can’t live in a world like this anymore, so isolated and alone … I deserve more than that”.

“Isolated? What are you…?”

“You keep me in here like your prisoner! And don’t say you don’t because if you looked hard enough you’d see it!”

He couldn’t shake his head, or retaliate. It had gotten to the point where he began to understand. And he knew that if he had only changed his ways earlier on, maybe then things would’ve been different. But it was too late now. He already knew he’d lost her.

“Alec, I’m sorry” she repeated once again, as he failed to respond.

“Don’t be” he eventually spoke up, his shoulders had fallen completely, and she knew he’d given up fighting. It was suddenly apparent that she wasn’t the only one tired of this. “It’s not your fault I’ve been an idiot”.

“You’re not an idiot” she found herself rushing forward, standing before him to take his hands. “You are an intelligent, wonderful, caring man. And I am so privileged that you chose me to be your fiancé.” She told him. “It’s just … I’m not that person anymore”.

“I know … I mean, I understand … I’m just sorry”.

She smiled in sadness, “Never be sorry for the person you are Alec. Just make things right, better… so that when the girl of your dreams comes into your life, you wont make the same mistakes twice. Because I know, that somewhere out there, there is a girl who would love this lifestyle; to be with a handsome and loving man, to be waited on hand and foot, and showered with gifts and holidays ... But I’m just not her”.

“No, I know … you deserve better than what I can give you Martha; I just wish I’d opened my eyes along time ago”.

She couldn’t help but feel for him. All he’d ever strived for was to look after her and make her happy. “And you deserve someone that loves you for who you are … that accepts you for being the loving, but extreme control freak that you are” she’d aimed to put that a little nicer. Thankfully however, he managed a snicker.

“I hope so” he nodded a little before his face turned serious. “He better take care of you” he said as he ran his fingers across her cheek, gritting his teeth, knowing full well she had chosen her life to be with him.

“He will … he does”.

He nodded once more; somehow he found himself agreeing. “Take care, yeah”,

“You too” she smiled, a tear sliding down her cheek.

Moving forward they embraced each other in a loving hug. A chapter of their lives had ended, one that, even both would admit they would miss in just the slightest.

Pulling away she grabbed her bags, giving him a final smile before walking out of her old home, ready to make a start on the new chapter in her life…


“Do you have everything you need?”

“I have you … that’s all I need” she smiled, leaning over and kissing him on the lips.

He grinned back, feeling like a child on Christmas morning … only this feeling was so much better!

“Glad to hear it”.

“Oh, but there is something I need to talk to you about” she said ominously.

“Ok?” his voice lowered in curiosity.

“I spoke to my parents on the way over here, I explained everything … they were, shocked but, I think they understood”.

“Wow” he let out a nervous chuckle; “I bet they really hate me” he looked away in unease.

“No, they’re just happy that I’m happy … And when they finally get to meet you, I’m certain they’ll love you just as much as I do … or, almost just as much” she giggled as she corrected herself.

“I hope so”

“Sooo, you’d be ok with meeting them then?”

“Yeah, of course. Why?”

“Well” she stressed for a moment, “they’ve invited us down, to visit them”.

“Ok?” he continued to frown; confused at the look in her eye.

“And, well, I know you’d probably prefer to just walk off into the distance, not knowing where we’ll end up, but … they’re family you know”, she said awkwardly, concerned about how he’d take it.

“Martha, its ok” he smiled, “Don’t be so worried. I’m not going to take you far away from your family. I would never do that…

… “I’ve had time to think. And relationships are about compromise. And ok, I love the outdoors … but get this, I love you more”.

She grinned like a Cheshire cat, her cheeks blushing crimson; she felt like a cat that had got the cream.

“Come on” he said, grabbing her bag as he held his hand out for her to take. “Lets go meet the family” he smirked; teasing her with the twinkle of his eyes.

Walking off into the sunset, hand in hand, with the past behind them and the future set out before them, they felt an overwhelming sense of contentment.

The open road was full of excitement and surprise, it looked so welcoming, with its never ending twists and turns; it had freedom written all over it. Certainly a change from the life Martha was leaving behind. Whilst Jack was happy to be on the move, he had a healthy set of lungs, a good pair of legs, and a recently reawakened heart.

More importantly, they had each other. They didn’t need anything else.


And the moral of the story is …

"Do not settle for anything less than passionate, all-encompassing, all-consuming love.

There are too many things in this world that are ordinary.

Love shouldn't be one of them."

Thank you for reading, and please review. I know it took a while to finish, but I got there in the end. And I hope I gave you at least one happy Jack and Martha ending <3

Happy New Year!



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